Is the unit plugged in or is the plug loose?
Is the fuse blown or the circuit breaker tripped?
Did you restart the unit within 3 minutes after a power failure? If the power was off
for less than 3 minutes, and you restarted the air conditioner within 3 minutes, a
protective device may cause the compressor to shut off, preventing cooling for
about 5 minutes.
Is the MODE set to fan only Mode?
Cooling will not take place in the fan only mode. Change the MODE setting
Is the filter clogged with dust?
A dirty filter can cause the cooling coils to freeze. If this happens, clean the filter and
replace. Run the air conditioner on the MED FAN setting until all ice dissipates.
Is the temperature set properly?
If your room is too warm, adjust the temperature setting lower.
Is the window exposed to direct sunlight?
Close curtains or blinds to minimize solar energy heating the room.
Are the windows or doors open?
Close all windows and doors for maximum cooling.
Water will collect in the bottom tray of the unit. This is normal. Water condenses on the
evaporator coil at the front of the unit and is channeled to the rear where it is picked up
by the condenser fan. The water is blown onto the condenser coil fins and this creates
a "splashing" noise which is normal. If excess water builds up in this tray it will drain
outside through a grooved channel in the tray.
The operating sound may seem rather loud for 2 to 3 minutes when the unit is first turned
on. This is the sound of the compressor's start-up and is normal.
A soft, swishing noise can be heard immediately after the unit is turned on or off, and also
during operation. This is the sound of the refrigerant flowing inside the unit.
Check the remote control batteries. Replace if necessary.
Try to send the signal again with the remote control pointed directly at the unit's receiver
Check whether the remote control batteries are installed with the polarities properly
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