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PN-L702B 70" Class
T o u c h - S c r e e n
L E D - L C D
(6 9 - 1/ 2" di agonal )
D i s p l a y
and value.
BIG screen. BIG impact. BIG advantages over conventional display solutions.
The spectacular Sharp 70" class (69-1/2" diagonal) LED-LCD interactive display gives you
convincing reasons to think BIG – with brilliant color images for greater communications
power. Superior collaborative ease with touch-screen convenience. For versatility and
performance in business meetings, teleconferences, whiteboard presentations, training/
classroom instruction and high-impact signage, there’s never been a better time to
think BIG – and think Sharp.
onvey your message with greater impact. Size matters – and in today’s competitive
world, a big-screen Sharp display can make a big difference in getting your message across.
With its 70" class (69-1/2" diagonal) screen, the Sharp PN-L702B display gives you spectacular
HD clarity to help make your presentations come to life. Sharp’s UV 2A photo-alignment technology
create brilliant color images, and with full-array backlit design positions energy-efficient white
• Spectacular 70" class
(69-1/2" diagonal) screen size
LEDs evenly across the entire panel for uniform brightness and greater legibility of text.
• Brilliant high definition LCD panel
with energy-efficient design
ive your presentation just the right touch. For performance, simplicity and control
convenience, nothing beats a Sharp interactive touch-screen display. Multiple infrared sensors
• Display, annotate, store and
share information
detect touch points with greater accuracy to increase usability and precision. And you can
create work plans, highlight key topics, annotate files and more – then share marked-up
• Touch-screen operation
with pen or finger
documents or print hard copies for future reference.
• Exclusive Sharp user-intuitive
whiteboard software
• High-performance infrared detection
system for quick response
ontrol every presentation like a pro. Our intuitive Sharp Pen SoftwareTM application
provides a whole new dimension in interactive control. Using the tip of your finger or touch pen,
you can open and close documents, enlarge or shrink images, even make hard-copy printouts.
A user-friendly tool bar lets you select a variety of drawing options with a simple tap of an icon.
• Direct Sharp MFP connectivity
to import/export data
With two fingers, the dual-touch interface lets you easily enlarge, reduce, or rotate an image.
• Built-in whiteboard templates:
calendar, to-do list and more
Office® documents including PowerPoint ® presentations.
And Sharp Pen Software is fully compatible with Windows ® 7 and can easily import Microsoft ®
Streamlined Communications via Direct Sharp MFP Connection – scan, import, save and print
Scan document
with Sharp MFP
Import the image
to the display
Write or Draw directly on the image
Save the data to PC
Ability to email notes
and more
Print marked-up data
The power of
results, it’s in
your hands.
irect interface with your Sharp MFP. Interactive digital presentations don’t have to be
difficult – and with your Sharp big-screen display connected to a Sharp Multifunctional
Peripheral (MFP), you’ll have the ability to scan documents directly to your Sharp Pen Software
using the Sharp Network Scanning Tool. After making revisions, adding notes or annotating
text and images, you’ll be able to save your updated presentation to a PC or send it directly
back to your MFP for printout.
ake advantage of built-in backgrounds. The Sharp Pen Software application even gives
you a built-in library of backgrounds to use during presentations—calendar, to-do list, meeting
log, graph paper and action plan. They make whiteboard presentations more effective, because
you don’t have to create forms or data templates by hand—you can go straight to the ideas
and actions you want to convey.
Cross-industry capable, Sharp PN displays enable a
professional, personal touch for business meetings,
training sessions and more.
se the top menu buttons to open
files and import documents to your
harp Pen Software works like magic
to put your best thoughts on display.
Switch colors at the touch of a button
for emphasis or color-coding.
• T he Smart Eraser function
automatically switches from draw
to erase mode, when an eraser is
placed on the screen.
ndo and Redo commands make
changes quick and simple.
ave, Print, Print All commands
let you save files or make hard
copy printouts.
an and Zoom adjust your view or
resize your image —it’s easy!
Write or draw directly on the image with Sharp’s
high-performance interactive LCD presentation solution.
clear winner in digital signage. This big-screen Sharp display also provides bright,
crisp, high-contrast color images that come alive in public areas like trade exhibit halls, hotel
lobbies and conference areas, airport corridors and retail locations. It’s been engineered
for 24/7 certified commercial use, providing you with the reliability and durability needed for
Integrated touch panel for smooth and
accurate writing.
your business.
better way to make a big impression. From boardroom to conference room, training
session to selling floor, a Sharp big-screen display can magnify your success. Motivate your
audience. Improve your image. And give your message the impact it deserves. With Sharp on
Touch Panel
your presentation team, the possibilities are endless . . . and every moment is right for a
magnificent performance.
PN-L702B Specifications
Type Professional touch-screen monitor
Digital whiteboard
Multi-purpose business tool with included Sharp Pen SoftwareTM *1
Data display
Ideal for presentations, command & control, and data viewing *1,*2
Remote collaboration tool Ability to conduct webinars, video conferences and more *1,*2
Interactive signage monitor
Utilize for wayfinding and other interactive applications *1,*2
70" Class [69-1/2 inch (176.6cm) diagonal] TFT LCD
LCD component Backlight
Full-array LED type
Max. resolution (pixels) 1920 x 1080
Max. colors (approx.) 1.06 billion colors
Pixel pitch 0.802 mm (H) x 0.802 mm (V)
Max. Brightness (average)
300 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio
Viewing angle (H/V)
160°/160° (CR≥10)
Screen active area (approx.)
60-9/16" x 34-1/16" (1538.9mm x 865.6mm)
Landscape orientation
Computer input signal Digital (DVI 1.0 standard-compliant), Analog RGB (0.7 Vp-p) [75 Ω]
Sync signal Horizontal/Vertical separate (TTL: positive/negative), Sync-on-green, Composite sync (TTL: positive/negative)
Video color system NTSC (3.58MHz)/NTSC (4.43MHz)/PAL/PAL-60/SECAM
Plug and play VESA DDC2B
Power management VESA DPMS, DVI DMPM
Input terminals HDMI® x 1
Mini D-sub 15 pin, 3 rows x 1
Audio 3.5 mm mini stereo jack x 1
Serial (RS-232C)
D-sub 9 pin x 1
When optional PN-ZB01
DVI-D 24 pin (HDCP compatible) x 1
is attached
PCAnalogBNC *3,*4 x 1
AVComposite video
BNC x 1
S-video BNC (Y, Cb/Pb, Cr/Pr) *3 x 1
RCA pin (L/R) x 2
Output terminals
RCA pin (L/R) x 1
Serial (RS-232C)
D-sub 9 pin x 1
When optional PN-ZB01
PC/AVDigital DVI-D 24 pin x 1
7 W + 7 W [6Ω]
is attachedExternal Speaker
LAN terminal (when optional PN-ZB01 is attached)
Speaker output
Touch Panel Detection method
Infrared blocking detection method
Detection area (approx.)
60- 9/16" x 34- 1/16" (1538.9mm x 865.6mm)
PC connector
USB (1.1 compliant)
OS: Windows ® XP (32-bit/64-bit ver.), Windows Vista® (32-bit/64-bit ver.), Windows ® 7 (32-bit / 64-bit ver.)
Power supply Supplied from USB
Touch pen
Ultrasonic communication method
AC 100 V - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power requirement Operating temperature * 5,*6 41°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C)
Operating humidity *6
20% to 80% (no condensation)
Power consumption (Maximum/input signal waiting mode *7 /standby mode *8)
235 W/1.0 W/1.0 W
Power consumption (when optional PN-ZB01 is attached)
240 W
Dimensions (excluding protrusions) inch (mm) (approx.)
64-7/8" (W) x 4-9/16" (D) x 38-11/16" (H) (1,648 x 116 x 982)
Weight (approx.)
154.3 lbs. (70 kg)
Weight (optional PN-ZB01) (approx.)
1.1 lbs. (0.5 kg)
UPC PN-L702B: 074000069206
Main AccessoriesTouch pen, battery (AAA size), pen tip (for touch pen x 2), eraser, pen tray, power cord (approx. 3 m),
remote controller and batteries (AA size x 2), CD-ROM, setup manual, blank sticker, cable clamp x 2, USB cable (3.5 m)
*1 Optional PC required. Additional 3 rd party accessories and/or software may also be required. *2 Cannot be used simultaneously. *3 The analog and component BNC terminals are switchable. Use the menu to select.*4 Does not support plug and play.
*5 Temperature condition may change when using the display together with the optional equipments recommended by Sharp. In such cases, please check the temperature condition specified by the optional equipments. *6 In addition, check the requirements
of the computer and other devices to be connected, and make sure that all requirements are satisfied. 7. When AUTO INPUT CHANGE is set to OFF. *8 When STANDBY MODE is set to STANDARD. When STANDBY MODE is set to LOW POWER: 0.5 W
Dimensions (approx): inch (mm)
Input/Output Terminals (standard)
418 /32
127/32 (47)
input (HDMI)
PC analog
input RGB
61 22 /32*
PC/AV output digital RGB
LAN port
Audio output
3 13/32 (86.5)
RS-232C input
Optional port
Professional Display Division
Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, NJ 07495-1163
1-866-4-VISUAL (1-866-484-7825)
© 2011 Sharp Electronics Corporation. All rights reserved.
Printed in U.S.A • 09/11 • LC-02-389
RS-232C output
Audio input
Component video
input (BNC)
PC analog input RGB (BNC)
Video input (BNC)
S-Video input
Design and specifications subject to change without notice. Sharp, Sharp
Pen Software and related trademarks are trademarks or registered trademarks
of Sharp Corporation and/or its affiliated entities. Microsoft, Windows, Windows
XP, Windows Vista Windows 7 and PowerPoint are trademarks or registered
trademarks of Microsoft in the United States and/or other countries. HDMI is
a registered trademark of HDMI Licensing LLC. All other trademarks are the
property of their respective owners.
SIICA 11199
38 21 /32 (982)
27 27/32 (704)
Audio input
4 12/32 (111)
28 18 /32 (725.5)
PC/AV input digital RGB
External speakers
35 15/32*
40 31/32 (1,041)
64 28 /32 (1,648)
2 7/32
3 21/32
(option) PN-ZB01
Interface Expansion
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