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beautiful earth
Volume 30 • Number 12 • Issue 698
a trove of earthly delights
Tucked in a 250-square-foot shop in Fort Bragg's Depot Mall lies a treasure trove offering
some of Earth's oldest and finest creations. Besides over twenty-five hundred specimens of
expertly labeled minerals, rocks, and fossils of high quality, Beautiful Earth offers relevant
artwork, an exquisite little library, gemstone elixirs, and a huge body of knowledge. | Find Real Events – Calendar on page 15
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Real Estate Magazine May 24, 2017
beautiful earth
a trove of earthly delights
ucked in a 250-square-foot shop in Fort Bragg's
Depot Mall lies a treasure trove offering some
of Earth's oldest and finest creations. Though
not all visitors will feel its abounding energy
and vibrations, the sheer volume of geologic history contained within should blow anybody's mind. Besides over
twenty-five hundred specimens of expertly labeled minerals, rocks, and fossils of high quality, Beautiful Earth offers relevant artwork, an exquisite little library, gemstone
elixirs, and a huge body of knowledge.
Story by Denice Breaux
"I had no idea the earth did this!"
"I'm attracted to everything luminescent."
"I've never seen anything like this before!"
"Did you find all these around here yourself?"
"Wanna hold something really old?"
"Is this really dinosaur poop?"
"There's really strong energy in here."
"Are these for real?"
"No way!"
ing really hard to get exceptional specimens out of the
millions that I see while keeping my prices low. I have a
small shop, but I try to have big variety."
Big variety indeed: Mexican fluorite, Spanish pyrite, tiger
iron from West Australia, and native copper from Arizona.
Pieces of the moon and pieces of Mars. Triceratops teeth.
Trilobites. Fossil jellyfish. Crystals galore. Femurs with
bite marks. The oldest specimen in the shop is a chunk of
pre-solar system chondrite, a type of meteorite "zipping
all around in space and fairly common"; the youngest are
three-year-old halite salt crystals from the Salton Sea in
southeastern California where five years ago they were
a mere solution in a saline body. The specimen having
traveled the farthest is a meteorite from the main asteroid
belt (between Mars and Jupiter) while the closest find is
chert right from the local beach. A bucket full of unassuming, rather rough-hewn geodes from Keokuk, Iowa
are there for the cracking, a popular and exciting activity at Beautiful Earth. Not only does Gary let you use his
hydraulic rock-splitter to gently open the geode of your
choosing, he also guarantees that you'll leave with a dazzler—if you happen to open the rare dud, you get to pick
It is no wonder Beautiful Earth feels and looks like a museum in miniature. With degrees in Fine Arts, Museum
Studies, and Geology, Gary Mason has arranged his shop
aesthetically and organically, taking inspiration from the
mineralogy collection of France's Natural History Museum
in Paris. A mix of Chromalux-Halogen and LED bulbs supply balanced, full-spectrum lighting to provide the optimal
visual experience of each specimen, creating a clean,
well-lighted place for rocks. Customers regularly remark
that Beautiful Earth is the best rock shop in California, or —overheard at Beautiful Earth, Fort Bragg
sometimes simply their favorite shop of any kind. "Most
rock shops are dark and dirty with no labels or prices,"
says Gary. "Sometimes stuff is just in piles, so you have
(All photos in this story by Denice Breaux.)
to find someone to ask the price, where it's from....Then you have to take it home and clean
it because it's filthy..."
TOP HALF of Cover: The arresting 130-pound amethyst specimen catches everyone's eye in Beauti-
Photo by Zoe Bachelor Sheppard
As Gary acknowledges, "Rock people really love rocks, and others have no interest at all."
Some of those lovers travel from as far as Nevada or Southern California knowing that here
at Beautiful Earth they will find high quality specimens at the best price. Several times a
year Gary brings back new treasures from the big gem and mineral shows like those in
Tucson, Arizona and Denver, Colorado and also buys from favorite private suppliers, "work-
Have I mentioned how much I love the
movies? It's kind of an obsession of mine.
When the jam-packed program booklet
for the Mendocino Film Festival arrived and I started perusing
the irresistible offerings and making those little check marks,
well, you know. Despite promising myself I wouldn't overbook
my time again this hmm: I want to see EVERYTHING.
Notwithstanding my intention, my dance card is FULL and I plan
to be a wet noodle at the end of it, as usual. Sitting through three
or four movies a day sounds relaxing, but you'd be surprised
how much work it actually is. You have to dash from venue to
venue, eating popcorn for lunch and maybe dinner and shifting
your weight around on those folding chairs. It's a full-time job!
The one movie I've already screened, but which I will see again,
at Crown Hall, Saturday, June 3rd at 12:30 p.m., is The House
ful Earth's window. LOWER HALF of COVER—Left: A pair of ten-inch ammonites 113--125 million
years old. Center: Beautiful Earth's owner, Gary Mason, at his shop in the Fort Bragg Depot Mall. The
walls of the shop are covered with relevant art, including some chromolithograph prints of precious
stones and minerals. Right: Labradorite, iridescent with blue, golds, and grays, is associated with
on Coco Road, directed by Damani Baker, and I am urging
everybody I know to go see it. My friend Belvie Rooks, writer,
filmmaker, activist, thinker, amazing personage at large, and
coast resident for many years, mentored Damani through the
long process of making this movie; she and Danny Glover coproduced the film with Damani. As a Los Angeles Times review
summarized, "Damani Baker offers a moving personal and
historical account of how he and his family were caught up in
the 1983 U.S. invasion of Grenada. The result is a fascinating
and under-reported chapter in the never-ending struggle for
justice on behalf of black men and women worldwide, as well
as a scalding appraisal of Reagan-era racial attitudes at home
and abroad." It's an important piece of history, beautifully and
thoughtfully made. With a haunting original score by one of
my favorite musicians, Meshell Ndegeocello, and a cast that
includes Angela and Fania Davis, the storyline pulled me into
its vortex of revelation clarifying a little known part of history
while exploring the infuriating failures of our government to
look clearly at what was happening at that historic juncture.
The film is "a portrait of an activist and teacher who moves her
Earth – Continued on Page 3
children from Oakland, California to participate in the Grenada
Revolution only to find her family in harm's way of a U.S. military
invasion. It is the filmmaker’s search for historical and emotional
truth that will confirm his mother’s place in American history."
(from Damani's website).
The House on Coco Road has been screened at multiple festivals
this year to sold-out audiences in LA, New York, and other cities,
and I'm very excited that now Damani will be here in Mendocino
for its first north coast screening. Belvie will be here too, and
they will tag-team fielding questions after the showing.
Though he officially, for the most part, grew up in Oakland
and now lives in Brooklyn, New York, Damani spent much
of his childhood hanging out in Elk with his mom and Belvie,
embraced by the Elk community, so he considers this "home," too.
Damani’s career spans documentaries, music videos, museum
installations, and advertisements. Currently a professor in the
filmmaking, screenwriting, and media arts program at
Sarah Lawrence, Damani continues doing new film
projects. I'm proud to welcome him home. Really.
Real Estate Magazine May 24, 2017 Page 3
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Earth – Continued from Page 2
another. An added thrill of the geode-cracking is realizing that upon the rock's opening,
yours will be the first eyes to behold its 275-million-year-old inner beauty.
Visitors to Beautiful Earth are invited to touch all but a few delicate specimens. On a small
table sit some especially hands-on items including a 275-million-year-old rattle rock (a geode with loose crystals inside) from Keokuk, Iowa labeled "SHAKE ME"; a chunky section of
a 148-million-year-old Apatosaurus femur; and an iron meteorite which fell approximately
four thousand years ago in Chaco, Argentina. A big favorite among the younger crowd is
the coprolite, a fancy name for fossilized feces, in this case deposited in Utah 148 million
years ago by the herbivorous sauropod. "But don't worry," Gary assures the kids and their
parents. "It no longer contains any organic matter."
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Speaking of fossil dung, British fossil collector, dealer, and paleontologist Mary Anning
(1799–1847) played an important role in discovering that coprolites were fossilized feces
and could therefore be used to determine the animals' diet. Due to her sex and poor social standing, Anning was prevented from fully participating in the scientific community of
nineteenth-century Britain and was denied membership in the Geological Society of London
despite her many important contributions to science. Mary Anning is a hero at Beautiful
Earth, and an informative poster hangs paying proper homage to this vital scientist.
tel: 707.964.2522
Earth – Continued on Page 4
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Rock people, who come in all stripes, enthusiastically enjoy the friendly intimacy of Beautiful Earth with kindred spirits, sometimes making new friends. Topics of conversation
gleefully veer from Stephen Hawking's brain to the healing powers of celestine to favorite
restaurants in unlikely places.
Visitors, be they local or from afar, can easily lose track of time marveling, gaping, inquiring, and learning—Gary encourages questions, which he can nearly always answer.
In addition to offering a wide seBELOW–The cabinet at Beautiful Earth features nine drawers
filled with hundreds of minerals of all colors, origins, and lection of high-quality, affordable
specimens, an equally important
vibrational properties.
mission of the business is education. "When I was a teacher," says
Gary, "students often thanked me
for my classes, which kept them
from dropping out of school." Besides the informal lectures bound
to crop up daily in the convivial atmosphere of Beautiful Earth, each
year Gary offers a five-session
class called Properties of Minerals. Eventually he would like to
bring his geology into local class-
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Page 4 Real Estate Magazine May 24, 2017
Earth – Continued from Page 3
rooms, but meanwhile homeschoolers love visiting the shop, leaving with new wonder and
a complimentary fossil shark's tooth. And this year Gary participated in Fort Bragg's Earth
Day festivities with a table of dazzling minerals and information; he provided the California
State Parks booth with a nickel-iron meteorite, which was once the core of another planet
that has been broken up and destroyed.
"Think of that symbolism," muses Gary.
TOP: A bucket holding 275-million-year-old geodes
waiting to be cracked open to reveal their inner
beauty. MIDDLE: The humble-looking 275-millionyear-old geode reveals beautiful citrine inside when
cracked open by Fort Bragg resident Maureen James
with Gary Mason's rock splitter "Zuber." BOTTOM:
Cloe Tarlton, a high school student who frequently
works at Beautiful Earth, admires "the purple drawer" which holds dozens of amethyst specimens as
well as a few other purple minerals.
Gary Mason was born in Quincy, Illinois,
and as a Navy kid moved around a lot.
He recalls getting a piece of turquoise
from Disneyland as a youngster, soon
adding to it a specimen of Nova Scotia
gypsum he purchased from a Manhattan
rock shop when the family lived in New
York. As a middle-schooler in Omaha,
Nebraska, Gary would fossil-hunt with a
friend at a big quarry mine south of town,
collecting beautiful calcite crystals. He
joined the junior division of a local gem
and mineral show and started organizing his own collection, creating detailed
data cards for each specimen using the
lead type and letterpress printing press
in the school's print shop. While attending San Francisco's Lowell High School
in the late 1960s, Gary enjoyed visiting
the city's Academy of Sciences and the
California State Mineral Collection at the
Ferry Building, but he no longer collected
specimens nor went to gem shows. "I
got into a different kind of rock," laughs
Gary, "and girls."
Gary sold his rock collection when he entered San Diego State University, which
he attended for one year, then spent the
next several years working on an organic
farm, traveling, sampling the commune
life, marrying and step-parenting, and
finally earning his bachelor's degree
in Fine Arts from San Diego State University. When he moved to Pasadena
in 1981 he discovered the city's great
mineral show and was soon joining local
mineral clubs, going on field trips, and
rebuilding his collection. He got a degree
in Laser and Optics ("because I was good
at physics, and lasers had beautiful colors"), working in aerospace for twentyfive years as a technician then as an engineer. Whenever he traveled to Europe
or Japan he would visit local mineral collections, soon rebuilding his own to over
two thousand specimens.
ABOVE: Rob Sula, a field paleontologist, holds the Triceratops horn he found in North Dakota. Rob works
at Beautiful Earth Mondays and Tuesdays.
four years he grew weary of the regional culture and returned to California.
Through a string of bureaucratic smoke and mirrors, the state of Virginia had issued Gary
a full credential for life which he in turn used to teach earth science and chemistry at Half
Moon Bay High School for four years. Five years ago he returned to the Mendocino Coast
where he had lived for a few years in the 1990s running an essence and gem elixir business. As a member of the Mendocino Coast Gem and Mineral Society, Gary set up a table
at the 2013 Paul Bunyan Days festivities in Town Hall where he sold four thousand dollars'
worth of gems and minerals in four days. "That weekend a legion of people commented on
my very attractive, well-priced specimens," Gary says, "asking 'Where's your business?'"
Encouraged, he wrote a solid business plan, secured some private loans, and a month later
set up shop in the Depot Mall where business and interest has steadily grown.
Each year Gary offers a Meet a Geologist event in the corridor just outside Beautiful Earth,
and this spring he hosted for the first time Meet a Paleontologist. "Mostly I'm a field guy,"
says Rob Sula, who goes looking for fossils, finds them, then brings them back to various
institutions for study. For the last twenty-one summers he has been a partner in Paleo Prospectors, "essentially a baseball fantasy camp for paleo nerds," says Rob, with digs mostly
in the Hell Creek Formation in the Western Dakotas. "It helps fund the digs which are costly,
and funding for sciences is difficult."
Like Gary Mason, Rob has been a teacher and, also like Gary, he took his first degree in art.
He recently moved to the Mendocino Coast from Aurora, Illinois, with his artist-writer wife
Sondra and, new in town, happened to wander into Beautiful Earth. "I was really impressed
by Gary's sense of aesthetic in the choices he makes," says Rob. "I've been doing this long
enough to recognize that Gary has very interesting selections at great prices." Eavesdropping in the shop one day—impossible not to do given the intimacy of the space—Rob heard
someone ask Gary about ammonites, and "the educator in me came out," says Rob. "I
started giving them the nickel tour on ammonites, then Gary jumped in with a little ammonite model, pointing out anatomical we were tag-teaming like we had worked
When Gary had the opportunity to return
to school in the early 2000s, he found
that Chico State University had a small
and excellent geology department, so
he moved to Chico and enrolled. Experience, age, and background put him
ahead of the game, and soon he was
hired to teach the mineralogy lab, "getting a grade and getting paid at the same
time," says Gary, who earned his degree in geology in two-and-a-half years.
While at Chico State he had taken some
museum classes, which prompted him to
enroll in Museum Studies at San Francisco State College.
While doing museum work at the California Academy of Sciences, Gary discovered that he loved teaching and moved
to Harrisonburg, Virginia after learning
of the state's shortage of earth science
teachers. "It was a blast," recalls Gary,
an enthusiastic teacher whose sophisticated hands-on labs and cool field trips
produced successful students, but after
ABOVE: Gary Mason, geologist and owner of Beautiful Earth, preparing specimens for display and sale
in his shop.
Earth – Continued on Page 6
Real Estate Magazine May 24, 2017 Page 5
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Page 6 Real Estate Magazine May 24, 2017
Earth – Continued from Page 4
360 million years ago is food for the intellect
as well as the aesthetic," says Rob.
ABOVE: Beautiful Earth hosted Meet a Paleontologist in March. Rob Sula is a field paleontologist who
goes on annual digs and has added at least thirty specimens to the shop's fossil collection. Here Julian
Norman-Guarachi examines a crinoid fossil from Indiana with Rob in the background.
out a routine. And I didn't even know Gary's name yet!"
Needless to say, Gary and Rob hit it off, leading to the Meet a Paleontologist event and to
Rob's working at Beautiful Earth Mondays and Tuesdays. Besides their similar backgrounds
both in art and science, both former educators have a knack for teaching and love to share
their knowledge and zeal. Many are the ways to arrive at rock-mania, but "it's all about
wonder, sort of like how art gets people excited," says Rob. Fossils can be beautiful on
many levels, he says, and refers to a large piece featuring Orthoceras just purchased by
first-time customer Kristine Carpenter visiting from Yuba City. She plans to use the impressive 360-million-year-old Moroccan piece as a focal point in her guest room. "I used to
collect shells, but now I love rocks...I love the history and math behind it all," says Kristine,
barely containing her glee and pride of ownership. Rob agrees that it is undeniably pleasing
to the eye, "but the idea that these animals—very intelligent, communal animals—lived
Like Gary, Rob loves when kids come in the
shop. Just four years old when he cracked
open an ironstone concretion during a field
trip to the Mazon Creek in northern Illinois, he
found a perfect fern inside. "I couldn't believe
it! How could this be possible? I was hooked."
A few years later at Chicago's Field Museum
of Natural History he had a close encounter
with a coelacanth being prepared for taxidermy. This prehistoric fish was thought to
have gone extinct sixty-six million years ago
until one was caught and thus rediscovered
in Madagascar in 1938; young Rob, oblivious to museum protocol, was compelled to
reach out and touch the specimen, feeling an
instant electric surge and connection with it.
"The wonder of these ancient lives and ancient places they came from that are concurrent with the world we live in now has never
left me. I love the idea of being able to timetravel via these things. When you look up at
the night sky you are looking at light that is
in some cases up to fourteen billion years old.
The only authentic time-travel is astronomy
and paleontology."
ABOVE: Window at Beautiful Earth displaying a
forty-five-million-year-old fossil of Diplomystus
dentatus from Eden Valley, Wyoming and celestite from Madagascar.
Rob has added about thirty specimens to Beautiful Earth's bounty, including a vertebrae
from "a little gazelle-like dinosaur called Thescelosaurus," a bunch of Triceratops teeth
from South Dakota, fossil jellyfish from Illinois, and the nose horn of a Triceratops, all of
which he personally found in North Dakota. "...and because everybody knows about dinosaurs but are less familiar with other fossils," says Rob, "it's really fun for me to be able to
give a little lesson on some of these other animals, say, trilobites which were a super dominant life-form for four hundred million years." He recently had the opportunity to enlighten
some visitors who were skeptical about the origins of some of the shop's crystals—natural
or man-made? Rob pulled up on his computer information about thirty-foot-long crystals
Earth – Continued on Page 13
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Build your dream home on ocean view and meadows property in Albion — Six acres located
near beaches, fine dining, and the village of Mendocino. Building envelope has been established; well is in, and property comes with
a septic design by Carl Rittiman. Reports available for archaeological, botanical, rock road in, electricity pole on the property. Five-
Bill Lamb
acre property next door with well in and many reports done is also available. Take advantage of having first choice, or buy them both
Each parcel offered at $329,000. MLS 25577/25578.
BRE #01981052
for an 11+ acre estate property!
Mendocino Realty Company welcomes the Mendocino Film Festival!
BRE Number 01845615
Page 8 Real Estate Magazine May 24, 2017
Phillip R. Jago
Carol L. Gilmore
Sales Associate
Josie V. Swenson
Sales Associate
Lorrie Jean Glover
Sales Associate
365 Cypress Street | Fort Bragg • Office: 707.964.0708
45061 Little Lake Street | Mendocino • Office: 707.937. 214 5
Custom country home in the sunny East Hanson neighborhood enclave where peace, privacy, and pride of ownership prevail. The main
home offers an inviting open floor plan, spacious living room and parlor, vaulted ceilings,
and a gourmet kitchen. High output Fisher and
Paykel range perfectly complements a woodburning Kitchen Queen stove. Large master suite with walk-in closet, private bath,
and attached office and studio offer nice
separation from other bedrooms. Convenient
with an oversized two-car garage, multiple
storage rooms, exercise studio, 2,500 gallon water storage, purification systems,
generator, fenced gardens, and dog run.
Second unit is set back from the main home
with its own yard, power meter, and propane.
MLS# 25851 $675,000
Ocean views and views of Mendocino. Comptche
Ukiah Road. Property south of Stranford Inn entrance.
12+ acres on three contiguous parcels zoned RR-5.
Borders Mendocino campgrounds at the top of the hill.
Older residence. Many possibilities. A special spot that
has not been available for decades.
MLS# 25438 $550,000
Beautiful landscaping complements the
country setting for this home on just under an
acre. In addition to the main house, there is a
separate unit above the garage with its own
entry as well as its own bathroom and a lovely
deck. Vaulted ceilings and skylights as well as
plenty of counter space, storage, and stainless
steel appliances. Forced-air heat and a wood
stove. The two-car garage has an attached
carport. Outside there is plenty of space to
entertain and lots of established gardens, a
greenhouse, and even a small pond amongst
the gardens.
MLS# 25771 $499,000
High level of craftsmanship throughout.
Great distant views of the ocean and most of
the town. Near CV Starr Aquatic Center and
schools. A non-bearing wall was removed to
double the size of the master bedroom. Great
light and sheltered backyard. There is an attached complete stand-alone studio unit with
separate entrance. It could also be a nice quiet office or extra bedroom. See this property to
appreciate it.
MLS# 25396 $395,000
Lovely country property! Inviting 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath
home with office space and finished double-car garage
with electric opening doors. Fireplace with “country” insert or propane wall heater. Remodeled kitchen with gas
stove/oven. This picturesque property is set up with two
stables each with two double Dutch doors, planked floors,
and graded rock entrance. Fenced and cross-fenced with
secure gates. Newly roofed outbuildings include hay barn,
chicken house, and tack/storage room. Close to beaches,
state park, and miles of trails. There is also a yard space
for a R.V. Hookups for septic, water, and propane remain
from a previous 1,200 ft. manufactured care unit. Landscaped with fruit trees. For the pet dog, a doggie door in
the home entrance opens to the dog run and a fenced
yard. The office space is situated with a half bath.
MLS# 25831 $419,000
The owners have paid attention to details in this
classic revival, even using copper flashing and restoring
the original hardwood floors. A recent major renovation
brought better insulation, new electrical wiring and
panel, new perimeter foundation, new plumbing, Milgard windows, and skylights. The kitchen was finished
with granite countertops and a propane stove/oven.
Tall ceilings and plenty of light. The upstairs unfinished
office has a view out to the ocean. The French doors
open to a deck. Choice of forced-air propane heat or a
woodstove. The newly paved alley provides access to
a cement pad for parking. MLS# 25835 $375,000
Vintage retail space with Fort Bragg charm. Tin
ceilings/walls with a second-floor mezzanine makes it a
real gem. Prime location and the perfect size floor plan
for any retail space such as clothing or antique store as
is used now. Large area in the back. Street parking for
customers with easy access to the front of the building.
MLS# 25870 $269,500 or
| Bluff Top | Ocean View | $895,000
TRAILER COVE PARK | 32800 Highway 20 | $119,000
Three bedroom, 2 bath spacious home in an adult park.
Picture yourself atop a hillside
with calming views of ocean, forest and mountain; 20
acres of serene nature. 2,100 square feet of living
space with gracious room for entertaining and guest
accommodations. Huge workshop and large bonus
room—ready to customize for your own purpose. Trex
decking, easy to maintain. Home is recently painted
and includes a fifty-year roof. RV hookups and some
level land—room for just about anything. Owner might
Carry a Loan. MLS 25689
Open floor plan—kitchen, dining
room, and living room. Kitchen features newer appliances. Bar that
easily seats four and vinyl flooring.
Separate dinning area. Living room
has high ceilings, big windows,
and faces the Noyo Harbor area.
Largest bedroom has walk-in closet, private bathroom. Yard is
fenced and has small grassy area as well as established lowmaintenance landscaping. New deck off living room is perfect for
capturing the morning sun. Close to all conveniences. MLS 25688
Serving Lake & Coastal Mendocino
You can reach her directly at
Lic. No. 1933522
707. 272.1122
Re/Max Gold in Lakeport | 1675 South Main Street | Lakeport, California 95453
Ginabelle Smith
707.262.5700 x 107
Real Estate Magazine May 24, 2017 Page 9
Celebrating Over 50 Years of Excellence and Integrity
Automatic e-mails available for new listings, price reductions and foreclosures. • To access our listings and to view all listings in the area go to
MENDOCINO  1061 MAIN STREET 707 9375822
OCEANFRONT AT ELK CREEK—Rarely is a property
available that combines dramatic ocean views along with
the ever-changing scenic splendor of an estuary interacting with the ocean below. This custom, 3 bedroom, 3.5
bath home, designed by an award-winning architect, is
perched on an 8± acre blufftop parcel above Elk Creek. The
south-facing orientation allows for maximum warmth from
the sun as you gaze over the waves dancing and crashing
against the rocks and shoreline down the coast where the
Point Arena Lighthouse is visible in the distance. The home
was designed with mindful purpose of creating breathtaking views from every room. You will enjoy the comforts of hardwood floors with radiant heating, natural lighting, and modern amenities while being appreciative of the design of this home that provokes
thoughts of the rugged Mendocino Coast it resides over.
imagination—this dramatic west-facing
home offers unparalleled white water ocean
views from every room. Perched above Navarro Beach, this modern, 2 bedroom, 3 bath
home designed by Leventhal & Schlosser
takes full advantage of this coastal setting.
Soak in the soothing sights and sounds of the
Pacific from the enclosed spa/sauna room or a garden path or deck or from any room within the
house and feel one with the surroundings. It’s truly a peaceful and restorative experience. Thoughtful
design is evident at every turn from the inviting and gracious floor plan to fireplaces strategically located throughout, to the landscaped garden paths. The original owners are selling this treasure after
many years with this as their much loved retreat.
(25896) $2,195,000
BIG RIVER COTTAGE—This Craftsman Cottage
is situated a short distance from Mendocino village
yet provides a tranquil setting to rest and relax with
a view of Big River Beach, river, state park and Pacific
beyond. Built in 1988 of full-size old-growth redwood
and stone, the small but elegant cottage is a gem. Live,
dine, and sleep overlooking the park and river through
large picture windows. The home has two bedrooms,
two baths, decks and lots of windows. The living room
is accented with a river rock fireplace. Once upon a time
there was a trail to the beach from the home. Separate
from the home is a two-car garage, workshop below, and above is a guest room with bath. Enjoy the
mature gardens below and treetop vistas from the guest room above the garage. Breathtaking!
(25336) $875,000
WONDER IN THE WOODS—Nestled among redwoods,
yet minutes from Mendocino village, this round house has
an open, flowing floor plan. Circular design of three bedrooms, two baths, mudroom/laundry, kitchen, dining, and
living room is fluid and opens to a wraparound deck. The
living room, dining, and kitchen area share high ceilings
while bedrooms have a lower ceiling making them feel cozy
and inviting. A granny unit is adjacent to the detached garage, carport, and separate workshop. This is perfect for
the buyer who possesses creativity, vision, and tools. It’s an
opportunity one simply can’t ignore.
(25611) $545,000
STUNNING NORTH COAST INN—Nestled in peaceful
seclusion on a blufftop overlooking 42± acres of dramatic
beachfront, this inn consists of a seven-room, Craftsmanstyle mansion that was built in 1883; eight luxury oceanfront cottage suites with fireplaces and ocean views; and a
fully-equipped spa facility. Set back from the road, the inn is
surrounded by native trees, a creek, stunning gardens, and
private access stairs leading to the driftwood-strewn beach
below. Local shops and restaurants are within easy walking distance. The picturesque town of Mendocino is twenty
minutes to the north and the thirty+ vineyards of the Anderson Valley are a thirty-minute drive through the redwood forest to the east. (25681) $4,500,000
OCEANFRONT PARCEL WITH PERMITS—Approved Coastal Development Permit for this architecturally stunning, 3,100 sq. ft., 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home with attached three-car garage. Level
lot in an area of fine homes. A pristine cove will be outside your doorstep while the white water views
on the point draw your attention towards the open ocean beyond. There is plenty of ocean access with
state parks and beaches in close proximity. Conveniently located between the services in Fort Bragg
and the shops and galleries of Mendocino village. (25873) $695,000
Barry Cusick, Broker Assoc. 813-8430
Cheri Osborne, Broker Assoc. 357-4414
Jim Eldridge, Broker Assoc. 813-8134
Sarah Schoeneman, Realtor 937-1183
Johanna Hopper, Realtor® 937-1671
Bob Jetton, Broker Assoc. 734-0417
Art Love, Broker Assoc. 972-6585
Phyllis St. John, Broker Assoc. 937-5822
Greg Burke, Broker 489-7027
FORT BRAGG  703 NORTH MAIN STREET 707 9643610
Well-maintained home, beautiful hardwood
floors, and fresh paint inside and out. Jet
jacuzzi tub, custom built-ins, and fabulous
yard. All this situated in a great location of
(25892) $435,000
PARADISE FOUND—Fabulous well-maintained custom home with classic features
on park-like surroundings. Open floor plan
with a warm and inviting feel include southfacing windows offering plenty of natural
sunlight. Good storage areas, Flagstone fireplace with airtight wood stove, new propane
forced-air system, custom built-ins, two-car
attached garage with additional double bay
detached garage for RV or boat. Nice deck
with great view of property. Beautiful landscaping with many exotic rhododendrons with two ponds, greenhouse, and fenced-in garden area.
Private driveway with ample parking. Beaches, parks and trails nearby.
(25848) $650,000
WHITE WATER OCEANFRONT GETAWAY—Warm and inviting home designed
to take in the great white water views along
with outdoor observation deck which looks
out over a private cove. Outside built-in barbecue with patio is an additional plus for your
relaxation and enjoyment. Interior features include forced-air heat along with pellet stove;
Corian countertops in kitchen. Ample storage
throughout home. Vaulted ceilings with tasteful use of wood and custom lighting. Bathrooms feature custom tile and glass work including vessel
sinks all tastefully done. Sunroom on upper story provides a nice warm place to sit and look out to the
sea. Quality materials with thoughtful design make this a great home. Views from almost all rooms.
All items in home go with sale. Fully furnished.
(25770) $1,200,000
CYPRESS COTTAGE Charming property with
new finished house (2016). Barn and several other
outbuildings and small cottage needing renovation (permits granted). This 5.8 acre parcel has
a seasonal stream, mature cypress trees, inviting
forest, meadows and trails. Potential for an organic
farm, vacation rental, family retreat.
(25800) $545,000
COASTAL COTTAGE—Cottage by the sea! This home located west of Highway 1 is included in one of Fort Bragg’s
prime subdivisions. Have fun adding your ersonal touches
to this 1,800± sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 2 bath home into your wn
beach cottage. Sea- and sand-colored large stone chimney
at the front of the home will invite you in. Fireplace, open
kitchen, skylight in master bath, and a large bonus room that
looks out onto over an acre of land that offers plenty of room
for you to develop your own barbecue and firepit area. Hare
Creek beach is just steps away. Let the sounds of the ocean
serenade you as you end your day.
(25757) $488,500
RESIDENTIAL WITH COMMERCIAL ZONING—3 bedroom, 2 bath cottage nestled among native trees; other plantings and whimsical trails also lead over a bridge to a detached
guest sleeping quarters creating a country feel all while in
close proximity to Fort Bragg services. The detached studio
and commercial zoning is unique to this location allowing
multiple work and live scenarios. Highway 1 visibility and
access highlights your need for artist gallery, workshop or retail
destination. Bring your dreams and contemplate coastal living
while enjoying your morning coffee or evening meal relaxing
on the sheltered patio.
(25502) $379,000
John Kruzic, Realtor® 357-0354 Dale Simpson, Realtor® 530-859-0964
Linda Simpson, Realtor® 813-0964 Chuck Meissner, Realtor® 684-6388
Greg Burke, Broker 489-7027
Page 10 Real Estate Magazine May 24, 2017
bulk organic
planting mixes
topsoil & mulches
17975 North Highway One Fort Bragg CA 95437 | 707 964 4211
[email protected] |
18300 Old Coast Highway, Fort Bragg, CA 95437 Across From The Botanical Gardens
Office: (707) 964-1888 • Fax: (707) 964-8408
Robert Armitage, Realtor® • Gregory Menken, Broker
View All Mendocino Coast listings at:
Specializing in
Short Sales
and Distressed
AT THE END OF A QUIET LANE you will find a hidden gem. The
main house has an open floor plan between kitchen, dining and
living rooms with picture windows that gaze out to a stunning
white water vista. The spacious upstairs master suite offers great
views and a full bath with heated floor. The detached guest unit
offers a sweet spot for friends or family to enjoy their privacy.
Both units feature new carpet.
(25859) $899,000
OUT OF THE COASTAL ZONE but walking distance to MacKerricher State Park. This is one of the last available lots in
this desirable subdivision with reasonable CC&Rs. A beautiful redwood forest with year-round creek borders the
property on the east. Excellent sun exposure. Underground
power is onsite as well as a drilled well. Owner may finance
with sufficient down payment. (25877) $229,000
EXTENSIVELY REMODELED single-story home with an open
floor plan. Historic old growth redwood panels are offset by
fir ceilings and refinished white oak floors. Two master suites
offer custom baths with rain-shower heads. The new kitchen
includes stainless steel appliances. There’s a new roof, exterior
paint, and newly drilled well with 3,200 gallon water storage tank. It’s a turn-key vacation rental with all furnishings
(25629) $598,000
HERE IS A RARE find: 23± acres just minutes from the city
of Fort Bragg, schools, and services. In an open meadow of
this large parcel you will find the old homestead, a two-car
garage, many outbuildings, and apple trees. This is a terrific
opportunity to build your dream home in this beautiful setting.
(25514) $475,000
THIS IS THE BEAUTIFUL parcel at the corner of Westwood
and Shady Lane that catches your eye with magnificent redwoods and firs. Out of the coastal zone, the property has
power to the property line and a good producing drilled
well. The leach field is installed and the permit for an aerobic
septic system is current. Seller is a qualified installer and may
complete the system at a reduced cost.
(25050) $193,000
WITH DECADES OF “GOODWILL” this popular vacation rental
property has a long list of repeat clients. The home features
cedar interior walls, clerestory windows and an abundance of
natural light. The open floor plan between kitchen, living, and
dining room promotes conversation and companionship. Property ownership includes gate access to six miles of white sand
and driftwood strewn Irish Beach.
(25792) $535,000
and septic system are already installed. There’s a level area
for new home construction. The property is in the coastal
exclusion zone for quicker permitting. It’s in a close-in location
near town and shopping. Depending on future home location
this property could have some ocean views. Get your permit
and build!
(25654) $139,000
view homesite for your dream home. Quiet west of Highway
1 location with remarkable long-range vistas. Beach access
through private gate to miles of sandy and driftwood-covered
beach. Seller may carry with sufficient down payment.
(23915) $84,900
MATURE REDWOODS and ferns with open area for your new
home. On a quiet dead-end street with beautiful homes, this is
truly an unique parcel. There is an easement for mutual water
and plenty of water in the area should you want to drill your
own well. Some soils work has been done. Build your dream
home or getaway cottage here and be one with nature. Just a
few minutes’ drive to shopping and markets. (25846) $149,000
Real Estate Magazine May 24, 2017 Page 11
NPR and Public Radio's Morning Edition, Fresh Air,
All Things Considered, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me,
On The Media, This American Life, The World,
Democracy Now, The Takeaway, TED Radio, and more.
Fine art, crafts, and
from over 200 regional
and nationally known
american artists
and craftspeople
Your Favorite Programs Are Closer Than You Think.
KZYX: FM Radio •・ 90.7 •・ 91.5 •・ 88.1
highlight gallery
Since 1978
45094 Main Street 707 937 3132
Premium roofing and seamless
gutter services for the
discerning property owner.
Ukiah 462-ROOF
Coast 964-ROOF
CA LIC# 806498
Gale Beauchamp Realty 345 Cypress | Fort Bragg, CA 95437 |
TEL: 707.964.5532
Lonne Way is a lovely cul-de-sac of newer
homes in the southeast area of Fort Bragg
and the location for this attractive home.
At 1,792 sq. ft., the spacious rooms with
nine-foot ceilings are bright and open.
The very large living area has great room
style with open kitchen and gleaming tile
island plus a dining area opening to the
patio. Two bedrooms, two baths, and an
oversized dream laundry room with sewing table, lots of storage, sink, and room
for appliances. Attached double garage, paved off-street parking area suited to an RV or
boat and a garden shed, too. The huge master bath has a large tub, a stall shower, and a
walk-in closet. A spotless interior awaits the new owners!
Impressive southwest oceanviews are the
focus here. Oriented for the wonderful
views and a sense of privacy, this well
built home has a cozy, comfortable feel
with oak floors throughout, woodstove
and forced air heat and a natural setting.
A small sunroom off the kitchen is a great
feature bringing the outdoors in. Second
story master bedroom has exceptional
views and spacious bath with walk-in
style shower, a guest bedroom and bath
plus a 21x9 office or 3rd bedroom. Attached 464 sq.ft. garage and west decks, enclosed
patio area with detached storage shed adjacent. Head out from home for miles of
beautiful trails or be downtown in three minutes!
(25683) $530,000
Gale Beauchamp, BROKER
Carol Ann Walton, REALTOR®
Robin Pfeil, REALTOR®
Masha Bychkova, REALTOR®
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Work at home—This charming home lends
itself to a home occupation with an ideal
location at the very south end of Fort Bragg
commercial area. This very long and narrow
lot offers a good parking area outside the
gated driveway. Once inside, a lovely driveway along the south line leads from the
house to a 20 ft. x 27 ft. shop and the fully
fenced yard behind it. This 2 bedroom, 1.5
bath home has a remodeled kitchen, and
lodge-like living room with open-beam ceiling and rock fireplace. Also an entry room
from the parking area and a large room that is currently a small business location but
could be a third bedroom. Freshly painted inside with a new half bath and a yard ready to
burst into bloom. Picket fences and gates separate the various garden areas and driveway.
(25867) $359,000
Artistic, all-wood, custom, 1,526 sq.ft.
home and extra-large garage have new
roofs and a new septic system to be completed in June. Beautiful fir floors, cedar
and redwood construction, and artful
etched glass touches with handcarved
dolphin door handles enhance this 2
bedroom, 2 bath home. Open floor plan
downstairs features many sunny windows
and a Jotul woodstove on tile hearth. The
master bedroom has a sitting area, walk-in
closet and three balconies. A detached 20 ft. x 36 ft. garage is rough plumbed for a
bathroom; RV hookup on property, too.
(25435) $445,000
BRE# 01220296
E-Mail: [email protected]
45010 Ukiah Street • P.O. Box 726, Mendocino, CA 95460
OPEN HOUSE! • MAY 27 • 10:00 A.M. TO 3:00 P.M
5988 Lodge Lane, Little River
Highway 1, west on Andiron Road, right on Lodge Lane to sign.
Three bedroom, 2
bath, spacious home
with views from most
rooms! 7.5+ acres with
spacious barn. Great
location for horses,
animals, and gardens!
Offered at $850,000
Hise ArCHiteCts
Nice ocean views from this Irish
Beach parcel with gated access
to a large stretch of beach for
enjoying the mighty Pacific Ocean.
Good neighborhood with easy access from Highway 1. Mutual water and a current septic permit
ready to install. Lighthouse and
ocean views galore! Easy to build
property offers a one-time exclusion from needing a CDP. This is a
great find!
Offered at $169,000
707 744 1921
Thomas Hise AIA Architect | Builder
[email protected]
ca lic no C14042 B369767
580 Vichy Hills Drive Ukiah CA 95482
Over 40 years combined experience — 120 years of local family history
Burdick Realty
The only Mother & Son Team successfully serving the coast
bath home that has been superbly maintained and located conveniently in the heart of the village with a bay view. Office and large
laundry room with plenty of storage. Perimeter fencing allows you
privacy on this extra-large lot with a spacious backyard, two-car garage with alley access, two apple trees, and mature shrubs. Newer
southern-facing deck with ocean view, two wells, and storage tank.
Property has many possibilities, zoned MC-12K. Truly a Mendocino
Dream and all within a ten-minute walk to the beach and ocean.
(24796) $799,000
Lic. No. 01132984
Count on Real™ | Thanks more than ever...for all you do.
Navarro River Estuary, state beach and ocean views
from this Navarro Ridge 4.23± acres with old trailer. Daffodils in profusion about now. Full boundary and topography
survey, older soils work. Restfully sweet site for sweet home.
TWO LEVEL ACRES with a 2,100 sq. ft. barn. Septic is in for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. Good producing drilled well hooked up to barn.
Barn has a 1,000 sq. ft. loft, ideal for your imagination. Fenced and
perfect horse property. Walking distance to MacKerricher State Park.
(25853) $397,000
18.5+/- acres of beautiful forestland crossing Little
Salmon Creek. Tiny Home, drilled well, open building sites,
and end-of-road privacy. About a half mile to school. Sounds
of wind, birds and water. $495,000
Oceanfront 2.5+/- acres above Navarro Beach.
Amazing camping parcel. Walk
to forever, surf, and
river dreams. Financing considered. $179,000
Oceanfront and Beach (on and above Navarro Beach)
camping parcel; 4.3+/-acres pedestrian and non-motorized
vehicle (Old Coast Highway 1) accessible. Raw and likely not
buildable. Watch the play of endless surf, river, waves,
birds and whales, up-close. Why ever leave? $200,000
20+/- acres of Navarro River frontage close to Navarro
State Beach, Elk, Albion, Mendocino —and the joys of the
coast. Incredible bird life; leaf-air stands of alder, and broad,
level, rich meadow. $200,000
phone: 707-YES-BEST (707.937.2378) | [email protected]
AN EXQUISITE PARCEL close to Fort Bragg which includes a 12 ft.
x 56 ft. older mobile home with an addition and a large deck. Two
bedrooms, two baths, plus mature landscaped gardens and groves
of redwoods. Two wells, RV hookup pad, and large two-car garage.
Many extras on this property.
(25883) $285,000
Bobby Burdick, Realtor®
[email protected]
Melanie “Sis” Burdick, Broker
[email protected]
P.O. Box 343 • 10502 Nichols Lane
Mendocino, CA 95460 • 707-937-3176
Real Estate Magazine May 24, 2017 Page 13
Earth – Continued from Page 6
grand opening
number 8 albion street | mendocino
ABOVE: The youngest and oldest specimens
at Beautiful Earth: (Left) three-year-old halite salt crystals from Southern California
and (Right) a pre-solar system meteorite
found in northwest Africa. LEFT: A table
with some hands-on specimens including a rattle rock full of loose crystals and
148-million-year-old dinosaur dung.
deep in a Mexican cave to show them these things in nature. "Their minds were blown,"
says Rob. "The idea that those folks happened in here as so many people do, and then expanded their minds to this whole realm they had no idea about is pretty cool." It is hard to
leave Beautiful Earth without some mind expansion, no matter who is keeping shop.
Sixteen-year-old Cloe Tarlton is another rock hound who, like paleontologist Rob Sula, happened into Beautiful Earth one day, hit it off with Gary, and ended up working in the shop.
The Fort Bragg High School junior comes in once a month to clean specimens and to generally tidy up. "Gary tells me about the specimens, and since he used to be a teacher, he's
really good about explaining these things," says Cloe. "Learning about how they formed
and how old they are is kind of mind-blowing." Her personal collection numbers about
thirty specimens right now, but at Beautiful Earth she is most drawn to the jaw-dropping
amethyst quartz prominently displayed in the window, a 130-pound Brazilian specimen
containing iron and titanium that stops most passers-by.
Gary Mason well knows the attraction rocks can hold for us and appreciates the healing
properties of gems and minerals "which can't really be explained." In vibrational healing,
which the Chinese have practiced for over fifteen hundred years, the appropriate minerals are determined for the particular patient, then left overnight in water which is drunk
directly next day; the water is replenished and continued to be taken. Gary says "I know
that when I am extraordinarily attracted to a stone, I take it home, lie down and set it on
my chest, and interesting things happen to my body—a very pleasant energy rushing up
and down my body. The same thing can happen with laying on of hands or acupuncture.
It's all related—it's moving your chi or your kundalini energy or whatever you want to call
it." Gary has had hundreds of such personal experiences and says, “You can be a spiritual
person and a scientist. Just because I don't have an instrument to measure it doesn't mean
it doesn't exist. It just means we don't have any instruments to measure it."
707 937 2447
Step inside Beautiful Earth and surround yourself in eons of energy, and mingle with the
astonishing forces of Nature. Be dazzled by her sparkling bounty, and chat it up with a
friendly, engaging science nerd. A lovely way to pass a few moments in the midst of epochs.
Resource List
Beautiful Earth in the Depot Mall
401 Main Street, Suite 203 Fort Bragg, CA 95437 707.962.3038
Open 7 days 10:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.
Other sites and resources: The world's largest public database of mineral information "Content and connectivity for rockhounds"
Mendocino Coast Gem & Mineral Society
17300 Franklin Road
Fort Bragg, CA 95437 707.964.1430
Meets second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. with a potluck dinner at 6:00 p.m.
Lapidary shop open Mondays 5:00 p.m.–9:00 p.m.
Mary Anning
Museums in Lyme Regis that feature fossils and Mary Anning:
Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing by Gurudas (channeled through Kevin
Ryerson) REM
Ocean air
Craft Fair &
Summer Swap
Outdoor Summer Swap for Kids’ Clothes and Gear,
and Summertime Supplies
Saturday, June 24
11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Community Center of Mendocino
There will be face painting, kid’s activities, and games.
Spaces are available for vending merchandise, sliding scale.
More information at: [email protected]
HOsted by MendO cOast MaMas
MendOcinO cOast cHildren’s Fund
Public Service Announcement Courtesy of Real Estate Magazine
Page 14 Real Estate Magazine May 24, 2017
For more detailed information and photos, and to search
the MLS, visit
Tranquil Setting
Irish Beach White Water Views
Private and Spacious Property
Classic Ocean Views in Gated Community!
3bd/2ba home with over 2,000 sq. ft. of living space
Lighthouse views from this 3bd/2ba home
Almost 1,900 sq. ft. home, 3bd/2ba, on 4 acres
Contemporary Home with 3bd/3ba; built in 2004
Vaulted ceilings, pine plank walls, clearstory windows
High energy-efficient, south-facing solarium/spa room
Brazilian cherry wood floors, cathedral pine ceilings
Tall windows and glass doors to ocean views
Warming solarium provides passive heat
Rooftop observation deck, upstairs loft, two-car garage
Custom cabinetry, granite countertops and walk-in pantry
Walk-in closets and exquisite, tiled bathrooms
Guest unit, two-car garage, and two workshops
Gated access to six-mile-long beach
Large decks, hot tub, barn, coop, and guest unit
Covered decks with a hot tub
Little River (25887) $949,000
Manchester (25850) $849,000
Fort Bragg, (25886) $599,000
Albion (25279) $599,000
Near to Schools and Village
Quiet and Serene
Close to the Best of Town
Open Meadows and Long Vistas
3bd/2ba two-story home east of Mendocino
Private, forest location for 2bd/1ba home
Large, 4bd/3ba home close to schools
Just over 3.5 acres east of town
Masterful home on a quiet lane
Open floor plan, skylights, open-beam ceilings
Located on a quiet cul-de-sac
Recently and responsibly logged
Original hardwood floors plus tile in mudroom
Second studio unit with attached workshop
New roof, flooring, and fresh paint
Four miles inland with great sun exposure
Detached garage with a loft and other outbuildings
Mature gardens and majestic old-growth redwood
Garage with workshop and storage
Well in place; multiple building pads
Mendocino (25430) $530,000
Fort Bragg (25861) $429,000
Fort Bragg (25890) $429,000
Fort Bragg (25869) $230,000
3bd/2ba Successful vacation rental near to town, Mendo
2bd/2.5ba Log cabin on 2.2 acre homestead, Fort Bragg
3bd/2ba Country paradise, horse property, Comptche
2bd/1ba Splendid home near town, meadows & trees. F.B.
3bd/2ba Custom home, panoramic ocean views. Manchester MLS#25850
2bd/1ba Completely updated cottage in Cleone
Multi-family dwelling/land, 20 acres, Manchester
2bd/1ba Clean home, quiet lane, second studio unit. F.B.
3bd/2ba Tudor home, 40 acres, valley views, Philo
4bd/3ba Near to schools and community center, Fort Bragg MLS#25890
3bd/2ba Custom home, 14+ acres, guest unit, wshps, L.R. MLS#25887
Studio cabin on 24+ acres on ocean view ridge, Albion
2bd/2ba Blufftop, vacation rental in Irish Beach, Man.
3bd/2ba Craftsman-style home near schools/village, Mendo. MLS#25430
2bd/2ba Oceanfront home with additional cottage, Elk
2bd/2ba Beautiful custom home in Redwoods, F.B.
3bd/1ba on 39+ acres near tranquil Little Valley, F.B.
Home and rental property on the Pacific Edge, Elk
3bd/3ba Ocean views, ranch-style, barn, 3 acres, Irish Bch. MLS#25568
2bd/1.25ba 160 acres, river front, yurts, studio, Fort Bragg MLS#25316
3bd/1ba Craftsman-style home in village, Mendocino
3bd/2.5ba Contemporary ocean view home, private, Albion MLS#25279
Historic fishery with river frontage, Noyo Harbor, Fort Bragg MLS#25571
3bd/2ba Updated custom home, detached bedroom, F.B.
Highly visible commercial building, Point Arena
Level, frontage property on Road 409; 1.42 acres, Mend.
Lighthouse & Ocean views in Irish Beach, Manchester
Ocean view lot with approved house plans, Irish Beach
Second frontage property on Road 409; 1.41 acres, Mendo.
10+ acres, electricity on property, Little River
2+ Acres Private meadows, well and power ready, F.B.
2.5 acres of commercial land west of Highway 1, Fort Bragg
2.25 acres of commercial land west of Highway 1, F.B.
3.5 acres sunny meadows, 4-miles inland, bldg. sites, F.B.
1.5 acres with well, septic, power, near town, Mendo.
Beautiful 20-acre parcel located in Caspar.
Oceanfront parcel with permits/house plans, Albion
Ocean view 24+ acres in sunbelt with cabin, Albion
174+ acres of forest land on Irmulco Road, Willits
Beautiful 39+ acre homesite with redwoods and trails, F.B
Half acre, Cleared, ocean view lot in the village, Mendo
Lot with well, sewer, ocean views, half acre, Mendo.
Village lot, lighthouse and ocean views, half acre, Mendo.
53+ Acres, 4 parcels, possible division, near to town. F.B.
Our team of Brokers and Realtors provide information, listings, and services for all types of Properties including Short Sale, Foreclosure, and Bank-owned Properties.
David Coddington, Broker/Owner 937.3223 • Tracey Coddington, Realtor®/Owner 937.5071 • Mary Cesario Weaver, Realtor® 961.0937
Linda Stock, Broker Associate 937-5073 • Scott Vorhees, Realtor® 937-5071 • Robert Kelsey, Realtor® 964-7649
Rio MacGregor, Realtor® 397-0075 • Birdie Holmes, Realtor® 357-4085 • Office Fax 937-1637
Real Events Calendar
Ongoing, 2017
Mondays—Weekly vigils at Mike Thompson’s office,
Franklin Street, Fort Bragg, 10:00 a.m.
Mondays—Drop-in English Country Dance, 6:45 p.m.
to 7:45 p.m., C.V. Starr Community Center, 300 South
Lincoln Street, Fort Bragg; $6 at the door.
Mondays—Caspar Winter Farmers Market, November–April, 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. This market is provided by a co-operative of local farmers and friends. Local
artists and crafts people will be there, too. Questions?
Contact Susie Jason at 964-3409. Caspar Community
Center at 15051 Caspar Road in Caspar.
Mondays—Mantra Chanting, with Nansee New, 12:30
p.m. to 1:30 p.m. We chant mantras for one continuous
hour to recorded call and response music. Chant-books
provided. No experience required. By donation. Community Coaching and Mediation Center (CCMC), 337
Redwood Avenue, Room D, Fort Bragg; 964-6841.
Mondays—Miracles Study Course with Micah Sanger,
2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. All levels welcome. By donation.
Community Coaching and Mediation Center (CCMC),
337 Redwood Avenue, Room D, Fort Bragg; 964-6841.
Mondays—Redwood Coast Seniors Kitchen Garden
Workday, 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.; grow food for senior
lunch and Meals on Wheels, 490 North Harold Street,
Fort Bragg, 964-0443.
Tuesdays—Weekly free talks, 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Community Coaching and Mediation Center (CCMC),
337 Redwood Avenue, Room D, Fort Bragg; 964-6841.
10/04: Sandy Eis, “Healing and Hypnotherapy.”
Wednesdays—Drop-in T’ai Chi Chih class for all ages
and conditions, 1:15 p.m. to 2:15 p.m., Fort Bragg Senior Center, 490 North Harold Street; sliding scale fee,
Wednesdays—Mendocino Figure Drawing Collective,
1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Mendocino Art Center. Professional models; $12 fee. Drop-ins welcome. For more
information, call MAC Open Studios, 937-5818 ex. 10.
Wednesdays—Basic Astrology with Lynda Ross, 1:00
p.m. to 2:30 p.m., Starting October 5; Community
Coaching and Mediation Center (CCMC), 337 Redwood
Avenue, Room D, Fort Bragg; 964-6841.
Thursdays—Support group for grandparents raising
grandchildren, 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at Safe Passage
Family Resource Center, 208 Dana Street, Fort Bragg;
964-1931 or 964-3077. With holidays, some meeting
days change.
Thursdays—Bingo; snacks and beverages provided;
7:00 p.m. (doors open at 6:00 p.m.), 490 North Harold
Street; 964-0443.
Fridays—Noyo Food Forest learning garden hands-on
experiences, 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., Fort Bragg High
School; 964-0218.
Fridays—Swing Dancing, 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., Caspar Inn; Free and open to the public.
a true community endeavor working together,
growing an abundance. We meet starting around
11:00 a.m. Lots of space, food, and community;
17 years running. Next to the community center.
Call or show up 937-3037.
First and Third Tuesdays—Irish Set Dance, 6:30
pm. to 8:00 p.m., Apple Farm, 18510 Greenwood Road,
Philo; April 15, May 6, May 20, etc.; information at
964-7525; dance leader Lea Smith; Irish Set Dance
workshops are on-going, and on a drop-in basis. The
more you come, the more you will learn. No partner
necessary. Please wear soft-soled shoes, dance shoes or
dress shoes with low heels are great. No street shoes,
high heels, sneakers, flip-flops, or sandals, please. No
fee, though donations are accepted to pay the caller
and help cover costs. No need to sign up, just show up.
Please arrive a bit early so we can start on time.
First Fridays—Women in Black Peace Vigil, 5:00 p.m.
to 6:00 p.m., Town Hall, Fort Bragg. All are welcome to
come and stand in silence for Peace. You are welcome
to bring a candle.
First Fridays—Fort Bragg Art Walk, BongoLatte Latin
jazz quartet, 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., Headlands Coffeehouse, 120 Laurel Street, Fort Bragg. Free. All ages.
For information, call 964-1987.
Fridays and Saturdays—Dinner music, Mendocino
Hotel; music is from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
First Saturdays—SHARE (Simply Happy About
Raw Eating) network’s Raw Food Potluck, 6:00
p.m.; bring an organic, raw vegan dish for eight
people to share, a plate, eating utensils; upstairs
of the Company Store at Living Light, Fort Bragg;
First Sundays—Fort Bragg Grange Breakfasts: 8:00
a.m. to 11:30 a.m., 26500 North Highway 1 in Inglenook,
six miles north of Fort Bragg on the west side of the highway. Adult menu for $8 includes smoked pit ham, eggs any
style, hash browns with fruit option and all-you-can-eat
pancakes with grangemade berry syrup; Thanksgiving Coffee or hot tea. Additionally one can
purchase fresh squeezed organic carrot juice
as well as organic orange juice. Breakfasts for
children under 6 are $4.
Second Wednesdays—Odd Fellows potluck and open
stage. Bring music, food, and poetry; 428 North Main
Street, Fort Bragg, behind PAWS; doors open by 6:00
p.m.; 961-6099 or 964-2511 on Wednesday.
Second Thursdays—Women In Business Network; onversation, new ideas, connections:
8:00 a.m., Caspar Community Center. More
information at:
Second Fridays—Pub Night, 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Friendly OPEN MIC for singers and musicians: three
songs onstage, sound tech on-site to help you sound
great! Come early and sign up for your spot. Wonderful dinner food, beer, and wine are available for sale
Lots of board games and cards in our library, ping pong
table if desired, skittles table, etc. FREE—all ages welcomed—Join Us!
Second Saturday, even months—Spaghetti dinner,
4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., meat or vegetarian option, salad,
garlic bread, homemade pie or cake, and beverage,
Whitesboro Grange, 1.5 miles east on Navarro Ridge
Road; $8, adults; $4, ages 6–12; free, under 6; 937-5283.
Second Sundays—Jazz Jam hosted by Dorian May;
2:00 p.m to 5:00 p.m., Headlands Coffeehouse, 120 Laurel Street, Fort Bragg. Free. All ages. For information,
call 964-1987.
Third Fridays—The Dorian May Trio; Jazz Piano, 7:00
p.m. to 10:00 p.m., Headlands Coffeehouse, 120 Laurel
Street, Fort Bragg. Free. All ages. For information, call
Third Fridays—Women’s Support Group for Coaches
and Healing Professionals, 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., Community Coaching and Mediation Center (CCMC), 37
Redwood Avenue, Room D, Fort Bragg; 964-6841.
Fourth Wednesdays—Noyo Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society meeting, 7:00 p.m.,
September through April, (third Wednesday in November and third Wednesday in December to avoid
holiday conflicts) Fort Bragg Presbyterian Church.
Short business meeting followed by a speaker; all with
interest in rhododendrons are encouraged to attend;
Fourth Sundays—Grange Pancake Breakfasts: Inland, Little Lake Grange, 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Little
Lake Grange #670, 291 School Street, Willits; $6 for
pancakes, eggs, ham or bacon, juice, and coffee or
tea; Thanksgiving coffee and real maple syrup. Coast,
Whitesboro Grange, 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.; ham and
eggs, pancakes, juice, milk, coffee and teas (herbal
and regular), homemade berry syrup; three miles up
Navarro Ridge Road, just south of Albion village.
Fourth Sundays—Caspar Breakfast The menu varies with the season and includes vegan and glutenfree options. 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. No December
breakfast. Location: Caspar Community Center at
15051 Caspar Road in Caspar Contact: 964-4997 or
[email protected]
Fourth Sunday—Pancake breakfast, 8:00 a.m. to 11:30
a.m., includes organ juice, pancakes, ham, eggs your
way, and beverage; Whitesboro Grange, 1.5 miles east
on Navarro Ridge Road; $8, adults; $4, ages 6–12; free,
under 6; 937-5283.
May, 2017
Ongoing May
Pottery by Alison Gardner
Salt-fired pottery by locally trained artist.
Gallery is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Artists’ Collective in Elk, 6031 South Highway 1
Ongoing–Tues. 05/31
Woodworking Graduation Show
College of the Redwoods Fine Woodworking Program
Real Estate Magazine May 24, 2017 Page 15
Information about your event must be written copy… E-mail, FAX, mail or delivered to our
office. To limit errors and omissions phone messages about events will not be accepted.
A telephone number for information must be included.
Public Service Announcements Courtesy of Real Estate Magazine.
(The Krenov School) presents.
Highlight Gallery; open daily 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at
45094 Main Street, Mendocino
Wed. 05/24
A Reading of Homeland
A short play by Lia Gladstone, commissioned by the
Drilling CompaNY of NYC. Timely and thought-provoking. Read/performed by seasoned actors. Ms. Gladstone
will give a talk-back after the performance.
$10 suggested donation
Mendocino Theatre Company, Mendocino
June, 2017
Thurs. 06/01–Sun. 06/04
Mendocino Film Festival
Sixty-five films representing twenty-three countries.
Varied line-up includes eight Sundance 2017 selections, five Academy Award nominees, an Academy
Award winner, and eight California premieres. This
year marks the greatest number of filmmakers ever to
attend the festival; thirty directors, producers, and editors from Hawaii to New York will attend to screen and
discuss their films.;
Sat. 06/03
Mendocino English Country Dance
Fun, relatively easy, community-oriented dancing with
live music. All dances are taught. No partner is required. Bring potluck food to share and utensils. Calling and instruction by Dan Kozloff.
$10; high school student admitted for free.
Caspar Community Center
Sun. 06/04
Canning Workshop
Marty Johnson’s monthly workshop. This class covers
all aspects for preserving food: pressure canner, water bath, fermentation, and Asian-style pickles. Bring
a cutting board, good knife, apron, and something to
share with the group for lunch.
10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Caspar Community Center,
15051 Caspar Road in Caspar
If you have any questions,
please call Marty at 961-1066.
Next month: Sunday, July 2, 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Sat. 06/10
Gwyneth Moreland, Misner & Smith
Local favorite Gwyneth Moreland shares the stage with
Misner & Smith. No-host bar serving beer and wine,
benefits Caspar Community.
Tickets: $20 at the door, $15 in advance at Icons in
Mendocino, Harvest Market in Fort Bragg or
online at
Doors open at 7:00 p.m.
Music at 7:30 p.m. Location: Caspar Community Center
at 15051 Caspar Road in Caspar
Contact: 964-4997 or [email protected]
Fri. 06/09
The Internationals
Art opening on June 9; art will hang in the gallery until
July 9. Opening night will begin with an introduction to
Commedia Del Arte by Georges Gorges and be followed
by live music by the Midsummer Night Dream Revival
Band and DJ Lichen.
6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Caspar Curiosities, 15160 Caspar Road
Sat. 06/10
Conserving Our Heritage
A show benefiting Mendocino Land Trust by Mendocino Eco Artists. Opening reception 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Show exhibited from June 1 to August 31.
Stanford Inn by the Sea, Coast Highway and
Comptche Ukiah Road
Fri. 06/23
Opening Night Gala Mendocino Coast Garden Tour
Kick off the Mendocino Coast Garden Tour with the
Opening Night Gala at a stunning modern home overlooking Van Damme Bay in Little River. Enjoy wine,
hors d’oeuvres from Wild Fish Restaurant, and live
music performed by Ira Rosenberg and Sally Wells.
5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.;
Sat. 06/24
25th Anniversary Mendocino Coast Garden Tour
Enjoy a behind-the-scenes view of a diverse selection
of seven of the Mendocino Coast’s most magnificent
private gardens—situated between Fort Bragg and
Mendocino—on this self-guided tour. Savor a benefit
lunch at Ravens Restaurant, with choice of three entrees and dessert, and visit a Garden Shop & Plant Sale
at the Mendocino Art Center. In addition, the month
long “Flora and Fauna Exhibition” will be showing
in three of the Art Center’s galleries.
Tour: $40.
Lunch: $20
10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.;
Sat. 06/24–Sun. 06/25
Quilt Show
“Color Me Happy” is the theme of the 21st annual Fort
Bragg Quilt Show. More than 130 beautiful quilts will
be on display along with demonstrations of quilting
and fabric art techniques, opportunities to win raffles,
and more.
$5 admission, good for both days; proceeds benefit Soroptimist International of Noyo Sunrise’s scholarship
fund for women in our community as well as community projects.
10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturday,
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Sunday.
Dana Gray Elementary School,
1197 Chestnut Street, Fort Bragg
Fri. 06/30
Pop-up Dance Party with The All-Star Pop-Up Band
The All-Star Pop-Up Band will play music for dancing.
bar serving beer and wine benefits Caspar Community.
$20 at the door goes to pay expenses and band. An allvolunteer produced event.
7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Caspar Community Center,
15051 Caspar Road in Caspar
Contact: 964-4997 or [email protected]
Information or to help: 964-4997 or [email protected]
for the
Total Rainfall 2011–2012 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31.82”
Total Rainfall 2012–2013 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31.11”
Total Rainfall 2012–2013 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31.11”
Total Rainfall 2013–2014 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22.90”
Total Rainfall 2014–2015 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29.62”
Total Rainfall 2015–2016 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45.33”
Total Rainfall
To Date 54.60”
Total Rainfall
April 24, 2017 to May 21, 2017
This rainfall data was gathered at
Mendocino City
Community Services District
*Total rainfall is measured from July 1 of the preceding
year to June 30 of the current year.
Page 16 Real Estate Magazine May 24, 2017
707 937-1565 • 800 454-1565 • [email protected]
Serving the Mendocino Coast,
Anderson Valley and everything in between.
• 0.86± acre lot
• Access to ocean’s edge by private path
• Plans for 2 bedroom, 2 bath
• Artist studio/workshop
Offered at $239,000 (25704)
• 60± acres in Laytonville
• 1,800 sq. ft. custom home
• Guest cabin with wraparound porch
• Off-grid with solar, wind, and generator
• Ultimate privacy
• Large open meadow near home
• Fantastic views and serenity!
Offered at $750,000 (25737)
• 11.37± acres
• Mature redwoods
• 1,200± sq. ft. home
• Remodeled kitchen
• 3 shops and 2 small greenhouses
• 17,500 gallons of water storage
• Potential for second unit
Offered at $379,500 (25624)
• 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 1,890± sq. ft.
• 7.7± acres at end of lane
• Ocean views, vaulted ceilings
• Attached two-car garage
• 500± sq. ft. barn
• Room for pastures and gardens
Offered at $850,000 (25674)
• Clean and comfortable
• 2 bedroom, 1 bath
• 1,100± sq. ft.
• 5± acres
• Open floor plan
• Vaulted ceilings
• Deck and hot tub
Offered at $415,000 (25885)
• 1,699± sq. ft.
• 3 bedroom, 2 bath
• 2+ car garage
• 1.2± acres
• Light and bright, well-equipped kitchen
• Enclosed breezeway
• Lots of storage
Offered at $509,000 (25785)
• 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1,900± sq. ft.
• Ocean views, clean and bright
• Hot tub, decks, and balconies
• Choice subdivision , close to Caspar
• Great getaway home
• Currently one of most affordable ocean
view homes in Mendocino
Offered at $675,000 (25814)
Evening Telephones: KIRA MEADE Broker Associate 707-357-2194
SARA FOWLER Realtor® 707-357-3913 • MEGHAN DURBIN, Realtor® 707-272-9681
CAROL GREENBERG, Broker Associate 707-217-8892 • CARL V. AUDO, Broker Associate 707-357-7594
JIM McCUMMINGS, Broker 707-937-5263 • Broker Lic#: 00795192
• 1± acre
• 2,300± sq. ft. under construction
• Choose your finishing touches
• Permits, foundation, well, power and
water in place
Offered at $899,000 (25074)
• 320± acres
• Panoramic ocean views
• Clear view of Point Arena
• Open meadows and hills
• Total privacy
• 2 miles south of Elk
Offered at $1,099,000 (25767)
• Sun, trees and privacy
• 115± acres
• Large meadow and multiple openings
• Active NTMP
• Personal rock pit
• Skid roads throughout
• 2.5 miles to Comptche Store
Offered at $1,100,000 (25157)
Visit Our Village Office!
45010 Ukiah Street, Mendocino
Free Catalog ~ Local Brochures ~ Maps & Info
Spring Business Hours
Monday–Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Sunday 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Real Estate Magazine May 24, 2017 Page 17
All Points Real Estate Service
323 East Laurel Street, Fort Bragg (Home Office)
Office: 707-961-1020 • Fax: 707-961-1035 •
Ruth Schnell Broker
[email protected]
Ted & Dodie Christian Realtors®
[email protected]
Fort Bragg Realty
809 North Main Street,
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
707 964-2121
Lic. #01300755
Chris Knudson, Sales Associate
LIC# 02028815
Direct Line: 707-962-4601
Email: [email protected]
We Do It All!
Serving the Entire
Mendocino/Sonoma Coast
Reliable Service Since 1982
• Pressure Washing
• Deck & Siding - Clean & Seal
• Cabinet Refinishing
707 312-8875
Lic #620876
Page 18 Real Estate Magazine May 24, 2017
Seascape Realty
45050 Little Lake Street • Box 583
Mendocino, CA 95460
Lic. #01300756
Fort Bragg Realty
809 North Main Street
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
Lic. #01300755
THIS WONDERFUL ocean view home offers ample space
yet it emanates warmth
and coziness. Step
through the entry into
a large great room featuring a stone fireplace,
hardwood floors, and an
open-beam ceiling. Four
bedrooms, each with
their own bathroom, plus a guest half-bath. The kitchen,
upgraded in 2013 with new granite countertops, bar, and
cooktop stove, also offers two dining areas and a large pantry. Separate laundry room and plenty of storage space. Step
outside to the courtyard for your barbecue and relax in the
hot tub! Spacious garage and a separate game room. Perfect
for a vacation rental! Sited in an area of nice homes and
deeded access to the blufftop. Located near the Mendocino
Coast Botanical Gardens and walking distance to Belinda
Point Beach. This home is a must-see! (25824) $949,000
‘’SANDCASTLE’’ is waiting for you. Short stroll to miles
of beaches and
coastline trails.
The sound of
the surf beckons you from
your wind-protected sanctuary. Awesome
views from
private sand dunes. Pride of ownership shows in this wellbuilt and well-maintained home. High-end paneling, rare
redwood plywood siding, and redwood gutters are indicators
of quality construction. Large private yard with fire pit
and picnic area. Plenty of room for a baseball game. House
rules, ‘’Relax, Relax, Relax.’’ Four bedrooms, two baths,
plenty of parking, and an oversized garage on almost two
acres. Perfect for vacations or full-time living. This could be
the home you have been looking for. (25825) $539,000
BOUTIQUE MOTEL and gardens offering fantastic
opportunities, situated
north of Fort Bragg in the
Cleone/MacKerricher State
Park coastal dunes area.
Minutes from the ocean and
fronting major Highway 1 for
maximum exposure and now
operating eleven units on 2.5 acres. This could also be
a great healing center, business retreat or family resort!
Extensively remodeled in 2012 and offering rooms
tailored for relaxed and luxurious getaways, private
weddings, and many amenities! Private decks, fireplaces,
kitchens, spa, and nature trails, private easement access
to Ward Avenue and minutes from beaches, coastal
dunes, stunning ocean access and miles of walking,
biking, horseback riding and close proximity to camping
and nature! (25630) $999,000
WANT TO GET BACK to the land? Here is the best of
country living on forty
south-facing acres of
private serenity. Sundrenched meadows
are surrounded by
forests of redwood, fir,
and oak. Main house
with flexible floor plan
has one bedroom downstairs and two sleeping lofts in the
upstairs great room. Amazing woodwork provides architectural interest. Large workshop/storage area features roll-up
door. Extensive south-facing decks. The cabin has one
bedroom upstairs with downstairs kitchen, living area, and
full bath. Sunny deck. Separate propane and electrical service. Private from main house. Outbuildings include sheds
and large chicken coop. Sunny, fenced garden with drip
system, greenhouse, and young fruit trees. Five thousandgallon water storage fed by productive well! Awe-inspiring
countryside all around. (25898) $989,000
LOVELY SETTING for this 2 bedroom, 2 bath home. Secluded
backyard, nestled amongst
redwoods with
deck on two
sides of home
offering a great
place to entertain or relax. Located at the end of cul-de-sac, close to
town and schools but has the feel of living on acreage. Large
living room with dining room area; family room; office area
with barn sliding door and closet could be used as third
bedroom. Skylights/natural light and lovely stained glass
features. Large two-car garage with workshop area and half
bath. (25509) $444,000
THIS BEAUTIFUL well-built oceanfront home has breathtaking white water and blue
water ocean views from the
Lost Coast to Fort Bragg.
Open floor plan of kitchen,
dining, and living rooms.
Custom cabinets and granite countertops throughout.
Windows surround the great room. Gorgeous views from all
rooms. Large stone fireplace and smaller gas fireplace in living room. Gas fireplace in master bedroom. Rare old-growth
sinker redwood makes for beautiful trim and wainscoting.
Big wave action on the reefs offshore. Landscaping fully
irrigated. Generator backup. Miles of state open space abut
property to the north with direct access to amazing hiking
and tidepooling. Seal rookery a quarter-mile away. Migrating
whales skim the reef close enough to see their barnacles.
Sunsets of your dreams. (25676) $1,450,000
PRIVATE WONDERLAND Twenty-six acres that feel
like hundreds with
no homes in sight.
Pleasant ocean
views from the comfort of your home
and awesome, worldclass views from
your backyard. Enjoy
wooded trails, hidden meadows, and access to miles of one
of California’s most beautiful beaches. Watch the treetops
dance from your wind protected sanctuary. Only minutes
to everything the Mendocino Coast has to offer. Custom,
low-maintenance home features open space, warmth, and
natural light. Flexible floor plan provides for your personal
needs. Ample shop and studio space. This amazing home is a
work of art designed to merge with the surrounding natural
environment. If your passion is to farm, practice your hobby,
work at home or just live in peace, make an appointment
now to experience this rare gem. (25872) $1,000,000
LOVELY OCEAN VIEW corner lot in Surfwood Estates.
Large majestic redwood
trees surround open
space for building your
dream home with ocean
views. Lot offers enough
room for building site
plus gardens and more.
CC&Rs state minimum square foot requirements for home is
900 sq. ft. Lot is in CDP Categorical Exclusions area. Mutual
water. Residence septic system has been designed. Seller will
pay to update existing septic design and county certification.
One seller is a licensed Real Estate Agent. (24588) $220,000
SOLID WELL-BUILT home on two private acres adjacent to Jackson
Demonstration State
Forest. Good mix of
trees and wildlife.
Extra room in garage
plus sauna. Detached
bonus building easily enclosed for your
needs. Quality redwood and rock used for construction.
Large living room with vaulted and open-beamed ceiling.
Open rock fireplace for comfort. Minutes to town but has
that country feel. (25900) $539,000
TUCKED AWAY from traffic above Noyo Harbor is
this 3 bedroom,
2 bath home on
0.90 acres nestled in the redwoods. Upgraded
kitchen, formal
dining room,
fireplace, large master suite with two walk-in closets
and large two-car garage. Large deck off living room
and master bedroom, surrounded by redwoods. Minutes
from the harbor and many amenities but feels like you
are miles away in a forest setting. (25330) $529,000
EXCELLENT INVESTMENT Four separate parcels with
four addresses
being sold at one
discounted price.
Two with income
property and
two vacant land
parcels. Develop
separately or big
enough for a large project. Zoned central business district. Currently generates twenty-four thousand dollars
of income. Some ocean views. (25897) $650,000
LOVELY CUSTOM 3 bedroom, 3 bath home on 2.2
acres in the
Tranquil waterfall sets the
stage as you
enter front
yard. Large living room with
wood stove. Chef’s kitchen, formal dining room with bay
window, skylights throughout, wood flooring in living room,
and dining room. Large master bedroom with French doors
to deck, master bath, granite countertops, and jetted tub.
Great room upstairs with bath can be used for guests or as
a game room. Heated floors in bathrooms. Enjoy relaxing
or entertaining on the large multi-level deck that spans
the backside of the home with beautiful forest views, spa
off deck. (25449) $630,000
WELL-PLANNED-OUT, 2 bedroom, 2 bath home with
formal dining and large
kitchen. Enjoy
gorgeous forest views from
living room
and back deck
with all the
convenience of being in town. Close to schools and
amenities. (25907) $450,000
VINTAGE two-story, 4 bedroom, 2 bath home located
on Main Street in
Highway Visitor
Commercial zoning. Bottom floor is
2 bedroom, 1 bath
with studio. Top
floor with separate
entrance, 2 bedroom, 1 bath. A diamond in the rough with great potential for
income property. Original 1900’s-style doors and features.
Many built-in cabinets and storage areas. Enclosed back
porch with half bath, laundry room, and more. Highway
access with driveway to backyard. Large storage shed with
carport. Once an artist studio with retail in front. Bring
your imagination and tool belt. No appliances in kitchen.
(25670) $300,000
EVERYTHING about the main home feels spacious. Four
three bath and
bonus room are
ample-sized for
country living.
Vaulted, openbeam ceilings
with free-standing wood stoves to keep everyone cozy in winter months.
The dine-in kitchen has propane range and beautiful hickory
cabinets. The large attached garage and workshop has loft
storage area and two-car carport adds even more covered
parking/storage. Expansive back deck is great for entertaining and overlooking the large, fenced backyard; perfect
for your animals. The permitted, 3 bedroom, 2 bath rental
home was built in 1990 and has oak kitchen cabinets and a
private, fenced backyard with deck. Live in one and enjoy
rental income from the other. (25822) $749,000
LOOKING FOR HORSE property? This could be the
one you’ve
been waiting
for. One of
the garages
contains two
horse stalls.
The property
is fully fenced
and includes hot wired fencing. Two legal parcels allow
for future development. The comfortable upstairs living
space has south- and west-facing windows which provide
passive-solar heating and expansive views. Enjoy the
open kitchen/dining room/living room. There’s an office/computer room, too. The handyman will enjoy the
workshop area in one of the garages. The other garage is
a drive-through with doors on both ends. Grow your own
produce in the fenced garden area. Close to McKerricher
State Park and the haul road. (25876) $525,000
ENJOY the comfort of this spacious custom-built home
in one of the nicest subdivisions
in the Fort Bragg
area. On entering the home you
pass by the formal dining room
to one side and the sitting room/office on the other
before entering the large living room with wood-burning
fireplace. The family will enjoy the large breakfast area
just off the large kitchen with built-in appliances and
granite. There are two bedrooms on one side of the
home with the master on the other. The master has an
over-sized closet and bathroom. There is a bonus room
upstairs that would be a great game room or play room
for the kids. There is an emergency generator in case
the power goes out, 2,000-gallon water storage tank with
filtration system. The detached garage has RV parking,
shop area, and regular parking. (25889) $724,000
FORT BRAGG MEDICAL PLAZA located adjacent to
the Mendocino Coast District Hospital. Improvements
on long-term land lease, real estate not included. Large
one-story, 12,147 sq. ft. facility with three large medical
office suites. Located on 0.98 acres, this attractive building is of the highest quality in building standards in Fort
Bragg. Well-designed floor plates provide efficient space
planning and options for general or medical office users.
The Medical Plaza is located on the Mendocino Coast
District Hospital campus and gives patients access to
lab, diagnostic imaging, and physical therapy services
among other vital resources. Current configuration
includes ADA access, exam rooms, doctor offices, nurses
stations, large waiting rooms/reception area, ADA restrooms, and employee break room. (25795) $3,300,000
NICE-SIZED, one-third-acre city lot (75 ft. x 190 ft.)
currently has a
home that
could either
be brought
to its former
luster (Selling
AS-IS) or with
the General
Commercial zoning, could be a great site for a business. Check with city planning department regarding
feasibility of your specific plans. (25878) $228,000
From Westport to Gualala • We have Century 21 Agents living and working in Westport, Caspar, Mendocino, Little River, Albion, Elk & Manchester. With the ability to serve you with all of your
Real Estate needs! Come in to either of our offices and see our 46 residential, 15 commercial, 35 land, and 2 mobile in park listings. • E-mail: [email protected]
® and ™ trademarks of Century 21 Real Estate Corporation. Equal Housing Opportunity.
Real Estate Magazine May 24, 2017 Page 19
CUSTOM OCEANFRONT home located in one of the
best locations on the coast with an unobstructed view
of Mendocino village and the Pacific. Main home and
a guest home, both single story and fully furnished.
Currently used as a successful vacation rental known
as The Bay House with a strong repeat customer base
offers the chance to own an incredible property for
future full-time use as a retirement residence with a
private guest quarters.
(25391) $1,490,000
HOME in the quiet
woods, just minutes
to town. With a wall
of windows on the
west, numerous
skylights, and a solarium dining room,
the interior is bathed
in natural light filtered through the redwoods. The spacious master
suite is located upstairs and features vaulted open
beamed ceilings, more skylights, and a cozy bay
QUINTESSENTIAL MENDOCINO VICTORIAN, window seat. The dining room is the jewel of this
elegantly presented with lush gardens and home, framed completely with glass on three sides
as well as above. Thoughtful floor plan makes for
walkways. Completely restored with careful
easy living.
(25406) $565,000
WORLD CLASS WINERIES surround you as you arrive at this stunning custom residence
overlooking Anderson Valley. Open and spacious single-story home with endless views to
the valley. Maximum privacy with deep connections to the flora and fauna that surround
its location appealing to your senses at every turn. Unique ‘’straw bale’’ construction with
thick walls reminiscent of early mission-style design. Expansive use of windows creates an
ultimate indoor/outdoor experience. Separate entrances to master suite and guest rooms
conveniently accessible by covered walkways. Come live life at the top of this exquisite ridge!
(25904) $989,000
details from its historic past maintained. Main
house and carriage house. This is one of the
best examples of old Mendocino available for
purchase now.
(25834) $1,350,000
visibility on the southeast corner of Main and Redwood.
All four business units rented, as well as two of the
three upstairs apartments. Please do not disturb tenants. Please call listing office for showings.
(25657) $1,195,000
ONE OF THE BEST HOUSES available now anywhere
on the coast. Luxury single-story stunning residence
with separate master suite privately located in a quiet
portion of the floor plan. Three additional private rooms
and two luxury baths. Huge kitchen, dining room, living room, study and wine storage. Professional-style
laundry room. Completely fenced with detached artist’s studio. This property is zoned for vacation rental
use and would be a perfect location for access to the
beaches and town of Mendocino. The one-floor design
would accommodate those that are disabled or unable
to negotiate stairs. View of the village and bay. Don’t
miss out on the chance to own this special home.
(25685) $1,237,500
SENSATIONAL VIEWS at SeaEscape, a turn-key, popular
vacation rental. Ready for a savvy investor or lucky
family to take over. The beautiful decking expands
the livable space. Watch whales, relax in the hot tub,
curl up in front of the romantic rock hearth, and enjoy the
enduring qualities of your coastal retreat. An ideal getaway
or lovely family home!
(25806) $1,025,000
Turn-key home with potential for vacation rental use.
Located less than a three-hour drive from San Francisco.
Rugged, unspoiled beach to enjoy. Quiet and private. First
time on the market. This one won’t last!
(25750) $979,000
10 0 0 M AIN ST REET
ROLLING HILLS and mature trees greet you upon
your first entrance to an enchanting residence just
south of Mendocino and Big River Beach. Quality
construction and the unique floor plan make this
home a prime choice for full-time, second home or
vacation rental options. The owners’ obvious pride
of ownership shows throughout by the meticulous
maintenance and turn-key condition of the property.
Three spacious bedrooms and warm and inviting
living spaces. Grand stone alcove with wood stove
in the living room coupled with 180-degree vistas
to the north.
(25656) $695,000
graces this gently
south sloping Little
River property. Two
roomy bedrooms
down-stairs and a
generous master
suite upstairs. Bonus
spaces include
a large open loft area and a detached downstairs
room that would make a great mother-in-law space
complete with a separate entrance and full bathroom.
Mature landscaping, grand redwoods, fruit trees, and
an attractive greenhouse all augment this special
residence. An easy drive to Mendocino, yet an endof-the-road private, quiet location with natural forest
surrounding this great property.
(25663) $699,000
IN THE WOODS! Doublewide manufactured
home with double-car
garage and artist’s yurt
set back in the forest
away from the rest
of the neighborhood. Beautiful tile work, custom
cabinetry, cherrywood floors, extra-large master suite,
2 bedroom plus den/office. Amazing kitchen with
viking cooktop and plenty of counter space. Property
boarders Van Damme State Park. (25779) $315,000
STATELY TWO-STORY HOME on a quiet cul-de-sac
near the schools. Excellent floor plan with optional
fourth bedroom downstairs. Three full baths, one
downstairs and two upstairs. Master suite and two
additional bedrooms upstairs. Large fenced yard.
Two-car garage. Upstairs laundry room. Turn-key
and ready to move into. Completely landscaped with
fruit trees in the backyard. This one won’t last!
(25799) $489,000
offers an exciting opportunity for new owners
to take this great location and versatile design
to a new generation of
visitors. Eight unique
rooms in the main
structure along with a
comfortable and private living quarters for the owners.
Commercial grade kitchen and dining room for guests.
Separate structure offers three additional guest units. Operated by the same couple for nearly thirty years and diligently maintained, this is a turn-key operation with nearby
restaurants, beaches, trails, and all of the popular attractions that tourists come to enjoy on the Mendocino Coast.
Excellent reviews and presence on web lodging searches.
Marketing with new social media platforms not yet
implemented would add to the already successful level of
(25903) $ 865,000
ELK CONTEMPORARY – Oceanfront elegance, with
Pacific views throughout.
(24493) $2,200,000
Mendocino village.
(24771) $1,150,000
IDYLLICALLY SITUATED – Shingle sided cottage + second
home, flexible use.
(25379) $775,000
LITTLE RIVER PARADISE - Stunning oceanfront views
and privacy.
707.937.390 0
TOP-OF-THE-HILL GEM with near 360-degree views of
mountain tops and forest. Perfect location for two new
structures. Build your home and a guest unit. Many oldgrowth redwood stumps grace the hillsides. Rough drive all
the way to the top building site already in. This is a once-ina-lifetime opportunity. Located amongst established homes
with unique architecture and incredible views. Stay out of
the coastal fog and enjoy your new sunny life!
(25321) $299,000
BROKER, BRE #01036573
Since 1989, we have closed thousands of transactions
for buyers
and sellers in their sale, purchase and/or
finance of residential and commercial properties in
[email protected]
of California.
We pledge to be your agent
and your fiduciary and have
the expertise and ®
professionalism you deserve. Please make
us your
BRE #01720911
BRE #00942233
BRE #01956270
choice for 2017. You will be glad you did!
Best, Pamela Hudson
[email protected]
1000 Main Street, Mendocino, CA 95460
CA/BRE #01036573
[email protected]
Page 20 Real Estate Magazine May 24, 2017
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Creekside 0.29 Acre! White Water View!
Deeded Beach Access @ Anchor Bay Cove!
Delightful home in Anchor Bay Village offers three bedrooms and three full
baths on two living levels. Upstairs features open-beamed ceilings throughout,
white water ocean views from living room, music alcove, and deck plus woodburning stove and an innovative full bath. Bright, skylighted kitchen and dining
room overlook lush redwood/fern-filled creek canyon. Huge master suite with
wood stove, bath, breakfast station, and canyon view deck complete main
living area. Downstairs: 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment, garage, and laundry.
Walk to grocery store, restaurants, and shops in the village and down the
trail to white sand private beach. Coastal living at its best in the heart of the
banana belt!
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