Sony NTM910YLW User's manual

Sony NTM910YLW User's manual
900 MHz BabyCall® Nursery Monitor
900 MHz Technology
27 Channels to Greatly Minimize Interference
Water Resistant1 Receiver
Built-In Rechargeable Battery Receiver
Voice Activation Mode
5 Sound-Sensor™ Activity Lights
Out of Range Indicator
Belt Clip
AC/DC Operation
900 MHz Technology Extends the range of BabyCall Monitor to
let you take the receiver farther from the nursery, yet still hear
activities in the nursery.
27 Channels to Greatly Minimize Interference Uses FM
transmission system with channel selector to locate the
clearest channel, helping to eliminate interference for clearer
Water Resistant 1 Receiver Lets you use it even in the kitchen
or bathroom.
Built-In Rechargeable Battery Receiver Provides great savings
and convenience over replaceable batteries.
Voice Activation Mode Eliminates most extraneous
background noise for clearer transmission.
900 MHz BabyCall® Nursery Monitor
Weight: Transmitter: 9 oz (255g); Receiver: 5 5/8 oz (160g)
Measurements: Transmitter: W 4 1/4" x H 4 1/4" x D 1
15/16" (106 x 107 x 48mm); Receiver: W 3 7/8" x H 3 7/8" x D 1
11/16"(96 x 96 x 41.5mm)
Supplied Accessories
AC Adaptor
Color: Yellow
UPC Code: 027242717367
1. Not meant to be immersed in or come into continuous contact with water.
©2007 Sony Electronics Inc.
Features and specifications are subject to change without notice. Non-metric weights and measures are
Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. All rights reserved. Sony, BabyCall,
Sound-Sensor, and are trademarks of Sony.
5 Sound-Sensor™ Activity Lights To alert you when baby is
making sounds, when receiver is out of range, and when
battery is low.
Out of Range Indicator Beeps and lights up when unit is out of
Belt Clip Allows you to wear the receiver as you move about
the home, keeping hands free for other activities.
AC/DC Operation Operates on standard household current
or supplied rechargeable batteries.
Design: Nursery Monitor with belt clip
Frequency Range: 900MHz
Antenna System: Flexible Round
Channel Selection: 27
Alarm: 5 Sound Sensor™ Activity Lights, Out of Range Indicator
Power Requirements: Transmitter: AC 120V, 60 Hz; Receiver: DC
3V or AC 120V, 60 Hz (with supplied AC Adaptor)
Output Power: 120mW (using supplied AC Adaptor), 55mW
(using 2.4V DC)
Battery Type: Receiver: BP-T51 rechargeable battery (supplied)
Speaker Dimensions: 2 1/4" (57mm)
Speaker Type: Mono
Inputs and Outputs
DC-In: 1 (receiver)
Please visit the Dealer Source for current information at
Sony Electronics Inc. •16530 Via Esprillo •San Diego, CA 92127 •1.800.222.7669 •
Last Updated: 10/08/2010
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