How to Play… - BigCommerce

How to Play… - BigCommerce
The Object
of the Game
is to match the other player’s answers to
questions about yourself, friends, family
or famous people you've never met!
Keep choosing the most popular
answers to win!
to Play…
The Player reads aloud:
Preparing to Play -
Using the dry erase marker, write the name
of each player on the blank spaces of the
outer ring of the game board as shown.
If there are fewer than 8 players, fill the empty
spaces with people all the players know. Use
family members, co-workers, mutual friends,
whatever. You can even use famous people;
the President is a popular choice. Important:
Before you put
away, use a
tissue to wipe the names off the game board.
Everyone chooses a Colored Token
and places it on the 'START' space.
The Grey Token is placed on any name
on the outer ring of the game board.
Separate the colored Numbered Cards from
the Question Cards and give each player the 6
Numbered Cards corresponding to his/her token
color. Set aside any extra Numbered Cards and
Colored Tokens. Shuffle the remaining cards
and place them in the small
Actually Playing Decide who goes first by any democratic
process. Play moves clockwise.
The Player rolls the die and moves the Grey
Token that number of spaces in either direction
around the outer circle of the board. If the
Grey Token lands on a name, this person is
now the “Subject” of the current round. (See
Special Situations if it lands on “Challenge”).
The Player then draws a Question Card from
the back of the deck. Each Question Card has a
blank space ( _________). The Player reads the card
aloud, inserting the Subject’s name in the blank.
for example,
Suppose the Grey Token is on JACK, and
The Player draws the card which says
____________ were an animal.
JACK were an
animal”. Which would he be?
Number One, a Sheep Dog
Number Two, a Chimpanzee
Number Three, a Koala Bear
Number Four, a Bull
Number Five, a Panther
or Number Six, a Toad",
and places the card face up for all
the players to see.
All players now decide which of the 6 answers
best fits Jack, and, without discussion, place
the Numbered Card matching the number of
their choice face down in front of them.
Even Jack votes!
When everyone has chosen, players reveal their
answers (and their true feelings about Jack) by
turning over their Numbered Cards. A lively
debate often ensues, so be prepared.
Scoring Every player who picked the most popular
answer, or equally most popular answer,
moves his or her Colored Token 1 space
toward the center. The player who
rolled the die moves 2 spaces if he or
she picked the most popular choice.
for example,
If there are 8 players and 4 of them vote that
Jack is a Toad, 3 of them vote Chimpanzee,
and 1 (probably Jack) thinks Jack is a Panther,
all the Toad voters move 1 space. If the
player who rolled the die voted Toad, he/she
moves 2 spaces. Nobody else moves.
for another example ( T ies),
If 3 players vote Toad, 3 players vote for
Chimpanzee and 2 players (Like Jack and
his Mom) choose Panther, the Toad voters
and the Chimpanzee voters move 1 space. If
the player who rolled the die picked Toad
or Chimpanzee, he/she moves 2 spaces.
If everyone chooses a different
answer (rare, but possible with 6 or
fewer players) nobody moves.
Now all players pick up their Numbered Cards
and the Question Card in play is placed at
the front of the deck. Play moves clockwise
and the next player rolls the die, moves the
Grey Token and reads the next card aloud.
Winning The first Colored Token to the
center space wins.
If 2 or more players tie, all other players
remove their Colored Tokens and cannot win.
All players then participate in a Tiebreaker
round to decide the winner. The next player
rolls the die and moves the Grey Token
(the Challenge space cannot be selected).
The round is played in a normal manner.
Tied players who score advance until
one winner emerges. More than one
Tiebreaker may be played, if necessary.
Special Situations Challenge Round
If the Player elects, on his or her turn, to
move the Grey Token to the Challenge space
as the roll of the die allows, a Challenge
Round is played. The player whose turn
it is picks one other player to participate in
the Challenge Round. You cannot decline
participation. The Player then throws
the die again and moves the Grey Token
the indicated number of spaces in either
direction. The Challenge round is now played
using the name indicated by the Grey Token.
Only the Player and his or her chosen
partner play this round. The card is read
and the two players independently choose
their answers, using the Numbered Cards.
If they match, both players move forward
4 spaces. If not, they must both move
back 2 spaces. Players cannot move
back any further than the Start Space.
Bonus Cards
When a Bonus Card appears as the next card in
the deck, the player whose turn it is keeps this
card. At any stage in the game, if the Player
feels confident of scoring in a particular round
after hearing the question read, he or she can
play the Bonus Card by laying it down with his
Numbered Card.
If the Bonus Card holder scores on that round
he moves the 1 or 2 spaces as indicated on the
Bonus Card, in addition to the regular scoring
move. There is no penalty for not scoring.
After the Bonus Card has been played
it is placed at the end of the deck.
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