LSD Vertical Doors Installation Instructions

LSD Vertical Doors Installation Instructions
Installation Instructions LamboStyleDoors
(The instructions are to be used as a reference. Please repeat for both doors)
Pre installation check list:
- Battery disconnected
- Front bumper removed
- Front fender removed
- Vehicle must be accident free
- Vehicle must have inner fender cover
(Disassemble parts according to vehicle manufacturer specifications)
- Disconnect the wires between chassis and door
- Disassemble the door.
- Extend the factory door wire harness with the enclosed extension kit
(please see enclosure “wire harness extension”)
- Modify the fender
(please see enclosure “modifying the fender”)
Safety Information:
LSD door kits must be installed according to the vehicle-specific
instructions provided by LSD-Doors. The installation should be
performed by an authorized dealer.
When extending factory wire harness, follow the vehicle
manufacturer's guidelines for cable repairs. When extending
CAN-bus, pay attention to the processes of rerouting, screening,
and twisting (check vehicle manufacturer's specifications). Be
careful not to damage any systems.
After installation of the kit, side airbags (if any) should be tested
for proper operation by an authorized dealer.
Performing final adjustments of the doors, make sure they close
and lock according to the OEM specifications (check original
closing angles, locking positions, gaps, etc.).
Be careful while working in the operating area of the doors and
hinge system (be especially careful when working with a
partner or when there are other people in the working area).
All doors must be securely closed before setting vehicle into
motion. Driving with open doors is prohibited.
Do not mount heavy loudspeakers without increasing pressure
of the gas spring.
Adjust horizontal opening angle of the doors to the possible
The gas spring should hold your door at the maximum height
under all operating conditions. To guarantee that, choose gas
spring with the appropriate pressure level.
Empty door storage compartments, otherwise all the objects
placed in there will fall as the door opens and the weight of the
door will change, which may influence the gas spring operation.
WARNING: gas spring is under extreme pressure! Make sure
all mounting brackets are securely fastened in the right places.
General instructions:
A properly instructed partner will make the installation process
Regular servicing of the doors and gas springs at a specialized
body shop will expand their service life.
An additional inside handle must be installed to simplify opening
and closing of the doors from seated position.
White door lights must be disabled via removal of light bulbs or
bulb sockets in accordance with Fig. 5.22 of ECE Reg. No. 48.
After installation of the LSD hinge system, reinstall original inner
fender cover to keep LSD hinges free from debris.
Functionality of the vehicle comfort systems, e.g., central locking
system (if any), must be checked at an authorized body shop.
Check functionality of all other systems and components
(loudspeakers, anti-theft systems, CAN-bus, window rollers,
crash-sensors, driver seat memory, mirror heating/adjustment,
etc.) at an authorized body shop.
When adjusting the doors, be careful to place them in the proper
door openings not to cause any damage to other components.
The processes of adjustment and testing must be performed
with great attention.
If A-pillar or doors have been modified, use supplied chassis
glue (if specified in the list and included in the set) for tight joint.
Make sure that sealed surfaces are free from dust and grease
before applying chassis glue. Proper door sealing will guarantee
Note: gas springs have been tested on standard doors. If your
doors come with additional equipment, it may slightly modify their
weight and you may need to order stronger or lighter gas spring
(additional costs may arise).
Please note that the gas spring pressure may vary due to
temperature, which will influence opening and closing force.
Warranty claims will not be honored unless there is defect in
material or workmanship.
When body work is performed, apply anti-corrosion covering
to all the modified surfaces according to the manufacturer’s
After the LSD kit installation, the doors opening angle is limited.
The doors must be first carefully opened outwards and then
upwards. When too much force is applied to the limiters/stop
points body parts may damage.
The warranty does not cover damages caused by improper use,
improper installation, or application of excessive force to the
limiters/stop points.
Hardware list (per vehicle side)
6X B
1x C
2x F
Snap ring
Cable ties
Cover plate
Cable clip
1x H
1x J
1x L
1x M
Threaded rivet insert M8
Rubber grommet 21mm
Chassis glue
LSD door system
1x O
No. 50061001
2600 N
No. 50061002
2300 N
No. 50061003
1900 N
LSD swing arm
Serrated nut
LSD ground plate
Serrated bolt M8x30
Gas damper
Fender bracket
1.) Remove the fender mount from the chassis
2.) Please bend in the sheet metal towards the front of the car as shown in photo.
Chassis plate installed over the bent metal
3.) Disassemble the swing arm off the chassis plate by
loosening the 4 supplied Allen bolts
Picture only for reference
4.) Mount the LSD chassis plate in the original hinge mounting holes/points on the chassis. Also at this time
please place the included top fender mount under the chassis plate
Use included bolts and nuts (T+S)
Tip/Advise: try to keep nuts & bolts centered
Please don‘t forget to run
the wire harness accordingly
(See point 17)
5.) Bolt on the LSD swing arm to the original hinge mounting holes on the already dismantled door.
Use OEM bolts and tighten the bolts in-place
Do not torque at this time
Tip/Advise: try to keep bolts centered
6.) Now the original wire harness hole can be closed with the included cover plate and self tapping screw
Tip/Advise: Using black urethane glue (available at your local hardware supply store) will help seal up the cover
plate watertight
7.) Place the door back on the car and close the door completely.
Make sure the lower door adjuster („Magic stick“) is secure in the corresponding hole on the chassis plate
Tip/Advise: Use the lower door adjuster („Magic stick“) as a point to guide the front of the door in the correct
8.) Attach the swing arm to the chassis plate with the 4 included Allen bolts and adjust the door via moving the
swing arm to chassis plate adjustable (2) connection mount with horizontal door gap adjuster (2) in the right or
left direction until gap measurement is like original
9.) Adjust the height of the door by moving the chassis plate vertically
Tip/Advise: You might have to loosen bolts & nuts (T+S) on the
chassis plate to do this
10.) Now, lay the wire harness on and attach it to the marked points
Diagram can be used as a reference
11.) Only if required
Carefully reopen the door and adjust the horizontal
opening angle with the limiting adjustment screw
(5).Consider the fender distance. Then lock adjustment
screw (5) again.
Important: When you adjust the screw (5) you also
have to re-adjust adjustment screw (4). They need to be
adjusted so the LSD swing arm has slight tension at
pivoting. Please lubricate adjustment screw (4) with
grease from time to time.
12.) Close the door again and let the door lock and set in place.
13.) Now reassemble the previously modified fender back on the car using only two bolts to see if there are any
14.) Remove the fender again
15.) After adjustments are finalized, drill an 11mm/0,42 Inch hole in the chassis, use area (3) in the LSD chassis
plate as a guide. Then place in the included serrated bolt (T) and threaded insert (H) and torque securely.
16.) Hang in the gas damper (P) on the fitting point on
the swing arm. Secure it with the supplied security ring
by means of needle-nosed pliers.
Reference: Use the security ring carefully
Make sure you hear the security rings „click“ into place
The rubber (o-ring) has to be mounted between the LSD swing arm and top ball joint of the gas spring.
17.) Carefully pivot the door up, place the gas spring on the according mounting point on the chassis plate. Secure it with the supplied security ring.
NOTE: This is where a friend will come in handy
WARNING: Gas spring is under extreme pressure! Please make sure the security rings are installed correctly and are snapped their respective
18.) Pivot the door up carefully and make sure theirs sufficient clearance on the fender, A-pillar and hood. If
necessary adjust the LSD chassis plate or the LSD swing arm again until desired outcome is obtained. You
might also need to adjust the opening angle by adjusting screws (5) and (4).
19.) Test everything again and reinstall your fender (don‘t forget to tighten up the new top fender mount).
New top fender mount:
Extending the wire
Recommend :
Extend the cable always 43,30 inch / 1,1 m
Nissan Z350 shown, your wire
harness may look different.
Original door wire harness.
Remove the insulation from
the wire harness.
To avoid confusion please cut and
uninsulate each wire off the wire
harness separately at various
lengths. This will ensure a reduced
size when completed.
Now extend (braze) every wire
with the supplied wire kit &
shrinkable solder connectors.
Incorrect. The wire harness is
very large after the wrap
Correct. Off set connectors for
minimum size and flexibility.
Please use a hot air dryer to heat up the
solder shrink connectors from outside to
inside. Heat up the solder shrink connectors until the tin-solder (inside the
connector) is becoming liquid and surrounding the core ends completely.
Please avoid the damage of the cables
by too strong heating.
REFERENCE: Cover plates are not
needed for every vehicle!
Now lead the wires through the cover
plate and join the ends with the
shrinkable connectors.
Please repeat the earlier steps to all
When working with Share-data bus system please take special care to reroute
the wires correctly and not to damage
the wire insulation.
The shrinkable connectors can
now be wrapped with the supplied waterproof insulation tape.
Finally wrap the extended wire harness completely
with the supplied waterproof insulation tape.
Attention: Hold wires straight when applying tape.
Modifying the fender
Steps below are to be used as a reference. Please repeat for both fenders.
During: please bend fender bracket inwards
After: now glue the bracket to the inside of the fender with supplied chassis glue
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