Sony VGX-XL1A Important information

Sony VGX-XL1A Important information
 VGX-XL1A Computer
The saction of the sheet titled "VGX-XL1A - Rear Inputs & Outputs” incorrectly states that 10801 component
outpu is supported. This format is not supported through the component output. Certain applications provided
with your VGX-XL1 Digital Living System™ (for example, DVgate Plus™) only work with 1080i resolution so
they may not function properly when your system is connected with the component output.
The saction of the sheet titled "VGX-XL1A Digital Living System Computer” incorrectly states that a coaxial
cable is supplied. The coaxial cable is not supplied with your VGX-XL1A Digital Living System Computer.
IT you have questions about this information, please call 1-888-476-6972, visit Sony Customer Service on the
Sony online support Web site at, or write to the Sony Customer Information
Service Center at 12451 Gateway Blvd., Ft. Myers, FL 33913, USA
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