SanDisk Digital Photo Viewer User's manual

SanDisk Digital Photo Viewer User's manual
Now viewing your digital
photos can be as much fun
as taking them.
See what you’ve been missing.
If you’ve been looking for a faster, easier, more convenient way to view and share your digital photos
with family and friends…SanDisk’s new Digital Photo
Viewer is the answer. For more information and
the name of your nearest SanDisk retailer visit us at Once you see the SanDisk Digital
Photo Viewer in action, you’ll never view your digital
photos in the same light.
Minimum System Requirements
• Television or Projector
• Composite (RCA) or S-Video Input
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Tel: (408) 542-0500
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Digital Photo Viewer
View and share your digital
photos on TV
TV— instantly!
SanDisk Digital Photo Viewer
gives digital camera users
the BIG picture.
You’re looking at the fastest, easiest, and most
convenient way to view your digital photos.
SanDisk, the world’s #1 supplier of flash data storage
for today’s most popular consumer electronics devices,
now makes viewing and sharing your favorite digital
photos as simple as watching TV. Just sit back and relax
in the comfort of your own home while you view your
digital photos on TV.
SanDisk makes it easy. In more ways than one.
Take a good look. You’ll like what you see.
Everything about
the SanDisk Digital
Photo Viewer is
based on the old
adage that “simple
is better.”
• Convenient—e best way to view digital photos
directly on your TV screen
• Easy to use—just plug it into the TV, sit back and
• Easy to learn—no PC, laptop or special software
• Easy to view—the bigger your TV screen, the bigger
your digital photos
• Easy on the eyes—smaller than a videotape, its subtle
design blends with any decor
• Easy to use—Simply remove the memory card
from your camera and put it into your
Digital Photo Viewer
• Automatic slide show —Turn it on, insert your
memory card, and it automatically displays the
images as a slide show
• Full-featured remote control—Rotate, zoom in, and
view several pictures at once
• Displays pictures from cameras up to 6 megapixels in
JPEG format—the most common form of file format
used by digital cameras
• Compatible with the most popular memory card
formats—CompactFlash® Type I and II, SmartMedia™,
Memory Stick®, SD™ and MultiMediaCard memory
• Fast picture-to-picture
viewing—Virtually no
waiting time between
photos shown on the TV
• Small, compact and
lightweight—Sized just right, making it easy to view
photos wherever you want
• Displays on screen text in multiple languages—
English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese
and Japanese
• Switches between NTSC and PAL TV formats—
Depending on your location, it works with both
types of TV standards
• Includes two video cables and power supply—
No need to purchase additional items for setup
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