Polycom SoundPoint IP 6000 Quick User Guide

Polycom SoundPoint IP 6000 Quick User Guide
Polycom SoundPoint IP 6000 Quick User Guide
Placing a Non-Conference Call:
 Dial the number: For inter-campus calls, dial the 5
digit extension number. For outside calls, dial 9 +
10 digit number. For international calls, dial 88 + auth
code + * + 011 + number.
 Press the Start call key
or press the microphone
Answering a Call:
 To answer a call, press the Start call key
microphone key
or the Answer soft key
Releasing a Call (Hang Up):
 Press the End call key
, if on speaker phone, press
the speaker phone key
or the End Call soft
Volume Adjustment:
 Press the
volume keys to adjust the call volume while
a call is active.
 Pressing these in idle state adjusts the ringer
Do Not Disturb:
 Press
on the phone, then select Features,
followed by Do Not Disturb (DND) using the
Navigation Keys
to prevent the phone from
ringing for incoming calls.
 Press
. A flashing X icon should appear
when enabled.
 If voice mail is set up, calls will automatically go to
voice mail when DND is activated. If no voice mail
is set up, callers will receive an automated
message saying the caller is unavailable.
Speed Dial:
 Press
Muting Your Call:
 Dial the contact’s speed dial index number or scroll to  While on an active call, press the microphone
the contact, and then press the Dial soft key
 To un-mute, press the microphone key again.
 Press the
redial button to call the last number
dialed or press
and then select Features, then
Call Lists, followed by Placed Calls to redial a previously dialed number.
To report problems, please contact your desktop support person or the ITS Help Desk at (512) 475-9400
For more detailed information on using the IP 6000, or the new dialing plan, please visit: http://links.utexas.edu/ffochc
Forward a Call:
 Press the Forward soft key
 Scroll to the forward type you would like and then press
 Pick from the following options: Always, No Answer or Busy.
Transferring a Call:
 During a call, press the Transfer soft key, then place a call to
the party to whom you want to transfer the call to.
 When you hear the ring-back sound, press the Transfer soft key
Holding a Call:
 During a call, press the Hold soft key
. The console LEDs flash red to indicate that a call is on hold. To
resume call, press the Resume soft key .
LED Indicators:
Indicate phone and call status through three bi-color LEDs.
The LEDs illuminate to indicate the following normal operational states:
 Solid red - A muted call.
 Flashing red - A call is on hold.
 Solid green - A dial-tone is available, dialing is in-progress, or a call is in-progress.
 Flashing green - An incoming call.
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