Sony PL-CX125 User's manual

Sony PL-CX125 User's manual
VPL-CX125 | VPL-CX155
XGA Projectors with network capability
3000 to 3500 ANSI lumen
(with 2200 to 2500 ANSI lumen modes)
The VPL-CX125 and VPL-CX155 are high brightness
projectors with the extra benefit of network capability.
The projectors are characterised by a large diameter lens
which incorporates Advance Crisp Focus (ACF) technology.
They are ideal for both education and corporate use, and
are suitable for ceiling, rear installation or portable use.
Network capability lets you easily host remote
conferences, transfer data and share information
without even being present. With the included Sony
AirShot Version 2 software, you can send content from
your PC or laptop to the projectors via your network.
This protects sensitive information, since it remains on
your PC, not on the projectors.
Optional Ziris Manage Lite software is also available
to remotely manage and monitor the VPL-CX125 and
VPL-CX155, providing vital information including whether the
projector is switched on, which video input is chosen and
how many lamp hours remain.
Both projectors also feature Side Shot™, so you can even
project in awkward rooms, with automatic correction to
ensure minimal distortion.
Key Features
Using three 0.79” HTPS LCD panels, these new XGA models
can produce between 3000 to 3500 ANSI Lumens of brightness
for clear, bright and crisp images every time and in any
Direct On/Off
Ceiling mounted projectors are often accidentally left on after
meetings, reducing the lamp life and wasting electricity. The
VPL-CX125 and VPL-CX155 can be set to skip the standby mode,
so they can be turned on and off directly by a main switch.
Network Capability
RJ45 network capability lets you send content from your
PC through your corporate network to the VPL-CX125 and
Password Protection
When this function is activated a password is required to use
the projector (if the password is lost, Sony is able to retrieve it).
Side Shot™
Digital Horizontal Shift for ceiling mounted applications where
off-axes to the screen are not possible for the projector due to
building obstruction.
2x RGB (component x1) for flexible connections, Input A
for RGB or component and input B for RGB. RS232C port
for management and control, component video,
S-Video/composite video, audio 2x stereo mini jack.
Please note each input/output feature has its own dedicated
audio (stereo mini jack feature).
Monitor Out
The VPL-CX125 and VPL-CX155 projectors can display the
image simultaneously on a large screen and on an additional
monitor (via a 15-pin D Sub connection), so you can face the
audience and still see the information being shown.
Low Fan Noise
Quiet operation is vital for a compelling presentation. At only
28dB in standard mode, the operating noise of the VPL-CX125
or VPL-CX155 is quieter than a whisper.
Off and Go
No cool down time needed, just switch off and pack away!
The fan continues to cool after the power supply is removed,
so you can unplug the projector immediately after use without
damaging the lamp or optics.
Control Panel Lock
This switchable function locks the controls on the top and side
of the projector, to prevent unauthorised or unintentional use
of the controls.
Security Bar
The security bar is a visible security feature that deters or
prevents petty theft, by making it harder for a thief to remove
the projector from its mount or secure location.
RM-PJ18 Remote Commander
Full featured Remote Commander with ID Function that
allows up to three projectors to be individually managed
by one commander.
Easy Maintenance
The new VPL-CX125 & VPL-CX155 are designed with easy
maintenance in mind. Both the lamp and filters are easily
accessed for replacement and cleaning even when the
projector is still in its mounted installation bracket.
Environmentally aware design
Sony is committed to designing products with minimal
environmental impact. We strictly control the use of chemicals
and developing energy-saving technologies is a crucial part
of our product innovation. The cabinet and the printed wiring
boards of the C-Series projectors do not contain halogenated
flame-retardants, so even if they are burnt, no carcinogenic
dioxin is generated.
All Sony Business Projectors come supplied with a 3-year support pack that offers unique extra services and benefits:
• 3-year coverage
• Free telephone helpdesk
• Choice of either a next day replacement unit, or repair of customers own unit
• Collection and delivery anywhere in EU, Norway and Switzerland
Projection System
LCD Panel
Projection Lens
Throw ratio
Throwing Distance*1
80” Screen
100” Screen
Lamp life *2
Screen coverage
Light Output
Contrast (all white & black)
Colour System
Acceptable Signal
Video Input
Optional Accessories
Input A
Input B
Input C
Monitor Out
Audio Out (Variable)
Ceiling Mount Bracket
Ziris Manage Lite Software
Dimension (WxHxD)
Power Requirements
Power Consumption
Heat Dissipation
Keystone correction range
Fan noise
Operating Temperature
Operating Humidity
Storage Temperature
Storage Humidity
Safety regulations
The Magic of Sony
3LCD Technology
Brighter Picture
Higher Detail
Natural Colour
Battery - remote commander
Weight of single battery (g)
Number of batteries per package
Supplied Accessories
Halogented flame retardants are not used in cabinets.
Halogented flame retardants are not used in printed wiring boards.
*1 The throwing distance is “design value” and the
tolerance is not included
© 2007 Sony Corporation. All rights reserved.
Reproduction in whole or in part without written
permission is prohibited. Features and specifications are
subject to change without notice. All non-metric weights and
measures are approximate. Sony is a registered
trademark of Sony Corporation.
3 LCD panels, 1 lens projection system
0.79-inch XGA LCD panel, 786,432 (1024 x 768) x 3
1.2 times, F 1.75 to 2.18, f 23.5 to 28.2 mm
2.4 - 2.8m
3.0 - 3.5m
200 W Ultra high pressure lamp
2000 H (Lamp mode : High) / 3000 H (Lamp mode : Standard)
40'' to 300'' inches (measured diagonally)
3000 lm
3500 lm
2200 lm
2500 lm
750TV lines
1024x768 pixels
fH : 19-92KHz, fV : 48-92Hz (Up to SXGA+ (60Hz))
15kHz RGB/Component 50/60Hz, Progressive Component
50/60Hz, DTV (480/60I, 575/50I, 480/60P, 575/50P, 720/60P, 720/
50P, 1080/60I, 1080/50I), Composite Video, Y/C Video
S VIDEO : Y/C Mini DIN 4pin
Composite : phono
Audio : Stereo mini jack
Analogue RGB / Component (HD D-sub 15 pin)
Audio : Stereo mini jack
Analogue RGB (HD D-sub 15 pin)
Audio : Stereo mini jack
Network: RJ45
Analogue RGB (HD D-sub 15 pin)
Stereo mini jack
RS232C: D-sub 9 pin
372 x 90 x 298 mm (without the projection parts)
Approx. 4.1 kg / 9lb 1oz
AC 100 to 240V, 2.9 - 1.2A, 50/60Hz
(AC 100V, 2.9A, 50/60Hz (Japan only))
7W / 0.5W
973 BTU
Max. +/-25 degrees vertically
Max. +/- 15 degrees horizontally
28dB(Stand) 38dB(High)
Mono 1W (max.) x 1
0 to 35 C degrees (32 to 95 F degrees)
35 to 85% (no condensation)
-20 to 60 C degrees (-4 to 140 F degrees)
10 to 90 %
UL60950-1, CSA C22.2 No.60950-1, FCC Class B, IC Class B,
CE (LVD: EN60950-1(DEMKO), EMC: EN55022 Class B + EN55024,
EN61000-3-2 + EN61000-3-3), EN55022 Class B (Aus EMC),CCC
( GB 4943 (IEC60950) + GB 9254(CISPR22)) (//C model only)
Battery Manganese
Size AA (R6)
Remote Commander : RM-PJ18, AA size battery (2)
HD D-sub 15-pin cable (2m) (1)
Lens Cap (1)
AC power cord (1)
Security Label
CD-ROM (Operating Instructions, Application Software) (1)
Quick Reference Manual
Safety Regulations
*2 The number is approximate. This value varies depending
on the environment or how the projector is used.
Specifications subject to change without notice
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