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Protect 1.
Ease of use
Online UPS systems for networks and
computer centers 10 - 20 kVA.
The Protect 1. a new series of high powered UPS systems ready
for all business critical uses such as networks, data centers, banking and building automation.
The UPS product functions with the online double conversion
principle or VFI (Voltage and Frequency Independent) and offers
dependable protection from numerous power problems as well as
against irreversible hardware and software damage.
Parallel Panel/Manual Bypass
plus UPS-Distribution
Protect 1. in parallel operation
A compact distribution panel allows the flexible and simple
buildup of a parallel operation system of up to 3 units and a
maximum capability of 60 kVA.
Management and Monitoring:
The new designed display provides the user details on all
important functions. The optional communications card slot
makes it possible to add a SNMP card or volt free contacts
available for remote monitoring via web browser and problem
free multi server shutdown. A RS232 port completes the
communications capabilities for data transmission. Management
software “CompuWatch” is included and supports all common
software platforms.
• True online UPS including static bypass
(double-conversion VFI-technology)
• Power range 10,15, 20 kVA, space-saving design
• n + x technology (DSP controlled) to increase output power
and/or for redundancy
• State-of-the-art: High reliability and efficiency by
digital signal processing (DSP), CAN bus system, and
high frequency IGBT technology.
• Uses battery systems with up to ten years battery service life,
according to EUROBAT
• Communication via RS232, expansion slot for e.g.
relaycard and SNMP
• 24 months warranty with pre-exchange service
Protect 1: technical specifications
Classification VFI SS 111 acc. to IEC 62040-3
Protect 1.100
Protect 1.150
n + x technology scalable (parallel operation of up to 3 units)
Type power
10 kVA
15 kVA
7 kW
10.5 kW
Protect 1.200
20 kVA
14 kW
Rated connected voltage Voltage range without battery mode Frequency (auto selection) Powerfactor Current consumption maximum
13 A / 46 A (bypass)
400 / 230 Vac (3/N/PE~)
304 – 478 Vac (Bypass: 176 – 261 Vac)
50 Hz / 60 Hz ± 4Hz
λ > 0.95
19 A / 68 A (bypass)
25 A / 91 A (bypass)
Rated AC voltage (single-phase) Frequency in battery mode Output current (at 230 Vac)
Transfer time at mains failure Voltage wave form Overload response Crest factor for non-linear load Short Circuit Reaction 43.4 A
220 Vac / 230 Vac / 240 Vac ± 1%
50 Hz / 60 Hz ± 0,1% (slew rate 1Hz/s)
65.2 A
0 ms (zero transfer)
Sinusoidal, THD < 2%
130% for 10 min / > 130% for 1 s
automatic transfer to bypass mode (zero transfer)
Short circuit proof
86.9 A
Rated voltage Load characteristic Autonomy time Overload / deep discharge protection 240 Vdc
IU - characteristic curve (charging voltage 274 Vdc/charging current max. 4.2 Adc)
Runtime extension with scalable external battery packs
Interface Shutdown-software (on CD) Alarms (audible / optical) RS232 with status message and measured values
Communication-Slot (potential-free contacts, USB, SNMP)
Included for common Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, Mac)
single licence CompuWatch with a 5 fold network licence
LED bar graph showing UPS load, battery capacity, Indicators for mains failure, overload, battery low, battery replacement, fault
General data
Efficiency total AC–AC (at full load)
Noise level (1 m distance)
Operating temperature
Installation height EMC stability EMC emitted interference Humidity Equipment colour Size appr. W x H x D (mm) UPS unit Size appr. W x H x D (mm) battery unit
Weight appr. (kg) UPS unit Weight appr. (kg) battery unit Shipment Certification
> 90 %
≤ 55 dB (A)
≤ 60 dB (A)
0° – 40° C
Up to 1000 m above sea level, at nominal load
EN 50091-2
EN 61000-6-3 > 25 A
0 - 95% (non condensing)
black line
260 x 720 x 570
260 x 720 x 570
(Protect 1.100 BP)
260 x 720 x 795
(Protect 1. BP 20)
39 kg
55 kg
135 kg (Protect 1.100 BP)
170 kg (Protect 1. BP 20)
Parallel operation cable, communication cable, management software
“CompuWatch“ (CD), user-manual
AEG is a registered trademark used under license from AB Electrolux • Specifications are subject to change without notice • 11/2008
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