Sony ILCE QX1, ILCE-QX1 Quick start guide

Sony ILCE QX1, ILCE-QX1 Quick start guide
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Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera
Quick Start Guide
Inserting a memory card
Note: Make sure that the memory card is correctly oriented when
cards are used for storing pictures of [20M] (default setting) or
This manual covers two models: one
that comes with a supplied lens and
one that does not comes a supplied
lens. The model name varies if the
lens is supplied.
Model name
Not supplied
We recommend that you use the wrist
strap to avoid dropping the camera and
Attach the wrist strap to the camera and
place your hand through the loop
ˎˎ Weight limitation: 850 g (1 lb 14 oz)
Check the supplied items
Names of main parts
ˎˎ Rechargeable
Power button
Power/Charge/Movie lamp
Green: Power ON
Orange: Charging
Red: Recording a movie
Display panel
: Indicates that a memory
card is not inserted
: Indicates the Wi-Fi
: Single Connection (default)
: Multi Connection
: Wi-Fi OFF
Lens release button
battery pack
NP-FW50 (1)
Power zoom lens (1)
(including lens front cap/
pre-attached to the camera)
(ILCE-QX1L only)
ˎˎ Body cap (1) (ILCE-QX1 only)
ˎˎ Micro USB cable (1)
ˎˎ Wrist strap (1)
ˎˎ Smartphone attachment (1)
ˎˎ Quick Start Guide (this manual) (1)
ˎˎ Reference Guide (1)
ˎˎ E16-50mm
Installing PlayMemories Mobile™
Install PlayMemories Mobile to
the smartphone before using the
camera. If PlayMemories Mobile is
already installed, update it to the
latest version.
Search for PlayMemories Mobile
from Google Play and install it.
For details on PlayMemories Mobile,
refer to the support website
The camera is designed to be
connected to a smartphone via
Wi-Fi. You can transfer images to
a smartphone on the spot just
after shooting.
Hook for the
wrist strap
Stick Micro
About the camera
Using the wrist strap (supplied)
Insert a microSD memory card (sold separately) or Memory Stick Micro™
(M2) media (sold separately) before shooting.
ˎˎ Memory
Search for PlayMemories Mobile
from App Store and install it.
 (flash pop-up) button
Shutter button
Image sensor*
Lens contacts*
RESET button
* Do not touch this part directly.
Charging the battery
Charge the battery before using
the camera. To charge, use the
micro USB cable (supplied) to
connect the camera to a
Battery Cover
To open the battery cover:
Move the lever to the  direction
and hold it there. Pull the battery
cover to the  direction, then open
it to the  direction.
ˎˎ Turn off the power when the
battery is being charged.
ˎˎ If you do not have a computer, use
the AC adaptor AC-UD10 (sold
Multi terminal
Connecting the camera and a smartphone via Wi-Fi
Continued 
The connection method varies
depending on the type of
smartphone. Confirm your
smartphone type and connect via
Android (incompatible with NFC)
Power button
Turn on the power of the camera.
Start PlayMemories Mobile on the
Select the SSID as printed on the
label on the back side of the
camera’s battery cover.
Input the password, as printed on the same label (first time only).
Connecting the camera and a smartphone via Wi-Fi (continued)
Android (NFC-compatible)
Touch the N Mark of the
smartphone against the
(N mark) of the camera.
Powered on: Continue to touch
(1-2 seconds) without moving
until PlayMemories Mobile starts
Powered off: Keep the camera
and smartphone touched until
the camera is turned on.
Shooting images (continued)
Screen of PlayMemories Mobile
Switching shooting modes
Shutter/movie button
Switching between still image/
Turn on the power of the camera.
On the smartphone, select
[Settings], then select [Wi-Fi].
Select the SSID as printed on the
label on the back side of the
camera’s battery cover.
Input the password, as printed on
the same label (first time only).
Confirm the connection to the
SSID of the camera.
Go back to the Home screen,
then start PlayMemories Mobile.
Power button
End PlayMemories Mobile to
return to the Home screen.
Turn off the power of the camera.
ˎˎ If you turn off the power of the
camera before ending
PlayMemories Mobile, an error
message will be displayed. This is
not a malfunction.
The display screen for the
application is subject to change
without notice by future upgrades.
Refer to the Help Guide
The Help Guide is an online
manual. Refer to the Help Guide
when you would like to know
further details, settings and
operations of PlayMemories
Mobile, and precautions.
Attaching the camera to a smartphone
Attach the camera to a smartphone after fixing the smartphone
attachment (supplied) to the camera.
Fix the camera to the attachment.
Put the camera into the slot of the attachment,
align the white marks, then rotate the
attachment until it clicks.
Open the clamps of the attachment.
Extend the clamps of the attachment and
attach it to a smartphone while holding the
camera tightly (camera body and lens).
ˎˎ Do not swing the camera around with a
smartphone attached to it, as the smartphone
may slip out of the attachment.
ˎˎ Make sure no buttons are caught when the
smartphone is attached.
Slide the removal lever
to the lens side and
rotate the attachment.
Sony mark (top)
Removing the
Removal lever
Shooting images
Start PlayMemories Mobile on the
Shoot images with the shutter
button of the camera or
PlayMemories Mobile.
[2M] images are transmitted
automatically to the smartphone,
and a review screen is displayed.
[20M] images are saved into the
memory card of the camera (default
White mark
Why doesn’t the camera charge?
ˎˎ Turn the power off.
Why is the power lamp flashing
ˎˎ Memory card is not inserted
correctly. Insert it in the correct
direction (see the section 3
“Inserting a memory card”).
How can I correct the date/time?
ˎˎ When Wi-Fi connection between
the camera and the smartphone is
made, the date/time on the
camera is automatically set to that
of the smartphone.
How can I return to the default
ˎˎ Turn on the power of the camera,
then press the RESET button.
How do I change the settings such
as image size?
ˎˎ You can make changes on the
settings screen of PlayMemories
How can I see the number of
images or Wi-Fi settings?
ˎˎ Refer to the “Reference Guide”
(supplied) or the “Help Guide
Why has the power of the camera
turned on unexpectedly?
ˎˎ If an NFC-enabled smartphone is
close to the camera, the power
may turn on accidentally. This is
not a malfunction.
Why are movies not transferred to
my smartphone after shooting?
ˎˎ Movies are recorded on a memory
card, but are not transferred
Why is the password required
ˎˎ Depending on the model of your
smartphone, the password may be
required again even if you have set
the password. In this case, perform
the connecting operation again
(see the section 5 “Connecting the
camera and a smartphone via
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