Instruction for packing a bicycle into the bike box

Instruction for packing a bicycle into the bike box
Instruction for packing a bicycle into the bike box
from B&W International
Figure 01
Mark the insertion depth of the seat pillar with an adhesive tape. This facilitates the later
setting of the seat height. Open the support clamp screw on the frame and pull out the pillar.
Re-tighten the clamp so far that it safely stays on the tube.
Figure 1
Figure 02
Clean the pillar and protect it with an isolation tube.
Figure 2
Unscrew the pedals: The left pedal has a left-handed thread. Therefore, it is unscrewed
clockwise. Attention: Pedals may come loose with a jerk. Therefore, use a cranked spanner
and position the tool in such a way that the hand moves away from the pointed chain wheel
when unscrewing the pedal.
Figure 03
Switch to the large chain wheel and the smallest sprocket wheel. Open the brakes release
lever and disassemble front and rear wheel. Turn the crank into parallel with the chain stay
and fix the pedal eye with a piece of wire to the with isolation tube protected chain stay. Also
fix the chain to the chain wheel. In this way, it does not scratch anything and covers the
sharp chain wheel cogs to a certain extent.
Figure 3
Figure 04
Turn the gear shift unit somewhat back and hold it with one hand, so that it will not fall off
uncontrolled, when loosening the screw.
Pack the disassembled gear shift unit and tie it with copper wire approximately to the middle
of the protected stay.
Figure 4
Figure 05
Fit a spacer from plastic material into the open fork ends. Insert a wide spacer into the wheel
hub supports of the rear frame end. Fix the holders with cable ties or copper wire to the chain
stays or to the open ends.
Figure 5
Figure 06
Loosen and disassemble the Aheadst- adjusting screw including the cover. Open the fork
shaft clamp at the front end by two to three turns. Now, pull out the movable front portion
from the shaft, including the handlebar. Place a spacer in place of the front portion and
secure it with the cover. Frame and fork stay as one unit and you can reduce the packing
dimension in this way.
Figure 6
Figure 07
Insert the Bidons into the bottle holders. Protect the whole frame either with isolation tube or
air cushion foil. Lift the frame into the box. The handle bar front unit should not collide with a
frame tube or the fork. The Bowden cables should not be folded. In addition, protect critical
areas with foam material.
Figure 7
Figure 08
Wrap the whole drive line into an air cushion foil, so that the always somewhat oily chain is
isolated from the other items. Place the seat pillar into a convenient place.
Figure 8
Figure 09
Place a solid piece of cardboard between case and the large chain wheel. In this way, you
can avoid that the chain wheel and/or bicycle case can be damaged.
Figure 9
Figure 10
Remove the quick release turnbuckles from the hubs and place the wheels into pockets or air
cushion foil. Hub protections from plastic material prevent fairly reliable that the hubs will
press through the package. A cloth over the chain wheel prevents that the package will be
soiled and serves well later for the bicycle care.
Figure 10
Figure 11
Place the packed bicycle wheels into the case with the sprocket inside, in the area of the
frame triangle, where it cannot cause any damage. Pack the quick release turnbuckles,
pedals, used tools, cloth, chain and creep oil into a small carton, if your wheel bags have no
special compartments for this. Do not forget the bicycle pump and saddle bag.
Figure 11
Close the still lying case and check that nothing has been caught. Put the case upright and
place a belt around the whole piece of luggage. Should the locks fail in an emergency the
stressing belt will still hold the case together.
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