Sony READER PRS-500 User's manual

Sony READER PRS-500 User's manual
What You Can Do with Sony Reader
Thank you for purchasing this Sony Portable Reader System PRS-500.
Read through this Quick Start Guide to prepare Sony Reader for use.
Once initial preparation is complete, you can transfer contents from
your computer to Sony Reader to take anywhere you wish.
Getting Started
Read this manual for initial preparation.
• Charge Sony Reader.
• Install CONNECT Reader to your computer.
Getting Started
Checking the package contents
Sony Reader comes installed with a built-in rechargeable battery.
• Sony Reader (with Soft cover) (1)
• AC power cord (1)
• AC power adapter (1)
• USB cable (1)
• CD-ROM* (1)
- CONNECT Reader software
- Operation Guide (PDF)
- Sample contents
It is recommended that you perform customer registration by
registering your contact information, which enables Sony to send
you information of technical support, software updates, etc.
ID* will be provided after registration.
* ID is your “master key” to log into various Sony group web sites
using a single ID and password.
* Do not attempt to play this CD-ROM in an audio CD player.
Download BBeB Books from the CONNECT Store on
your computer.
System requirements
The following systems are required to use CONNECT Reader.
First, charge the Sony Reader battery by connecting the supplied
AC power adapter and AC power cord, as battery power may not
be sufficient immediately after purchase.
The Charge indicator lights up in red while charging, and goes
off when charging is complete.
Contents (book/audio/
picture files, etc.)*2
Portable Reader System
© 2006 Sony Corporation Printed in Japan
About the serial number
The serial number provided for this unit is required for customer registration. The
number is on a label on the back of the unit. Do not remove the label.
Owner’s Record
The model and serial numbers are located on the back of the unit. Record them in the
space provided below. Refer to these numbers in the spaces whenever you call upon
your Sony dealer regarding this product.
Model No. ___________________________
Serial No. ___________________________
All other system names and product names appearing in this document are generally
the registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective manufacturers. Further,
the trademark ™ and registered trademark ® symbols are not indicated throughout
this document.
Program ©2006 Sony Corporation
Documentation ©2006 Sony Corporation
AC power adapter
• Do not use an AC power adapter other than the supplied one.
• Connect the AC power adapter to an easily accessible AC outlet.
Should you notice an abnormality in the AC power adapter,
disconnect it from the AC outlet.
The contents of each book pre-installed on this product are copyrighted works, edited
with the cooperation of the publisher and editor hereto mentioned.
Copyright laws prohibit copying the data of this product or the contents of this manual
(illustrations, related documents, etc.) in whole or in part without the permission of the
copyright holder. Additionally, use of the data of this product or the contents of this
manual is not allowed without Sony’s permission except for personal use.
• SONY and the SONY logo are trademarks of Sony Corporation.
• BBeB, BBeB Book, and their logos are trademarks of Sony Corporation.
is trademark of Sony Corporation.
• CONNECT Reader and the CONNECT Reader logo are trademarks or registered
trademarks of Sony Corporation.
• “Memory Stick,” “Memory Stick Duo,” “Memory Stick PRO,” “MagicGate Memory
Stick,” and their logos are trademarks of Sony Corporation.
• Bitstream is a registered trademark, and Dutch, Font Fusion, and Swiss are
trademarks, of Bitstream Inc.
• Microsoft, Windows, Windows NT, and Windows Media are trademarks or registered
trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
• Adobe, Adobe Reader and Adobe PDF are trademarks or registered trademarks of
Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.
• MPEG Layer-3 audio coding technology and patents licensed from Fraunhofer IIS
and Thomson.
To AC outlet
Transfer contents from your computer to Sony Reader
using CONNECT Reader.
On Copyrights
• Sony Reader can also be charged via USB connection to your
Enjoy the contents on Sony Reader.
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition,
Windows XP Professional,
Windows XP Media Center Edition,
Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004,
Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
800MHz Celeron class processor or better
128 MB or more
Free space on hard
20 MB or more
Depending on the amount of contents,
more space may be required.
High Color or more, 1024 × 768 dots or
more (True Color, 1280 × 1024 dots, or
more recommended)
To DC IN jack
*1 Online e-Book store
*2 Contents that you already have can also be transferred.
For details on type of contents compatible with Sony
Reader, refer to the Operation Guide (PDF).
Click “Access to customer registration web site (http://” to perform
customer registration.
• Quick Start Guide (this manual) (1)
Quick Start Guide
Customer registration
Installing CONNECT Reader
Turn on the computer and start Windows.
Insert the supplied CD-ROM into your computer’s drive.
Install Wizard screen appears.
Follow the on-screen instructions to install.
If the installation is not successful, refer to “When installation is
not successful - Q&A.”
To start CONNECT Reader
CD-ROM drive, USB port, pointing device
such as mouse or track pad
• Internet connection (broadband recommended) is also required on
your computer.
• This software is not supported by the following environments:
- An operating system other than those included above
- Personally built computer or operating system
- Upgraded manufacturer-installed operating system
- Multi-boot environment
- Multi-monitor environment
- Macintosh
When installation is not successful - Q&A
Q1 Does your computer meet system requirements?
A1 Check that your computer meets the system requirements listed above.
Q2 Were you logged on as an “Administrator,” and did you close all
running software programs before beginning the installation?
Log on as an administrator and connect to the Internet with
your computer.
Other devices
Click the Start menu, then select “All programs” –
“CONNECT Reader” – “CONNECT Reader.”
A2 Log on as “Administrator.”
Close all running software programs, including background programs
such as virus-protection software.
Q3 The set-up program does not start automatically.
A3 If the set-up program does not start automatically when you insert the
CD-ROM, click “Start” on the Windows taskbar, click “My Computer,” and
then double-click the optical disc drive icon to start the program.
Q4 Is the progress bar in the installation window moving, and the
access lamp of the CD drive flashing?
A4 When the bar is moving and the lamp is flashing, the installation is still in
progress. Please wait for the installation to finish.
If the solutions listed here do not resolve the issue, refer to “Support”
on the reverse side of the sheet.
• For the latest information on CONNECT Reader and to download any
software updates, visit the web site:
Continued overleaf 
Read to learn about advanced features
How to Use
Importing BBeB books from the
You can download BBeB Books from the online e-Book store
“CONNECT Store” to your computer.
• The following explains how to import/transfer/read BBeB Books. For
details on contents other than BBeB Books also supported by Sony
Reader, refer to the Operation Guide (PDF).
Reading BBeB Books on Sony
Click “Library” in the Source view, then click
 Browsing the Operation Guide on your computer
(List view).
The View area is switched to the List view and all the
contents in Library are listed.
List view
Turn on Sony Reader, then connect it to your computer
using the USB cable.
Slide POWER switch.
Operation Guide (PDF)
Contains instructions for advanced features of Sony Reader and
troubleshooting information.
Check that CONNECT Reader is running and that Sony
Reader is connected to your computer using the USB
“Sony Reader” appears in the Source view of CONNECT
• To download BBeB Books, you need to prepare an Internetaccessible environment on your computer.
Transferring BBeB Books from
your computer to Sony Reader
Included with Sony Reader are this Quick Start Guide and the PDFformat Operation Guide. Additionally, after installing the supplied
CONNECT Reader, you can refer to the Help within CONNECT Reader.
In the Home menu, press ENT up
() or down () to select “Books,”
then press down on ENT.
The Book list appears.
• To view the Operation Guide,
you should have installed
either Adobe Reader 5.0 or
later. Adobe Reader can be
downloaded for free from the
The PDF file of the Operation Guide
is stored on the supplied CD-ROM.
Click the Start menu in the bottom
left of the Desktop, then select “All
programs” – “CONNECT Reader” –
“PRS-500 Operation Guide” to start
Adobe Acrobat Reader and open
the Operation Guide.
For details on how to use the Adobe
Acrobat Reader, refer to the Adobe
Acrobat Reader Help.
 Browsing the Operation Guide using Sony Reader
To USB Connector
USB cable
• When you first connect Sony Reader to your computer, the date
and time setting of Sony Reader is automatically synchronized
to your computer clock.
Click the Start menu, then select “All programs” –
“CONNECT Reader” – “CONNECT Reader” to start
Click “CONNECT Store” in the Source view of CONNECT
The CONNECT Store page appears.
• When you click “Books,” “Audio” or “Pictures” in the Source
view, their respective contents can be displayed.
• When you click
(Thumbnail view), contents can be
displayed as thumbnails.
Select the content you want to transfer from the list.
To select multiple contents, click the contents while holding
down the Ctrl key.
• You can easily select a desired item
by pressing the same number button
as indicated on the number tab.
Drag the content from the list to “Sony Reader” in the
Source view.
Number tabs
Press ENT up () or down () to
select the desired book from the
list, then press down on ENT.
The Option menu appears.
The content is transferred to Sony Reader.
The PDF file of the Operation Guide
is transferred to Sony Reader.
From the Home menu, select
“Books” – “Operation Guide” from
the Book list.
• A  mark on this Guide indicates a
link. Press / to select the desired
link, then press ENT to jump to the
linked page.
• To zoom in a page, press SIZE.
CONNECT Reader Help
Sony Reader
Follow the instructions in the store to register Sony
Reader and CONNECT Reader.
Press ENT up () or down () to
select how to open the book, then
press down on ENT.
Contains instructions for CONNECT Reader operations.
Click “Help” − “CONNECT Reader
Registration is required only on the first visit to the CONNECT
• The above registration is necessary to purchase (download)
and read BBeB Books on CONNECT Reader or Sony Reader,
as copyright protection is employed on BBeB Books.
Follow the instructions in the store to purchase
Downloaded BBeB Books are automatically imported to
“Library” in the Source view of CONNECT Reader.
Source view
• BBeB Books can be read on CONNECT Reader using your
computer. For details on CONNECT Reader operations, refer to the
CONNECT Reader Help.
• Do not disconnect the USB cable from Sony Reader while data is
being transferred.
• Do not leave Sony Reader connected for extended periods to a
notebook computer that is not connected to AC power, because
Sony Reader may discharge the computer’s battery.
• If the computer enters a power saving mode, such as the system
suspend, sleep or hibernation while Sony Reader is connected to
the computer directly, the Sony Reader battery is not charged.
Instead, Sony Reader continues to draw power from the battery,
discharging it.
On transferring via a memory card
• To transfer BBeB Books to a memory card on Sony Reader, insert
the memory card in Sony Reader, then follow the above steps
(except drag and drop the content on “Memory Stick on Sony
Reader/SD Card on Sony Reader” in step 4). For details, refer to
“Transferring contents via a memory card” in the Operation Guide.
• With a memory card slot on your computer or a memory card
reader, you can also transfer contents directly to the memory card
and then insert it in Sony Reader.
If a memory card is inserted in your computer or a memory card
reader, the memory card icon appears in the Source view. Follow
the above steps (except drag and drop the content on “Memory
Stick on PC/SD Card on PC/Memory Card on PC” in step 4) to
transfer to a memory card.
Press > to proceed to the next
To return to the previous page,
press <.
If you encounter an issue, try the following.
• If you cannot install CONNECT Reader
Refer to “When installation is not successful – Q&A” in this
• For other issues
Refer to “Troubleshooting” in the Operation Guide.
If the issue persists
Press SIZE if you want to zoom in the page.
The page can be magnified in 3 steps.
To restore the original scale, press SIZE repeatedly.
Visit the support site (
If the issue still persists
To close the book
Press MENU.
Contact Sony Portable Reader System Support Center.
Phone number : 1-866-962-7669
For details, refer to “Other Information” in the Operation Guide.
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