Keysight Technologies Carry precision with you! - FieldFox -

Keysight Technologies Carry precision with you! - FieldFox -
Keysight Technologies
Carry precision with you! - FieldFox 30 kHz to-50 GHz high-performance, portable network analyzer and spectrum analyzer
When high-precision microwave measurement was needed, the only choice has been a benchtop instrument. The FieldFox series lets you have a
network analyzer and spectrum analyzer that can measure up to 50 GHz. With the lightweight of 3.2 kg and battery life of 3.5 hours, the instrument
can be carried around and placed close to the object to be measured to achieve more efficient characterization. The price is significantly lower than
benchtop instruments. FieldFox is useful. Not only outdoor, but it supports you also at the R&D bench as an additional analyzer.
NEW! The world’s first real-time spectrum analyzer is added as an option
The high detection capacity with 100% probability of intercept (POI) duration of approximately 12 µs and the minimum detected signal length of
1 µs allows radar wave analysis and short signal detection. The high-performance function captures signals that have escaped before and provides
handheld solution to problems that have been difficult in the past.
The option can be added to a FieldFox instrument you already have. For initial hardware, this option can be used by upgrading the CPU.
Easy understanding of sequence
of radar signal
Easy detection of interfering
waves and threat signals
Easy recognition of multiple
pulse signals separation
100% POI duration
Minimum detectable signal duration
Real-time bandwidth
Amplitude accuracy
12.2 µs
< 1 µs
10 MHz
0.8 dB - 1.4 dB
Record and playback
Display modes
Trace, spectrogram,
density spectrum
1. Vector network analyzer
5. Cable and antenna analyzer
–– All four S-parameters, magnitude and phase
–– Easy operation of high-precision calibration
–– Dynamic range: 100 dB @ 10 MHz-20 GHz
Equipped with display
mode for clear viewing in
direct sunlight or darkness
2. Spectrum analyzer
Able to measure from 5 kHz
DANL: -136 dBm @ 35-40 GHz,Pre-amp on
High accuracy: ± 0.8 dB @ 15 MHz-32 GHz
Enhanced phase noise: -106 dBc/Hz, 10 kHz offset
–– Return loss, VSWR, distance-to-fault measurement,
cable loss, TDR impedance
–– Measurement can start as soon as the power is
turned on (CalReady)
6. Power meter function
–– Built-in power meter or USB power sensor
–– The built-in power meter has ± 0.5 dB accuracy
(typical) with InstAlign
–– USB power sensor and signal source for scalar NA
3. Interference analyzer
–– Interference analysis, recording and playback using
spectrogram and waterfall
7. Vector voltmeter
4. Real-time spectrum analyzer
–– 100% POI duration is approximately 12 μs and
minimum detectable signal duration is 1 μs
–– Cable trimming, phase shift, electrical length
–– A/B and B/A ratio measurements
LAN port for data
transfer and SCPI
USB ports and
SD card for easy
data storage
8. Built-in signal source
–– Spectrum analyzer function enables operation of full- band signal source
–– CW and CW synchronized with sweep
–– Tracking generator
High performance that can correlate to PNA network analyzer
–– Equipped with a calibration routine same as that of a high-performance
PNA network analyzer to achieve correlated measurement
–– Uncertainties are mostly same as 8753 and 8720
–– Unknown Thru calibration is achieved with four-receiver composition
–– Capable also of full two-port calibration and waveguide measurement
Technologies that support FieldFox
Advanced architecture that achieves multi-functions and high
Port 1
Port 2: SA RF input
Network analyzer receivers
Microwave signal source
Architecture of FieldFox microwave analyzer
–– Built-in independent signal source, four network analyzer receivers, and spectrum
analyzer receiver
–– Unknown Thru calibration achieved with four-receiver composition
–– The spectrum analyzer receiver operates also as a built-in power meter
–– InstAlign function: Calibrates the spectrum analyzer receiver and built-in power
meter using the signal source to achieve high accuracy
With a lightweight and durable case, the instrument can be
used - wherever you need to go
–– Lightweight of 3.2 kg and battery operation of 3.5 hours
–– Dust-proof fanless structure, drip-proof design (IP53 certified), and low failure
–– Passed six-faces, 90 cm drop-tests
–– Compact body allows comfortable work even on your limited bench space
Easy and simplified calibration of network analyzers: CalReady and
QuickCal functions
–– Calibration before measurement is essential for a network
analyzer. FIeldFox is calibrated with the measurement port
(CalReady capability), allowing measurement to start as
soon as the power is turned on
–– Electronic calibration kit can be added inside (optional
QuickCal capability), which eliminates the need to
reconnect a mechanical calibration kit to simplify the
calibration task (only for Type N and Type 7/16)
–– Available for network analyzers, cable and antenna analyzers
–– Electronic calibration kit for benchtop products can be used
–– Waveguide calibration kit can be used (QSOLT is available)
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Published in Japan, August 09, 2016
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