Sony CDX-GT120 Specification

Sony CDX-GT120 Specification
Key Features
Audio Features
Level Control: -8dB ∼ +18dB
Convenience Features
CD Text Display: Yes
Illumination: Red
Clock: 12H
Video Features
Display Technology: LCD
Color: '08 Gun Metallic
Sensitivity: FM:Usable sensitivity
(75)(dBf): 9
Station Preset(s): FM18/AM12
Digital-to-Analog Converter: 24bit
Tuner Frequency Range: FM:Tuner
Frequency Range(MHz): 87.5107.9, AM:Tuner Frequency
Range(kHz): 530-1710
Tone Control(s): Low: +/-10 dB at
60Hz (XPLOD)
Mid: +/-10dB at 1kHz (XPLOD)
High: +/-10dB at 10kHz (XPLOD)
Tuner Type: SSIR-EXA
CD Playback: Wow and flutter-Below
measurable limit
Analog Audio Input(s): Front Aux-In
Weight: 1.2Kg
Measurements: 178 x 50 x 179mm
Tilt Range: 45°
Power Consumption (in
Operation): 45W
Output Power: 52W x4 High Power23.2 watts per channel minimum
continuous average power into 4
Ohms, 4 channels driven from 20
Hz to 20 kHz with no more than 5%
total harmonic distortion.
Input Power: 12 V DC car battery
(negative ground (earth))
Inputs and Outputs
Antenna Terminal(s): Aerial Input
Audio Out (Variable/Fixed):
Speaker outputs (sure seal
Output(s): Power amplifier control
Supplied Accessories
Parts for installation and
connections (1 set)
Optional Accessories
Card remote commander (RMX151)
Color: Gun Metallic
UPC Code: 027242719552
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This unit cannot be connected to a digital preamplifier or an equalizer which is Sony BUS compatible.
Note: Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
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Last Updated: 07/02/2008
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