emergency maintenance procedures
So that all tenants (hereinafter, “Residents”) may derive the fullest possible enjoyment
from their respective apartments, each Resident of the Village Apartments community
(the “Village community” or “community”) must observe the following rules:
Email Notification
• The Landlord (the “Village”) uses email to communicate with our Residents. The Village
will send various email notifications regarding maintenance, grounds, vehicles, events,
newsletters and more. We ask that Residents check their email on a regular basis so
you are aware of happenings around our community
• No smoking is allowed anywhere on the property or in any apartment unit by any tenant
or any guest. This includes in your vehicle in the parking lot. Smoking on Pioneer Road
would be permitted because you would be on city property.
• The Village is a pet friendly property. The definition of a “pet” is a dog, cat or any other
animal/reptile that the Village approves to live at the Village. Service animals as
contemplated by the Americans with Disabilities Act are not considered pets.
• Before pets can be brought into your apartment, you must submit an application,
obtain the Village’s consent, pay the applicable pet fees and obtain renter’s
• Fish tanks over five (5) gallons are not permitted.
• Pets can only relieve themselves in designated pet waste areas. Violators will be fined
and/or are subject to eviction.
• We recommend that all pets be kenneled when owners are not home. All pets should
be box or potty patch trained for times of emergency.
Recreational Facilities
These facilities are available for use during the hours posted and are subject to change
at any time.
• Policies for each room are established and posted outside each room. These policies
reflect local government ordinances as well as sound management practices.
• Smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited inside the clubhouse or
anywhere on the outside of the property.
• Children under 14 years of age must be supervised by a responsible adult of 18 years
of age or older while using recreational facilities.
• In order for all Residents to be able to use the facilities, we ask that you limit your
guests to two. You are responsible for the acts and activities of your guests while using
the recreational facilities. If you have more than two guests, you must do a paid
reservation through the office.
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Recreational Facilities continued
• Resident identification may be requested by Village management at any time to ensure
that only Residents and their guests use the facilities.
The Clubhouse
You may request limited reservation of the clubhouse. Please see management office
for details. The following policies must be observed when using the clubhouse for private
• Your reservation only pertains to one room of the clubhouse and does not preclude
other Residents from using the other rooms of the clubhouse.
• Advance reservations for the clubhouse must be made with the office. A nonrefundable fee and/or deposit made payable to the Village may be required to reserve
the clubhouse.
• The clubhouse will be inspected the day following your function. If a deposit was paid, it
may be refunded as long as there has been no damage, the clubhouse has been left in a
neat and clean condition and all policies and rules are observed.
• No overnight stays in any area or room of the clubhouse.
• You are responsible for the acts and activities of your guests.
• No smoking in or outside of the clubhouse or anywhere on the property.
• No alcoholic beverages may be consumed inside the clubhouse.
• No removing of any item inside the clubhouse from the clubhouse.
• If you purchase items from the honor system pantry, you must write up a charge ticket
or pay cash. For example, do not take items now and pay for them next week.
Parking, Motor Vehicles and Bicycles
• All bicycles are required to have a numbered permit. These are available in the office
and are free. Bike racks will be checked periodically and any bikes found without permits
will be removed from the bike rack until a numbered permit is obtained and applied to
the bike. Bikes not claimed within 3 days will be disposed of by the Village.
• All motor vehicles are required to be parked in designated parking stalls only. Guests
should be directed to park only in areas not specifically designated for Resident parking.
We reserve the right to immediately tow all vehicles parked in areas or stalls not
specifically designated for their use. Such areas include yellow or red curb areas, areas
marked “No Parking” and/or fire lanes and any areas that obstruct dumpsters, driveways
and/or walkways; as well as handicapped stalls.
• While driving within the community, you must not operate your vehicle at a speed in
excess of 5 miles per hour. Please be respectful of other tenants enjoying the grounds
and obey all traffic signs.
• Automotive maintenance and repairs are not permitted within the community.
Inoperative vehicles, which include vehicles with expired licenses or registrations, are
not allowed and will be towed at owner’s expense.
• Storage of any items in a parking stall or carport is not permitted.
• Recreational vehicles, boats, trailers, and un-mounted campers may not be parked or
stored inside the community. There is a parking area to the north of Buildings 1 & 2 that
these items may be parked for a small monthly fee.
• Owners of cars with gasoline, coolant or oil spillage will be responsible for the cost of
asphalt cleanup and/or replacement as deemed necessary by Village management.
• Vehicles found to be leaking hazardous materials will be asked to remove the vehicle
from the property until problem is corrected.
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Parking, Motor Vehicles and Bicycles continued
• A motorcycle may not occupy an entire parking stall unless it is the Resident’s sole
form of transportation. Motorcycles may not be parked on sidewalks, patios, lawns or in
walkways in the parking lot. If a Resident has a car and a motorcycle, both must be
parked in the same parking space.
• You must park your vehicle so your bumper is just back from the curb, whether it be
sidewalk or grass. Our lawn care and snow removal equipment must have the entire
sidewalk to travel on safely. If your bumper is over the curb we cannot do the lawn care
of snow removal properly. If you are too far forward our equipment could snag your
license plate.
• The number of parking spaces available to Residents and guests are limited. In order
to ensure availability, a maximum of one (1) registered vehicle per licensed Resident is
allowed. In some cases a third vehicle may be kept on the property with a small fee..
• Paid, reserved parking is available at one space per apartment. If you choose to have
paid reserved parking the Village will do the signage for the space. It is your
responsibility to keep the signage free of snow in the winter so others may know it is a
reserved parking space.
Patios, Balconies and Common Areas
• You must keep your sliding doors and windows closed and locked during your absence
to protect against damage from rain and potential loss due to theft.
• Patio area must be kept neat and orderly. All weather furniture is permitted. Patio
covers, either temporary or attached to the building are prohibited.
• Storage of any kind other than weather-manufactured furniture and accessories or
working bicycles is prohibited. No more than two working bicycle’s can be stored on the
• Leaving garbage or diapers outside your door or on your balcony to take to the
dumpster later is prohibited. As you may or may not know trash and other waste attract
pests that are generally considered unhealthy. Leaving trash outside also brings with it
some very unwelcome odors and in general detracts from the community’s appearance.
• Containers for “recycling” bottles, cans and paper must not be kept on the patio. No
mops, rugs, tablecloths or clothing shall be shaken, cleaned or left in any of the public
areas, or any window, door or patio.
• Seasonal decorations may be installed or hung from patio areas, provided such
decorations do not violate insurance or city fire codes. Seasonal decorations are to be
removed at season or holiday end.
• Satellite dish installation is prohibited.
• Patio/balcony must not detract from the community’s appearance. Resident shall, upon
24 hour notice, remove all such personal property and refrain from storing the same on
the patio/balcony. If the items in question are hazardous, flammable or potentially
dangerous, Village management may remove the items after the 24 hour notice has
passed without the Resident moving said items.
• Exterior windowsills and ledges shall not be used for storage of bottles, food, etc.
• Residents are not permitted to place aluminum foil, reflective material, dark shades,
cardboard or other window coverings of any kind other than the standard vertical blind
on the windows.
• Plastic or ceramic planters are permitted.
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Patios, Balconies and Common Areas continued
• While we cannot possibly make a list of every item that is permitted and not permitted
on your balcony we do ask that when in doubt call the office first. If you are planning to
build any items on your balcony to be stored on your balcony you must get prior written
approval from Village management first. Any damage including stains on the
patio/balcony area will be charged to the tenant at move out.
• International fire code will not allow BBQ grills to be used within 10 feet of any building.
BBQ’s are only allowed on ground floor garden style apartments. Buildings with garden
style apartments include buildings 5 & 8-13 only!! We do not recommend storage of
BBQ’s on 2nd or 3rd floor balconies. Community BBQ’s are available on the patio south
of the clubhouse for the residents enjoyment. Please follow the posted Grill Rules if
using the Community BBQ’s.
• It is the Resident’s responsibility to put something under their BBQ grill to protect the
sidewalk or concrete from drippings. We suggest using cardboard, foil or something
• Do not dump grease or left over food in the grass, shrubs, bushes or rock beds. Doing
so attracts unwanted pests that may enter your apartment and will also kill grass and
shrubs. Do not pour grease over your balcony.
• Do not dump hot ashes or coals in the dumpster. Wait 24 hours and then dump them or
if using the Community BBQ’s, put them in the Hot Coal Bin. Do not dump ashes in
shrubs, rock beds, grass or on sidewalks.
• Residents are responsible for bringing into their apartments their personal belongings.
Any items left in common areas within the community will be removed from the
community and disposed of by the Village.
• No sign or placards shall be posted in or about the apartment without written
permission of the management. A community bulletin board is available in the
clubhouse. See management office for details.
• The patio/balcony area is not a designated pet potty area and if it is found that you are
letting your pet use the patio/balcony as such you will be fined $50.00 per incident, and
at landlord’s discretion, failure to clean up pet waste is grounds for eviction. (Please refer
to our pet policy for further information on pets)
• It is required for Village management to have a key to your apartment in case of
emergency. Should you lose or misplace your door or mailbox key, there will be a
charge for each new key. The charge will be $10.00. If Village management has to
replace the complete lock/key combination the charge is $200.00.
• Locks may not be installed or changed by the Resident. Security devices may not be
installed by the Resident without Village management’s prior written approval.
Lock Outs
• A fee of $50.00 will be charged on all lockouts occurring after regular office hours,
which are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. If on-site staff is unavailable to assist
with lockouts, the Resident is responsible for charges incurred for service rendered by a
• Residents are financially responsible for the actions of their guests, agents and
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Guests continued
• Residents and their guests shall not play or run in public halls, stairways, sidewalks,
garage or parking areas.
• Guests are required to park in designated “Visitor Parking”. Should guests not park in
the designated spaces, they are subject to being towed and/or booted at the Resident’s
Appliances and Fixtures
• DO NOT use Magic Erasers on any painted wall in your apartment!
• Please do not overload dishwasher. Rinse dishes before putting in dishwasher. Use
only detergents made for automatic dishwasher; we recommend Cascade powder
• Turn on cold water before starting your disposal and allow water to run at least 15
seconds after grinding is completed. Do not insert fibrous food waste such as cornhusks,
artichoke leaves, celery stalks, bones, egg shells, etc. Prevent plumbing stoppage by
NOT pouring grease into drains or disposals. If your disposal stops, check the reset
button on the outside of the unit before calling the maintenance department.
• When using the Auto Clean feature on your self-cleaning oven, DO NOT place
anything on top of the stove. The Auto Clean feature, when activated, will lock the door
to the oven and get very hot. Placing any item on top of the stove could cause item to
ignite and then causing a fire in the kitchen. The Auto Clean process takes about five
hours from lock to unlock. The door will automatically unlock when the oven is cool
enough to not hurt someone.
• Please do not use sharp objects to defrost your refrigerator, as they will puncture the
freezer walls. Please do not use abrasive cleaning supplies to clean your refrigerator.
Washer and Dryer
• Your apartment comes equipped with a washing machine and dryer. Village
management will explain its operation to you upon move-in if you require it. It is
imperative that you do not overload either appliance as appliance failure can lead to
either fire or flooding of the apartment. You are responsible for all such damages. You
should never operate either appliance without being home for its full cycle.
• Small items such as baby socks or bra pads should be washed inside a netted laundry
bag. These items can get sucked into the pump and will cause damage. Netted laundry
bags can be found in the same areas as irons and ironing boards in your local
department store.
• Cost of any repair or service on appliances and/or fixtures due to their misuse by
Resident will be charged to that Resident; as will any damage caused by misuse.
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Washer and Dryer continued
• The lint filter on the dryer must be cleaned after each use. Failure to clean out after
each use could cause clothes to take longer to dry and cause fire.
Water Heater
• According to state law, the water heater in your apartment is set at 120 F. The
temperature cannot be altered by Residents or Village management. For safety reasons,
no items shall be stored near or on top of water heater.
Fire Suppression System
• Per the lease agreement, it is the Resident’s responsibility to keep a working battery in
each smoke detector in the apartment. If the smoke detector beeps that generally means
the battery needs to be changed.
• Some burning food will set off a smoke detector. As soon as the apartment windows
are opened and the apartment has aired out, the smoke detectors should stop beeping.
• If there is an actual fire, the sprinkler system will activate and water will come from the
sprinkler in the room with the fire. Anytime a sprinkler activates, you can guarantee the
apartments below will be flooded. Any flood cleanup is the financial responsibility of the
Resident causing the problem.
• Do not hang anything from the fire sprinklers inside your apartment.
In-Window Air Conditioning Units
• In-window air conditioning units are not permitted. Only 2nd and 3rd floor units have
central air conditioning. Residents may place a fan in the window on a temporary basis.
Televisions, Stereos and Appliances
• Please respect the privacy of your neighbors. Parties, televisions, stereos or radios that
can be heard outside the perimeter of your apartment are not permitted.
• Between the hours of 10 p.m. and 8 a.m., please refrain from vacuuming, using your
washer and/or dryer or engaging in other activities that can be heard outside the
perimeter of your apartment.
• If you find your gathering is running longer then 10 p.m., please move to the clubhouse
where such activities are welcome.
• Remember that not everyone keeps the same hours you do. Please be respectful of
your neighbors and they will be respectful of you.
General Maintenance
• Please report any needed repairs in your apartment to Village management
immediately. Requests may be made in person, in writing, on the phone or via Internet
through the Village website, www.thevillage-rexburg.com or through the tenant portal.
• Whenever we enter your apartment to perform work, we will leave a maintenance tag
to let you know what we have done.
• Emergency maintenance is provided 24 hours a day. After office hours, call 208-3600180 for emergency maintenance requests.
• Each apartment has a new furnace filter at move-in. We recommend these be changed
every 30 to 60 days dependent upon usage. Filters can be installed by Village
maintenance department for $10.00.
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General Maintenance continued
• Within 30 days of your move-in, the maintenance department will perform a walk
through with you in your apartment to show you some water, power, appliance related
items, how they work and how to shut them off if need be.
Move-in Procedure
• Move-in walk through can be performed on a first come, first serve basis Monday
through Friday, 9 to 4, with limited Saturday hours.
• You will receive a welcome letter via email approximately 7 to 10 days before your
scheduled move-in date with all your move-in information.
• Driver’s license or picture ID and vehicle license plate number must be available before
keys and parking passes can be given to a Resident.
• Gas and electric utilities must be transferred to the Resident’s name at least 24 hours
before move-in.
Move-out Procedure
• Move-out cleaning will be done according to the Move-Out Cleaning Checklist. If
cleaning is not done accordingly, appropriate charges will apply and will be deducted
from security deposit. If charges exceed the security deposit, the Resident will be
required to pay the difference. If the difference is not paid, legal action could be taken
against the Resident.
• Move-out walk through can be done Monday through Friday, 9 to 4, with limited
Saturday hours and appointment must be scheduled in advance. Last minute
appointments cannot always be accommodated.
• Move-out walk through will be completed after apartment is completely empty and
Illegal Drugs and Illegal Firearms
• Any use or illegal possession of drugs or illegal firearms or any illegal activity within the
community or any apartment is strictly prohibited and will be grounds for immediate
eviction and involvement of law enforcement authorities.
• Village management will accept mail or packages addressed to the Resident and
delivered to the office. The Village accepts no liability for Resident packages or mail and
can refuse to accept them. The Village is not responsible for items left outside of your
apartment or left anywhere within the Village community. Should you choose to have
items delivered we will do our best to protect them, but take no responsibility for any
damage or theft to those items while in our possession.
• Door-to-door commercial solicitation of any kind is not permitted. Nonprofit charitable
solicitation may be permitted with prior written approval of the Village. Please promptly
notify Village management, if unauthorized solicitors are observed in the community.
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Booting and Rates
•Vehicles that are not parked properly will be booted. This includes but, is not limited to:
1) Vehicles parked in tenant parking that should be in visitor parking.
2) Vehicles parked along fire lanes.
3) Vehicles parked in handicap spaces without proper handicap permits.
4) Vehicles parked in someone else’s paid reserved parking space.
5) Vehicles without Village tags parked in tenant parking.
6) Vehicles parked over with their bumper over the curb.
7) Trailers parked in a parking space or in the big parking lot west of Bldg 12 & 13.
• These parking rules apply day and night. Rates double for every 24 hours the boot
remains on a vehicle.
• Boots are only applied and removed from 8 am to 5 pm.
1st Violation- 8 am to 5 pm, $50
2nd Violation- 8 am to 5 pm, $70
3rd Violation- TOWED
Nail Hole Policy
• Absolutely NO nail holes on 3, 4 or 5 month leases.
• We prefer no more than 5 nail/screw holes per room (not wall, but room) with a 6 to 12
month lease.
• If you require more than 5 holes, please check with the office. Our goal in limiting nail
holes is to help the integrity of the walls not to limit your enjoyment of your home.
• There could be a charge of up to $25 per hole for excessive or huge holes.
Damage Policy
• Any invoice to a Resident for any damage to any Village property repaired or replaced
by the Village for which Resident is responsible will include an administration fee equal
to 15% of the total cost of repair or replacement. This is a non-negotiable fee.
• Damage could include but is not limited to vinyl replacement, carpet replacement, holes
in walls or doors, appliance repairs or parts, broke light fixtures and any animal related
Security Hints
• Keep your doors and windows locked.
• Don’t hide an extra key outside your apartment.
• Be careful with regard to whom you loan keys.
• Develop a good relationship with your neighbors so that you can look out for each
• Notify Village management of any unlawful entries, thefts, illegal (or potentially illegal)
conduct, and other suspicious situations.
Threatening Actions
Use of or threat to use a deadly weapon, assault, threat to do bodily harm, or any arsonrelated offense will be grounds for immediate eviction and involvement of law
enforcement authorities. A display of firearms around the community is strictly
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Please contact Village management immediately, if you notice any pests. There will be
no charge for this service unless the pests are present as a result of your conduct. If
your neighbors have pests, the Village may wish to exterminate your apartment unit as a
preventative measure.
Garbage Removal
For your convenience, trash receptacles are located within the community. Place all
trash in plastic bags or other secure containers, and then place the bags or containers
inside the designated trash receptacles.
Exterior Property
Trees, shrubbery, grass, and plants are a vital and valuable part of the community. You
are liable for damages, if you or any of your family, visitors, or guests mutilate, deface, or
otherwise cause damage to the landscaping. The lawns within the Village community
should be kept clear of personal property. No signs, advertisements, notices, or other
lettering may be exhibited, inscribed, painted, or affixed by you on any part of the outside
or inside of your apartment, any apartment building or any common area. No awnings or
other projections may be attached to or protrude beyond the outside walls of any
apartment building unless placed there by the Landlord. No radio or television aerials or
wires, and no satellite dishes, may be erected in or about or attached to any part of your
apartment or the apartment building absent the Landlord’s prior written consent.
Common Areas
A parent or a responsible adult must supervise children in common areas of the
community, including without limitation the playground and clubhouse. Supervision
requires that the parent or responsible adult be physically present at ALL times. Parents
shall be responsible for safety of children and any willful damage to common areas
caused by their children or other family members, visitors, or guests. Residents are
responsible for the conduct of their children, their guests’ children, and their children’s
friends. Please do not allow your children to leave bicycles, tricycles, skates,
skateboards, or toys in hallways or on sidewalks, stairways, or other common areas.
We welcome you to your new home and sincerely hope that you enjoy every day of your
residency to the fullest. We appreciate your cooperation in making our community a
happy home for all. If you have any questions, please contact Village management. All
of the above policies and rules are subject to modification at any time by written notice to
you, provided that any such policies or rules modifications will not modify the express
terms of your lease agreement.
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