Touch your heart with 3D Virtual Dealer Advantages Dimensions

Touch your heart with 3D Virtual Dealer Advantages Dimensions
GLI Approved
Touch your heart
with 3D Virtual Dealer
1. Interactive with 3D Dealer Jessie on a 47"/50"
wide screen display.
2. Squeeze card function - horizontal & vertical.
3. Both player terminal and Main Display will
show squeeze-card-process.
4. The squeeze time can be configured respectively
from 15 to 35 seconds.
5. Mystery Jackpot available.
6. Game speed is set to default at 30 seconds/ per game.
Configuration is allowed.
7. 15" Touch screen and large play buttons.
8. Auto re-bet button.
9. With Side Bet “PAIR”
10. Detailed game history.
11. Bill Validator and TITO Ready.
12. GLI certified & SAS 6.0X compatible.
1. Reduce labor cost.
2. Easy to install and maintain.
3. Increasing game frequency and security.
Plasma Mainframe
820(D)* 1474(W)* 2000(H) mm
Player Terminal-Queen Series
878(D)* 754(W)* 1110(H) mm
Power:110/230VAC 50/60 Hz 6/3A
Tel:+886-4-23595080 Fax:+886-4-23595077
[email protected]
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