Sony SVD11215CXB Quick start guide

Sony SVD11215CXB Quick start guide
Other Operations
Searching content
Windows 8 Getting Started
Switching apps
New Start Screen and Menu
Start screen
Swipe in from the left edge.
1 Tap the Search charm (see cover).
2Tap Apps, Settings, or Files.
3Enter a keyword (e.g. Control Panel) in the Search
Entering sleep or shutting down
More about how to use Windows 8
You can add shortcuts to apps, the desktop, and
websites that you use the most.
Touch operation
Open the charms, then tap the
Refer to Windows Help and Support.
1 Tap the Search charm (see cover).
2Enter “Help and Support” in the Search box, tap
Apps, and then tap the icon.
With a keyboard
Press the
Start charm.
Search for apps and files, share content, play content
on other devices or print, and set up your PC.
Touch operation
Swipe in from the right edge.
(Windows) key.
With a mouse/touch pad
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1 Tap the Settings charm (see cover).
2Tap (Power), then tap Sleep, Shut down, or
Point to the upper-right
corner, then move
With a keyboard
Press the
(Windows) key
and the C key at the same
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Tap a tile to start an app and personalize the Start
screen by adding and rearranging tiles.
Using Apps
Starting apps
Using the Internet
Viewing running apps
Connecting to a Wireless LAN
Opening websites
Enter a URL or
keyword in this box.
1 Tap the Search charm (see cover).
2Enter a keyword in the Search box, tap Apps, and
then tap the app icon.
Touch operation
Swipe in from the left edge until a
small app icon appears. Then, drag
the icon back towards the left edge.
1 Tap the Settings charm (see cover).
2Tap the network icon.
3Select your wireless network from the list, then tap
page) and tap the  icon.
With a mouse/touch pad
You can also find the traditional style Internet Explorer
on the desktop.
Point to the upper-left corner, then move downward.
Opening the apps menu
1 On the Start screen, tap the Internet Explorer tile.
2Enter a URL or keyword to search websites.
3To open a new tab, open the apps menu (see left
Closing apps
Installing apps from Windows Store
You can add apps from Windows Store.
1 Connect to the Internet.
2Tap the Store icon on the Start screen,
and then find an app to install.
Touch operation
1 When an app is open, point to the top-center of the
With a mouse/touch pad
2Drag the app to the bottom of the screen until the
Swipe up from the bottom edge.
Right-click within an app.
Microsoft Account
You will need a Microsoft account to use some of the
apps or services, including Windows Store.
On how to create and what you can do with a
Microsoft account, refer to
Windows Help and Support (see back page).
app disappears from the screen.
More on back page
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