Sony α 230, A2302LENSBDL, DSLR-A230 Quick start guide

Sony α 230, A2302LENSBDL, DSLR-A230 Quick start guide
Quick Start Guide
The battery pack
The lens
The memory card
Date/time setup
1 Charge the battery pack until the
CHARGE lamp lights off.
1 Remove the body cap on the camera
and packaging lid on the rear of the
1 Open the memory card cover.
1 Turn the camera on.
For customers in the U.S.A. and Canada
For customers in countries/regions
other than the U.S.A. and Canada
2 Insert a memory card and select the
type of the memory card you want to
use using the memory card switch.
Face side (SD memory card)
appear on the photo image. Do not
leave the camera and lens without
the caps. When you change the lens,
do it quickly in a location free from
Power cord (mains lead)
 Do not touch inside parts.
 If dust enters the camera, it may
Control button
To play back a previous or next image: press /
on the control button.
To return to the shooting mode:
Support the lens from
To delete the image
3 Press the shutter button
halfway down to focus.
 Pressing the shutter button halfway
down and holding it activates the
Terminal part
4 Press the shutter button fully
down to shoot.
 When inserting a memory card, turn the
Hold the grip of the
focus of the viewfinder is not achieved.
2 Set up the date/time.
Face side (“Memory Stick PRO
 Turn the lens until it clicks.
 Remove the lens cap during
2 Insert the battery pack into the camera.
Firmly insert the battery pack all the
way while pressing the lock lever with
the tip of the battery.
 Adjust the diopter-adjustment dial if the
Terminal part
2 Mount the lens by aligning the index
marks as illustrated.
1 Set the mode dial to AUTO.
2 Look into the viewfinder.
camera off.
 For available memory cards, refer to the
Instruction Manual.
To fully enjoy the features of your single lens reflex
camera, consult the “Instruction Manual.”
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