Sony S2 User manual

Sony S2 User manual
PLL Synthesized Radio
Operating Instructions
“WALKMAN” is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation to represent Headphone Stereo
is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.
©2008 Sony Corporation
Printed in China
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This device complies with the Part 15 of the FCC Rules.
Operation is subject to the condition that this device does not cause harmful
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Declaration of Conformity
Sony Electronics Inc.
16530 Via Esprillo, San Diego, CA 92127 USA
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to
the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful
interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received,
including interference that may cause undesired operation.
If there is lightning when you are using the unit, take off the headphones
Cautions on Water-resistance
This unit is designed so that it can be used with slight exposure to rain, snow and
other forms of moisture, but there are several points on which caution should be
• Do not allow it to come in contact with large amounts of water.
• Do not immerse it in water.
• If water should get on it or if it should fall into water, take it out immediately
and wipe it off with a dry cloth. The interior of the battery compartment
has no water-resistance. The battery may corrode, so wipe out the
interior of the battery compartment as follows.
– Open or close the battery compartment with dry hands in a place without
exposure to any water.
– Wipe off the battery and the inside of the battery compartment. Give special
attention to the contacts so that no water remains on them.
All buttons do not operate at all.
• “-” is displayed. Slide down the HOLD lever so that “-” disappears.
Very weak or interrupted sound, or unsatisfactory reception
• Weak battery
• In a vehicle or in a building, move closer to a window.
There is hum or noise.
• If WB/FM SENS is set to LOCAL, set to DX.
Noise occurs.
• Ensure that the unit is not near a mobile phone or any other device that emits
radio waves.
Display is dim, or no indication is displayed.
• Weak battery.
• The unit is being used in extremely high or low temperatures or in a place with
excessive moisture.
The station cannot be received when the preset was tuned.
• You chose the wrong preset number.
• The memory of the station has been initialized. Preset the station again.
The power cannot be turned on, and “
• The battery has been completely exhausted.
” is flashing in the
The preset stations may be initialized, if a maintenance service is performed.
Please note down your settings in case you want to preset them again.
Time display
12-hour system
Frequency range
Channel step
1 - 7 ch
1 channel
• WEATHER/FM/AM 3 band PLL (phase locked loop) synthesized armband
• A total of 25 stations can be preset, 5 WEATHER stations, 15 FM stations and
5 AM stations.
• Stopwatch, split and pitch timer functions.
• Wearable round design for armband and belt-holder use.
• Water-resistant for all –weather use.
• MEGA BASS for dynamic bass sound.
87.5 – 108 MHz
0.1 MHz
530 – 1 710 kHz
10 kHz
Preventing hearing damage
Avoid using headphones at high volume.
Hearing experts advise against continuous, loud and extended play. If you
experience a ringing in your ears, reduce volume or discontinue use.
Caring for others
Keep the volume at a moderate level. This will allow you to hear outside sounds
and to be considerate to people around you.
Close the lid.
Battery Life (Approx. hours)
When using
Sony alkaline
size AAA (LR03)
Sony size AAA (R03)
When to replace the battery
You can check the remaining battery power that appears in the display. The
indicators are as follows:
Should any problem persist after you have made the following checks, consult
your nearest Sony dealer.
Road safety
Do not use headphones while driving, cycling, or operating any motorized
vehicle. It may create a traffic hazard and is illegal in many areas. It can also be
potentially dangerous to play your headphones at high volume while walking,
especially at pedestrian crossings. You should exercise extreme caution or
discontinue use in potentially hazardous situations.
When a battery is first installed, “AM 12:00” flashes in the display. Once the
current time is set, the flashing stops.
Notes on Headphones
battery (not supplied) with correct polarity.
* Measured by JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries
Association) standards. The actual battery life may vary depending on the
circumstance of the unit.
• Operate the unit only on 1.5 V DC with one size AAA (R03) battery.
• Avoid exposure to temperature extremes, direct sunlight, moisture, sand, dust
or mechanical shock. Never leave the unit in a car parked under the sun.
• Should anything fall into the unit, remove the battery and have the unit checked
by qualified personnel before operating it any further.
• To clean the casing, use a soft cloth dampened with a mild detergent solution.
• In vehicles or buildings, radio reception may be difficult or noisy. Try listening
near a window.
(See Fig. A– )
1 Open the battery compartment lid and install one size AAA (R03)
If you have any questions or problems concerning your unit, please
consult your nearest Sony dealer.
Installing the Battery
i (headphones) jack (ø 3.5 mm stereo mini jack) 16 Ω
Power output
5 mW + 5 mW (at 10 % harmonic distortion)
Power requirements
1.5 V DC, one size AAA (R03) battery
Approx. 95.5 × 69.3 × 37.5 mm (w/h/d)
(3 7/8 × 2 3/4 × 1 1/2 inches) incl. projecting parts and controls
Approx. 88.3 g (3.1 oz.) incl. battery
Supplied accessories
Stereo headphones (vertical in the ear type) (1), Arm band (1)
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Full strength*
When the battery becomes exhausted, the unit will turn off. Replace
with new battery. When you press POWER after installing the new
battery, the indicator changes to “
* Displayed only when the radio is turned on.
Do not take more than 30 seconds to replace the battery, otherwise, your clock,
pitch timer and countdown timer settings and preset stations will be initialized.
Should that happen, reset the functions again.
Notes on battery
• Do not charge the dry battery.
• Do not carry the dry battery together with coins or other metallic objects. It can
generate heat if the positive and negative terminals of the battery are
accidentally come into contact with metallic objects.
• When you are not going to use the unit for a long time, remove the battery to
avoid damage from battery leakage and corrosion.
To attach the battery compartment lid if it is
accidentally detached (See Fig. A– )
The battery compartment lid is designed to come off when opened with excessive
force. To put it back on, see the illustration.
Insert one side of the lid as illustrated.
Push the other side to attach.
Insert the E side of
the battery first.
Size AAA
(R03) × 1
i (headphones) jack
(See Fig. B– )
1 Slide the connector onto the unit until you hear a click.
2 Unwind and straighten the wraparound arm band.
You can use this unit as a radio, clock, stopwatch, pitch timer or countdown
The functions of clock, stopwatch, pitch timer, countdown timer are available
even if the power is off.
When you select the preset number using TUNE/TIME SET + or –, “P”
appears if that number has a preset station. If it has no preset station, only the
number flashes and “P” does not appear.
When you press ENTER, the selected preset number lights up in the display.
Press DISPLAY to select a function mode.
Each function mode can be selected as follows:
Example: Display window when you preset FM 90.0 MHz in preset
number 2.
To more easily straighten the band, slightly bend the tip of the band in the
opposite direction.
Hold the body of the unit and attach the straightened band to your
Radio frequency*
+ has a tactile dot.
Belt clip
*2There is a tactile dot beside VOL to show the direction to turn up
the volume.
Press DISPLAY to select the pitch timer.
“PITCH” flashes in the display.
Hold down ENTER for more than 2 seconds.
The beep sounds and the countdown duration flashes in
the display.
To remove the arm band from the unit (See Fig. B– )
While holding down “PUSH RELEASE” (1), slide the connector to remove the
arm band (2).
To cancel the presetting mode, press MODE.
Countdown timer
Pitch timer
The arm band can be attached either on left or right arm by changing up side
down. The unit can also be removed with the arm band attached on your arm, as
instructed above.
* Selected only when the power is on.
To vary the length of the rubber belt to fit your arm (See Fig. B–
Move the velcro fastener to the proper position.
Playing the Radio
Caution (See Fig. B– )
• Avoid bending the wraparound band forcibly in the opposite direction. It may
• The straightened band will wind easily when you touch or wiggle it. Be sure to
treat it carefully.
Preventing Accidental
To preset another station, repeat these steps.
To change the preset station, preset a new station. The previous station will
be canceled.
— Manual Tuning
1 Connect the headphones to the i (headphones) jack.
2 Press POWER to turn on the radio.
“RADIO ON” appears in the display.
If “P” is displayed, press MODE so that “P” disappears.
Pressing MODE will switch over between manual tuning mode and preset
tuning mode.
Press BAND to select the band.
Each press changes the band as follows:
When you slide HOLD in the direction of the arrow, “-” appears in the
display. All the other buttons on the radio will become inoperative.
This function prevents the radio from being unintentionally turned on, or the
radio frequency from being accidentally changed.
To cancel HOLD, slide HOLD in the opposite direction of the arrow so that
“ -” disappears.
Tuning in to a Preset Station
1 Press POWER to turn on the radio.
2 Press MODE so that “P” and preset number appear.
3 Select the band with BAND.
4 Press TUNE/TIME SET + or – to select the desired preset
Press TUNE/TIME SET + or – to select the desired frequency.
If you hold down TUNE/TIME SET + or –, the frequency or channel
changes rapidly.
When the frequency matches the broadcast frequency, the broadcast will be
Deleting a Preset Station
1 Follow steps 1 and 2 in “Tuning in to a Preset Station”.
2 Select the band with BAND.
3 Press TUNE/TIME SET + or – to select the preset number to be
Adjust the volume using VOL.
Hold down MODE for more than 2 seconds until “P”, “
the preset number flash.
The display will flash “AM 12:00” when the battery is first inserted.
Rubber belt
Wraparound arm
Press DISPLAY repeatedly to select the clock mode when the
clock mode is not on.
Hold down ENTER for more than 2 seconds.
The beep sounds and the hour flashes in the display.
Press TUNE/TIME SET + or – until the correct hour appears in
the display.
Each press changes the digit(s) by one.
When you keep the button pressed, the digit(s) change rapidly.
Press ENTER.
The beep sounds and the minute starts to flash.
Repeat step 3 to set the minute. After setting the minute,
press ENTER again. The two beeps sound and the clock
starts from 0 seconds.
Rubber belt
• One you start setting the clock, you must perform each step within 65 seconds,
or the clock setting mode will be cancelled.
• 12-hour system: “AM 12:00” = midnight, “PM 12:00” = noon.
Improving the Reception
WEATHER/FM: Extend the headphones cord which
functions as the WEATHER/FM
antenna (See Fig. C- ).
AM: Rotate the unit horizontally for optimum
reception. A ferrite bar antenna is builtin the unit (See Fig.C- ).
Set WB/FM SENS to LOCAL if interference is prevalent
and reception is too strong. Under normal conditions, set it
to DX.
If WB/FM SENS is set to LOCAL under normal conditions, reception
sensitivity will decrease.
Obtain Powerful Bass Sound
“MB” indication appears in the display when the MEGA BASS function is on.
The MEGA BASS function intensifies the bass sound for richer quality audio
The AM channel step differs depending on areas. The channel step of this unit is
factory-set to 10 kHz. Change the settings as shown below to be able to listen to
the radio.
Presetting Your Favorite
Channel step
— Preset Tuning
North and South American countries/regions
10 kHz
Other countries/regions
9 kHz
Press POWER to turn off the power.
Press DISPLAY repeatedly to select the clock mode when the
clock mode is not on.
While holding down TUNE/TIME SET + or –, keep pressing
MODE for more than 5 seconds.
Two short beeps sound, and the AM channel step will be changed.
“AM 9” (or “AM 10”) is displayed for about 2 seconds.
If you proceed to step 3 again, the channel step changes again.
You can preset up to 5 stations each for WEATHER and AM, and 15 stations for
FM. Also, you can delete the preset station whether it is factory-set or preset by
Presetting a Station
1 Follow steps 1 to 5 in “Playing the Radio” and manually tune in to
the station you wish to preset.
Hold down ENTER until the preset number flashes.
If there is a preset number that has no preset station, that preset number
When all the preset numbers are set to certain stations, the following occurs:
• Initialized (factory-set): “1” flashes and “P” appears.
• After tuning in a preset station: The next preset number after the one last
preset flashes and “P” appears.
While the letters and the preset number are flashing, press
Countdown starts. After the preset countdown duration, the two beeps sound
three times.
When the last pitch timer setting is finished, the display switches to the pitch
timer display even in another display mode and a long beep sounds, and then
returns to the previous display.
To stop the long beep, press any button.
To pause the countdown on the pitch timer, press START/STOP while counting
At this time, the countdown is reset by pressing SPLIT/RESET. The display will
show the set-up countdown duration and number of times.
To switch to the other modes, press DISPLAY.
“PITCH” stops flashing if changed to other mode while the pitch timer counts
Using the Countdown Timer
You can use the built-in countdown timer to turn off the radio automatically after
a preset duration.
Press DISPLAY to select the stopwatch.
“STPW” flashes in the display.
Press START/STOP to start.
The display shows the elapsed time.
Press START/STOP to stop.
To reset to zero, press SPLIT/RESET when the stopwatch is in the stop
The stopwatch comes with two display modes. To switch to the hour-minutesecond display, press ENTER.
To switch to the minute-second-split second display, press ENTER again.
Hold down ENTER for more than 2 seconds.
The beep sounds, and the countdown duration starts flashing.
To cancel deleting, press MODE while “P”, “
are flashing.
” and the preset number
Press DISPLAY to select the countdown timer.
“TIMER” flashes in the display.
The stopwatch can time up to 99 hours 59 minutes and 59.99 seconds, in 1/100second increments.
Press ENTER.
The two beeps sound and the number of times stops flashing.
The station set to the preset number just before the deleted station will be
To delete other stations, repeat steps 2 to 5.
If all the preset stations are deleted, “P -” appears in the display.
Using the Stopwatch
Press TUNE/TIME SET + or – to set the desired number of
The number of times can be set up to 99.
Press TUNE/TIME SET + or – to set the desired countdown
duration for the timer.
The countdown duration can be set from 1 minute to 2 hours, in 1-minute
Press ENTER.
The two beeps sound and the countdown duration stops flashing.
Changing AM Channel Step
When the AM channel step is changed, the preset stations for AM will be
” and
preset number to
be deleted
Press ENTER.
The beep sounds and the number of times flashes in the
Adjust the volume using VOL.
If you hold down MODE for more than 2 seconds, the unit enters the preset
station deleting mode. Press MODE again to return to the previous mode.
Press TUNE/TIME SET + or – to set the desired countdown
duration for the pitch timer.
The countdown duration can be set from 1 second to 59 minutes 59 seconds,
in 1-second increments.
If you do not press TUNE/TIME SET + or –, or ENTER within 65 seconds, the
preset tuning mode will be canceled.
To turn off the radio, press POWER.
Setting the Clock
To turn off the radio, press POWER.
— HOLD Function
The pitch timer allows setting the timer with an identical length of time
repeatedly. The functions of the radio, the stopwatch, and the countdown timer
are available even while the pitch timer is being used.
Tighten the band with the rubber belt.
If the rubber belt and wraparound band becomes dirty
Remove the rubber belt from the unit and clean them.
Using the Pitch Timer
The band will wind by itself.
Press TUNE/TIME SET + or – to select the number you wish to
preset, then press ENTER.
Selecting the Mode
HOLD lever
Using the Arm Band
Countdown starts. The radio is automatically turned on when the radio is off.
After the preset countdown duration, the four beeps sound five times and the
radio is turned off.
To stop the beeps, press any button.
To turn off the radio before the preset time, press POWER.
To pause the countdown on the countdown timer, press START/STOP while
counting down.
At this time, the countdown is reset by pressing SPLIT/RESET. The display will
show the set-up countdown duration.
To switch to the other modes, press DISPLAY.
“TIMER” stops flashing if changed to other mode while the countdown timer
counts down.
Using the Belt Clip
(See Fig. D)
When the count time exceeds “59:59 99” during the minute-second-split
second display, the display switches to the hour-minute-second display.
To switch to the other modes during counting, press DISPLAY.
“STPW” stops flashing if changed to other mode while the stopwatch counts
To listen to the radio while the stopwatch is running, press POWER. The
display will switch to the radio frequency for a few seconds.
Displaying the Split Time
To display the current split time, press SPLIT/RESET while the stopwatch is
running. “SPLIT” flashes in the display.
The stopwatch keeps counting during the display.
To return to the count display, press SPLIT/RESET again while the split time is
being displayed.
Use the belt clip when attaching the unit to your belt.
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