A-Z of Fundraising Ideas - Safe Haven Children`s Trust

A-Z of Fundraising Ideas - Safe Haven Children`s Trust
Safe Haven Children’s Trust’s
A-Z of Fundraising Ideas
There are hundreds of ways you can fundraise for Safe Haven Children’s Trust.
Here are a few to get your started.....
• Abseiling
Be brave and get people to sponsor you.
• Arts and Crafts Stall
Create your own artwork to sell or sell the work of others for
a commission %.
• Assault Course Join an event and get sponsored or hold your own and charge an
entrance fee.
• Auction
Ask companies to donate items and raise money by auctioning at
an event or online.
• Battle of the Bands
Hold an event and charge an entrance fee. People attending could
donate to request songs.
Either charge an entrance fee or ask people to donate money for food
and drink. You could also set up a stall selling other things, or hold
a small auction/raffle.
• Bouncy Castle
Set it up at an event and charge a fee per session.
• Bungee Jump
Get sponsored to challenge your fears.
• Book Swap
Got any unwanted books? Swap them with others. Either charge
an initial fee or ask people to donate a little per swap.
• Bingo
Have a bingo night. Everyone loves bingo!
• Car Boot Sale
A great way to make money and get rid of unwanted goods.
• Car Wash
Offer to wash people’s cars for a fee.
• Cake Sale
Have fun baking and selling. Cake trolleys go down well if you work
in an office.
• Cycling
Get pedalling and get sponsored.
• Clothes Swap
Charge an initial fee or ask people to donate per swap. Helping charity
whilst getting a new outfit!
• Comic Book
Characters Night
Have a party and charge an entrance fee where everybody
dresses as a comic book hero.
• Christmas Gift
Wrap people’s Christmas gifts in exchange for funds.
• Dance/disco
Have a dance or disco. This could be themed.
• Darts Tournament
Ask your local pub if they’ll host it.
• Dinner Party
Organise a dinner party where people pay to attend.
• Dog Walking
Offer to walk people’s dogs for a donation.
• Eating Contest
Approach local restaurants to host and donate.
• eBay
A great way to make money from unwanted goods.
• Eighties Night
Get sponsored to wear the most outrageous outfits.
• Easter Egg Hunt
Organise an egg hunt for your community.
• Fashion Show
Ask local clothes stores to take part.
• Film Evening
Show a film and invite people along for a fee.
• Football Match
Getting celebrities involved will increase donations.
• Fancy Dress Party
Ask people to donate to attend and fundraise there.
• Games Night
Cards, board games, Wii – the possibilities are endless.
• Guided Tours
Take a group on a guided tour. This could be taken from the internet
or you could make up your own.
• Go Karting
See if a local track will give you a discount.
• Golf Tournament
A great way to get local companies involved.
• Greek Night
Themed parties can be big fundraisers.
• Halloween Party
Do some spooky fundraising.
• Head Shave
Find someone willing and collect sponsors.
• Hockey
Hold a sponsored tournament.
• Horse Racing
Organise a charity race night. Or try an alternative approach where
people dress as horses.
• Indoor Market
Organise a market and charge people a pitch fee.
• It’s a Knockout
Hold a fun event with lots of silly games.
• Item Exchange
Swap unwanted items with others and pay per swap.
• Ice Skating
Arrange an evening out ice-skating.
• Jazz Night
Organise a jazz evening and charge people to attend.
• Jumble Sale
Have a clear out and sell your unwanted items.
• Japanese Night
Make sushi to sell or hold a sushi making workshop.
• Job Swap
Organise a sponsored job swap.
• Karaoke Night
Ask your local pub to hold the event.
• Keep Fit Event
Maybe a sponsored Zumba or boot camp challenge.
• Kings and Queens
Ask people to dress as a King or Queen – royals should have money
to spare!
• London Walks
Get sponsored to take part or organise a sightseeing walk for others.
• Lacrosse
Hold a sponsored lacrosse tournament.
• Local Community
Bring communities together by encouraging them to fundraise with
each other.
• Lucky Dip
Perfect for any event and any occasion.
• Music Festival
Indoor or outdoor, small or large scale.
• Marathon
Either a full one or a half one.
• Mini Olympics
Perfect for fundraising in 2012.
• Murder Mystery
Either a meal at home for friends or a larger scale event at
a hired venue.
• Netball
Organise a sponsored tournament.
• Night Sightseeing
Take a tour of the museums which open late, or create your
own night tour of London.
• Networking
Publish your online fundraising webpage on social networking sites.
• Night Walk
Organised a sponsored midnight walk. Stay safe!
• Opera Night
Dress up and sing along!
• Odd Jobs
Offer to do odd jobs for people for a donation.
• Open Garden Party
Ask somebody with a nice garden to share it for a day.
• Presentations
Give talks about your fundraising to generate interest or talk about
your specialist subject for a fee.
• Pool Tournament
Ask your local pool hall to get involved.
• Pennies Collection
Pennies quickly add up to make pounds!
• Professor Auction
Auction off professors to do chores – great for unis.
• Picnics
Organise a space and hold a picnic event that people pay to attend.
You could have entertainment, stalls, plus food & drink for sale.
• Pyjama Day
Get sponsored to wear your PJs to work.
• Quiz Night
Organise a quiz night. Ask your local pub to host.
• Quit-week
Give up something like smoking, alcohol, meat or chocolate
and get sponsored for it.
• Quad Bike
Organise a trip to try out quad bikes.
• Radio Show
Try to get on local radio to promote your fundraising.
• Raffle
Ask local businesses to donate items. A raffle can be added
to virtually any fundraiser you do.
• Running
Get sponsored to run any distance – whatever is a challenge for you.
• Singing
Perfect at Christmas time or any other time of year.
• Speaker
Invite a speaker to talk about the charity to inspire interest and get
the word out there.
• Speed Dating
Organise a speed dating event. People are prepared to pay for love!
• Swimathon
Either alone or encourage others to take part.
• Skydiving
Get sponsored to jump out of a plane.
• Scrabble
Hold a Scrabble tournament.
• Skills Workshop
People donate to learn new things – cooking, knitting...
• Swear Box
Ask people to put money in a special box every time they say
something they shouldn’t.
• Tennis
Hold a sponsored tennis/table tennis tournament.
• Triathlon
People can take part as individuals or teams.
• Trivial Pursuit
Pay to play or donate for each incorrect question.
• Tea Tasting
Host your own tea tasting event – very British!
• Talent Show
Organise a talent show – people can pay to enter or watch. A great
way to get young people involved.
• Treasure Hunt
Get some prizes donated and charge people to play.
• University
• Underground
Pub Crawl
• Volunteering Day
Get quiz questions online or make up your own for something
more original.
Organise a pub crawl where you visit as many London tube stations
as possible, or visit pubs along a particular tube line. Be careful!
Volunteer to help students, communities or groups and get sponsored
by companies.
• Valentine’s
Have a Valentine’s party and hold an love-themed auction.
Day Event
• Vampire Party
Twilight, True Blood or more traditional vampire themed fun.
• Wildlife Park Walk
Do a sponsored wildlife park walk or collect for the charity
at the wildlife park.
• Walking
Do a sponsored walk – how far can you go?
• Weight Guessing
Charge people to guess the weight of the cake – a great addition
to other events.
• Whisky Tasting
Organise a whisky tasting evening.
• Wine and Cheese
Hold the event yourself or ask a venue to donate space.
You could include tasting competitions.
• Xmas Bazaar
Organise a Christmas bazaar.
• X-Files Party
Have an X-Files themed party.
• X-Factor
Either a karaoke party or an X-Factor themed night.
• Xbox Tournament
Have an Xbox tournament.
• Yoga
A nice, relaxing fundraiser for people.
• “Yes” Day
Say “Yes” to things people ask you to do for a fee.
• Zoo Day Out
Organise a day out at the zoo.
• Zombie Party
Have a zombie themed party.
• Zzzzzzzzz
Would anyone donate to a sponsored snooze?!
Good Luck! Happy Fundraising....
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