Sony VGC-RB40 Quick start guide

Sony VGC-RB40 Quick start guide
NAVA | O En el reverso, encontrará las instrucciones en español.
Locating Audio / Video Setting up Cable access
Composite audio R In jack
Meet your new Y GC-RB40(G) Series
Composite audio L In jack
System unit Composite video In jack
Your VAIO® computer is not supplied with System or S-video In jack
Application Recovery CDs. Use the VAIO Recovery Wizard VHF/UHF +
utility program to recover your computer's operating system por Cable service access
and preinstalled software. (wall outlet) VHF/UHF port
Ts (on computer
back panel)
Speakers at Tee
m C= (e Mm)
TV coaxial cable (optional) УМЕ
Power cord This feature is not available with all VAIO® computer models. This feature is not available with all VAIO® computer models.
NE " ||
Setting up Set-top box Starting Media Center
NA Remote sensor controls (2) 7
H AA batteries* (2) | Set-top box
Infrared receiver* TV coaxial cable (back panel detail) Your VAIO® computer is enhanced with the Microsoft® Windows® XP
Media Center Edition* operating system.
*Not supplied with all VAIO® computer models. For details on the accessories supplied with your computer, see the online Specifications sheet. Use the Media Center setup wizard to activate and configure your
Со) = ==>
Г audio/visual settings.
Cable service
access (wall outlet)
Using the remote control
1 Point the remote control at the remote sensor and press E.
2 Use the arrow buttons on the remote control to locate and
select menu options. Press OK to activate your selection.
TV coaxial cable
Front Panel Back Panel
Using the mouse
1 Click Start > Media Center.
SONY Z TV coaxial cable -
Ovtical drive 1 , | (optional) 2 Use the mouse to locate and select menu options.
Р Eject button AC input port — | Click to activate your selection.
ê TV coaxial cable
. . Mouse port (optional) Ш | | | |
Optical drive 2 ° VHF/UHF port VHF/UHF port *The Microsoft® Windows® XP Media Center Edition operating system is available on certain
Eject button Kevboard port 2 €: VAIO® computers. See your online specifications sheet for more information about your
— с у Р (television) w= (computer) computer's operating system.
| == =) ie LINK 4-pin 5400 This feature is not available with all VAIO® computer models.
Media card readers =] (IEEE 1394) port Printer port
and access indicator —
= T Universal Serial Bus
7 (USB 2.0) ports Monitor port*
Audio jacks LINK 6-pin 5400 = я E
o port (IEEE 1394) Hard Disk Drive Recovery Support Options
Universal Serial Bus
(USB 2.0 ports) Ethernet port
Monitor port*+ Monitor (DVI-D) port*t Your computer is equipped with the VAIO Recovery Wizard, a utility program VAIO® Computer User Guide
| | ООД TV Out (S-Video) jack” that recovers your computer's operating system and preinstalled software to The VAIO® Computer User Guide provides detailed information on how to
( | Нато disk drive Audio 7 Video— original factory-installed settings. maximize your computer capabilities and solve common problems
!| access indicator ports & jacks Mes y p p :
Power indicator — NAO o }-Power button Modem line VHF/UHF For online information about hard disk recovery: 1 pe po > Al Programs > VAIO come Center.
(VAIO) jack port* 1 Click Start > All Programs > VAIO Control Center. 2 и le User о > Documentation folder.
: ‘| я 3 Click VAIO User Guide.
_ Standby indicator 2 Click Categories tab > Documentation folder.
3 Click Recovery Guide. VAIO® Computer Specifications sheet
The online specification sheet describes the hardware and software
To access the VAIO Recovery Wizard utility from Windows XP: Doro en © your VATS computer model.
“Not available with all VAIO® computer models. 1 Click Start > Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance. ohnect1o the fhieret.
. . 2 Go to*.
+Do not connect both the DVI-D and VGA cables 2 From the Performance and Maintenance window, A. | |
from a single monitor to the computer at the same time. click VAIO Recovery Wizard. 3 Click the Documentation link and follow the on-screen instructions to
locate your model's specification sheet.
PINO E 2.630.808.01 0 2006 Sony Elctonis nc A ii reserved. Pred in USA то Sony online Support Web site provides technieal support and Inks to helptul information
* 263089801 * about your VAIO computer.
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