Sony VPL-CW125 User's manual

Sony VPL-CW125 User's manual
VPL - CX100
VPL - CX120
VPL - CX150
VPL - CX125
VPL - CW125
VPL - CX155
The winning line-up.
C-series from Sony.
6 outstanding projectors for education and business.
VPL - CX100
VPL - CX120
VPL - CX125
VPL - CW125
VPL - CX155
VPL - CX150
The new C-series
from Sony.
VPL - CW125
These advanced 3LCD projectors
score highly for all types of education
and business use. Equipped with our
new high-efficiency, long life lamp,
each one offers high levels of
brightness from 2700lm up to 3500lm,
ensuring your audience enjoys a
clear, crisp and sharp image in
even the brightest of rooms.
Our new C-series projectors are
instantly recognisable, with their
large lenses incorporating new
Advanced Crisp Focus (ACF)
technology. Although they may look
similar, each projector has its own set
of highly effective features.Yet the
whole Sony C-series team is united
in helping to make every presentation
a winning performance.
Meet the
winning team.
The six new star players in our C-series
range ensure there’s a Sony projector
that excels at matching your needs.
VPL - CX155
VPL - CX125
VPL - CX150
VPL - CX120
VPL - CX100
Star players in education and business roles, the VPL-CX100, VPL-CX120 and
VPL-CX150 multi-purpose XGA projectors all offer the same impressive and
convenient features; you just decide on the brightness you need for
your environment. The VPL-CX100 produces 2700 ANSI lumens for clear and
bright images, while the VPL-CX120 offers 3000lm and the VPL-CX150 3500lm.
Scoring time
and again
VPL - CW125
VPL - CX155
VPL - CX125
VPL - CX150
VPL - CX120
VPL - CX100
VPL - CX100
VPL - CX120
VPL - CX150
Low Fan
Off and Go
Genius at work –
the Sony 3LCD system
The 3LCD system from Sony
At the heart of the C-series is the
highly effective Sony 3LCD projector
system. Even in a light environment,
it gives you sharp focus, vivid images
and a more natural colour that’s
gentle on the eyes. Moving and still
images produced with 3LCD are
bright, with fine-gradation in dark
areas, making your presentations
clear and captivating.
Visibly superior technology
The new, large diameter lens
With the C-series, you and your
audience enjoy new standards of
clarity and efficiency. The new large
diameter lens with Advanced Crisp
Focus (ACF) technology produces
a better unified focused image,
while the latest ultra high pressure
lamp gives you all the brightness you
need for virtually any room – with
reduced power consumption for greater
energy efficiency and a longer life.
Hold their attention
Quiet operation is vital for a compelling
presentation. At only 28dB in standard
mode, the operating noise of the
VPL-CX100, VPL-CX120 & VPL-CX150
is quieter than a whisper.
Panel Lock
Working to suit you
The C-series offers the flexibility to
work where and how you want. The
Monitor Out feature shows images
simultaneously on a large screen
and an additional monitor, so you
can face your audience during your
lesson or presentation, and still look
at what they see.
The projectors allow ceiling or rear
installation and even portable use.You
don’t have to wait for the lamp to cool
before you unplug, as the cooling fan
continues to run – so you can move
off to another room straight away. And
the variety of inputs and outputs,
including two RGB connections, gives
you useful versatility.
Protect your investment
The Sony C-series projectors have
been designed with in-built security
features to minimise the risk of your
projector being stolen, or unauthorised
individuals using it. That’s why they
feature Control Panel Lock, which
locks the controls on the top and
side of the projector, and Password
Protection, which means only your
password can activate it. The built-in
security bar makes it difficult to steal
the projector from its mount and
provides a visible deterrent.
Easy maintenance
With easy access to the lamp and
filters for replacement and cleaning
(even when the projector is
mounted), it’s easier to give your
C-series projector the attention that
ensures a long, reliable working life.
VPL-CX125 and VPL-CX155 offer all the desirable features of the
VPL-CX100, VPL-CX120 & VPL-CX150, with the extra benefit of network
capability and Side Shot™. To decide between them, simply choose
how bright your projector should be: the VPL-CX125 offers up
to 3000lm, while the VPL-CX155 produces 3500lm.
Great team
Ziris Manage Lite™
The VPL-CX125, VPL-CX155
and VPL-CW125 all feature
RJ45 network connectivity.
XGA projectors with
network capability
Take full control – remotely
With network capability, you can
easily and effectively host remote
conferences, transfer data and share
information between groups, without
even being present. The VPL-CX125
and VPL-CX155 make it logical and
simple, thanks to their Sony Air Shot™
(Version 2) software.
The optional Ziris Manage Lite™
management and monitoring
software gives you real time control
of your C-series projector network.
Using Air Shot™ (Version 2), you can
simultaneously send content from your
PC or laptop via your corporate LAN or
WLAN, to up to five networked
projectors – such as the RJ45-equipped
VPL-CX125, VPL-CX155 and VPL-CW125.
This feature is especially valuable if
you’re presenting sensitive information,
such as new product details, since it
remains on your PC and is not stored
on any of the projectors.
You can save energy by turning
projectors on and off as required,
monitor them and plan preventative
maintenance such as lamp
replacement and even remotely
diagnose problems. It even provides
extra security, warning you if a
projector is taken off the network.
Ziris Manage Lite™ will also work with
all Sony network projectors and
LCD displays.
VPL - CW125
VPL - CX155
VPL - CX125
VPL - CX150
VPL - CX120
VPL - CX100
Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN)
Remote diagnostics,
maintenance and management
Presentation and data
sent from PC to projector
Ziris Manage Lite installed
Side Shot™ covers all the angles
Even awkward rooms with obstructions
won’t hinder your presentations,
thanks to the Side Shot™ and Vertical
Keystone Adjustment features of the
VPL-CX125 and VPL-CX155. They let
you offset the projector vertically
from the screen to accommodate
the room’s physical limitations,
while still showing an image that’s
automatically corrected for distortion.
So your presentation will be exciting
and easy to see, whatever challenges
the room presents.
Up to 5 projectors can be
connected, with the image
from a single PC projected
on each of them.
With Sony Air Shot™
technology, a screen
shot of the presenter’s
screen is sent to a
wireless access point.
Ziris Manage Lite™
(optional software)
• Real-time access to reports
at any time.
• Remote, internet-based monitoring
and managing of all projectors on
the network from one central site.
• Ability to plan preventative
hardware maintenance, such
as time of use.
• Control over devices, including
scheduled hourly, daily or weekly
power-on/off switch, video input
selection, etc.
• A highly intuitive and
user-friendly interface.
Presentations can also
be sent from PCs over
the wired LAN.
VPL - CX125
Side Shot™
RM-PJ18 Remote
Panel Lock
Low Fan
Off and Go
VPL - CX155
Now playing
in widescreen
The top player in the Sony C-series line-up,
the VPL-CW125 takes projectors to a higher level,
with all the many talents of its Sony team mates,
plus native Wide XGA (1366 x 800) resolution.
Widescreen for extra impact
The multi-talented performer
The VPL-CW125 is ready to enhance
your most dramatic presentations.
With its huge Advanced Crisp Focus
(ACF) lens and 3LCD technology for
exceptional clarity, plus WXGA and
16:9 aspect ratio widescreen formats,
it gives your images even more
impact and dynamism.
The VPL-CW125 includes all the
desirable features of our C-series.
With its new large diameter lens and
high-efficiency lamp, it offers 3000lm
of brightness (2200lm in low mode).
The comprehensive choice of inputs
and outputs, including two RGB
connectors, provide extra flexibility.
You can even enjoy widescreen
projection in rooms with awkward
obstructions, thanks to its Side Shot™
Digital Horizontal Shift feature which
projects the image at an angle, yet
with virtually no distortion.
The Monitor Out function lets you
face your audience and still view
your presentation on a separate
display device. And with the fully
featured RM-PJ18 Remote Commander
with ID Function, you can individually
manage up to three projectors with
one commander.
Side Shot™
RM-PJ18 Remote
Panel Lock
There’s also the reassurance of password
protection, control panel lock and the
security bar to deter thieves.
Ceiling mounted projectors are
often accidentally left on after
meetings, reducing the lamp life
and wasting electricity. Like all the
C-series projectors, the VPL-CW125
can be set to skip the standby
mode, so you can easily turn it
on and off by a main switch.
Low Fan
VPL - CW125
Off and Go
VPL - CW125
Add the optional Ziris Manage Lite™
tool, and you can remotely control
all your Sony RJ45 projectors over
your network, easily and in real time.
16:9 WXGA
The VPL-CW125 scores again with
built-in RJ45 connection for projector
control and network capability.
With the unique Sony Air Shot™
(Version 2) software, you can send
content from your PC, via your corporate
network, directly to your VPL-CW125.
4:3 XGA
Network capability for
great teamwork
VPL - CX155
VPL - CX125
VPL - CX150
VPL - CX120
VPL - CX100
Play on with Sony
service and support
All Sony C-series projectors have the reassurance
of PrimeSupport 3 year service, offering so much
more than a standard warranty.
Environmentally friendly
PrimeSupport includes a free
multi-lingual helpdesk; just call and
our experts will guide you through all
the product features and coordinate
your service requests. We make sure
our projectors are rarely on the bench,
and quickly ready for action, so if your
unit should fail we’ll offer you the choice
of having it repaired or receiving a
replacement, with collection and
delivery anywhere in the EU, Norway
or Switzerland at our expense.
The Eco-Info mark is your confirmation
that our C-series is environmentally
friendly. We strictly control the use
of chemicals and developing
energy-saving technologies is a
crucial part of our product innovation.
The cabinet and the printed wiring
boards of the C-series projectors do
not contain halogenated flameretardants, so even if they are burnt,
no carcinogenic dioxin is generated.
Your environmentally
friendly guarantee
Throughout your PrimeSupport
contract, qualified Sony engineers will
maintain your projector and whatever
repair option you take, there will be no
unexpected bills.
VPL - CX120
VPL - CX100
VPL - CX150
VPL - CX125
The winning line-up.
C-series from Sony.
VPL - CW125
VPL - CX155
VPL - CW125
Find out more
For more information including technical specifications and datasheets, please visit or contact your nearest Sony Specialist Dealer.
VPL - CX155
VPL - CX125
VPL - CX150
VPL - CX120
VPL - CX100
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are approximate.
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