Sony VCT-TA1 Marketing Specifications
Camera angle mount for Sony® Action Cam HDR-AS10
and HDR-AS15
Tilt adaptor
Using this tripod mountable adjustable camera mount with the Sony® Action Cam HDR-AS10 or
HDR-AS15 allows you to customize your shooting angle to get the best shot.2 The adaptor adjusts
from 0 – 105 degrees in 15-degree increments for flexibility in setting up the perfect shot.
Versatile Attachment
Attach to any mount that has a tripod screw (i.e. adhesive mount attached to a surfboard or
handlebar mount attached to dirt bike.
Uncompromised strength
The VCT-TA1 tile adaptor boasts approximately twice as much strength as compared to other
brands on the market. The VCT-TA1 has been tested to withstand up to 500 N. cm, helping ensure
the safety of your camera while you take to the adventures of the world.
Tripod Mountable
Designed with versatility in mind, the waterproof case included with your Sony® Action Cam has
a tripod screw on the bottom to easily attach your camera to a tripod, Handlebar Mount and a
variety of other optional accessories.
1. Angle adjustments made in increments of 15-degrees
2. Must be used in waterproof housing (included with purchase) to attach to tilt adaptor
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