Sony BDV-N890W/Z User guide

Sony BDV-N890W/Z User guide
Connecting the speaker (network settings)
Select the suitable method
Network Speaker
and start to make the network settings.
Setting the network using a supplied CD-ROM (For Windows PC)
 Load the supplied CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive of your PC.
 Follow the instructions that appear on the display.
Read this first
Quick Setup Guide
Setting the network using the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch (AccessPointScan)
Before starting this procedure, be aware that your Wi-Fi network will not be protected until the setting is complete. After the setting is complete,
your Wi-Fi network will be protected again when you set wireless LAN security.
 Turn the speaker on.  Tap [Settings] on
See the step
If you have set this already,
the screen of your
 Tap [Wi-Fi].
 Tap [Sony_Wireless_
Audio_Setup] on the
network list.
perform all-reset for the unit.
Do not connect the LAN cable.
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 Access the [Sony Network Device
Using this network speaker
on your home network
Set up the speaker as shown below.
Turning the speaker on
Connecting the speaker (network settings)
Turning the speaker on
Setting] screen.
 Select the desired  Select [Network Settings] from
Start the browser (Safari) and input the
following URL into the browser’s address bar.
Connect the AC power cord to the AC
Plug the connector of the AC adaptor into the
DC IN terminal on the unit.
 Select the SSID of the wireless LAN router/
language when
the [Language
Setup] screen
access point, then input the Security Key (if
the menu.
 Select [Apply].
 Click [OK] in the displayed window.
The unit restarts automatically, then the LINK indicator
lights up green when the connection is established.
Plug the AC power cord to a wall outlet (the
The speaker turns on. Check that the I/ (ON/Standby)
indicator changes from flashing in green to lit in green.
If the I/ (ON/Standby) indicator lights in red or amber, press the I/
(ON/Standby) button.
Before operation of step of the network settings, write down the
SSID (Wireless Network Name) and Security Key (if applicable) of your
wireless network.
SSID (Wireless Network Name)
AirPlay, the AirPlay logo, iPhone, iPod touch, and iTunes are trademarks of Apple Inc.,
registered in the U.S. and other countries. iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc.
Security Key (WEP or WPA key)
Enjoying Audio contents
Listening to audio content on your PC using the
Refer to the attached leaflet “Enjoying PARTY STREAMING”.
Refer to the supplied Operating Instructions.
Sony provides the controller application “Network Audio
Remote” for free. For details, refer to the following URL:
Refer to the supplied Operating Instructions.
It will be supported by an update service for free (around
summer of 2012).
For details, refer to the following URL:
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