Golzer BTX40 Instruction Manual
BTX40 User’s Guide
Bluetooth® Headphones
Golzer BTX40 Instruction Manual
Getting Started BTX40
To use your BTX40 stereo Bluetooth headphones, please follow the steps below:
1) Ensure your Bluetooth headphones is fully charged.
2) Pair your charged Bluetooth headphones with a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone prior to use on the first time. Please fully
charge your new headphones before first use.
Charging Your Headphones
Connect the USB charging cable to charging USB port (7) of the headphones. The LED indicator (1) while be red while charging;
the led indicator will turn off once the devise is fully charged.
Default Setting:
First, make sure the BTX40 headphones is turn off. Then, press the (►ll) button (3) to turn on the headphones, and then press
the button (2) “+” and button (4) “-” at the same time for 2-3 seconds until the purple LED flashes.
Turning Your Headphones On and Off
Turning on the headphones
Press and hold the (►ll) until the LED indicator flashes solid blue for 1 second and then flashes blue and red alternatively with an
ascending “beep” sound heard, the device will then be in pairing mode.
For detailed pairing instructions, please refer to "Pairing Your Headphones".
Turning Off the headphones
Press and hold the (►ll) for 4 seconds until the LED indicator flash solid red, the device will turn off with a decreasing “beep”
Attention: If you will not use the headphones for a while, you should consider turning off the Bluetooth function on your mobile
phone as well.
BTX40 Headphones Overview
LED Indicator (1)
Volume +/Previous track (2)
(►ll) Button (Power ON/OFF, Make/Answer/End/Reject/Transfer calls, Play/Pause music, Voice Dialing) (3)
Volume - / Next track (4)
3.5mm audio jack (5)
Microphone (6)
USB Socket (For charging) (7)
Product specifications
Bluetooth version: v4.1
Bluetooth profiles supported: headphones, hands free, A2DP and AVRCP, APTX
Normal charging time: 3 hours
Talk time: up to 15-20 hours
Music playing time: up to 10-13 hours
Standby time: up to 180 hours
21.0(L) × 16.0(W) ×8 (H) cm (unfolded)
21.0(L) × 16.0(W) ×5 (H) cm (folded)
Weight: 220.4 g
Pairing Your Headphones
The headphones works with Bluetooth-enabled phones, prior to using and pairing your headphones for the first time, please
check if your mobile phone is Bluetooth-enabled.
Pairing procedures
1) Place the headphones and the mobile phone no more than one meter apart.
2) Ensure the headphones is turned off.
3) Press and hold the (►ll) until the connection LED indicator flashes red and blue alternatively.
4) Activate your mobile phones’ Bluetooth function; please refer to your mobile phone user guide for details.
5) Set the mobile phone to search for Bluetooth devices within range and select “Golzer BTX40” from the list of devices shown.
6) Enter pass code "0000" and press "OK" to pair your headphones with mobile phone. When the pairing is completed, the LED
indicator will flash blue once every 3 seconds and the headphones enters into standby mode.
7) Go back your mobile phone’s main menu.
BTX40 can be paired with two Smartphones at the same time.
If BTX40 was previously paired to a Smartphone, it is possible to be paired with a 2nd Smartphone: restart BTX40 (switch off and
switch on) to enter pairing mode; repeat the above pairing procedure to pair BTX40 with the 2nd Smartphone; and then
reconnect BTX40 with 1st Smartphone; finally two Smartphone can connect with BTX40.
* After initial pairing is established, the headphones will automatically reconnect to the last paired device upon turning ON.
Cancel the Pairing Status
In standby status, turn off the Bluetooth function of your mobile phone. The headphones needs to be re-paired with your mobile
phone after power on again.
Connect with the Last Paired Device
The headphones will connect with the last paired mobile phone, if the pairing is successful, the LED indicator will flash blue every
3 seconds and in standby mode, if the pairing cannot be completed within 10 minutes after the pairing mode has been activated,
the headphones will turn into standby mode.
Bluetooth Call Functions
Call-related functions:
Answer a call
When a call is coming, the ring tone will be heard thought the headphones. Press the (►ll) once to accept the call or answer the
call via your mobile phone in normal way.
Reject / ignore a call
To reject / ignore the incoming call, press and hold the (►ll) for around 2 seconds until a “beep” sound is heard then release it.
End a call
While speaking, press the (►ll) once to end the call or end the call via your mobile phone in normal way.
Transfer a Call
While speaking, press the (►ll) button for 1 second till a beep sound is heard to transfer a call from your headphones to your
mobile phone. (Please check if your mobile phone has this function.) Repeat the above procedure to transfer the call from your
mobile phone to your headphones.
Last Number Re-dialing From Your Headphones
In standby status, double press the (►ll) on your headphones.
IMPORTANT: The above function is only applicable to mobile phone with Bluetooth hands free profile. Functionality varies
depends on the mobile phone model you have. Please refer to your mobile phone user guide for additional information.
Voice Dialing from Your Headphones
If your mobile phone is equipped with voice dialing function, simply press the (►ll) for around 3 seconds until a “beep” sound
heard then release, and please say the voice tag according to mobile phone tips.
Attention: For voice dialing, you must record the voice tag (the person name) into your mobile phone prior to using the voice
dialing function on the headphones, please refer to your mobile phone’s guide on how to record the voice tag.
*The above functions may not be available for some devices. See your host device user manual for specific functionality /
features available.
Bluetooth Playback Functions
Play / Pause Music
Press the “(►ll)” to play/resume the music, the same button can also be used to pause the playback.
Next/ Previous track
Press the button (2) “+” once is for previous track
Press the button (4) “-” once is for next track
Adjusting the Volume
When you are on the phone or listen to the music, long press button (2) “+” is for volume up, long press button (4) “-” is for
volume down.
If you are unable to connect your headphones and your mobile phone, please try the following:
Ensure your headphones is turned off and is properly charged.
Ensure the headphones is paired with your mobile phone.
Ensure your mobile phone's Bluetooth feature is activated. Please refer to your mobile phone user guide for specific
Ensure the headphones is within a 10 meter range of your mobile phone and there are no obstructions, such as walls or
other electronic devices in between.
If the above steps do not solve your problem, please recharge the headphones and restart your host device.
Safety Information
Check local laws regarding the use of mobile phones and headphones while driving. If you use the headphones while driving,
ensure your attention and focus remains on the road and you drive in a responsible and safe manner.
Never allow children to play with the headphones small parts may be a choking hazard.
Observe all signs that require an electrical device or RF radio products to be switched off in designated areas. These could
include hospitals, blasting areas, and potentially explosive environments.
Never mount or store your headphones over any air bag development area as serious injury may result when the air bag
Do not open or mutilate the built-in battery.
Dispose of the device according to local regulations. Do not dispose as household waste.
Care and Maintenance
Consider turning your headphones off before placing it away. If the (►ll) is accidentally activated. Your mobile phone may
place an unintended call.
Do not expose the headphones to liquid, moisture or humidity, as it is not waterproof.
Do not use abrasive cleaning solvents to clean the headphones.
Do not expose the headphones to extreme temperature conditions .The best store temperature range is from - 0 to + 60,
otherwise the life of the headphones will be influenced.
Do not dispose the headphones of a fire as this may result in an explosive.
Do not bring your headphones into contact with sharp objects as this will cause scratched and damage.
Do not attempt to disassemble the headphones, as it does not contain serviceable components.
If you do not use the headphones for long periods, be sure to store it in a dry place, free from extreme temperature
conditions and dust.
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