specification sheet
Portable Radio
Practical Features with Exceptional Value
Ergonomically-designed for ease of operation
at minimal cost
The Motorola’s GP2000s offers a simple & cost-effective solution for
businesses which need to keep in touch with their mobile staff. Featuring a
new productivity-boosting layout, the GP2000s provides convenience, audio
clarity and privacy to users in diverse applications, such as manufacturing,
hospitality, retail and other service industries.
Easy-to-use features that boost productivity
Compact form with user-friendly features
Shaped for ease of handling and to ease operator fatigue, the design is
compact and lightweight to facilitate portability.
Specially designed front buttons
The large front navigation and programmable buttons are ergonomically
designed to facilitate easy access to the radio features. It also allows you to
scroll through the user channels quickly and easily.
Ergonomic placement of microphone
The microphone is situated at the optimum position to promote clearer
Battery Saver Feature
Select from 3 power levels – Economy Low, Low or High – to give you flexible
control over battery operational efficiency. The Economy Low setting gives
you up to 6 additional hours of use during close proximity communication.
Private Lines
Set up talk groups/users with Motorola’s unique Private Lines/Digital Private
Lines to prevent unwanted conversations on the same frequency. The
GP2000s supports EIA standard 42 PL and 84 DPL with 3 more PL than the
industry standard.
99 Channels
Multiple channels give you the flexibility to organising work teams into different talk groups.
Just a click brings in your pre-assigned group.
8-Digit Alpha-Numeric & Iconic Display
Enable you to determine the radio’s operating performance at a glance with the iconic
battery and signal strength indicators. Text and number displays such as channel alias and
frequency number also provide critical information for your operation.
Extended Talk-Time
Get up to 8.5 hours of talk-time without the need to charge or carry additional batteries
during a typical 8-hour work shift.
TECHNICAL specification
General VHF *Frequency Range 136-174MHz, 216 – 223MHz UHF
403 – 440MHz, 435 – 480MHz
• Prime Channel
Memory Channels 99
Operating Temperature Range -30° to +60° C (Radio)
-20° to +60° C (with NiMH battery)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 118mm x 56mm x 37mm (38mm top)
• Talk Around
• Busy Channel Lockout
• Nuisance Channel Delete
† Standard Capacity NiMH
† Standard Capacity NiMH Average Battery Life @ 5 - 5 - 90 Duty Cycle † Standard Capacity NiMH • LowBattery Alert
High Power Low Power High Power 5W 1W 4W > 8 hours > 11 hours > 8 hours Low Power
>11 hours
Sealing Passes rain testing per IPX4 (EN60529:1991)
Shock & Vibration Diecast with impact resistant polycarbonate housing, passes EIA RS – 316B
Dust & Humidity Weather resistant housing passes EIA RS –316B
Display digits with backlight Transmitter
RF Output Additional GP2000s Features
VHF Low Power High Power 5W 1W 4W Channel Spacing 12.5 / 25kHz
Frequency Stability ± 2.5ppm
Modulation Limiting • Coded Squelch
• Adjustable Squelch Level
• Time-Out Timer
(from 0 to 10 minutes)
• Priority Scan
High Power • Channel Alias
Low Power
• 3 Scan Lists
(each with priority channel)
• Backlight Setting
+ / - 5kHz (25kHz) ; + / - 2.5kHz (12.5kHz)
• Receive-only Channel
Audio Response (from 6dB/oct.
Pre-Emphasis, 300 to 3000Hz) +1, -3dB
Audio Distortion
@ 1kHz tone, 60% rated max dev. <5%
FM Hum & Noise 40dB
Receiver VHF Sensitivity (12dB SINAD) UHF
Audio Distortion <5%
Hum and Noise 40dB
Audio Output @ <5% Distortion
(7.5V / room temperature) 500mW into 24Ω
† Standard Capacity NiMH (hi-cap) battery.
* Availability subject to country’s lawand regulations.
All specifications shown are typical and subject to change without notice.
Portable Military Standards 810, C D and E
Applicable MIL-STD PMMN4008 Remote Speaker
PMTN4088 Portable Desktop
PMLN4442 Earbud with In-line
PMLN4443 Receiver with In-line
PMLN4469 Holster Case
PMLN4444 Earset with
Boom Mic &
in-line PTT/VOX
4285820Z01 Light Duty
Shoulder Strap
PMLN4445 Ultra-light headset
with Boom Mic & Inline
PTT/VOX switch**
501.3 1
Low Temperature 502.3 1&2
Temperature Shock 503.3 1
Solar Radiation 505.3 1
Humidity 507.3 3
Salt Fog 509.3 1
Dust 510.3 1
Vibration 514.4 1
PMNN4061 High Cap NiMH
Batteries (order belt
clip separately)
** The PTT/VOX switch functionality depends on radio software capability.
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