Sony DSC-T700/H Quick start guide

Sony DSC-T700/H Quick start guide
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Digital Imaging Accessories
Batteries, Chargers, Cases, and More
Water Housing
Compact Quick Charger
BC-TR1 $59.99
About the size of a mobile phone, this super-compact charger
with its retractable plug can charge a spare NP-FD1 battery
while you keep shooting. AC 100-240V (50/60 Hz). Charges
approximately two times faster than supplied battery charger.
Marine Pack
Waterproof Case
MPK-THG $229.99 (available October 2008)
APK-THA $69.99
(available October 2008)
Working with your Cyber-shot® camera’s Underwater
Mode to optimize photo exposures, the Sony®
Marine Pack lets you take stunning underwater
shots up to 132 feet below the surface.
O-Ring Kit
ACC-MP101 $19.99
AC Power Adaptor
Over time, sun and water can weaken the
rubber gasket on your Sony Marine Pack.
Keep things watertight by stocking up on
extra O-rings and sealing grease.
AC-LS5K* $39.99
Provides your camera with an uninterrupted
power supply when transferring images
to your PC. No charging capability.
AC 100-240V (50/60 Hz).
*Requires VMC-MD1 multi-use terminal cable
(sold separately).
Protect your new Cyber-shot
camera from watery mishaps
with the snug-fit Sony waterproof
case. This waterproof case
even lets you shoot underwater
photos at depths up to 5 feet.
Handstrap included.
Marine Pack Accessories
Underwater Video Light
HVL-ML20M $349.99
Rechargeable Battery Pack
NP-FD1 $49.99
Multi-use Terminal Cable
There’s no need to feel powerless again when you’ve got an extra
Sony® InfoLITHIUM® battery pack. It communicates directly with
your Cyber-shot® camera to show you exactly how many minutes
of shooting time you have left. Tech. specs. 2.4 Wh (680 mAh).
VMC-MD1 $39.99
Connects your Cyber-shot camera to most other compatible
electronics. Includes A/V, USB, and DC-in connections.
Brighten up the murky depths with this waterproof
light that fits the Sony Marine Pack. Requires the
VCT-MP1K Marine Pack Arm, plus NP-QM71D or
NP-QM91D InfoLITHIUM® rechargeable M Series
batteries with charger (all sold separately).
Arm Kit
VCT-MP1K $199.99
Battery/Chargers/Water Housing
Why risk having your camera battery go dead? Take along a spare Sony® rechargeable battery pack and travel-sized
charger instead. Things getting a bit wet and wild? Keep your gear dry at the beach, pool, or ski slope—and even take
underwater shots—with a water-resistant Sony Marine Pack or Waterproof Case.
Specially designed arm required for
mounting the HVL-ML20M Marine Light
to the Sony Marine Pack.
Cyber-shot Station Dock/HD Cable/GPS Unit
Lightweight Tripod
VCT-1500L $129.99
Great for travel, this compact
aluminum tripod lets you take
timed exposures, self-portraits or
close-ups from as low as 7 1/8”
above the ground.
Cyber-shot Station® Dock for HDTV
CSS-HD2 $79.99
See your photos in razor-sharp high definition with the Cyber-shot Station
dock for HDTV. Offering both HD and standard TV outlets, this versatile
performer includes a remote control for convenient operation. Plus it charges
your Cyber-shot® camera about 30% faster than your camera’s supplied
charger. The new integrated AV/component output terminal means it now
requires just one cable to put on an HD slideshow with music.
HD Output Adaptor Cable
VMC-MHC1 $39.99
Connects your Cyber-shot camera
to your compatible HD television for
viewing of your photos in high definition.
4.9 feet (1.5m) length.
GPS Unit
Maps and satellite images
powered by Google Maps.
GPS-CS1KASP $149.99
If you take a lot of pictures you know how difficult it
can be to remember where and when you took each
shot. Now you’ve got help with the Sony® GPS-CS1KASP
GPS Unit. Utilizing satellite technology, this handy device
records the exact location and date of every video
and photo you take. Simply upload your movies and
pictures to your PC* to view their exact position on a
handy online world map.** Plus the newly updated
Picture Motion Browser software now lets you trace
your travel routes and even e-mail your maps to
others. Includes an attachment kit with arm strap
and bicycle mounting bracket.
Ring Light
Travel Tripod
HVL-RLS $99.99
Capture impeccably lit macro shots every time with the Sony®
Ring Light. Designed for use in extreme close-up photography, this
specialized accessory utilizes bright white LED lighting for absolutely
true color reproduction. Includes 2 modes of lighting level.
Travel Kit
VCT-MTK $19.99
**The online map service is currently provided courtesy of Google, and is subject
to change or termination without notice. Internet connection required.
Put on a high-definition slideshow they’ll never forget with the Cyber-shot Station™ dock, Sony’s all-in-one charging
and docking solution. To pinpoint the exact location worldwide of every shot you snap, take along the Sony® GPS Unit.
Steady your shots with the lightweight Sony travel
tripod. Extends up to a generous 39 3/8” for taking
pictures, then folds down to a compact 14” for
travel. Carrying case included.
*You need to install Picture Motion Browser supplied with your Cyber-shot®
camera to your computer.
Cyber-shot Station® Dock/HD Cable/GPS Unit/
VCT-R100 $34.99
With Built-In Flash
Ring Light
Perfectly sized to take along on your next
trip, this durable tripod extends to a generous
7 1/8” and comes with its own carrying
pouch and cleaning cloth.
Simulated images for illustrative purposes.
Color Cases
Soft Carrying Case
LCS-THP/B, /P, /T, /R
(4 colors) $39.99
(available September 2008)
A color to match every taste and
outfit! These clutch-style cases are
constructed of high-grade leather
for a luxurious look and feel. Choose
from black, pink, brown, or red.
Matching strap included.
Soft Leather Carrying Case
LCS-THM/B, /W, /RI (3 colors) $39.99
LCS-THP/B (black)
LCS-THP/P (pink)
Heads will certainly turn when you pull out this sleek, flip-top
Cyber-shot camera case. Constructed of super-soft leather, the
case features brushed-metal accents for an extra measure of
glamour. Available in sophisticated black, cool white, or glossy red.
Semi-soft Carrying Case
Soft Carrying Case
LCM-THB/B $34.99 (available September 2008)
LCS-TWE/B, /L, /P, /PJ, /G, /W
(6 colors) $19.99
Get the best of both worlds. This case is soft on its sides for
comfortable grasping, and hard on its edges for added protection.
Plus the double-zipper design makes it easy to get to your camera.
This sporty, snug-fit case features a handy
carabiner that can be clipped quickly onto
a backpack, belt loop, or other location.
Available in six designer colors to match
with your specific camera.
LCS-TWE/B (black)
LCS-TWE/L (blue)
LCM-THB/B (black)
LCS-THP/T (brown)
Leather/Fabric Carrying Case
LCS-THP/R (red)
LCS-TWE/P (pink)
LCS-TWF/B, /P, /T, /R (4 colors) $29.99
Leather Cover
LCJ-THD/B, /W, /P (3 colors)
$39.99 (available September 2008)
Protect your Cyber-shot camera from scratches and
dust—while also enjoying quick access to its touch
panel—with this innovative flip-up leather cover.
Available in three colors with
contrasting accent stripes,
the cover also holds a
handy stylus pen (included)
within easy reach.
(gloss red)
LCJ-THD/B (black)
LCS-TWE/PJ (light pink)
(available September 2008)
LCS-TWE/G (green)
LCS-TWE/W (white)
Reversible Camera Pouch
LCS-CSK/B (2 pcs/set) $14.99 • LCS-CSK/P (2 pcs/set) $14.99
Carry your camera in style with these reversible, faux-suede drawstring
pouches. Designed to provide your gear with an extra layer of defense
against dust and dirt while in your backpack, purse or carrying case,
each set includes two pouches.
Soft Carrying Case
LCS-THK/B, /R (2 colors) $39.99
Always keep your camera handy. This clutch-style case
comes with a handy neck strap so it’s never far from reach.
Fashioned of high-grade leather with accent stitching.
Available in black or red.
LCS-TWF/B (black)
LCJ-THD/W (white)
Color Cases
Give in to your split personality. Fashioned of half canvas
and half leather, these tone-on-tone carrying cases come in
your choice of four exciting colors: black, pink, brown, or red.
A handy belt loop leaves your hands free for taking pictures.
LCS-TWF/P (pink)
LCJ-THD/P (pink)
LCS-THK/B (black)
Available in a wide selection of colors and designs, Sony’s eye-catching cases offer
an extra measure of protection for your Cyber-shot® digital camera.
LCS-THK/R (red)
(black/red and brown/dark blue)
LCS-TWF/T (brown)
(pink/gray and light blue/beige)
LCS-TWF/R (red)
Cases/Memory Stick® media
Soft Leather Carrying Case
Soft Leather Carrying Case
LCS-TWB/B, /G, /H, /P (4 colors) $39.99
LCS-TWA/B, /R (2 colors) $39.99
Sophisticated yet sassy. This genuine leather camera bag
really stands out with its stylish ring design and easy-open
magnetic closure. Choose from four funky colors: black,
green, dark grey, or pink.
Quiet elegance. The understated portfolio design of our newest
all-leather camera case with belt loop will certainly draw envious
looks. A magnetic closure provides quick access. Comes in your
choice of black or red.
Soft Leather Carrying Case
Soft Carrying Case
LCS-CSL $29.99
LCS-CST $14.99
Just-fit-type genuine leather soft carrying
case for your Cyber-shot® still camera.
Featuring a slim design, this lightweight case
with belt loop provides hands-free storage for
your Cyber-shot camera.
LCS-TWB/B (black)
LCS-TWA/B (black)
LCS-TWA/R (red)
Memory Stick PRO Duo™ Media
Casual Soft Carrying Case
LCS-CSJ $19.99
Soft Leather Carrying Case
LCS-TWB/G (green)
LCS-TWB/H (grey)
LCS-TWB/P (pink)
LCS-TWD/W, /T (2 colors) $39.99
An entirely new level in design. This clutch-style case with elegant
two-tone accents is fashioned of high-grade leather and features
a smooth magnetic closure. Available in white or brown.
Soft Leather Carrying Case
LCS-TWC/B, /C (2 colors) $39.99
Black with stylish blue accents, this sporty
Cyber-shot camera carrying case has
enough room for your spare battery or
Memory Stick® media. Use the included
shoulder strap or attach the bag to your belt.
Luxury crossed with functionality. Constructed of ultra-soft Nappa leather, this
handsome case features a carrying strap and belt loop. Take your pick from
high-style black or rich cream.
16 GB (14.9 GB available 1)
MS-MT16G $299.99
8 GB (7.35 GB available 1)
MS-MT8G $119.99
4 GB (3.66 GB available 1)
MS-MT4G $64.99
2 GB (1.85 GB available 1)
MS-MT2G $39.99
1 GB (940 MB available 1)
MS-MT1G $29.99
Compatible with standard Memory Stick® media
slots using the supplied adaptor.
Sport Carrying Case
LCS-CSQ $14.99
LCS-TWD/W (white)
LCS-TWC/B (black)
LCS-TWD/T (brown)
LCS-TWC/C (cream)
Cases/Memory Stick® media
When it comes to protecting your Cyber-shot® camera, Sony® has a case to match your personal style. To store and quickly
transfer digital images to your PC and other compatible gear, rely on genuine Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo™ media.
Sporty soft carrying case for your Cyber-shot still
cameras. Constructed of durable nylon with a
front pocket to hold a spare battery or Memory
Stick media. Comes with belt loop.
(Memory Stick Duo™ media
adaptor included.)
1 Available storage capacity may vary and a portion of the memory is used for data
management functions.
Memory Stick PRO Duo™ media compatibility, capacity, transfer speeds, and other features
vary by and are dependent upon the design of host hardware devices. See hardware
specifications or for compatibility information.
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