digiPHONE+ - Vivax Metrotech
Surge wave receiver for acoustic and
electromagnetic fault pinpointing
Perfect acoustic quality and noise immunity
Automatic mute function to protect your ears
Bright, transflective sun readable display
Easiest handling with automatic adjustment
Earphone volume limitation to 84 dB(A)
The new digiPHONE+, the new definition of silence!
The innovation for the cable fault pinpointing!
A combination of different technologies for the efficient noise
suppression provides you with a maximised, perfect acoustic
performance, which passes only the fault noise
No traffic!
No high heels!
No talking!
You hear only the fault, nothing else –
Your ears will love it!
The technologies of the digiPHONE+
BNR – Background Noise Reduction
The new, intelligent BNR technology with filtering and background noise suppression produces an undisturbed acoustic
experience, and lets only the fault sound to your ears.
APM Automatic Proximity Mute
The second silent technology in the new digiPHONE+. As
soon as one approaches the handle, the sound switches off,
before the hand touches the handle. No cracks or bangs.
After removing the hand, a short delay ensures that the
digiPHONE+ sensor is standing stable and possible
mechanical oscillations have ceased, before the headset
is activated.
The new housing concept of the sensor in connection with
a floating microphone suspension reduces the body sound
of the sensor itself and provides a solid standing of the
digiPHONE+ sensor even on sloped surfaces.
Technical data
Receiver DPP-CU
Operation time
Protection rating
Dimension (H x W x D)
Sensor DPP-SU
Diameter 230 mm
(outer rim)
140 mm
Handle length
450 … 750 mm adjustable
2.2 kg (incl. batteries and
Dynamic range
Magnetic channel >110 dB
Acoustic channel >110 dB
Frequency range
100 … 1500 Hz
Filter stages
100 … 1500 Hz
Low pass
100 … 400 Hz
Band pass 150 … 600 Hz
High pass 200 … 1500 Hz
Protection rating
IP 65
Fully automatic trigger level adjustment for acoustic as well
as for magnetic channel
Intelligent noise suppression (Background Noise Reduction)
The left-right indication keeps the operator always on top of
the cable: and a compass indicates the fault direction.
Distance to fault can be displayed in meter/feet
All advandages at a glance
Easiest Operation
Automatic adjustment of values
BNR – Background Noise Reduction
APM – Auto Proximity Mute when approaching the
handle. (“Bang” protection)
Bright, sun readable display
84 dB(A) limiter (according to noise and vibration
protection laws, e.g. “OSHA”)
Distance measurement in milliseconds or meter/feet
Easy tracing with left–right indicator
“Compass” for fault direction indication
High ground stability of the sensor up to 45°
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Fax +49(0) 95 44 - 22 73 · sales@sebakmt.com · www.sebakmt.com
Automatic headset mute function during the handling of the
sensor (Automatic Proximity Mute)
Scope of delivery
Receiver Unit DPP-CU with shoulder strap
Headset KR22-5
Sensor Unit DPP-SU with:
Telescopic handle
Tips (18mm and 75mm), tripod
Sensor connection cable
Set of batteries
Carrying bag with foam inserts
Ground Plate
Vehicle Installation Kit (instead of carrying bag)
ISO 9001:2008
Phone 02 9972 9244 Fax 02 9972 9433
Unit 1, 176 South Creek Road, Cromer NSW 2099
Email sales@sebakmtaus.com
sebaKMT is a registered trademark of the sebaKMT group
Advanced Utility Solutions Pty Ltd. T/A.
TFT-colour display,
320 x 240 Pixel
Volume limitation to 84dB(A)
>120 dB, automatic
6 x R6 Alkali-Mangan
> 10 hrs.
IP 54
65 x 225 x 100 mm
0.9 kg (incl. batteries)
Technical data subject to change without notice.
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