Degree of Polarization Meter

Degree of Polarization Meter
Degree of Polarization Meter
Using a patented maximum & minimum search technique (see page 182 for
details), the DOP-201 measures and displays the Degree of Polarization (DOP)
of a light source in real time with high accuracy and wide dynamic range. While
polarimeter-based systems are expensive and can be inaccurate for low-DOP
sources, and polarization scrambler-based instruments are less accurate for high
DOP sources, the DOP-201 accurately measures both low and high DOP. It is ideal
for characterizing the performances of depolarizers and depolarized light sources,
such as ASE and SLED sources and the pumps for Raman amplifiers. It can also
be used to monitor the OSNR and PMD of optical signals, and to measure the noise
figure of optical amplifiers. The instrument can cover a wide operating wavelength range, including the S, C and L bands, without
calibration. Its simultaneous measurement of DOP and optical power level of the light source under test can be used to obtain DOP
power dependence and to ensure low insertion loss during depolarizer manufacturing. The DOP-201 replaces our popular DOP-101,
with higher measurement speed, higher measurement accuracy and resolution, wider operating power range, a better and brighter
display, and the addition of an analog output port for easy integration in automated depolarizer manufacturing stations.
Polarization Instruments for Manufacturing and Laboratories
1260 to 1620 nm standard
DOP Resolution
DOP Accuracy1
±0.5% (single sample)
±0.2% (10 sample average)
±0.2% (10 sample average)
DOP Range
0 – 100%
Measurement Speed
30 ms/measurement for input > -30 dBm
Operating Power Range
-40 to 6 dBm
Optical Power Accuracy
±0.25 dB
Wavelength Calibration for Power Measurement
1260 to 1360 nm and 1440 to 1620 nm
Operating Temperature
0 to 50 °C
Storage Temperature
-20 to 70 °C
Front Panel Display
OLED graphic display
Analog Output
0 to 5 V max range, user configurable
Monitor voltage for DOP
Power Supply
100 – 240 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz
Communication Interfaces
USB, Ethernet, RS-232, and GPIB
2U 19” half rack width 14" (L) x 8.5" (W) x 3.5" (H)
Operating Wavelength Range
Ordering Information:
DOP — 201 — — Wavelength
Connector type:
1 = 1260 - 1620nm FC/PC, FC/APC
Others specify
. Rapid measurement
. DOP wavelength independent
. High accuracy
. Front panel real time display
. Analog output
. Depolarizer manufacturing and QC
. Fiber gyro coil characterization
. ASE & SLED source characterization
. Raman amplifier block manufacturing
. ROADM manufacturing
. Amplifier noise figure measurement
1. At 23 ± 5°C.
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