Sony MSW-2000P User's manual

Sony MSW-2000P User's manual
MSW-2000P Series
Studio Editing Recorders
the present,
protecting the past.
The New MSW-2000P Series Studio Recorders.
this is not a rehearsal.
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Exploit the full business
MPEG env
MSW-2000P Series
In the digitally based broadcast industry of today and tomorrow,
MPEG-2 brings a number of pivotal benefits to your organisation.
only the fittest enterprises will grow and prosper. In short, those that
These range from its versatility - optimising quality and cost for each
deliver the quality, flexibility, choice and value - that an ever more
programme application; interoperability - bringing you an extensive
demanding audience requires.
choice of equipment from multiple suppliers and the reassurance of
a future-proof investment.
Whatever your medium, from satellite or terrestrial to cable; and
whether you operate locally, nationally or internationally, networked
Today as broadcasters begin to reap the full advantages of
systems based upon open MPEG-2 compression, can deliver what’s
MPEG-2 technology, they are demanding the resources to produce
required at every step of the programme production chain.
programmes of the very highest quality using recording systems that
are also based upon open compression and interfacing standards.
Hence the rapid increase in the popularity of MPEG-2 based
systems. The advantages of this technology are felt at every stage
In anticipation of this requirement, Sony has introduced a new
of the process. Not only is MPEG-2 the worldwide standard for
family of MPEG IMX™ Studio Editing Recorders based upon
digital programme delivery via DTV, DVB and DVD, it is also widely
MPEG-2 4:2:[email protected] data compression at 50Mb/s intra-frame -
used for the contribution and distribution of material between studio
the MSW-2000P Series.
Developed from Sony’s unique experience of, and world
In addition, MPEG-2 4:2:[email protected] is also a firm favourite for
renowned reputation for, 1/2“ recorders : Betacam, Betacam SP,
programme production. Thus the number of linear and non-linear
Digital Betacam and Betacam SX, the MSW-2000P Series ensures
options based upon this system continues to increase dramatically.
compatibility with all Betacam-based tape libraries and facilities.
So not only is this exciting new range the ideal tool for migrating to
an open MPEG-2 environment - quickly, simply and cost effectively;
it is perfect for protecting your investment in current 1/2” resources.
benefits of an end-to-end
vironment with
Studio Editing Recorders.
Enter the Open World of MPEG-2 with MPEG IMX™ Recorders
MSW-2000P Series MPEG IMX™ Studio Recorders are more than just ideal tools on wh
to base your open MPEG-2 infrastructure. They also play a vital role in migrating your
existing operations to MPEG-2.
Betacam SX Digital Portable Editors
Betacam SX Camcorders
Betacam SX Digital Portable Recorder
Digital Betacam Camcorders
Digital Betacam Portable VTR
Betacam SP Camcorders
DVCAM Camcorders
MPEG 50Mb/s o
• Betacam SX Playba
• Betacam SP Playba
• Betacam Playback
DSR-2000P + Op
MPEG 50Mb/s o
• DVCAM Playback
• DV Playback
• DV LP Playback
• DVCPRO Playback
MPEG 50 Mb/s over SDTI-CP I/O
• MPEG IMX Recording and Playback
• Betacam SX Playback
• Betacam SP Playback
• Betacam Playback
MPEG 50 Mb/s over SDTI-CP I/O
• MPEG IMX Recording and Playback
• Digital Betacam Playback
• Betacam SX Playback
• Betacam SP Playback
• Betacam Playback
MPEG 50 Mb/s over SDTI-CP I/O
• MPEG IMX Recording and Playback
• Betacam SX Playback
A65P/65P Series + BKNW-124 SDTI-CP Output Board
ver SDTI-CP output for following:
ack (A75P/A65P)
tional DSBK-210 SDTI-CP Output Board
ver SDTI-CP output for following:
Multi Access Video Disk R
Multi Access Video and Audio
Other manufacturers se
with SDTI-CP I/O
Other manufacturers NLE or
servers with SDTI-CP I/O
Nonlinear Editor
Transmission Server
o Server
MSW-2000P Series
MPEG IMX Studio Editing Recorders
BDX Interface Unit
MPEG Transcoder
Network Interface Unit
Main features of the MSW-2000P Series
MPEG IMXTM Recorders
Elegant front panel design
MSW-2000P Series recorders offer two major innovations in
MPEG-2 50Mb/s, I-frame compression
The MSW-2000P Series employs 8-bit 4:2:2 component
video sampling and MPEG-2 4:2:[email protected] data compression
at 50Mb/s, I-frame. This provides very high picture quality
and excellent multi-generation performance.
MPEG-2 bit stream over SDTI-CP
MSW-2000P Series recorders can input and output an
MPEG-2 Elementary Stream via SDTI-CP (SMPTE 326M),
enabling the transfer of data to other MPEG devices, such
as non-linear editors and servers.
Compact design
The Series features a compact 4U-size design 174 x 427 x 550 (H x W x D) - and weighs only 22kg.
front-panel design, while retaining the familiar operational
controls of recorders such as Betacam SP, Betacam SX and
Digital Betacam. A clear multi-function display provides
comprehensive information, allowing quick access and easy
control of a variety of functions. Additionally, dedicated
controls are included for each of the eight, independently
editable audio channels.
High-quality digital audio
MSW-2000P Series recorders provide eight, independently
editable, 16-bit 48kHz channels as standard. They can also
be switched to provide four channels of 24-bit 48kHz
digital audio.
Long recording and playback times
MSW-2000P Series recorders provide long recording and
playback times.
• 220 (625)/184 (525) minutes - L cassette
• 71 (625)/60 (525) minutes - S cassette
525/60, 625/50 switchable operation
MSW-2000P Series recorders offer 625/525 switchable
operation for all playback-compatible 1/2-inch formats.
*For playback of 525 line Betacam SP tape in 625 machines and vice
versa, the analogue composite outputs are for monitoring purposes only.
• Analogue composite I/O
Versatile interfaces
MPEG IMX™ Format
• Analogue component I/O
• Analogue audio (4 ch)
• AES/EBU audio (16 bit - 8 ch/24 bit - 4 ch)
• Audio monitor (2 ch)
All equipped as standard.
Tape width
12.65 mm (1/2-inch)
Tape material
Metal Particle tape
Recording/Playback time
Max. 184 (525)/220 (625) with L cassette
Tape speed
64.467 (525)/53.776 (625) mm/s
Track pitch
21.7 µm
Tracks per frame
8 tracks/frame
Longitudinal tracks
Time code/Control
Playback compatibility
Betacam, Betacam SP, Betacam SX, Digital BETACAM
Betacam, Betacam SP, Betacam SX
Betacam SX
Easy maintenance
MPEG-2 4:2:[email protected], Intra frame coding
(ISO/IEC 13818-2000)
Video bit rate
50 Mb/s
Active lines per frame
512 (525)/608 (625)
Sampling frequency
Y: 13.5 MHz, R-Y/B-Y: 6.75 MHz
8 bits/sample
easy maintenance. The drum assembly and tape
Error correction
transport have been designed to provide low-cost
Most of the electronic circuitry of the MSW-2000P
Series is arranged on plug-in boards for quick and
maintenance and ensure rugged and reliable
operation. An upper drum mechanism has been
used to significantly reduce the time required for
periodic scanner replacement.
Sampling frequency
48 kHz
16 or 24 bits/sample (selectable)
8 or 4
Data recording capability
Error correction
Operational features of
MSW-2000P Series
insert/assemble editing
Video and any of the 8 channels of digital audio can be
edited independently. Editing is to +/-0 frame accuracy.
Dynamic motion control
For programmable slow-motion playback from the
recorder control panel, or from external edit controllers.
Shot marks
Pre-read editing
Pre-read editing is a standard feature of all MSW-2000P
Series recorders. This significantly speeds up the
editing process and simplifies operations such as titling,
video layering and audio sweetening.
Tapes containing Shot Marks can be scanned by the
MSW-2000P Series. The position of each Shot Mark
can be automatically detected and - after scanning can be displayed on a monitor. This allows fast and
easy cueing to any mark.
Wide variable speed range
• MPEG IMX™ cassette:
-1 to +3 times
• Digital Betacam cassette:
-1 to +3 times
• Betacam SX cassette:
-1 to +2 times
•Betacam, Betacam SP cassette:
-1 to +3 times
With noiseless image and Digital Jog Sound.
High speed picture search
Multi-segment record capability for
use in Flexicart and LMS systems
For easy and low cost integration into existing “on-air” facilities
Optional accessories
With all the interfaces provided as standard, the
number of accessories to the MSW-2000P Series has
been kept to a minimum. Options are shown below:
Shuttle search speed
• MPEG IMX™ cassette:
+/-78 times normal play speed
• Digital Betacam cassette:
+/-50 times normal play speed
• Betacam SX cassette:
• Remote control panel
• RCC-5G Remote cable
• RMM-130 Rack mount kit
• Maintenance manual
• MPEG IMXTM Video cassettes*
+/-78 times normal play speed
BCT-6MX (7) / 12MX (14) / 22MX (26) / 32MX (38) / 60MX (71) (small)
• Betacam, Betacam SP cassette:
BCT-64MXL (76) / 94MXL (112) / 124MXL (148) / 184MXL (220) (large)
+/-42 times normal play speed
* 625 record duration shown in brackets
Power requirements
Power consumption
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Tape speed
Digital playback time
Fast forward/rewind time
Search speed range
Betacam SX
Betacam/Betacam SP
Betacam SX
Betacam/Betacam SP
Servo lock time
Load/unload time
AC 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz
2A (200 W) / AC 240 V
+5 ° to +40°C (+41° to +104°F)
-20° to +60°C (-4° to +140°F)
20 % to 90 % (relative humidity)
22.0 kg (48 lb 7 oz)
427 x 194 x 544 mm (16 ⁄ 8 x 7 ⁄4 x 21 ⁄ 2 inches)
64.467 (525)/53.776 (625) mm/s
59.515 (525)/59.575 (625) mm/s
118.6 (525)/101.51 (625) mm/s
Max. 184 (525)/220 (625) min with BCT-184MXL cassette
Approx. 3 min with BCT-184MXL cassette
±78 times normal playback speed
±78 times normal playback speed
±35 (525)/±42 (625) times normal playback speed (Betacam/Betacam SP)
0.5 (NTSC)/0.7 (PAL) s or less (from standby on)
4.5 (S-cassette)/5.5 (L-cassette) s or less
Inputs/Outputs signal
Analog composite input
Analog composite output
Analog component input
Analog component output
SDI input
SDI output
SDTI-CP input
SDTI-CP output
Analog audio input
Analog audio output
Digital audio input (CH 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8), AES/EBU
Digital audio output (CH 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8), AES/EBU
Remote control Remote
RS-232C (ISR*)
Parallel remote
Video control (1)
Control panel
Reference input
Time code input
Time code output
Memory card insertion slot
Monitor output L/R
BNC ( x 2), 1.0 Vp-p, 75 Ω, sync negative
BNC ( x 3, including one character out), 1.0 Vp-p, 75 Ω, sync negative
BNC ( x 3, for 1 set, Y/R-Y/B-Y),Y: 1.0 Vp-p, 75 Ω, sync negative, R-Y/B-Y: 0.7 Vp-p, 75 Ω
BNC ( x 3, for 1 set, Y/R-Y/B-Y),Y: 1.0 Vp-p, 75 Ω, sync negative, R-Y/B-Y: 0.7 Vp-p, 75 Ω
BNC ( x 2, including one active through out), SMPTE 259M (ITU-R BT.656-3), 270 Mbit/s
BNC ( x 3, including one character out), SMPTE 259M (ITU-R BT.656-3), 270 Mbit/s
BNC ( x 1), SMPTE 305M (SDTI), 326M (SDTI-CP)
BNC ( x 2), SMPTE 305M (SDTI), 326M (SDTI-CP)
XLR ( x 4) (4CH :channel selectable)
XLR ( x 4) (4CH :channel selectable)
BNC ( x 4), default 48 kHz ( 32 to 48 kHz with Sample rate converter)
BNC ( x 4), 48 kHz fixed
D-sub 9-pin ( x 2), Sony 9-pin remote interface
D-sub 9-pin ( x 1), RS-232C interface
D-sub 50-pin ( x 1), female
D-sub 15-pin ( x 1), female
Circular connector 10-pin, female
BNC ( x 2) ( VBS or VS) (including one through out)
XLR ( x 1), female
XLR ( x 1), male
PCMCIA ( x1)
XLR ( x 2) (channel selectable)
Processor adjustment range
Video level
Chroma level
Black level
Chroma phase
System sync phase
System SC phase
Y/C delay
Composite input level
±3 dB/ - ∞ to +3 dB selectable
±3 dB/ - ∞ to +3 dB selectable
±30 IRE/±210 mV
±15 µs
±200 ns
±100 ns ( Betacam/Betacam SP playback only)
±3 dB
Digital video performance
Sampling frequency
Error correction
Digital input to analog component output
Analog component input to analog component output
Analog composite input to analog composite output
Y: 13.5 MHz R-Y/B-Y: 6.75 MHz
8 bits/sample
Reed-Solomon code
K-factor ( 2T pulse): 1 % or less
A/D and D/A quantization: 10 bits/sample
Bandwidth: Y: 0 to 5.75 MHz +0.5/-2.0 dB, R-Y/B-Y: 0 to 2.75 MHz +0.5/-2.0 dB
S/N ratio: 56 dB or more
K-factor ( 2T pulse): 1 % or less
LF non-linearity: 3.0 % or less
A/D and D/A quantization: 10 bits/sample
Bandwidth: 0 to 5.75 MHz +0.5/-2.0 dB
S/N ratio: 53 dB or more
Differential gain: 2 % or less
Differential phase: 2°or less
Y/C delay: 20 ns or less
K-factor (2T pulse): 1 % or less
Digital audio performance
Sampling frequency
Analog input to output A/D and D/A quantization
Frequency response (0 dB at 1 kHz)
Dynamic range (at 1 kHz, emphasis ON)
Distortion (at 1 kHz, emphasis ON, reference level)
Cross talk (at 1 kHz, between any two channels)
Wow & flutter
Head room
Emphasis (ON/OFF selectable in REC mode)
48 kHz (synchronised with video)
16 or 24 bits/sample (selectable)
20 bits/sample
20 Hz to 20 kHz +0.5 dB/-1.0 dB
More than 90 dB
Less than 0.05%
Less than -80 dB
Below measurable level
20 dB (18 dB selectable)
T1=50 µs, T2=15 µs
Supplied accessories
Remote cable (RCC-5G)
PSW 4 x 16 Rack mount screws
Operation manual
Installation manual
*ISR: Interactive Status Reporting
Sony Broadcast & Professional Europe
Studio Editing Recorders
Sony is a registered trademark of the Sony Corporation, Japan.
DVCPRO is a registered trademark of Panasonic.
Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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