Sony SVD11215CXB User guide

Sony SVD11215CXB User guide
Instructions for Charging the Battery Pack
The battery pack can be charged even while you are using your VAIO computer when
the computer is connected to a power source. The charging time may vary depending on
operating conditions.
Follow these steps to charge the battery pack. Refer to the User Guide for detailed
information on how to install the battery pack and about the location of the DC IN port on
your VAIO computer.
Install the battery pack into your VAIO computer. (Except for VAIO Duo 11)
Plug your VAIO computer into an AC outlet.
charging time varies depending on ambient temperature.
Note that at a low ambient temperature, it takes longer time to charge the battery pack.
To check the battery status of your VAIO computer, open the desktop by selecting the
Desktop tile on the Start screen, and select the battery icon, such as
(on battery) or
(plugged in), in the desktop notification area.
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