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Rechargeable, sealed lead-acid internal battery
Operating Time
4 hours minimum from a new, fully charged battery in standalone configuration; age and usage affect
battery performance.
Recharge Period
14 hours for full charge; 6 hours for 1 hour operating time
Height (when used standalone) 6.8 cm (2.68 in.)
Height (excluding docking pedestal) 5.4 cm (2.13 in.)
Width 23.9 cm (9.41 in.)
Depth 14.7 cm (5.79 in.)
1.8 kg (4.0 lb.)
Factory Alarm Default Settings
Adult/Pediatric Neonate
SpO2 Upper Alarm Limit: 100% 95%
SpO2 Lower Alarm Limit: 85% 80%
Pulse Rate Upper Alarm Limit: 170 bpm 190 bpm
Pulse Rate Lower Alarm Limit: 40 bpm 90 bpm
Factory General Default Settings
Operating Mode: Adult-Pediatric
Pulse Beep Volume: 57.5 dB(A) at 1 meter (volume setting of 4)
Audible Alarm Volume: 62.5 dB(A) at 1 meter (volume setting of 5)
Audible Alarm Silence Duration: 60 seconds
Alarm Silence Reminder: On
Latching Alarms: Off
Serial Port Baud Rate: 19,200 bits per second Trend Format: 10-second averaged (format 1)
Measurement Range
Pulse Rate
20–250 bpm
Pulse Rate Display Update Frequency
The PULSE RATE display updates in less than 2.5 seconds with a 1-second change in SpO2-derived
pulse rate from 30 pulses per minute (ppm) to 200 ppm.
Alarm Limit Range - Adult/Pediatric and Neonate
SpO2 Upper Alarm Limit: 20–100%
SpO2 Lower Alarm Limit: 20–100%
Pulse Rate Upper Alarm Limit: 30–250 bpm
Pulse Rate Lower Alarm Limit: 30–250 bpm
Adults 70–100% ±2 digits
0–69% unspecified
Neonatal 70–100% ±3 digits
0–69% unspecified
Pulse Rate
20–250 bpm ±3 bpm
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