SAC Reps From
Greater Montreal Athletic Association – 5925 Monkland Ave, Suite 101, H4A 1G7
Phone: 514-482-8555 Fax: 514-487-0121 Email: Website:
SAC Reps
Don McEwen & Amanda Maks
Tuesday, August 27th, 2013
12:30 p.m. – Light lunch will be provided
Royal Vale High School Auditorium
5851 Somerled Ave. NDG (Draper entrance)
Prior to the meeting, Mike Hickey introduced himself and presented copies of his book to the
schools. He offered 2-3 books per school for their school libraries or to give out to athletes.
100 Additions to and approval of Agenda
405 – Flag Football Rules
406 – Proposal for Competition Committee
Motion to approve: Jayson Steill - RHS
Seconded: Maxine Rupert - LCC
200 2013-14
201 Calendar (Indoor Soccer Seasons – D1: Nov to March – D3: Jan to April)
Each school has copies of the calendar in their packages. It is also posted on the website. If
things have to change through the course of the year, they will be posted on the website
calendar in red. Right now the only thing that we for sure have to adjust is the Indoor Track
and Field dates. They will both be adjusted. Possibly moving to sometime in March. This is
due to the availability of Claude Robillard and due to the fact that the Provincial will be moved
to sometime in mid-April. We will keep people posted on the changes.
202 Entry deadlines / Pre-season meetings / Scheduling meetings
You will find a printed sheet in the packages with all the meeting dates, entry deadlines and
pre-payments due. This is also posted on the website. Please take note, most entry
deadlines are a few days before the pre-season and scheduling meetings. We need the
forms in at that time in order to make up the sections. In those cases, please do not show up
with registration forms at the scheduling meetings.
203 Age categories
You will find a printed sheet in the packages with all the age categories. Please note that
Rugby, Basketball and Hockey have different ages than our other sports. Please make sure
you double-check the ages before submitting the player registration forms.
204 Starting times/early dismissals
No team is required to start a game before 3:30pm. If both teams agree to an earlier starting
time, the game can begin earlier. Please be aware that in term of referees, the later the
starting time, the easier it is to get officials. Early dismissals are difficult to come by, so
please try to schedule your games as late as possible.
Greater Montreal Athletic Association – 5925 Monkland Ave, Suite 101, H4A 1G7
Phone: 514-482-8555 Fax: 514-487-0121 Email: Website:
205 Statements / Pre Payments
Each school should have a copy of their statement of account for the beginning of this school
year. If you owe money, please get that into the office as soon as possible. If you have a
credit, please use it towards one of your first entries for this year. Simply write a note on the
team registration form (using credit) and write a check for the difference. (A credit shows up
as a negative number on the statement).
206 Non Member Schools & regular season/playoff travel
Each package also has a letter to the principals of non-member schools explaining the travel
rules for non-member, off-island schools. GMAA member schools are not required to travel to
off-island, non-member schools for their games. They can choose to travel to the schools,
but they are not required to do so. We will announce the non-member schools at the
scheduling meetings so people are aware. (HSBHS, KSS and WWHS are all GMAA member
All playoff games will be at the home of the member school, regardless of their rank in the
standings. If a non-member, off-island school is in first place they would still have to travel to
a GMAA member school in fourth place.
207 Coaches Commitment Forms
Only send a form for a coach once – we do not need one for each sport (exception is Rugby).
You can also list several people on one form to cut down on the paper work.
208 Media coverage / Championship Photos
We will once again get coverage from the Suburban this year. If a reporter approaches you
for information, please make sure to help out as much as you can. If there are photographers
at the game and you have students who are not permitted to have their photos posted online
or in print, please make sure the photographer knows that.
If you have photos taken at various GMAA games, please send them into the office and we
will post them on the website.
209 Sportsmanship / Carry over suspensions
Schools that appear to have suspensions that were not completed should have a letter in their
packages outlining the rest of the suspension. These carry over to this year, including
CEGEP in some cases, so we need to know if the student has graduated as well.
Please be reminded that any student who receives a suspension is not eligible for any
GMAA game until the suspension has been served in the sport it was received. (This
means that they could miss games in other sports as well until the suspension is served).
It was requested that we have a formal way to evaluate coaches and referees at the end of
our games. Possibly something along the lines of what LSL uses in their league, a one-page
evaluation form that both coaches and the referees have to fill out and send back into the
league. Amanda will find some sample forms and bring the issue to the competition
committee to modify the form to GMAA leagues.
Greater Montreal Athletic Association – 5925 Monkland Ave, Suite 101, H4A 1G7
Phone: 514-482-8555 Fax: 514-487-0121 Email: Website:
210 Concussion Package
Each SAC rep should have received another Concussion Package from the Montreal
Children’s Hospital. A letter was also included describing an evaluation process that will be
done by the doctors. Please encourage your coaches to take advantage of this service.
Contact the office if you need another kit. It is also on the MCH website and can be copied so
everyone has it.
211 Handbook Revisions / June minutes
The minutes from June were printed and handed out in the packages. All motions that were
passed by SAC in June were passed by the Board of Directors except:
1) The Coin Toss / Point Differential rule will be the same as it was last year. No points will
be looked at for tied teams in the standings. The Board did not want to run the risk of having
teams run up the score to better their playoff positioning.
2) The Division I Showcase no shows – The board included any School Activity as a reason
to miss the Showcase Championships. This includes Grad Trips, Ski Trips, etc.
All other motions were passed and will be in effect for this year. They handbook modifications
are already in the sports handbooks.
300 Procedures
301 Score sheets/Sports line
Score sheets are to be sent in as soon as possible and the sports line (the number is on
every score sheet) MUST be called the night of the game. These are the responsibilities of
the Home Team. All score sheets are to be signed by the staff member responsible for the
302 Schedule Changes
Please send your coaches to the scheduling meetings with all conflicts so that there are as
few changes as possible. Schedule changes that are made after the 5-day grace period
following the posting of the schedule will carry a charge of $10.00 if they are not because of
an emergency. These must be agreed to by both coaches before noon of the school day
prior to the scheduled start.
303 No home field
Schools with no home field could be asked to cover the cost of the additional rental fees. A
school is not obliged to host someone that does not have a field a second time. In this case,
it will be the responsibility of that school to find a neutral site.
304 SAC Responsibilities
The SAC guideline was distributed. Please refer to it carefully and be sure that you follow the
procedures outlined. You are responsible for making sure that all forms are sent on time. All
team entries must have your signature as well as that of the Principal. We need you to make
sure that there is one person per team to do the scheduling at the scheduling meetings and
that everyone has a calendar with all of the necessary information – all games for other teams
in you school, Ped. Days, Carnival, parent interviews etc. You also need to check the posted
schedules for every team in your school to ensure that there are no conflicts (home volleyball
and basketball scheduled on the same day etc.).
Greater Montreal Athletic Association – 5925 Monkland Ave, Suite 101, H4A 1G7
Phone: 514-482-8555 Fax: 514-487-0121 Email: Website:
305 Website update
Don printed each school’s website from the GMAA website. Please make any corrections on
that sheet and drop it off before you leave the meeting. Please send us all changes
pertaining to your school – New Principal, Fax numbers, bus routes etc. Also make sure that
we have the names and locations of your home facilities.
306 Entry into Division 2 & 3 – guidelines
The letter regarding guidelines for entry to Division 2 and 3 was distributed. This is a problem
every year because teams that enter Division III should not be in Div III; this will also apply
this year for teams entering Division II who should not be in Division II. There have been far
too many lopsided scores in past. You are responsible for making sure that your teams are in
the correct division. Divisions 2 and 3 are for weaker inexperienced teams and should be
participation leagues. Being competitive, not necessarily winning should be the criteria.
307 Derogation procedure – B of D meets Sept. 10th
In order for a girl to play on a boy’s team in the GMAA leagues a request must be made to the
GMAA board of directors prior to that teams’ first game.
There is also a procedure in place for derogation. If a student is too old to play in an age
category, but you would like that student to be able to ‘play down’ for whatever reason, the
Board of Directors will discuss applications for derogation.
For your information (Fall Sports) the first Board of Director’s meeting will be held on
Tuesday, September 10th. Most meetings take place on the first Tuesday of the month.
400 Various
401 RSEQ Report
A report was distributed regarding the RSEQ information. There is a Badminton Coaches
Clinic in Montreal on October 5th and 6th if anyone is interested. There will also be a change
to the Indoor Track and Field Provincial date. It will be moving from March to sometime in
April (either Sunday, April 13th or Saturday, April 19th). There was also a list of all the locations
and dates for this years’ provincial championships.
402 Fall Championships – Div. 1 Showcase
Soccer Division I will be held in Lasalle at Riverside Park
Volleyball Division I will be held at Loyola High School
Touch Football and Softball will be held at the home of the higher seed
All Division II and III Championship games will be held at the home of the higher seeded
403 Accident insurance
Please INSIST that the parents of your athletes are covered for the costs due to accidents &
injuries during GMAA games. The GMAA does not cover these costs.
404 Physiotherapist
If anyone is looking for a contact for Athletic Therapists to cover their events, there is a card in
each school’s package. This is the company that we use for all our events and they are
exceptional; very knowledgeable and very professional.
Greater Montreal Athletic Association – 5925 Monkland Ave, Suite 101, H4A 1G7
Phone: 514-482-8555 Fax: 514-487-0121 Email: Website:
405 – Flag Football Rules
It was requested that the GMAA find and distribute the Flag Football Rules that are used in
the GMAA league. There seemed to be some confusion last year with the rules that were
being used and coaches would like to know what rules are used. We have copies of the rules
in French but will see if we can get our hands on some English copies.
406 – Proposal for Competition Committee
Pat Sullivan would like the competition committee to evaluate the difference that one or two
AA or AAA players has on the overall standings of their team. At the end of the season he
would like to see if the teams who are last in the standings have only 1-2 AA or AAA players.
If that is the case he would like the competition committee to look at the possibility of
adjusting the eligibility rules so that those teams can enter a lower division.
There was a quick show of hands to see if there is any interest from our schools to have a
division III Juvenile Boys hockey league this year (non-contact). Bialik and KSS would
potentially be interested in Juvenile Boys DIII Hockey.
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