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Smart Document Camera
Model DC596
Providing a complete audio video learning solution by
linking with a computer, the Diggiditto can engage the
entire class. It includes all of the hardware features
you’d expect from a leading document camera, but its
proprietary software also enables the Diggiditto to be
used as a content development tool by recording
movies (wmv files), recognizing saved images, and
linking sounds to a file for playback of teacher or
student created presentations and tutorials.
Includes a
foam lined
carrying case
1. Detachable camera with internal microphone for audio video recording
2. USB connection for computer compatability and can be then projected onto a
screen, TV, electronic whiteboard or PDP screen in real time
3. Easily adjustable mounting stand with a small footprint for desktop uses
Other Capabilities
• Split screen viewing enables simultaneous viewing of saved & live images (helpful
for demonstrating “before and after” results of science experiments for example)
• Built-in annotation software enables you to make notes over what’s shown on
the desktop or a stored image and can then save as one image
• Image recognition capability – an image or object can be coupled with a programmed
response (ie sound). For beginning readers for instance, if you place a picture or
object under the lens, Diggiditto will respond with music, reading aloud, etc.
• “Make and Teach” feature enables movies and sounds to be linked and automatically
played when the file opens for teacher generated multimedia tutorials.
• Easy video, image capturing and editing
• 2 megapixel resolution on the camera
“Project Intercept"
Please contact us immediately if you experience any difficulties
with your Diggiditto Document Camera. Our “Project Intercept"
customer service program will quickly repair or replace items
under warranty. Simply contact us via phone or email
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This Document Camera carries a two year warranty with service
support available through authorized dealers nationwide.
Distributed by:
Detachable for handheld operation
Operating System
Digital Functions include
Camera Sensor
Brightness & Color
Compatible with MS Windows 2000 /XP /
VISTA / and Windows 7
Automatic focus & brightness adjustment to lighting
conditions (no internal light is necessary), zoom,
image stop, rotate, movement, recording,
image capture, horizontal/vertical mirror
1/3” auto focus CMOS sensor
UXGA 2 million pixels (1600x1200)
digital full scale
f 2.9, 5 cm ~ 60°
6x optical
30 fps @ 320 x 240, 24 fps@ 640x480
USB 2.0
4 lbs, shipping weight
Camera with mic, Support stand, Storage
case, Program CD, Manual
For use in school, church, government and
business facilities for 2 years from purchase
Click here to view the safety compliances for
this product under the Consumer Product
Safety Improvement Act
Califone® International Inc. 800-722-0500
DC596, April 2011
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