Serial Balance Adapter Data Sheet
AND GF-Series
A&D Company Ltd.
Product Range:
GF Series
Model Tested:
Capacity Readability -
The balance tested comes with the RS232 interface pre-fitted, other units in the A&D range do not and so you should
check with you supplier first.
Setting up the balance:
• Getting into RS232 Mode
Turn the unit on
Press and hold the “SAMPLE” button until “bASFnc” is displayed
Press the “SAMPLE” button repeatedly until “SiF” is displayed
• Setting the baud rate to 1200
Press the “PRINT” button, “bPS” and a number will be displayed
Press the “RE-ZERO” button repeatedly until the number displayed is “1”
• Returning to normal operation
Press the “PRINT” button, “END” quickly followed by “Unit” should now be displayed
Press the “CAL” button
The balance is now set up to work with the LogIT Serial Balance Adapter - See Connecting the Balance for details of the
lead required to connect the balance to the LogIT Adapter.
Connecting the balance:
A PC AT Modem Cable can be used (25 male to 9 female).
GF Series RS232 port, 25 way D Plug
Balance Adapter, 9 Way D Socket
pin 3
pin 2
pin 7
pin 5
Note: These connection instructions are designed for use with the 9 pin boxed version of the LogIT Serial Balance
Adapter. If using the original 25 pin lead type connection you need to use adapter pin 3 instead of pin 2 (data out) and
adapter pin 7 instead of pin 5 (ground).
The manufacturers assure us that the same instructions should work for the following balances:
EK Range (optional RS232 required)
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GX Range
HR Range (optional RS232 required)
GR Range
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