XProtect Corporate 2016
XProtect® Corporate
Recording Servers
XProtect Smart
Wall Server
Smart Wall
Analog cameras
IP cameras
Business systems:
Microsoft® Active
Directory, etc.
Mobile Server
Web users
(incl. SQL DB)
IP cameras with
Edge Storage
360° cameras
Mobile users
Milestone Solution
Partner Applications
Audio devices
Network storage
Remote locations
IP cameras
System admin.
XProtect Corporate is powerful IP video management software (VMS) designed for large-scale and highsecurity deployments. Its single management interface enables efficient administration of the system,
including all cameras and security devices, regardless of the system’s size or if it is distributed across
multiple sites. For systems demanding supreme situational awareness and precise response to incidents,
XProtect Corporate includes Milestone XProtect® Smart Wall. XProtect Corporate features advanced video
grooming functions and encryption capabilities that help organizations reducing the video storage cost,
while ensure the integrity of video evidence and comply with industry and federal regulations.
Limitless multi-server and multi-site solution:
Supports an unlimited number of cameras, servers, sites and
users, allowing you to grow your installation according to
your needs
Centralized management:
Full configuration of all devices, recording servers and users
from a central Management Client connected to the
Management Server, which holds all configuration settings in
a Microsoft SQL database
High availability – Failover Recording Servers:
Redundancy option ensures maximum system uptime while
minimizing video interruption. Operates in two failover
modes: cold stand-by and hot stand-by
Milestone Interconnect™:
A unique system concept that allows all Milestone VMS,
Milestone Husky™ products and Milestone Arcus™ embedded
appliances to be interconnected with XProtect Corporate to
gain central surveillance operation across geographically
dispersed sites
Milestone Federated Architecture™:
System concept that enables multiple individual XProtect
Corporate and XProtect Expert systems to be connected with
a central XProtect Corporate system in a hierarchical
architecture for infinite scalability and central management
Allows users to mark video sections of particular interest and
add descriptive notes for later analysis or sharing with other
Alarm Manager:
Single-point alarm function that provides a consolidated and
clear overview of security and system-related alarms
Intuitive map function:
Multi-layered map provides interactive access and control of
the complete surveillance system and seamless drag-anddrop integration with XProtect Smart Wall
XProtect Smart Wall – included:
Flexible and hardware independent video wall option that
seamlessly integrates with the Management Client and
XProtect® Smart Client
Metadata support:
Supports reception, storage and export of video metadata,
including metadata from camera-resided video analytics and
location data in Video Push from Milestone Mobile
Edge Storage:
Uses camera-based storage as a complement to the central
storage in the recording servers, with flexible video retrieval
based on time schedules, events or manual requests
Secure multi-stage storage:
Unique data storage solution that combines superior
performance and scalability with video data grooming for
cost-efficient, long-term video storage, with the option to
encrypt and digitally sign stored video and audio
Evidence Lock:
Secures availability of video for investigations by overriding
normal video retention and grooming policies
Versatile rule system:
Versatile rule engine makes it easy to automate different
aspects of the system, including the control of cameras,
system behavior and external devices, such as lights and
doors, based on events or time schedules, eliminating the
need for manual control
Multicast support:
Sends only one video stream per camera to multiple XProtect
Smart Clients. Optimize the network load in systems with
many users viewing the same camera(s) live
Tiered management rights:
Makes it possible to assign partial management permissions
to system administrators in the Management Client
Dual authorization
Offers an additional level of system security for customers
operating in high security areas, where users are granted
access to the system only when a second user or supervisor
has confirmed the login with a successful authorization of the
second user
System Monitor
Customizable real-time system monitoring dashboard and
report function for proactive maintenance of the VMS
Main product components
Recording Server / Failover Recording Server
Records and stores video, audio and metadata, and provides
operators and other users access to live and recorded streams
Enables fast discovery of almost 5,000 IP cameras, IP video
encoders and digital video recorder (DVR) models from close
to 150 different manufacturers
Manages the operation of and events from cameras and other
connected security devices
Full system scalability because an unlimited number of recording
servers can be added to one system
High-availability option where failover recording servers act as a
backup to primary recording servers
New features in XProtect Corporate 2016 R2
Major extensions of the system configuration API
Camera management
All aspects of camera configuration including settings of
motion detection and privacy mask, plus ability to move
devices between recording servers
Role and user administration
Role and user definition and rights management to
cameras and functions
Storage management
Define storage size and retention time and the ability to
read size of used storage
Management Server
Central coordination and repository for all system configuration
data that is stored in an internal or external SQL database
User authentication and user rights management with support for
basic users, local Widows users or via Windows® Active
Maintains an array of system and audit logs
May be clustered for high-availability deployments
Management Client
Single-point system administration interface for centralized
management of all system configuration aspects
Event Server
Provides advanced multi-layered map giving operators interactive
access and control of the complete surveillance system
Hosts features for the alarm function to provide a consolidated and
clear overview of security and system-related alarms
Hosts possible Milestone Integration Platform Software
Development Kit (MIP SDK) solution plug-ins
May be clustered for high-availability deployments
XProtect Smart Wall
Flexible and hardware independent video wall support included
Automatic or manual control of content
Supports a rich set of content types, including live and playback
video, maps, alarms, bookmarks, HTML pages, text messages,
Integration options
The Milestone Integration Platform Software
Development Kit (MIP SDK) enables seamless
integration of video analytics algorithms and other thirdparty applications in XProtect Smart Client and
Management Client
XProtect Smart Client is the primary user interface for security
operators and other daily users. Its adaptable user interface
provides an extremely efficient working environment that can be
optimized for different tasks and operator requirements
Compatible with XProtect® Transact and XProtect®
Retail, which integrate video surveillance with ATMs,
point-of-sale (POS) and enterprise resource planning
(ERP) systems for managing loss prevention and fraud
Compatible with XProtect® Access for video enabled
physical security, which integrates with access control
and intrusion systems
XProtect Web Client
Simplified web-based client interface for Milestone VMS that allows
users to view, play back and share video from all the most
common operating systems and web browsers
Compatible with XProtect® LPR for automatic reading
and tracking of vehicle license plates
Generic event integration enables easy and fast
integration of third-party applications and systems via a
simple message-based socket communication interface
Milestone Mobile
Supports Milestone ONVIF Bridge that enables full video
interoperability in multivendor installations using a
standardized ONVIF compliant video-out interface
System configuration API enables external applications
to make changes to the system’s configuration
XProtect clients
XProtect Smart Client
Milestone Mobile is a free application for smartphones and tablets
specially designed for Milestone VMS solutions, enabling users to
effectively monitor their video from anywhere, at any time
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