Sony HDR-AS15 Operating instructions

Sony HDR-AS15 Operating instructions
Digital HD Video Camera Recorder
The following describes the functions provided/changed by this firmware update, and how to operate
Please refer to the “Operating Guide,” and the “Handbook”.
© 2013 Sony Corporation
Copy mode/
Remote control mode
During smart remote control operation, you can switch to copy mode/remote control mode by
operating a smartphone.
1 Turn on the camera and set it to shooting (movie/interval photo recording)
2 Activate the application on your smartphone and connect the smartphone
to the camera through Wi-Fi.
For details on smartphone settings, refer to “To set the smartphone” in the Handbook.
3 Change the mode of the camera using “PlayMemories Mobile” on the
• Update “PlayMemories Mobile” to the latest version (Ver. 3.0 or later), before you start the smart remote
control function.
• You can operate in the following shooting modes.
– Movie mode/interval photo recording mode
• This function can be started only when the camera is in shooting standby.
Menu items changed by this firmware update
• [SEND] (Send) is deleted. You can connect the camera through Wi-Fi only in shooting mode.
Follow the above steps to connect the camera through Wi-Fi, and switch to copy mode by
operating a smartphone.
• The default setting of [A.OFF] (Auto Power Off) is changed to [60sec] from [10sec].
• The default setting of [RMOTE] (Remote) is changed to [ON] from [OFF].
• Since the default setting of [RMOTE] is changed to [ON], the power consumption when the camera is
not connected through Wi-Fi may increase and result in a shorter shooting time. Setting [RMOTE] to
[OFF] is recommended when the camera is not connected through Wi-Fi.
• After executing [RESET] (Reset), settings of the camera return to the defaults changed by this firmware
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