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User Precautions

Please read the instructions carefully to protect yourself and others from personal injury or damage to property.

Precautions when installing

· Please avoid installing in excessively hot, cold, dusty or humid places.

· Please avoid exposure to strong vibrations or direct sunlight.

· Because the phone generates heat when it operates, please do not install it in locations with low heat tolerance.

· To prevent fire or risk of electric shock, please do not use with a damaged cord or plug, or touch the power outlet with wet hands.

· Please do not place on an unstable surface to avoid injury or breakage if dropped or fallen.

Precautions when cleaning

· Please use a dry, soft cloth when you clean the phone.

· Please do not use harsh chemicals such as benzene or thinner to clean the phone.

· Please wipe the power plug with a dry, soft cloth if it is wet or dusty, as this may be a fire or electric shock hazard.

Precautions when using

· Please do not touch the phone with wet hands.

· Please do not use the phone for other than its intended purpose.

· Please do not pull on the power plug and adapter when unplugging the phone.

· If the phone emits an unusual noise or smell, or if you see smoke coming from the phone, please unplug the adapter and cable immediately.

· Please do not place the phone in an area that is wet or dusty.

· Please do not place anything heavy on top of the phone.

· Please do not put any foreign material inside the product or charger.

· Please do not place the phone near or in areas of extreme heat, such as in direct sunlight or beside a heater.

· Please do not place the product close to magnetic objects such as a magnet, TV, monitor or speaker.

· Please back up your valuable data on the phone, as a precaution.

· Please note that the phone and battery can get heated up during a lengthy call.

· Do not modify or disassemble the phone, or use any other manufacturer's firmware to upgrade the phone.

· Failure to comply with the precautions in this section will void any applicable warranty.

User Precautions

Precautions when using battery

· Please don’t use this phone with a battery from another manufacturer, as this could damage the device.

· Replace the battery if it appears swollen, as there is a risk of explosion.

· Use only the specified manufacturer's charger to charge the phone.

· Keep the phone and battery away from children and pets.

· Do not place the phone or battery near firearms or unlicensed radio products.

· Do not submerge the phone or get the battery wet.

· Do not store or use the phone inside a car during the summer, or in steam rooms, or other areas with high temperature and humidity.

· Do not continuously use the phone for long periods of time.

· Do not place the phone directly on blankets, electric blankets, or carpeted areas.

· Do not allow metallic objects to come into contact with the battery terminals.

· Do not disassemble, crush, or puncture the phone or battery, as there is a risk of explosion and electric shock.

· Do not incinerate the battery. Dispose of it or recycle it in accordance with local regulations.

· Normal battery life should continue for at least 6 months from date of purchase.

· Before first time use, and after using the phone for a long period of time without charging, please charge the battery fully by placing the phone in the cradle.

FCC SAR Compliance Statement

Your wireless phone is a radio transmitter and receiver.

It is designed and manufactured not to exceed the emission limits for exposure to radio frequency (RF) energy set by the Federal

Communications Commission of the U.S. Government.

These limits are part of comprehensive guidelines and establish permitted levels of RF energy for the general population.

The guidelines are based on safety standards previously set by both

U.S. and international standards bodies:

· American National Standards Institute (ANSI) IEEE. C95.1-1992.

· National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement

(NCRP). Report 86.1986.

· International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection

(ICNIRP) 1996.

· Ministry of Health(Canada). Safety Code 6.

The standards include a substantial safety margin designed to

assure the safety of all persons, regardless of age and health.

The exposure standard for wireless mobile phone employs a unit of measurement known as the Specific Absorption Rate, or SAR. The SAR limit set by the FCC is 1.6W/kg.



User Precautions


· This device is for indoor use, only in the 5150~5250Mhz frequency range.

· This device was tested for typical body-worn operations.

· To comply with RF exposure requirements, keep at least 1.5cm

(0.5 inches) between the user's body and the headset, including the antenna.

· Do not use third-party belt clips, holsters, or other accessories that contain metallic components.

· Avoid use of body-worn accessories that do not meet the above criteria, as they may not comply with RF exposure requirements.

User manual specifications and the IP Phone software version may be changed by the manufacturer without any notice.


User Precautions ................ 02

Basic Instructions

Components ..................... 06

HD Voice Features ............. 06

About the Phone ............... 07

LCD Status ....................... 08

Insert the Battery ............... 09

Install the Adapter .............. 09

Wi-Fi connection ............... 10

To Access Web UI ............. 11

Basic Functions

Make a Call / Hang Up ..... 14

Answering a call ................ 14

Call History ........................ 14

Transfer ............................. 15

Pick Up ............................. 15

Mute ................................. 15

Adjust Volume ................... 15

Ring Type .......................... 15

Phone Book ...................... 15

CFA ................................... 16

Message ........................... 17

Extra Functions

Useful Functions ................ 18

Text Input .......................... 20

Display .............................. 21

Setting .............................. 22

System info ....................... 23


Trouble shooting ................ 24

Treatment before

Disposal ............................ 25

Warranty ............................ 25

Damage Compensation .... 26

Specifications .................... 27



Please check to ensure the components pictured below are in the box after purchase. Please contact the retail store where you purchased the device, if there are any missing items.

HD Voice Features

· This device uses high-end speakers and receivers to

support HD Voice capability.

· This device deploys HD Voice clarity similar to an HD


· This device outputs a higher voice quality than the

standard Internet phone.

Body Charger

Power adapter Battery User manual

<Voice quality comparison between standard phone voice technology, and HD Voice technology>

About the Phone

















Volume : Adjust the sound volume.

Menu : Access the phone menu.

Search : Search your registered Wi-Fi networks.

Wireless line : Search Wi-Fi networks.

Phone book : Access the phone book.

System info : Access system information.

Message : SMS(Texting is not supported at this time).

OK : Select the item.

Mute : Mute your current call.

Back : Cancel the selected item or return to the previous menu.

Call : Receive or end a call.

End : Power on/off.

Number/ Text : Input numbers or text.

#/Lock : Press and hold the [#] button to lock/unlock the keypad.

Pick up : Pick up a call from another phone on your account.

Transfer : Transfer current call to another phone number.


LCD Status


Press to access phone menu.

Status Icon

Indicates phone status.

Please refer to the icon legend on the right, for details.

Time, Date

Indicates the time and date.


Press to search phone book.

Indicates Wi-Fi signal strength.

Strong signal Weak signal

Indicates the phone call function is unavailable.

Indicates the phone call function is available.

Indicates the alarm has been set.

Indicates you have unread messages.

Indicates the answering machine function has been set.

Indicates that the phone is in locked mode.

Indicates battery status.

Fully charged Good Poor Charge

Indicates the battery is charging, and the charging status.

Insert the battery

Please use the included battery. If you need to exchange or purchase another battery, please contact an authorized service centre.


(1) Push down on the battery cover,

as shown at left, and pull down (2) to separate.



Insert the battery with the

charging pins aligned with

the grooves (1) and push

down on (2).

Fit up


Fit up

Replace the battery cover bottom first, at (1) direction and push down, sliding up toward (2) until you hear a click.

Install the adaptor

Connect the adaptor to the rear connector.

Connect the charger plug into a power outlet.

Place the Wi-Fi phone on the charging cradle to charge.

You can check the charging status with the indicated

icon on the top display.


Wi-Fi Connection


Press and hold the [End] button for 3 seconds to power on the phone.

Press to search for available Wi-Fi connections

Select the desired network, Press [OK], and enter applicable password.

You will be connected and can begin using your device.

While connecting to an AP, Web browser will open automatically if Web Authentication is required.

After connected to the AP, if registration to the server fails, open Web browser again and check whether it has been connected to the AP.

(Refer to the page 16)

To Access Web UI

You can check the phone status or set up the phone via

Web browser. Please follow the steps below.

1. To check IP address

[Menu] → 8.System info → 3.Network info

2. Input http://IPaddress:8000 on web browser to

access Web UI


You can check the current phone status.

3. Input ID:user, Password:0000 to log-in



To Access Web UI

Call Setup

Account : check the account information.

Phone Setup

Phone Password : change the user password.

Network : setup roaming feature.

QoS : setup QoS related setting.

Time : select Time zone and setup NTP server.

To Access Web UI

Function Setup

Functions : setup the phone functions.

WiFi Scan Channel : select WiFi channels.


Reboot : reboot the phone.

Factory Default : restore to factory default setting.

- Please make sure before restore to factory default.

All the setting will be completed deleted.


Make a Call / Hang Up

Input the call number

Using phone history

Using phone book

Short dial

End call

Press the phone number .

Select the number in history.

Search and select the desired number.

In standby mode, press and hold the last digit of

Short dial. (Short dial can be registered 00~99)


Answer a Call

Answer call directly

• If Answer type is set to Press button :

Press any button to receive incoming call, except the


• If Answer type is set to Hold handy :

Call is connected when you lift the phone from the charging cradle.

To set the answer type: [Menu] → 2.Call Manage →

2.Answer type.

Answer a call with Out of Office function

If the Out of Office function is activated, the phone will answer calls with an auto-answer.

To set the Out of Office function: [Menu] → 4. Useful

Functions → 1.Out of office

Call History

You can check outgoing, incoming and missed calls.

The phone saves up to 100 logs in your history.

• Button : Call one of the logged phone numbers.

• [OK] Button : See phone number details.

• [Menu] : Send a message(if enabled) or save/delete number.

To manage calls:[Menu] → 2.Call Manage → 1.Logs


You can transfer a call to another number or to another phone in the same group.

On the call

On the call

Input the number

Input the number

New call

On the call Input the number

Pick Up

You can answer another ringing phone on the same network. This function requires a pickup code and group.


Press [Mute] button during an ongoing call to mute your voice.

Adjust Volume

In standby mode, press [Volume] and click the button. You can adjust Volume, Ring, Call, Power On/Off,

Alarm. Adjust the volume (8 steps) by pressing

[Volume] or .

Adjust the volume on call : Adjust the voice volume on a phone call(8 steps) by pressing the [Volume] button.

Ring Type

Easily search and change ringtones. Select from 10

WAV rintones or 10 MIDI ringtones.

[Menu] → 5.Sound → 1.Ring setting

Phone Book

Search Contacts

Search by assigned number, name, phone number, or group. After selecting the item, press the [Call] button.

→ 1.Search contacts → Select →



Phone Book

· In the phone book list, press the [Menu] button to delete

or edit entries.

Register Contacts

Follow the steps below to register new contacts.

Input name

Input number

Select Short dial Select Group

Select bell

· Store up to 500 Contacts and up to 100 on speed dial.

· Press the [Search] button to locate the phone number type.

· Manage groups at → 3.Manage groups.

Press the [Menu] button to Add, Edit, Delete groups and

members. Register up to 30 per Group.

· After saving and storing a number, register it as a group

member by pressing the [OK] button.

Call Forwarding

Receive forwarded calls from another number.

• How to set : [Menu] → 2.Call Manage → 6.Call forwarding

→ Select the Set → → Input the number to

Call Forwarding →

• How to clear : [Menu] → 2.Call Manage → 6.Call forwarding

→ Select Unset →

· Select Call Forwarding in the Call FWD section to set the

No answer, Always, Busy options.


Send and receive messages with your phone.

Please inquire with your service provider if this function is available in your area.

Write the message Spam Message

→ 1.Write → → Input the number → → Select save mode → → Input the sender number →

Use the Search or Draft Box Save function on the Receive

Number screen.

→ 3.Spam Message

• Register spam number : Register up to 5 spam


• Spam Inbox : Check the spam message.

• Setting : Choose whether to block the spam message

or not.


→ 2. Inbox

Check received, sent and draft messages.

Select a message and press the [Menu] button to access Deliver, Save Number and Delete functions.

Message setting

→ 4.Message Setting

• Arrival alarm interval : Set for once, at two minute

intervals, and to clear the alarm when message


• Setting alarm bell : Select from 3 notification bell


· This function available at [Menu] → 4.Message



Useful Functions

Out of Office

[Menu] → 4.Useful Functions → 1.Out of Office

• Auto attendant : Set and clear the Out of Office auto answer while away from your desk/work.

Morning Call

Set and clear the Morning Call.

• How to set : [Menu] → 4.Useful Functions →

2.Morning Call → Select setting → →

Input time → → Select notice → →

Select the repeat interval and times →

→ Select bell type →

• How to clear : [Menu] → 4.Useful Functions →

2.Morning Call → Select Clear →


Set and clear multiple alarm functions.

• How to set : [Menu] → 4.Useful Functions → 3.Alarm

→ Select setting → → Input time → →

Select notice → → Select the repeat

interval and times Select bell type →

• How to clear : [Menu] → 4. Useful Functions →

Press the [Menu] button to delete and add alarm.

Useful Functions


Use the Direction buttons or [OK] button to cycle through the on screen options. Press the [Back] button to delete one character. Press the [Menu] button to delete all.

• How to set : [Menu] → 4.Useful Functions → 4.Calculator

World Time

Use the Direction buttons to cycle through, select and display the time and date of major cities worldwide.

• How to set : [Menu] → 4.Useful Functions →

5.World time

Web Browser

To connect to an Access Point (AP) requiring Web

Authentication:In your Web browser, move the cursor with the Navigation key. Use long key presses for faster cursor movement.

• How to set : [Menu] → 4.Useful Functions → 6.Web

Browser → use Navi button to go to Input Box →

→ Input ID & Password → Click Sign in button

1. In the Input Box, press the [Back] button to delete

all details.

2. In the Web browser, use the Volume button to toggle

Page up/Page Down and use the Pickup key and Trans

key to toggle Page Left/Page Right.

3. To change text entry mode, use key for small/

capital/numeric, and key for special character.

4. If your web browser is freezing, click button to

go back to the main page.

5. In the input box, press ‘Search’ key to use TEXT INPUT


6. TEXT INPUT key pad can be escaped once Web page

is refreshed, then press ‘Navi’ key to use TEXT INPUT

key pad again.



Text Input

To use TEXT INPUT Mode

- To input text, press any number or Search button then

Text input keyboard will pop up.

- Use navigation button to move, and press OK

to select the character, and press BACK button

to delete, and long Back button press to delete all.

- Press ‘Menu’ button to finish text input, and press

‘Search’ button to modify.

- Use key for small/capital character, and press

key for special character and to go back to character

entry mode press ‘a’ or ‘A’.

- Or press "*" on the handset keypad to change text

entry mode.

To Use Keypad on the phone

- Use keypad on the phone and press ‘Menu’ button to


- Press ‘*” on the handset keypad to change text

entry mode.

- Special character is only available on Text Input




Select from 10 kinds of wallpaper for on-screen display.

• How to set : [Menu] → 6.Display → 1.Wallpaper →

Select the wallpaper →


Adjust display brightness(10 levels).

• How to set : [Menu] → 6. Display → 3. Brightness →

Select brightness →


Display a desired phrase or phone number on the screen.

• How to set : [Menu] → 2 6.Display → 2.Banner →

Phone num, Direct input → → Input phrase →

Select the color →


Select a time out period for the backlight(10 secs, 20 secs, 30 secs, 1 min, 3 min, always on).

• How to set : [Menu] → 6.Display → 4.backlight →

Select option →




Menu style

Select a menu style (Rotate or Grid)

• How to set : [Menu] → 6.Display → 5.Menu style →

→ Select the menu →


Wifi setting

To search for available WiFi connections.

• How to set : [Menu] → 7.Setting → 1.Wifi setting →

2.Search wi-fi AP → Select one →

Home Screen

Display the calendar or time on the screen.

• How to set : [Menu] → 6.Display → 6.Home screen →

Select the item →

Phone lock

To lock the phone and change the password.

• How to set : [Menu] → 7.Setting → 2.Phone lock →

1.PIN Number → Input current password and Input new

User Default

To delete all the user setting values including phone number.

• How to set : [Menu] → 7.Setting → 3.User Default → Input

user password(default password ‘0000’) →

Time zone

To set up the current time zone and daylight savings time.

• How to set : [Menu] → 7.Setting → 4.Time zone →

select the zone →

System info

Wi-fi info

Display the WiFi AP connection information.

About phone

Display the current Hardware{H/W} and Software{S/W} version.

Network info

Display the current network information.

• This manual is for software version 2.00.022 and

browser version 1.0.0.

• If your device's software version is different than

the version above, you may download the most

current version from "www.apivio.com".



Trouble shooting

Solutions to common issues (may occur even when the phone is functioning normally)


1. The phone does not work.


The battery must be sufficiently charged for the phone to operate. Please charge the phone on the cradle, and ensure it is positioned correctly and securely. If the battery is fully charged but the phone does not work after the power button is pressed, remove the battery, reinsert it, and press the power button again.

2. Phone is unresponsive.

Remove the battery, reinsert it, and press the power button.

3. Phone call quality is


4. The phone does

not charge.

5. Ringtone is too quiet.

6. Screen is too dark.

7.Text message service/

Caller information does not display.

8. Battery usage and standby time is shorter.

- Ensure that the distance between the device and other call locations is not too far.

- Check for obstacles, such as walls, or for any severe local electromagnetic interference.

- If call quality is bad for calls between short distances, please power the phone off and then power it on again.

- If call volume is low, increase it using the volume control on the side of the phone.

- Make sure your adaptor and the other phone's adaptor are connected.

- Please use the dedicated adaptor provided with the phone.

- Please make sure you clean the charging contacts on the charging cradle. Clean any loose foreign material or moisture on the contacts by wiping with a soft, dry cloth.

- If the phone still does not charge, please contact the warrantor to purchase a new battery.

Press [Menu] + [5.Sound] + [3.Volume] buttons to adjust ringtone volume.

Press [Menu] +[7.Display] + [3.Brightness] buttons to adjust brightness of the screen.

Make sure you are connected to a service provider.

The battery life decreases over time with normal use. Please contact the warrantor to purchase a new battery.

Treatment before Disposal

Please dispose of this product according to local municipal regulations, or recycle where facilities exist.


If your product does not work properly because of a defect in materials or workmanship, Apivio Systems

Inc. (referred to as “the warrantor”) will, for the length of the period indicated on the chart on p. 20, which starts with the date of original purchase (“12 month Warranty period”), at its option will either (a) repair your product with new or refurbished parts, or (b) replace it with a new or a refurbished product. The decision to repair or replace will be made by the warrantor.

Contact information: www.apivio.com



Damage Compensation

Free of charge

Compensation services are free of charge for manufacturer’s defects or spontaneous failure within the 12 month warranty period.

Failures of performance and feature when the products have been used in the normal state

Types of damage

Major repair within 10 days from the purchase

Major repair within 1 month from the purchase

Damages occurred during shipping or installation

An exchanged product requires major repair within 1 month of exchange date.

If exchange is not possible

Same defect occurs 3 times

Repairable case Same defect occurs 4 times

Different defects occur 5 times

The warrantor loses the product requested for repair.

The warrantor does not have the parts to repair the product within the warranty period.

The warrantor has the parts for repair, but repair is impossible

Impossible to repair

Impossible to repair


Within warranty

Exchange or refund

Exchange or free repair


After warranty



Free repair

Exchange or refund

Pay fee for repair and exchange

Free repair

Repair with charge

Repair with charge

Repair with charge

Refund the price adding up

10% of the amount after depreciation

Refund the amount after depreciation

Refund the amount after depreciation

Repair with charge

Service with charge

Please read the manual carefully. A service fee will be charged if you request repair on a non-faulty product.

Fault of users or failure due to mishandling

- Unauthorized repairs

- Intentional negligence

- Mishandling (dropping, submersion, excessive operation, etc.)

- Using third party parts or accessories

Other cases

- Natural disasters

- End of life of consumable parts

- The product or components are installed in a way

other than the procedures shown in this manual.



RF Protocol

RF Channel /








Operating Temperature



IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n (CSMA/CA)

2.400~2.4835GHz / 13 Channel

5.15~5.25, 5.25~5.35, 5.47~5.65, 5.725~5.825GHz / 19 Channel

Talk Time : Up to 4 Hours

Standby Time : Up to 78 Hours

Charging Time : Under 6 Hours

AC 100~200V, 50~60Hz, 0.5A

DC 5V/2A

Handset : 155 x 51 x 16

Cradle : 100 x 84 x 46

Handset : 90g, Cradle : 30g

-10℃ ~ 50℃ Ambient Temperature

10 ~ 95%, Atmospheric Humidity


·Usual manual can be changed as IP Phone software version without any notice.


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