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High-density polyethylene insulator for tight impedance control to reduce video ghosting.
Premium gold connectors for maximum connectivity.
Advanced, patented technologies ensure digital data is transferred with optimal bandwidth, speed
and accuracy.
Durable outer nylon braid.
Resistant to temperature extremes.
6.6 feet cable
Compatible with PS3
and all HDMI devices.
PlayStation®3 is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Int.
This product is not sponsored, endorsed or approved by Sony.
HDMITM is a trademark or registered trademark of HDMI Licensing LLC.
HDMI Device, PS3
Do not disassemble. Refer to qualified personnel only.
Never push objects of any kind, other than authorized items, into the product as they may touch dangerous
voltage points or short out parts that could result in fire or electrical shock.
Avoid leaving cords in places where they are likely to be walked on or tripped over. Do not pinch, damage,
or wrap cords around objects or people.
Do not allow children to play with cords.
Failure to follow these directions may violate the warranty.
Transmits digital audio and video signals between devices with HDMI jacks, including high-definition A/V
Braided high-density copper, foil and ferrite shielding.
High-bandwidth design improves picture quality.
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