Brochure - 6050/6030 Wide Format Solution

Brochure - 6050/6030 Wide Format Solution
Xerox 6050/6030
Wide Format Solution
Xerox 6050/6030
The new digital benchmark
from the leader in document production
The Xerox 6050/6030
Wide Format Solution
Meeting the demands of wide-format environments
We’re here to help you
grow your business.
As a leader in the business of printing,
Xerox offers expertise in everything that
involves documents and the ways that
people use them. Whether you’re in:
• Manufacturing
• Engineering
• Architecture
• Construction
• Government
• Print-for-pay
Printing is just the beginning.
Wide Format in a small package.
The Xerox 6050/6030 Wide Format Solution
is designed to help you keep up with the
demanding pace of today’s business. The
6050 is a multifunction copier/printer that
holds up to four media rolls. It produces nine
D-size black-and-white prints per minute at
a crisp 600 x 1,200 dpi. And because the
6050 offers concurrent processing, it scans
documents (at 600 x 600 dpi) while it prints—
speeding up your entire work process. With
the optional Multi-Sheet Inserter, you can add
other types of media or color documents to
your output.
The single footprint of the 6050 with the onboard scanner measures just 55.9" (1,420 mm)
x 30.7" (780 mm) so it fits easily into your
office or on your shop floor. It consolidates the
functions of several devices into one and
quickly becomes your center for productivity.
Save steps and expense.
The intuitive control panel with touchscreen
interface minimizes training time and makes
the 6050 simple for anyone to operate. And
the Sample Copy feature allows users to
review the output and make exposure or size
adjustments before submitting a full run—
saving time, media, and their associated costs.
. . . wide-format document production,
printing, copying, distribution, and
storage are critical elements of your
business—and ours, too.
The Xerox 6050/6030 Wide Format
Solution sets new standards in all the
ways you work with documents, both
hard-copy and digital. We’re committed
to helping you grow your business—
now and in the years to come.
Key benefits of the 6050/6030:
• Your First-Copy-Out-Time is just 23
seconds for quick starts.
• Concurrent processing—scanning while
printing—means work goes faster with
less waiting.
• With up to four media rolls and loadwhile-run, you get nonstop printing
with less media switching.
Benchmark image quality
• The touchscreen interface is simple for
anyone to use.
• The Sample Copy feature eliminates costly
mistakes and reruns.
• See the details and read the fine print
with 600 x 600 dpi scanning and up to
600 x 1,200 dpi printing.
• Automatic background suppression
helps create copies that improve even
worn originals.
• With 6.4-micron toner particles, you get
reliably sharp, superior image quality.
Xerox 6050/6030
Wide Format Solution
A choice of system controllers
keeps work flowing.
Create a system to meet your
unique needs.
The Xerox 6050/6030 Wide Format Solution
includes an embedded controller that supports
a wide variety of file formats and print drivers
to keep your work on pace with demand.
Add any of these options to the 6050 or 6030
to produce the specialized documents that
your field demands:
If you already have a Xerox system in
place using the Xerox AccXES™ controller,
the 6050/6030 will fit right in with your
existing workflow.
High-Capacity Stacker
Multi-Sheet Inserter
Xerox AccXES Controller
Xerox Wide Format Scan System which
provides color scanning and production
scan-to-file capabilities
Scanning options take you from
paper to digital with ease.
6050/6030 Wide Format Supplies.
Xerox offers scanning options to fit your wideformat workplace: The 6050 Copier/Printer
with the on-board scanner delivers 600 dpi
black-and-white scanning for benchmark
Unlock the power of digital printing by using
the perfectly paired combination of Xerox
digital print technology with Xerox paper and
specialty media—an unbeatable combination
for exceptional performance.
The 6050 Printer with Scan System allows
you to add color scan-to-file to your electronic
workflow. These color files can be shared with
other personnel and printed from networked,
distributed printers.
Backed by Xerox-trained
service and customer support.
The 6050 Copier/Printer provides you with
a job log, while the Printer with Scan System
provides you full job accounting features to
track your jobs and associated costs quickly
and automatically.
• 6050, which produces nine D-size prints
per minute and holds four media rolls
• 6030, which delivers six D-size prints
per minute from two media rolls
Each model is available with three options,
giving you the flexibility to choose the right
system for your workplace and document
1. Printer
2. Copier/Printer—with the on-board scanner
footprint fits into almost any location.
• Support for multiple data formats and
AccXES enablement means the device
will fit right into your current workflow.
Available in two models:
Whether you’ve been a Xerox customer
for years or are just learning about Xerox’s
expertise in wide-format printing solutions,
you can count on a team of service and
support professionals to help you make
the most of your Xerox solution—day-in
and day-out.
Key benefits of the 6050/6030:
• The 6050/6030’s compact, single
Two models with three options
for total flexibility.
3. Printer with Scan System—includes AccXES
controller and free-standing scanner
• The 6050 holds up to four paper/media
rolls and features load-while-run, so you
lose less time switching rolls or reloading.
• The Auto-Size feature automatically
prints/copies on the right size paper.
• The Xerox 6050/6030 Wide Format Solution
is a robust design built on proven Xerox
• It’s designed to perform day-in and dayout with consistent, high-quality output.
• Your 6050/6030 solution is fully backed
by Xerox-trained service and customer
For more information on the Xerox 6050/6030
Wide Format Solution, call 1-800 ASK XEROX
or visit us on the Web at:
Print Engine
Print engine speed
Max. copies
Warm-up time
Media supply
Output size
Long plot max.
Grayscale levels
Xerographic LED
4.1 ips
6050: 9 D (A1)
6030: 6 D (A1)
30.5 sec.
23 sec.
99; 999 w/AccXES
3 min.
6050: 2 drawers, 4 rolls
6030: 1 drawer, 2 rolls
Optional Multi-Sheet Inserter
Min: 11" (297 mm)
Max: 36" (914.4 mm)
49.2' (15 m), (requires 1 GB printer
mem.; Long Copy requires 1 GB
printer and scanner memory)
Up to 600 x 1,200 dpi
Media types
Media weights
Bond, vellum, tracing paper, film
Bond: 18–20 lb. (60–110 gsm)
Vellum: 20 lb. (90–112 gsm)
Tracing paper: 20 lb. (90–112 gsm)
Film: 75–100 micron (4 mil)
Output stacking cap.
Optional High-Cap.
Optional folder
Max. doc. thickness
Electronic collation
4.72 ips (120 mm/s)
Up to 600 dpi
37.2" (949 mm) width x 49.2' (15 m)
(input w/1 GB mem.)
36" (914.4 mm) width (image)
0.1" (2.5 mm)
99 sets
Scanner resolution
Max. doc. input size
Max. doc. thickness
Electronic collation
2 ips (51 mm/s),
4 ips (102 mm/s) (opt.)
Up to 600 dpi
256 24-bit color (opt.)
42" (1,066.8 mm) width x 100'
(30.5 m) (input)
36" (914.4 mm) width (image)
0.5" (12.7 mm)
220 V, 13 amp
220 V, 1 amp
110/220 V, 3 amp max
110/220 V, 1 amp max
Dimensions and Weight
Memory (std)
Memory (max)
Hard-disk drive
Width, Depth, Height, Weight
Ports w/AccXES
Network protocols
w/AccXES (opt.)
Data formats
Data formats
Job accounting
Scan System
Scanner speed
Print engine
Scan System
Printer Controller
On-board Scanner
Scanner speed
Scanner resolution
Max. doc. input size
Electrical Requirements
100 D (A1)
1,000 (mixed size)
Generic Folder Interface (GFI) card
Printer drivers
(Windows® GDI)
Printer drivers
Printer drivers (opt.)
Embedded controller
256 MB RAM
Up to 1 GB RAM;
512 MB inside AccXES
60 GB;
80 GB inside AccXES
STD.: Ethernet, RS232 Serial
OPT.: Parallel IEEE1284; VPI
STD.: Ethernet, RS232 Serial
Parallel IEEE1284;
IEEE1394 (scanner only)
TCP/IP 10/100; LPR
TIFF 6.1, CALS 1&2,
CalComp 906/907/951/PCI
Versatec Data Standards,
Xerox Emulation 150, C4, JPEG
OPT.: Adobe® PostScript® 3, PDF
STD.: Job log—print/export
OPT.: Job accounting w/Account
Management Tool (AMT)
BT Plot Assistant, TWAIN driver,
Web Administrator
Document Submit,
Document Retrieve,
Printer Manager, Print Queue
Web PMT, Account Management
Windows: XP/2000/98
6050/6030 Printer
49.2" (1,250 mm), 25.2" (640 mm), 37" (940 mm),
683 lbs. (310 kg)
6050/6030 Copier/Printer
55.9" (1,420 mm), 30.7" (780 mm), 51.6" (1,310 mm),
793 lbs. (360 kg)
6050/6030 Printer with Scan System
Printer: 49.2" (1,250 mm), 25.2" (640 mm), 37" (940 mm),
683 lbs. (310 kg)
Xerox Scan System: 16" (406 mm),
53" (1,346.2 mm), 45" (1,143 mm), 150 lbs. (68.04 kg)
Space Requirements
Width, Depth, including trays
6050/6030 Printer
128" (3,250 mm), 150.2" (3,815 mm)
6050/6030 Copier/Printer
128" (3,250 mm), 150.2" (3,815 mm)
6050/6030 Printer with Scan System
Printer: 128" (3,250 mm), 150.2" (3,815 mm),
Xerox Scan System (w/compact tray): 76.25" (1,936.8 mm),
101" (2,565.4 mm)
Xerox Scan System (w/stacker tray): 103" (2,616.2 mm),
101" (2,565.4 mm)
NOTE: When the Xerox Scan System shares
space with the printer, orientation of the printer
and scanner must maintain minimum service
space which is the largest dimension stated
for the facing sides.
AutoCAD 2000 & 2000i,
2002, 2004; AutoCAD r14
Adobe PostScript 3 for
Windows XP/2000
©2004 Xerox Corporation. All rights reserved. XEROX®, The Document Company®, the digital X® (stylized), and AccXES are trademarks of or licensed to Xerox Corporation in the United States and other countries. Adobe®
and PostScript® are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems, Inc. Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. AutoCAD® is a registered trademark of
Autodesk, Inc. ENERGY STAR® is a U.S. registered mark. As an ENERGY STAR® Partner, Xerox Corporation has determined that these products meet the ENERGY STAR® guidelines for energy efficiency. Product
appearance, build status, and/or specifications are subject to change without notice. The Xerox Total Satisfaction Guarantee applies to equipment under a Xerox warranty or a Full Service Maintenance Agreement and is
subject to certain conditions. 04/04. 36 USC 220506
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