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T he MT O sp ort
The MTOsport
E nj oy th e difference
The benefits of an AutoGyro over fixed-wing aircrafts are:
Impossible to stall, impossible to spin
Easy ground-handling
Comfortable, ergonomic seats
Very short takeoff distances (10 to 70m)
Road transportable
Large operational speed range
Practically no landing distance necessary
Tiny hangar footprint
Purchase and operational costs about 10%
Extremely slow-speed flight possible
Minimum preflight preparation
Relatively unaffected by turbulence and windy
compared to a helicopter
The superb operational envelope of an AutoGyro ea-
fuel burn, easy maintenance, use of Mogas or Avgas,
between. AutoGyros are assigned more and more to
sily copes with the challenging environments of Bots-
and its ability to take off and land nearly anywhere.
different projects such as traffic observation, pipeline
wana, Namibia or Australia etc. and probably suits
These amazing aircrafts inspire whether when flying
and aerial cable surveys, monitoring of road rallies or
the most divers terrains best due to low cost, low
for fun, for aerial photography or anything else in
even the livestock in Safari parks.
AutoGyros give access to areas which are nearly
Organized gyro trips take you to nice places supp-
unique technique these aircrafts are not limited by
undiscovered: beautiful, wild and unique.
lying accommodation and refueling. Thanks to its
airfields or borders but offer great freedom.
The almost boundless freedom of the gyroplane
cultures or remarkable animal realm, realizing asto-
shows the world from a different point of view and
nishing experiences which are just not possible by
gives access to nature’s great vastness, unknown
other means of transport.
In these hot and arid places, the thermals are a joy
abilities: Flying with maximum security. This way of
to play in and the AutoGyro can show its complete
flying is the flying of your dreams!
AutoGyro is the only worldwide manufacturer to
ability to take off and land on water. The possibilities
offer a float kit, giving the MTOsport the fantastic
of the AutoGyro are nearly limitless.
Even under hardest conditions – like here in Sweden
Centre picture: a flight over the Swiss alps in 16.500 ft
with -25°C – the MTOsport flies extremely reliably.
Using their professional experience and production
since then has grown to a current staff of 90 highly
ment, production and quality control facilities, has led
capability, the AutoGyro GmbH has become the world
skilled engineers and manufacturing personnel. The
to the creation of first-class, high value gyroplanes.
market leader in development, production and selling
experience of many years in aviation, matched with
of gyroplanes. The business started in 1999 and
highly-qualified and motivated staff, superb develop-
The serial production is running at full capacity since
the AutoGyro GmbH supplies certified gyroplanes
be required (BCAR Section T), the AutoGyro GmbH
2007. Every working day one AutoGyro is manufac-
to more than 40 countries worldwide. In the UK,
cooperates with RotorSport UK Ltd, and is the only
tured and exported all around the globe. At present,
where the strictest regulatory aircraft standard is to
manufacturer on the market.
Composite GRP components (glass or carbon fiber)
paint shop. Even the individual propeller blades and
are created in our in-house developed and manu­
the propeller hub are manufactured completely by
factured moulds, and painted in our own high class
The airframe – the heart of the MTOsport – is
stand the harshest operational environment. Our
by our pre-assembly production team using a modu-
­manufactured by skilled specialists from high-grade
CNC machines produce the components, from small
lar concept.
stainless steel, and then electro polished, to with-
spacers to rotor hubs, all of which are then ­assembled
T ec h n i c a l d a t a MTOsp or t:
L x W x H: 5,1 m x 1,8 m x 2,7 m
Basic equipment AutoGyro MTOsport
with Rotax 912 ULS
Two seat AutoGyro
Basic equipment AutoGyro MTOsport
with Rotax 914 UL Turbo
Two seat AutoGyro
Rotor diameter: 8.4 m
Frontseat with windshield for passenger
Frontseat with windshield for passenger.
Cruising speed: 160 km/h (86 kts, 100 mph)
Airframework in high-grade stainless steel,
Airframework in high-grade stainless steel, Permissable maximum speed: 185 km/h (100 kts,
115 mph)
Aluminum rotor system Naca 8H12 8,4m
Climb rate: 4 m/s (780 fpm)
Aluminum rotor system Naca 8H12 8,4m
Rotax 912 ULS with 100 HP
Rotax 914UL Turbo with 115 HP
Range: approx. 500 km (310 miles)
Gearbox with integrated slipper clutch
Gearbox with integrated slipper clutch
Max. take-off mass: 450 kg
Exhaust system high-grade steel
Exhaust system high-grade steel
Carburetor anti icing preheat
Carburetor anti icing preheat
Rotax 912 ULS (100 HP) or
Propeller HTC 3B CCW172,5
Propeller HTC 3B CCW172,5
914 UL Turbo (with 115 HP)
Instrument panel
Instrument panel
Reduction transmission 1:2.43.
Trip and altimeter
Trip and altimeter
Engine and rotor speed
Engine and rotor speed
Oil and cylinder head temperature
Oil and cylinder head temperature
Oil pressure
Oil pressure
Hour (Hobbs) meter
Hour (Hobbs) meter
Pneumatic pitch trim and rotor brake
Pneumatic pitch trim and rotor brake
Pneumatic PreRotator with safety interlock
Pneumatic PreRotator with safety interlock
Hydraulic man wheel brake with lock
Hydraulic man wheel brake with lock
Polypropylene tank, capacity 34 litre
Polypropylene tank, capacity 34 litre
Rotor tie down bag
Rotor tie down bag
All GRP components painted
All GRP components painted
Color choice in accordance with palette – either
standard or special colours
Color choice in accordance with palette – either
standard or special colours
Fully finished, flight tested, and ready to fly
Fully finished, flight tested, and ready to fly
Low Volt Indicator
Low Volt Indicator
O ption a l e q u i p ment (with surcharge):
Engine options
Air box for Rotax 912 ULS
Air scoops inclusive second radiator (for Rotax 912/914)
Second electric fuel pump for Rotax 912 ULS
Auxiliary tank 34l right
Variable-pitch propeller IVO DL3-68 “3 sheet, 172 cm,
switching position (in accordance with noise measure ment) from 18 to 28 degrees, with electrical adjustment
ELT automatic radio beacon
Funkwerk radio ATR 500 with wiring harness
Funkwerk radio ATR 833 with wiring harness
Integral antenna in the tail unit or alternatively (with ­carbon composites) whip antenna on the
Transponder TRT800H complete with antenna
Card compass in place of standard compass
suspension bow, wheel spats, air scoops) are painted to
School equipment / instructor options
customer colour specification:
Standard colors are: yellow/red/white (no surcharge)
Metallics standards aqua blue and silver
Special colours from industry colour cards (pearle scent or metallic), two colour lacquer finishes or
special lacquer finishes are also available
for the installation of all current GPS devices
Tank fuel level inclusive tank sender
Rate of climb indicator (VSI or variometer)
80 and/or 57 mm, m/s or fpm
nose or under enclosure
All composite parts (enclosure, tail unit, rudder, seat,
GPS cockpit variants (contained in basic equipment) ready
Electricity supply
Genesis battery 13Ah inclusive of mounting plate
Plug socket 12V in front/in the back
Flight instructor set 1 rear seat throttle
Flight instructor set 2 rear seat airspeed indicator
km/h or mph
Flight instructor set 3 rear seat wheel brake
Flight instructor set 4 rear seat Engine kill swit-
Gerbing heating automatic controller 12V single or dual
for Gerbing clothes
Extra equipment
Upholstered sport seat cushions in place of standard
Carbon fibre based composites instead of glass fibre -
ches and trim
Enclosure (approx. 3 kg less)
(weight reduction around approx. 3.5 kg).
Carbon fibre based composites instead of glass fibre -
Landing lights LED (2x2,5 W) inclusive wiring harness
Strobe and navigation lights with 2 flash strobe
sequence inclusive controller
Strobe and navigation light LED inclusive controller
Map bag
Luggage bag
Gyro cover sheet
Heavy duty/off road tyres
Floats as kit (at present only in Sweden certified)
Comfort stick
Beside the standard paint colors of yellow, red and
blue and silver. We also paint any other desired color
white, we also offer optional metallic colors of aqua
and combination of colors, even gilded with gold foil.
The sport seat covering in the sport design (1) does
excellent quality microphone and headset. When
not only offer optimal hip side comfort, it is also
connected with the ATR 500 radio, occupants can
weather-proof and fully fixed into the rear seat.
converse comfortably with each other, without
pushing buttons during the entire flight. Both
The luggage bags (3) are fastened in the footwell in
seats have a PTT button, enabling both occupants
front of the rear seat and fuel tanks, and still give
to send and receive radio calls.
plenty of room for the passengers legs. If necessary
these can be also very easily removed and carried
For cold weather flying, we offer a selection of
to your hotel or place of work.
heated clothing. The heat is supplied from the on
board electrical system, via either single or dual Maps, on-board documents and other documents
regulator controls on each seat. Heated gloves (6),
can be stowed in the document wallet (4). This is
trousers, socks and jackets are available.
easily detacheable, being retained by turnbuttons
to the inside of the pilot enclosure. It is also easily
accessible in flight.
The AutoGyro helmet (5) does not only provide
good head protection, it is also equipped with an
For flight schools, the rear seat has various equipment options: throttle and mainwheel brakes (4),
are 2 x 2.5 W. Navigation lights in combination with
airspeed indicator (3), as well as engine ignition kill
strobes increase the recognition both, in the air and
switches and flight trim (2).
Landing lights serve the better visibility of an aircraft
on ground, and, where allowed, permit flights beyond
in the air and during the approach – the LED lamps(1)
sunset – LED (5) and halogen (6) lamps are available.
Clearly arranged and visually correct, the GPS cockpit
and pneumatics pressure. As an alternative to the
panel (7, 8) permits the integration of all current
standard magnetic compass a highly precise card
communication between the aircraft occupants is
GPS devices. The standard instrument panel inclu-
compass is offered. The optional fuel gauge (picture
clear and easy. The TRT 800 H transponder is also
des (from left) hour meter, altimeters, engine and
10, center) shows the level of fuel in the tank. The
available. The avionics test required for the registra­
rotor speed, oil pressure, oil temperature, cylinder
Filser radio ATR500 offers the normal EASA standard
tion can be done at the factory in Hildesheim.
head temperature, airspeed indicator, ball compass.
radio functions, as well as built-in intercom. With the
Not seen in the picture are rotor head temperature
appropriate helmets (page 17, fig. 5), free voice
100 HP. As an option the 912 ULS can be fitted with
AutoGyro developed and manufactured a 3-blade
an airbox. The optional air scoops (4) don’t only
propeller (3). The optional variable pitch propeller,
underline the sportive look of the aircraft. They also
IVO DL3-68 “(2), permits a stepless electrical pitch
The MTOsport is propelled by a Rotax engine.
contain a second radiator for particularly hot con-
adjustment of all 3 blades from 18 to 28 degrees.
This extremely reliable 4 cylinder is offered in two
ditions. As a safety feature, the 912 ULS has an opti-
This provides both for increased static thrust as well
variants: 914 UL Turbo with 115 HP or 912 ULS with
onal second electric fuel pump. For forward thrust,
as economic cruising.
The extruded aluminum rotor blades (5) are also an
well balanced rotor systems. The strictest quality
in-house development by the AutoGyro GmbH. With
controls are required to create the quality product
great care the individual blades are manufactured,
that you can rely on.
balanced, weighted and measured in order to create
Gyroplanes in movies:
James Bond - You only live twice
„Little Nelly “
Mad Max II
It happened at one night (1934)
The 39 steps (1935)
History of the gyroplane
1923: Juan De La Cierva built and flew the first
1928: Gyroplanes were used for the US post offices
2nd World War: Submarines used unmotorized
gyrogliders towed behind them (Focke-Achgelis
Fa330 “Bachstelze “), operating as lookout and
During World War II, Great Britain calibrated and
monitored its radar defense system with gyroplanes
Gyroplanes were used by Japan and the Soviet
Union in the 2nd World War for clear-up operations
target spotting
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