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The Fun of the Fair 2017
Carnaby Bill
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SJ Library Friends Inc.
Are Global Threats, our Threats, and do they Need to be?
2017 has been a remarkably violent and unstable year –
and many of the worst threats to human security that have
dogged people all over the globe are no less a problem than
they were a year ago.
reality, especially where communities are disconnected
and antagonistic from and to each other, do we need
to work harder at reconciling and including our
differences and neighbours?
Civil Conflict and Forced Migration: are increasingly
presenting as a major impact on all stable countries. Civil
wars last many years longer on average than inter-state
conflicts, and have a much higher civilian death count.
These upheavals and the resultant famine and food and water
vulnerability, loss of homes and safety, are the major causes
of forced migration and refugee outcomes. This in turn
is destabilising other sovereign states. It doesn’t help that
light and heavy military hardware is flooding into conflicted
states, mostly from 1st world countries.
Environmental issues: until recently, it may seem
peculiar that the threats posed by nuclear and biological
weapons have not been mentioned. But in spite of the
devastation that could be caused by non-conventional
weapons, the chances of a direct impact is still relatively
low – and fears that these weapons could be acquired
by “rogue” nations such as Iran, North Korea or groups
such as Islamic State are overblown. However, it must
not be forgotten that the most serious existential threats
to humanity are diseases and deaths due to pollution
and onset climate change.
Terrorism: also continues to make headlines and annual
death tolls are rising. Mostly in other countries. Acts
of terrorism killed 32,658 in 2014 – roughly nine times
more people were killed in terrorist attacks than in 2000.
Increasingly, we in Australia have accepted a ramping up
our of fear of a terrorist attack. But is being fearful and
afraid, outweighing our common sense and the daily reality
of our own lives. Arguably, we live in the best country on
the planet, maybe we should work toward ensuring that this
continues in Australia and in our own towns. What about
diplomacy, funding support for vulnerable neighbours and
reducing inequality? Is this a better way to challenge what
seems to be the inevitable path to conflict?
Organised crime, drugs and illegal weapons: Even higher
than the death toll due to acts of terrorism, is organised
crime, drugs and slavery. In many countries across the
globe, the inability to impact on the destructive activities
of organised crime is effecting all of us in some way or
another. Yes, it is here as well. Have we been ineffectual
and has this resulted in making it nearly impossible for law
enforcement to function. Organised criminal groups have
become ever more brazen, bold and untouchable. Cyber
crime, illegal firearms, especial hand guns can emerge
to be a strong contributing factor to organised criminal
groups, gangs or rogue citizens. Gangs can be another huge
security challenge. Though gang violence is an emerging
Survey research indicates that many citizens of
Western nations live in fear of acts of terrorism, but it
is important to take a glance at what is truly the most
threatening to our security. Tackling disease, deciding
to not harm the environmental, sharing the National
wealth, promoting Mental Health Wellbeing are more
effective ways to improve human safety, productivity
and security – not just in Western nations, but around
the world.
Is this our local story and challenge as well? If we
cannot influence the wider global issues, then perhaps
we could expect more from our leaders. To make
better decisions that “do no harm” and that protect and
promote our own safety and circumstances. Is a local
resilience, our best defence?
Please consider.
SJ Crier sponsorship opportunities are now
If you would like more information, please
contact Alison Leggo on
9525 5917
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PO BOX 110
9525 5917
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Alana Rosenthal
Alison Leggo
Alison Leggo
Diane Sparkman
EDITOR Byford & Districts Rotary Club:
Tom Hoyer
9525 1368
[email protected]
Byford Newsagent
Byford Bakery
Chemist – Byford Pharmacy
Chemist - Nightingales
Bendigo Bank
YMCA Rec Centre
Stuck Up Stickers & Decals
Temptations Cafe & Op Shop
Mundijong Library
Mundijong IGA
Mundijong Fish & Chips
Mundijong Post Office
SJ Rural Supplies
Mundijong Garden Supplies
Mundijong Pharmacy
General Store
Serpentine Pharmacy
l to r: Tom, Alana, Diane, Trish, Leigh and Alison
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5PM, 18 SEPTEMBER 2017
Front Cover: Images from the recent LiveLighter SJ Community Fair in
Page 4
Heritage Trading Post
Jarrahdale General Store & Café
Jarrahdale Basket Nursery & Giftware
If you have an interesting story to tell or need
to get your message out to the community,
then give Alison at the SJ Crier a call. You can
contact us on
9525 5917
or email
[email protected]
with details.
Deadline for submissions is noted on the left.
The SJ Crier would like to thank readers for
contributing their articles and stories to this
2017 Fair Round Up
hilst the weather was ever present and the rain
threatened, it did nothing to dampen the spirits
of the Fair organisers along with stallholders and
patrons who attended on the day.
Numbers reached approximately 7,000 throughout the day and those
who attended had a great time. There was a lot of entertainment to
see and free things to do for the children.
The Fair management team would sincerely like to thank the
generous sponsors who make this event possible - LiveLighter,
Healthway, Wormall Civil, Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale, Whitby,
MZI Resources, the Glades at Byford, Sign Spec, RGD Transport
along with the Byford & Districts Community Bank.
Page 5
Andrew Hastie MP
Federal Member for
Over the past eight weeks I’ve held nine public
community meetings around SJ and the Hills.
Many people braved the chilly winter evenings to share their views
on local issues, fill out a survey, sign my GST petition and give
feedback on what’s been happening in Canberra.
Democracy needs active community members and
accountable representatives to be truly effective.
To everyone who came out to meet with me, thank you.
Your feedback and advice is so important to my job as
your representative.
If you weren’t able to attend but would like to keep up to date,
you can contact me on the details below, sign up to my e-news
or follow my facebook page.
Address 2/61 Sutton St, Mandurah WA 6210 Telephone (08) 9534 8044
Mail PO Box 968, Mandurah WA 6210 Email [email protected]
Web Facebook hastieandrew
Authorised by Andrew Hastie MP,
2/61 Sutton St, Mandurah WA 6210.
Page 6
ometime over the weekend of the 19th and 20th of August,
someone, or people, have damaged and stolen one of the fibreglass
cows recently placed in the Mundijong Railway Park.
For years now, the Mundijong Community Association (MCA)
has been beautifying the Railway Park in Paterson Street, and with
recent additions being progressed by the Shire’s operations people,
the Park is swiftly becoming one of the area's main attractions.
From the landscaping and planting works lead by local MCA
delegate Henry, to the stone work done by the Karnet Prison team,
and finally from Kim’s ANZAC Day 2015 memorial,
signage and linking dual use pathway upgrade, we
have seen a large increase in local and visitor use of
the space.
This is unacceptable behaviour, and on behalf of all the
volunteers, the MCA, the Shire parks and gardens staff
and the good people in the Mundijong community, we
need to report these people to the authorities, or the
perpetrators can put the cow back or let someone know
where it is.
This kind of behaviour cannot be left without any
penalty or police response.
Most recently, the cows have been restored and
placed into the park's lawn areas. This has attracted
new interest in the park, with people picnicking and
having photos taken with the cows.
So just like the vandalism to Mundijong's first cows
and stockyards, the destruction of the bollards,
and the damage done to plantings, why has the
most recent approach to making a friendly central
space, been the subject of damage and theft of one
of the cows. Who does this? Surely someone in the
community knows?
Page 7
It was wonderful to see so many of
you at the SJ Community Fair, which
was a success thanks to the support
of our community. Congratulations to
the SJ Community Resource Centre
for a fun-filled event.
The Shire is in the process of
launching our Strategic Community
Plan. Developed in line with
community feedback from the SJ
Real Choices program, the Plan
shows our strategic direction and is
informed by documents such as our
Corporate Business Plan and Annual
Budget. These documents will soon
be available from our website.
We have also produced an
Advocacy Strategy, which aims
to inform our lobbying efforts
to progress key major projects
across Serpentine Jarrahdale. This
document is also available from our
Leaders Forum
The Shire continued its journey
towards a collaborative and engaged
community at the Community
Leaders Forum held on 23 August.
These forums are intended to provide
a key link between Council and the
community groups and organisations
who provide services and support to
our residents.
Members from 23 groups came
together to discuss topics such
as current Council projects like
economic development, trails,
future community strategies, and
the release of the Shire’s Strategic
Community Plan.
Need help with
your rates?
We offer weekly, fortnightly and monthly
payment arrangements to help take the
stress out of lump sum rates payments.
Our Rates team will customise your
payment package for your budget, with
payments made by direct debit for more
Contact our Rates team today on
9526 1134.
Health and
Wellbeing Strategy
The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale
is committed to protecting,
promoting and enhancing the health
and wellbeing of our community
through the implementation of the
Health and Wellbeing Strategy.
We are the first Council in WA
to produce a Public Health Plan,
following the introduction of the new
Public Health Act 2016.
The Strategy will assist the Shire
to promote health and wellbeing
through urban planning, social
and physical infrastructure,
contemporary health protection
initiates, community programs and
the creation of healthy and safe
Shire President, Cr John Erren said
the responses of the community
consultation were very clear.
‘Over 600 people gave us their
feedback on their healthy food and
physical activity choices during
community consultation’, he said.
The Health and Wellbeing Strategy
is available from our website.
Australia Day Award
nominations now open
grants program
Our Community Grants program is
now open, providing opportunities for
not-for-profit organisations towards
funding programs, projects, and
events that benefit the SJ community.
For more information or to apply
please visit our website.
Do you know someone who makes a
difference in Serpentine Jarrahdale?
Our Australia Day Awards are now
open for nominations, to recognise
the volunteers who support our
Nominating is the best way to
recognise the important role
volunteers play in our community.
Award categories include:
Award winners will be announced
at our Australia Day celebrations on
Friday 26 January 2018.
SJ Matters
Serpentine Jarrahdale
monthy e-newsletter
Page 8
Citizen of the Year Award
Citizen of the Year Award (Youth)
Citizen of the Year Award (Senior)
Active Citizenship Award (Group
or Event)
Clem Kentish Award
Nominations close on Tuesday 31
October 2017.
For more information, please visit our
SJ Matters is now being
delivered straight to your inbox!
Subscribe at our website so that
you’re the first to know what’s
happening in your community.
Secondhand book
At the Library from
9.30am to 12pm,
presented by SJ Library
Friends. Friday and
WA Roadside Eats
Byford Hall, South
Western Highway,
Byford. 6pm to 8pm.
Boomerang Bags
Can you cut, sew,
stencil or donate time
or materials? Come
along and be part of
something special!
From 2pm to 3pm at
the Library.
Cattle Whispering,
Shooing Stable Fly
and Good Beef
Workshops and talks
for those raising and
caring for cattle. From
9.30am to 12.30pm.
See the Shire’s website
for details.
Free morning tea
Seniors morning tea
from 10.30am at St
Aidan’s Community
Centre, Byford.
10.30am - 12pm. With
special guest, bush
poet Trevor Keating.
Sustainable House
Open the door to
sustainable living
by touring some of
Western Australia’s
most environmentally
progressive homes on
show. See the Shire’s
website for details.
Ordinary Council
From 7pm at the Civic
Centre, Paterson Street
in Mundijong. All
5.30pm - 6.30pm.
Committee Room, SJ
Civic Centre 6 Paterson
Street, Mundijong. All
Roadworks are being undertaken in the
following areas. We would like to thank
you for your patience as we make our
roads safer.
Abernethy Road, Byford
Doley Road, Byford (developer)
1930 - 2017
Hello Everyone,
I would like to congratulate the Serpentine Jarrahdale
Community Resource Centre for the excellent job that they
did organising the LiveLighter SJ Community Fair. The
Community Fair is a massive event that showcases the best of
Serpentine Jarrahdale.
If you would like to keep up to date on what I am doing within
the community of Serpentine Jarrahdale and Darling Range
then please feel free to follow my Facebook page, Barry Urban
MLA, for the most up to date
Please don’t hesitate to contact my
office if you have any inquiries. You
can email me at [email protected] or you can call my
office on (08) 9525 4822 and make
an appointment with Simone or
Erica was born in the days where you started with
nothing and had to make it last. Many will remember
her blue Kingswood careering along down the back
roads. Erica loved the attending calendar classes at the
Community Resource Centre and will be sadly missed
by her fellow Freo girl, Norma, and the others in the
classes, as well as by the instructors who gave her so
much help and inspiration.
Erica was a country girl at heart and loved the open
spaces where she often stopped taking photos for her
We will miss her quirky ways, her generous heart and
her spunky nature.
RIP Erica
National Stroke Week
Your community group is invited to make a difference at
NATIONAL STROKE WEEK 4-10 September 2017
National Stroke Week is the Stroke Foundation’s annual
awareness campaign. This year with the help of Medtronic
International, the Stroke Foundation is focusing on delivering a
grass roots campaign in regional and rural communities.
Stroke kills more women than breast cancer and more men than
prostate cancer. It is one of the leading causes or adult disability
in Australia. More than 80 percent of strokes can be prevented.
Over 4.1 million Australians suffer from high blood pressure,
a key risk factor for stroke. The lower your blood pressure,
the lower your risk of stroke. Bringing the spotlight on stroke
in September, we need your help to reach Australians with
lifesaving messages on how they can identify the signs of stroke
as well as reduce their own risk of stroke.
Depending on which activity you nominate, the Foundation will
provide your designated contact with a detailed Coordinator
Kit filled with tools, tips and ideas to assist in the planning of
your club’s activity. Closer to Stroke Week a promotional kit
including resources, media release, posters and merchandise
will be sent to your designated contact to assist with local
Register your group online now at:
or email [email protected]
Page 9
Home & Contents Insurance so
good, you don’t need the wrap.
It’s more than just your home,
and it’s worth protecting.
At Byford & Districts Community
Bank® Branch we have a range of
home and contents insurance
options to suit your needs and
your budget.
Bendigo Insurance offers
exceptional cover, excellent
service, and the ability to pay
fortnightly or monthly at no extra
cost. It’s one of the reasons our
customers choose to stay with
us year after year.
And because we’re Bendigo
Bank, part of every dollar of your
policy premium helps support
local community projects and
So if you’re wondering if Bendigo
Home and Contents Insurance is
worth it, now’s the time to
compare your current cover, or
get a quick, easy quote for new
Get a quick quote today –
Drop into your nearest branch at
837 South Western Highway,
Byford or phone 9525 0879 to
find out more.
Choose from Gold, Silver or
Is it worth it? You betcha.
Byford & Districts Community Bank® Branch
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited ABN 11 068 049 178 AFSL/Australian Credit Licence 237879. Insurance issued by CGU Insurance Limited ABN 27 004 478 371
AFSL 238291. Bendigo Bank acts under its own AFSL and under an agreement with CGU. You should consider the Product Disclosure Statement available at before making a decision. S55638-7 (354135_v1) (18/04/2017)
Page 10
Fun time for Community Bank
your bank note. The free raffle had everyone trying to guess the
number of chocolate gold coins in the Piggy lunch box, although
staff had to keep a close eye on the coins to ensure none of them
went walkabout. No one actually guessed the exact number of
340 coins but Mary Plant from Cardup was the closest with her
guess of 345 so the prize of the chocolate coins, lunch box and
kitchen compost bin was her reward.
he Byford & Districts Community Bank has been very active in
the community recently.
As a major sponsor of Landcare’s National Tree Day the branch
staff and directors were active participants at the planting at the
Byford Scout Hall on 30th July. The weather stayed fine and a large
crowd planted nearly 2000 native trees by lunch time.
A few weeks later the LiveLighter SJ Community Fair saw the
Bank once again in the thick of things with the marquee being
very prominent in the Landcare carpark. A mini bank was set up
inside the marquee for the children’s activities. Badge making was
very popular with the kids and adults alike along with the design
Above: Manager Tony Griepl with staff members planting at Landcare's National Tree Day
Mrs Plant was very happy with her prize and said she would be
sharing the chocolate with the grandkids. The Community Bank
staff and directors are now looking forward to the Jarrahdale Log
Chop in October.
Above: Manager Tony Griepl with raffle winner Mary Plant with Bank employee Britt Hanson
Bendigo Home Loans.
For first home buyers,
it’s the start of something bigger.
Imagine a place free from landlords and
property inspections, parents or unwanted
house mates. Exciting thought, right?
But where do you start?
Start by talking to us.
Drop into your nearest branch at 837
South Western Highway, Byford or phone
9525 0879 to find out more.
Terms, conditions, fees, charges and lending criteria apply. Full details available on application. Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited
ABN 11 068 049 178 AFSL/Australian Credit Licence 237879. S52650-3 (313964_v1) (16/08/2016)
Page 11
with volleyball sports comps!
New players &
teams welcome!
mixed competition
nominate now!
Serpentine Jarrahdale Community Recreation Centre
Mead Street, Byford WA 6122 P 9550 6777 E [email protected] Like us on
Page 12
SPECIALISING IN SOLAR PUMPS A delightful evening was had by the Serpentine Jarrahdale
Many of these pumps are only available through our business.
Free Energy Pumping
Specialising in Solar Pumps
library friends when Keith Lightbody stepped from behind his
camera to take them on a journey with his photography.
Keith spent much of his youth in his home town of Mundijong
where he explored the world, with his camera.
While traveling extensively throughout Western Australia and
the world he has captured and immortalized many images that
so few of us get to see.
From Antarctica to the Galapagos Islands and many places in
between, have been brought to life through the lens of this man's
camera. Along with all the colour and vibrancy this was truly as
nature intended.
• Submersible & Surface Pumps
• 28m to 250m Head
• Floating pumps
• Piston & Swimming Pool Pumps
• Solar Hot water pumps
• Solar Panels & Charging Systems
• Large range of accessories
By Meg Cooper Media Officer, SJ Library Friends
Phone: (08) 9525 3885 or (08) 8651 6019
Email: [email protected]
Tree Services
Above: Keith Lightbody addressing the crowd
Do you have any old eye glasses
you don’t now have a need for?
Don’t throw them out!!
Donate them to the Lions Club for
• All professional
tree work
• Free quote/advice
• Fully Insured
Jean Michel
Phone 9497 1596/0409 118 912
e: offi[email protected]
A collection bin for unwanted eye glasses (broken or
scratched accepted) is now available at the
Serpentine Jarrahdale Community Resource Centre
2 Paterson Street, Mundijong
Bring them in and drop them into the bin!
Page 13
Leaders in Electrical Solutions
Pumps HWS Underground cable locating/fault finding
Thermal imaging
Efficiency Analysis
Domestic/commercial installation and maintenance
are available at the
Serpentine Jarrahdale
Community Resource
Cost per set is
with your chosen
To reserve your set, call
us on
9525 5917
[email protected]
[email protected]
Ph: 9525 1957
47 Nettleton Road, Byford
The Falls Market
St Stephen’s Anglican Church
Cnr Falls Road & South West
Highway, Serpen�ne
Every second Saturday of
the month - 8am to 1pm
• 9 September
• 14 October
• 11 November
• 3m³ skips available
• Approximately 3 trailer loads
• Call Brendan for a quote or
email to
[email protected]
• Locally owned and operated
farm direct beef
Naturally grown lean beef
No hormones or antibiotics
Gluten, preservative & MSG free
Succulent taste - healthy beef
Bulk buy and save
Products Include:
Top End & BBQ Steaks
Quality lean mince
Healthy burgers & sausages
Roasts & bones
Supporting your local Farmer
Beef Shop -
or call 0427 253035
Page 14
Brendon 0458 922 379
Tiny 0419 045 242
Stall Enqs:
[email protected]
adets from the Byford, Mundijong and Jarrahdale Bush Fire
Brigades were recently joined by Assistant Commissioner Darren
Klemm from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services WA.
Cadets are aged between 11-16 years old and take part in a range of
activities including training, camps, bushfire games competitions
and other activities.
The cadets were able to showcase their teamwork, firefighting
knowledge and initiative in a number of general firefighting drills.
Assistant Commissioner Klemm also arranged for the crew at
Economic Development
Advisory Committee
he Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale is looking to the future
and has recently approved the establishment of an Economic
Development Advisory Committee to assist in advancing new
economic development and investment attraction opportunities for
the Shire.
Shire President, Cr John Erren said, with the many natural beauties
and products that have the potential to provide a significant
economic development base to underpin future development, the
Shire will be consulting with our community to bring these projects
to life.
‘The objective of the Economic Development Advisory Committee
is to support the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale in the preparation
of an economic and tourism development plan for the future’. he
‘The Shire will be pursuing new opportunities that will benefit
growth and prosperity of our community’. Cr Erren continued.
We are now advertising for expressions of interest from potential
committee members interested in being part of this exciting
development for the Shire.
Fremantle Fire and Rescue to show off their Combined Ladder
Platform (CLP) appliance to the cadets, with one lucky cadet
taking a ride in the platform!
The Cadet Leaders would like to thank Mr. Klemm for visiting
the cadets and the Fire and Rescue crew from Fremantle for
bringing along the CLP. For further information on cadets
including information on having your child join, please
contact the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale on 9526 1111.
Membership to the Serpentine
Jarrahdale Community Resource
Centre is now open for 2017/18.
Membership provides discounts off
many of our services and products
and also gives discount for our
events. It’s a great way to be
involved with your local CRC.
To attend the AGM in October
you must be a current financial
9525 5917
[email protected]
If this is you, please refer to the Shire’s website
au to download the expressions of interest form, or collect in
person from the Shire Administration Offices at 6 Paterson Street,
Mundijong prior to 8 September 2017.
Page 15
id you know that giant trees in
the state forest around Jarrahdale are
being targeted. There has been a huge
increase in this destructive behaviour
in the past year and it is becoming an
increasing problem within the shire.
This is a serious issue and if it continues
then there will not be any mature trees
left because they are in short supply. A
tree that has taken over a 100 years to
reach maturity can be knocked down in
seconds with little thought. The main
reason is that the timber from the trees is
sold as a fuel supply, the larger the trees
the more profit gained by the culprits.
When driving their vehicle’s through the
forest to lop the trees they have targeted
they are also destroying and damaging
our local vegetation as well as spreading
diseases such as dieback. These are
habitat trees! It also has a detrimental
effect to our wildlife and insects which
depend on trees for food and shelter.
They are also littering the bush with their
Penalties for illegal felling can be severe.
The Conservation Land Management Act 1984 sect 103. the Act in
force now is:
A person shall not without
authority fell, cut, remove,
injure, destroy, obtain or
remove any forest produce
in or from any land to which
this section applies.
Penalty $10.000 and
imprisonment for 1 year.
These trees are valuable to
our local ecosystem and the
culprits must be caught and
The legislation is in the
process of banning the selling
of firewood unless they have
a licenced business. If you
are purchasing firewood
always ask the seller where
their wood has come from to
satisfy yourself that you are
not purchasing wood from
trees that have been felled
If you see any suspicious
behaviour of tree lopping take down their registration
number and contact your local ranger from the
Department of Parks and Wildlife in Jarrahdale.
0488 182 228
[email protected]
Office: 08 9399 5552
Licensed Real Estate Agent
0400 588 429
[email protected]
between July and December with Alan or Suzanne and recieve $500 towards the settlement agent fees!
Australian Credit Licence # 395092
0400 587 104
1300 299 486
[email protected]
for every successful settlement!
*Terms and Conditions Apply -
email: [email protected] mobile: 0411 562 616
Page 16
JARRAH – Returned to the Town
early 150 years ago timber logged in Jarrahdale and
transported to construct the wharves at Rockingham,
Garden Island and Fremantle, have returned home. As part of the
general recycling of this marvellous natural product, the licensees
of the Jarrahdale Tavern have sourced these old timbers and
returned them to Jarrahdale to become part of the front façade of
the tavern.
Licensee Kerry said; “Many thanks to Don Clarke, from the
Jarrahdale Sawmill, who donated the timber for the Jarrahdale
Tavern project.”
Known by its Aboriginal name “Jarrah” is the only place in the
world these trees grow is in the South West of Australia where
trees can reach the height of 50 metres, and a diameter of up to 1.7
In 1862 the South West of Western Australia, including the
Gooralong Valley, received torrential rains, in what was
known as the Great Flood. It is calculated that the present
site of Jarrahdale would have received about 650mm of rain
(about 26 inches) over four weeks.
From 1870 to 1997 ownership of the timber mills changed 10
times with 11 name changes including a reversal to Millars
Australia Pty Ltd. The first timber mill, a 2 storey structure,
was erected on the banks of the Gooralong Creek in
Jarrahdale May 1872, is recognised as the mill that produced
the logs.
In the early days, most of the log hauling was done by
horse or bullock teams supplied by settlers from farming
areas. The logs were brought to the log landings where they
were placed onto the trains which took them to the mills
for processing and from there the cut timber was taken to
Rockingham for export or north by lighter to Fremantle
for the local market, including the Fremantle Wharves and
Garden Island.
In 1886 the Murray Arms Hotel was opened in a building
owned by the Rockingham Jarrah Timber Company that is
thought to have been a boarding house at the time and prior
to that the mill manager’s
residence. The Jarrahdale
Tavern is now a thriving
establishment well known
for its weekend trade of live
music, great food and family
friendly atmosphere.
Above: Jarrahdale Tavern licensee Kerry showing off the saved jarrah poles
Big thanks to Kerry and
Grant for adding historical
value to the Tavern and the
town of Jarrahdale.
Literacy is at the heart of basic education for all, and essential for
eradicating poverty, reducing child mortality, curbing population
growth, achieving gender equality and ensuring sustainable
development, peace and democracy. Literacy is a significant and
specific goal for Rotary. It is so important that it is one of the 6
areas of focus for The Rotary Foundations Future Vision – basic
education and literacy. Such importance has been placed on
literacy that Rotary International has created a “Rotary Literacy
Month” that takes place
during the month of
Everyone has the right to
learn to read, write and
enjoy the power, pleasures
and independence of
being literate. For some
the journey will be easy,
for others it will take
much hard work and unfortunately for approximately 18
percent of today’s world population it will never happen.
How you can help our Club to reduce this statistic:
• Join our Club and contribute to one of the many
worldwide literacy programs.
• Contribute funds to support existing literacy programs
and projects
• Volunteer to collect books to donate to remote schools
around Australia and the world via Donations in Kind.
• Plan a project that focuses on, and rekindles a passion for
literacy and numeracy, and promotes the ideal of a basic
education for all.
• Report any literacy developments and projects you may
be undertaking
• Read to children every day.
Page 17
Byford Scouts On The Go
t’s been a busy couple of months for the Byford Scout Group,
with all sections busy busy busy, the Landcare Tree Planting Day
taking place at the hall, and the group providing most of the
workforce at the Coffee Café at the LiveLighter SJ Community
Fair recently.
The Byford Scout Hall was one of many venues across the country
for National Tree Planting Day 2017. Headed by SJ Landcare, the
hall surrounds were inundated with enthusiastic volunteers who
planted a large area with local flora, and enjoyed a sausage sizzle
and morning tea afterwards.
The Cubs section started off August with a visit to the new
Mundijong Police Station, and continued with a “Cubs Indian
Camp” a couple of weeks later at Roleystone. For all those
wondering about the wet weather over the third weekend of
August, there has been talk of a particularly successful rain
dance performed by the Cubs during that camp…
Parents and youth members combined to provide toasted
sandwiches, Devonshire teas and coffees at the Coffee Café
during the LiveLighter SJ Community Fair on 12th August.
Although customers were down due to the wet weather,
volunteer numbers were up! and were present from each and
every section of the Group.
That very same evening, the Scout section defied the weather
and sent eleven scouts, along with helpers representing the
Minnawarra Venturers section to the annual “Nighthawk”
Page 18
event. Nighthawk is an orienteering event that involves Scouts
navigating to activity bases over unfamiliar grounds at night.
Teams of Scouts vie for a yearly competition shield, hiking over
approximately 10 -11 kilometres, completing base activities run
by leaders & Rovers to accumulate points. Scouts are issued coordinates and instructional maps enabling them to complete the
course. It’s one of the biggest challenges of the year and eagerly
anticipated by the more adventurous!
Not to be outdone, the youngest scout section, the Joeys, took
to the power tools toward the end of August, creating their very
own twiggy caterpillars. The Joeys may be the smallest, but they
constantly amaze with their adventurous, can-do approach to
June Haigh
12/06/1940 - 8/2017
June was a resident and champion of the Serpentine/Jarrahdale
Shire for over 30 years.
She was always passionately involved in anything to do with
our environment, Flora and Fauna. Her loves of our shire were
many, but the red-tailed cockatoo held a special place in her heart.
(Another fight was won to keep their breeding place from being
When June was well, she attended many Council meetings and
rallys, and was the instigator of getting the original Doctors
surgery in Serpentine. She also fought (and won) to keep the
Old Ambulance building in Wellard Street for the people of
Serpentine. June was on many a committee and volunteered at
various op shops over the years.
Her home was always crammed full of donations dropped there,
so she could deliver them to the different ones.
The biggest giftware range in the area
Beautiful Floral Arrangements, Bouquets,
Gifts and Homewares for all occasions
Order Now - We Deliver
Ill health was the only thing that slowed her down in the latter
months, but she was still donating to animal welfare groups and
ringing 6PR regularly to give her opinion on current affairs.......
whether they liked it or not!
Phone 9525 1155
Incorporate the beauty of flowers into your life!
June was a feisty and extremely intelligent woman. Her main
passions were Egyptology, Animal welfare and politics...but her
interests and involvements were many and far reaching.
Because of this, June never backed down from a fight she believed
in, so hence she has ruffled many a Feather (!) over the years,
but she ALWAYS had the best
interests of our community in
June is survived by 2 daughters
and her beloved dog, Digger, who
will be cared for by family.
June was such a rare and driven
lady, with integrity in spades, and
will be hugely missed by the many
that crossed her path.
R.I.P Dearest June
Proudly supporting the
Serpentine Jarrahdale Community
Resource Centre
Local Electrician
0413 999 307
Domestic Commercial Industrial
24 hour emergency call outs
Hot Water Systems
Fault Finding
Underground Cable Installations
Domestic/Commercial Installations
and Maintenance
Allan Young
Em: [email protected]
EC: 12585
ABN: 24 459 105 659
Page 19
The SJ Men’s Shed
SJ Business Group Membership
An exciting new opportunity now exists for all business owners in the local Serpentine
Jarrahdale area.
It’s a great time to be part of this new journey for the business sector
The SJ Business Group is responsible for providing business support, training, advocacy,
marketing initiatives and events for all business members within our community.
Whether this be through participating in our business before and afterhours functions,
promoting our ‘Buy Local, Act Local’ campaign or ensuring that the community, as a whole,
can gain the assistance and knowledge that they need in our Shire to maintain a successful
business, this group is for you.
One of the many exciting benefits you’ll receive by becoming a member is a business card
listing on our website – averaging 4000 hits per month.
Promotion on two major community Facebook pages
SerpentineJarrahdaleCRC 1060 likes with 1055 followers and
Serpentinevalley 1815 likes with 1764 followers
By becoming a member you’ll receive discounts on all business seminars and events
conducted by the Serpentine Jarrahdale Community Resource Centre and on behalf of other
relevant agencies.
To further assist the promotion of your business, discounts on advertising in The Serpentine
Jarrahdale Crier is an added benefit of your membership. The SJ Crier currently distributes
5000 copies per month – 2000 copies emailed to our database and posted to over 40
facebook pages.
We are also here to help you save money on other services to assist your business, such as:
video conferencing
internet usage
 marketing material
 typing services
 meeting and function room facilities with catering
To join or for further information, please contact our Business Support Officer - Trisha Ruul
on 9525 5917 or [email protected] to discuss this exciting new
“Think Local, Act Local, Be Local and Buy Local”
The SJ Shedders are busy organising the shed, with Alan
and Graham fitting new and existing electrical equipment to
44 gallon drum anchor points. These dedicated work stations
serve to separate activities and ensure a safe and productive
workspace is created.
The mens always enjoy morning tea, where it is hoped that
some lady will come in with a cake for them to enjoy. No
pressure. President Bob has organised a Friday evening
‘sundowner’ with shedders, partners and friends enjoying fish
and chips from the local Mundijong outlet.
The “Cotton Bush” project is well underway, with Wayne
and John still working on the R & D. This is an educational
project, with the final product being used to present to
schools and events as a part of the information about weeds
and effects in rural lands.
The kindling effort is well on the way to satisfy the winter
demand. The shed has outlets at the Mundijong Rural
Supplies on Paterson Street (see Jamie) and Mundijong
Garden Supplies on Watkins Road (see Alan)
New members are always welcome. Just come down to the
Shed on Baskerville Road, 8am to 2pm each Thursday. (See
Heartache and Hardship
Stories from Serpentine Farm.
Friday – 3 February
Friday – 3 March
Friday – 7 April
Friday – 5 May
Friday – 2 June
Friday – 7 July
9.30 – 12noon
Mundijong Public
Bill Richardson is the owner of Riverlea Farm, once part of Serpentine
Farm. He is the grandson of A R Richardson, a well-known WA politician
of the late 19th Century who was the first Richardson to own Serpentine
Farm. Bill will be joining us after the AGM for this talk. Come and join
Join us at the
Serpentine Jarrahdale
Friday – 4 August
Resource Centre
2 Paterson Street, Mundijong
Friday – 1 September
21st September 2017
Friday – 6 October
Friday – 3 November
Friday – 1 December
Items available will include, non-fiction
books, novels, children’s books, DVD’s
and magazines
Page 20
At 6pm
Cost: $5 each for nonmembers & members are
RSVP: Mundijong Public
Ph: 9526 1133 or
[email protected]
Refreshments Provided
Diversity South INC is a leading, not-for-profit organisation
supporting people with intellectual, physical and neurological
disabilities in the Peel region. We are a Disability Services
Commission and WA NDIS provider.
Our services include Accommodation, Community Access,
Having a Break/Respite and Family Support.
Tel 08 9582 6105 Fax 08 9582 0657
90 Anstruther Road . PO Box 2057 Mandurah WA 6210
[email protected] .
2715 Southwest Highway
0407 774 595
Book online:
Page 21
Meet at the Byford Tavern every Monday at 7pm.
Please contact Denise D’Agnone on 0408 916 939
Stanley St, Byford. Monday, Wednesday & Friday during
school terms 9.30am to11.30am. Cost $2 per session
and an Annual Playgroup Fee of $35. Contact Kasey
0407 085 260 for more info
BYFORD BMX CLUB: Racing Friday nights from
6pm during school terms. Canteen will be open. See our
Facebook page Contact the President, Daryl on 0448 358 578
BYFORD BOWLING CLUB: Linton Street North.
Contact President D B (Barry) Harvey 0419 193 420 or
Secretary Peter Vanderburgh 0417 864 594
BYFORD BUSHRANGERS INC Tee Ball season OctMarch in Byford, men's baseball registrations open now,
home & away games. Contact Ramone 0407 196 092
Bee Sat 22 April from 9am to 12noon. Contact Ellen for
details 0438 554 421
BYFORD SCOUTS: runs Joeys, Cubs and
Scouts groups for children aged six and over. Groups
meet weekly at the Scout Hall, Linton Road North,
Byford. Times vary. Contact Group Leader Adam
Willett email: [email protected] or via
Facebook at 1st Byford Scout Group
Monday at 9.15am to 10.15am at Briggs Park Pavillion.
Call Maxine on 9525 1493
BYFORD TENNIS CLUB: Ladies meet every
Wednesday 9-11am. Members can play when ever they
like. Call Jenny (the key holder) on 9525 4136
BYFORD UNITING CHURCH: Clifton Street, next
to the Shire Hall, formal meeting 9am, informal tea and
talk 10am Sundays. Op Shop (supporting local people
in crisis), tea and talk Fridays 9am to 1pm. Craft group
members supporting crisis care. Contact Evan or Jayne
Maltby 9525 6812 for more information
INC: Wednesday nights at 7pm at the Briggs Park
Cricket Club. Contact Lauris 9525 1021 or Steph on
9390 6194.
Park Cricket Club at 8am every Thursday. Contact Cath
on 9525 1689 and Margie on 9525 4157
Sunday of the month from April to November. Join us
to look after this Reserve, cnr Warrington Road and
Mead Street. Enqs: Eileen 0449 019 700
Saturday of each month (Nov to April) at the Glades,
Anzac Crescent Memorial Park, Byford from 3pm til
7pm. (Markets closed May to August) Ph SJ CRC 9525
SUPPORT GROUP: Currently in recess. Please call
1800 558 268 for your nearest group or visit www.grow.
Wednesday 7.15 - 9.30pm at Briggs Park, Mead Street,
Byford. Call Raelene on 0407 449 292 or 9525 5072
of each month (except Jan) open from 9am to midday.
Page 22
Selling plants, fresh produce, cakes, preserves and
more. Devonshire teas, coffee and cake available from
Temptations Cafe and the Op Shop is also open. St
Aidan's Cafe & Op Shop, Cnr Clifton and Mary Streets,
Is for active retirees, to join together to keep active
minds, expand their interests and enjoy the fellowship
of friends, meets 10am on the 2nd Wednesday of the
month at the Byford Hall. The Club does not meet in
January. Call Sally on 9525 2852
SOUTHGATE CHURCH - Meets Sundays 9.30am
at the SJ Recreation Centre, Mead Street, Byford.
Contact 0412 934 640
every Tuesday at the Bruno Gianatti Hall between 9am
and midday. Cost: $5.00, which includes morning tea.
New players welcome. For further info, contact George
on 9526 0740
2nd Wednesday of the month at the Old Post Office
Museum. For more info call Di Henneker on 9525 5161
or Jarrahdale Walks - contact
Bernie 0406 980 677
during school term from 9.30-11.00am at Jarrahdale
Playgroup, Munro Street, Jarrahdale. For more
information and registration details please contact Julie
Denholm on 9525 5157 or Anzie Oatley 0481 452 821.
Volunteers are required for a couple of hours on
Tuesday mornings. call Stacey on 0448 768 003
Sundays. Contact John Corver 0400 739 430
MARDELLA SPIN ON IN: Meets every 3rd Sunday
of the month at the Mardella Ladies Hall, cnr Wright
& Shanley Roads, Mardella. Learn spinning and all
fibre crafts. For further info contact Jacki 9525 2507 or
Lynne 9399 4312
4th Thursday every month at Mardella Ladies Hall at
7pm. Please contact Tony Widginton on 9525 5258 or
Sandra on 9525 7575
AL-ANON FAMILY GROUPS meets Sunday nights
from 6-7.30pm at the Mundijong Heritage Community
Church 18 Paterson St Mundijong. Contact: 9325 7528
ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS meets Monday nights
from 7-8.30pm at the Mundijong Heritage Community
Church, 18 Paterson St Mundijong. Contact: 9525 9347
group meets Friday nights 7-8.30pm at the Mundijong
Heritage Community Church - 18 Paterson St
meets every 2nd & 4th Monday of the month 9am to
Tuesdays 4 - 5.30pm Contact [email protected]
11.30am at the Uniting Church Building, 18 Paterson
Street, Mundijong. Contact: Sam 0448 520 315 or call
in on the day. Cost $5 per session
Meets at the SJ Shire Offices the 3rd Thursday of each
month at 7pm. Contact Tom Hoyer on 9525 1368 for
Evelyn St, Mundijong. 8.30am and auction starts at
10.30am approx. 1st & 3rd Wednesday of every month.
Call 0412 994 782 or 0438 907 450 for details
is open Saturdays from 10.30am-1.30pm (Bring lunch
to enjoy in the garden if you wish) - 18 Paterson St
Mundijong. Contact: 9525 9347
Family friendly worship - next meeting 30th April at 10am. All welcome. Contact Marilyn Marsden 9525 9347
Mundijong. Every Wednesday morning 9am - 11am.
Contact Natascha on 0420 506 040 or [email protected] for further enquiries
suitable for 2 – 5 year olds, every Monday at 10am
during the school term. Free rhyme time, suitable for
0 – 2 year olds, every Thursday at 10am. Contact the
Library on 9526 1133 for more information
mornings opposite the Post Office, Paterson Street
- 9.30am to walk then 10.30am for coffee. Contact
Pippa 0419 040 350
CENTRE: The railway station is open from Tuesday
to Fridays with china painting, handcrafts, sewing
and patchwork. For information ring Maxine on
9525 5742 or Joan 9525 5850
SJ MENS SHED: Shed opening times Thursday between
9am - 2pm. Contact Robert Hollingsworth 0407 384 688
SJ SENIORS GROUP: Meet on the last Monday
every month at 10.30am at the SJ CRC. Please call
9525 5917 for further details
the “Meeting Place”, 12 Paterson Street, Mundijong
on the 1st Tuesday of the Month at 7.30pm.Contact
President Alan on 0449969714
SJ SENIORS BOOK CLUB: Meet on the second
Thursday of the month at 10am at the SJ CRC. Gold
coin donation. Please call 9525 5917 for further
Whitby & Butcher Streets, Mundijong. Every Saturday
during school term from 9am - 3pm. Graham or Jacki
9525 2507 for information
Monday evenings 5pm to 7pm at "The House", 12
Paterson Street, Mundijong. Contact Lyn Madaffari 0439
990 913.
JARRAHDALE: Every Sunday 10am @ St Aidan’s Byford.
1st & 3rd Sunday each month 8am @ St Stephen’s, Falls
Road, Serpentine. 2nd Sunday each month 8am St Paul’s,
Jarrahdale Road, Jarrahdale
Wednesday morning (except school holidays) at the Clem
Kentish Hall between 9.30 - noon. Call Lola on 9525 2097.
FALLS MARKETS: Runs every second Saturday of the
month between 8am and 1pm at St Stephen's Anglican
Church, Cnr Falls Road and South West Highway,
Serpentine. Contact Brendon 0458 922 379 or Tiny 0419
045 242
every month at 1pm at the CWA rooms, Cnr Richardson
& Tonkin Streets, Serpentine, All ladies welcome. PH:
9525 3635
Serpentine. Fellowship Service Sunday at 9.30am. Sunday
School for children & morning tea. Cyril on 9525 2481 or
Pauline 9525 2690
3rd Wednesday of the month at the St Johns Hall in
Serpentine alternative morning and evening meetings.
Call 0438 252 109 for details
every month (except Jan) 9am to 1pm at Clem Kentish
Oval, Wellard Street, Serpentine. For further information
please contact the Market Coordinator on 0472 513 359
SERPENTINE PLAYGROUP: Old St John's Building, Cnr
Wellard & Richardson Streets, Serpentine - Thursdays
9am to 11am. Call Kelly 0419 969 442
CENTRE: Meetings held 1st Thursday of each month at
6pm, Clem Kentish Hall, enquiries 9525 2734
GROUP: Meet Mondays (expect public holidays) in
CWA Hall , corner of Tonkin & Richardson Streets,
Serpentine from 9am. For more information contact Jess
Woolven 9525 2212
TODDLER JAM: Tuesdays at Serpentine Church of
Christ 9.30-11.30am Call Elaine 0451 768 835
[email protected]
• OAKFORD GIRL GUIDES: Meet at Oakford
Community Centre, 57 Foxton Drive, Oakford.
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Page 24
Harvest Bounty Restaurant
at Jarrahdale Primary
n Friday night, the 4th of August, Jarrahdale Primary School
held its inaugural Harvest Bounty restaurant. The restaurant
was a whole school activity that focussed on the organisational,
cooking and customer service skills of our students. It was
designed to showcase the culinary skills of our senior class who
have participated in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden
Program for all of their primary school years (Kindergarten
to Year 6). This program teaches students to grow, harvest
and prepare their own food from scratch and includes weekly
cooking and gardening classes.
The restaurant was also part of a pilot project to facilitate our
learning in “Sociocracy”, or consent decision making. During
the restaurant planning phases, students learnt how to form
proposals and obtain consent for proposals from every member
of a working group to which they belonged. Unlike ‘majority
rules’ decision making processes, sociocracy includes everyone’s
voices and consensus must be reached for proposals to be
Students spent many hours actively planning the menu
(using seasonal harvest from our school garden), restaurant
decorations, ticketing seating arrangement and budgeting.
Before the event they practiced recipes, made tickets, wrote
sponsorship letters, worked out logistics and finances and
researched possible ways to decorate our large undercover area.
Year 6 students took the lead at being wait staff, while grade 4/5
acted as kitchen hands, busboys or washing up staff. Grade
2/3 designed and implemented the table and place settings,
while Kindy/ Pre-Primary designed and made tickets.
Grade 1 created (and coloured in) individual menus for
each patron.
On the night, 60 members of our school community were treated
to a gala three course meal that included kumara soup, beetroot
spinach tart and apple crumble. The school’s undercover area
was transformed into a “Harvest Bounty” space with straw bales,
harvested produce, tools and flower arrangements. A small group
of students also managed the “little kids” area so parents could “eat
in peace”.
Patrons of our restaurant were ‘blown away’ by the quality of
the food and service and were impressed that the students had
planned the whole thing from start to finish. Many reported that
it was one of the best nights out they had had in Jarrahdale in
ages, and many wanted to put their name on the guest list for next
year’s event. Julie Denholm, the principal of Jarrahdale Primary,
said she was impressed
with the way the students
had both organised and
undertaken the activities
involved in running
the restaurant. “It was
great to see the kids
all actively involved in
the restaurant decision
making processes, and
fantastic to see the way
they stepped up on the
night. The food too was
delicious as always” she
Page 25
What do you eat when you hike?
What did you eat when you hike the Bibbulmun Track?
I am not going to pretend to be an expert on diet and nutrition, but I
am not afraid of asking questions, I did many hours of research and
through my own experience.
To say consuming the correct food while hiking especially long
distances is often underestimated and will affect your enjoyment and
ultimately your ability to complete your goal.
I know this from personal experience!
During my end-to-end a few days before I reached Pemberton I started
experiencing dizzy spells especially in the morning as soon as I woke
up. Fortunately, that week I was walking with Paul a local Perth Fire
Fighter so I was not alone but it was still concerning. I knew that as
soon as I reached Pemberton
Friday I would need to visit the
local doctor.
I had blood tests completed
and nothing abnormal came
back, I had to wait the weekend
in Pemberton for the results
to return which was not my
preferred option but I did.
During the weekend, I did my
Water Force WA maintains a 24 hour / 7 day a week
operational readiness for our customers. Furthermore,
as part of our operating systems, Water Force WA also
maintains the Department of Health’s Guidelines for
the Cartage of Bulk Drinking Water and uses Palintest
Chlorosense meters.
Water Supply for Homes
Tank and Pump Hire
Water Binding
Dust Control
Swimming Pool Fills
Potable Water
Special Water FX
Fire and Incident Water
19 Lewis Rd, Serpentine WA 6125
[email protected]
0419 049 561
Page 26
own research. When I returned to the doctor on the Monday afternoon
he came up the same conclusion as I had which was I wasn’t replacing
enough of the calories that I was burning each day.
After researching several sites on the topic, it seemed the most
common opinion that for a guy my age 48, weight of approximately
110kg, the weight I was carrying in my 70-litre pack was around 19kg,
I was walking an average of 20km per day.
“I was burning between 5500 and 6000 calories per day”
I was generally eating the same foods most days and I was consuming
only about 3300 calories per day, almost half what I was burning. But
when you’re hiking you often don’t feel like eating large amounts.
So, updating my diet, eating small amounts on a more regular basis
that are high in calories was my and the doctor’s solution. Being a
doctor in Pemberton I was not the first hiker he had met.
I bought myself a large jar of peanut butter and blocks of dark
chocolate (dark chocolate will not melt and is better for you than
milk chocolate). I added the chocolate to my muesli, trail mix and hot
chocolate. Peanut butter is very versatile and simply delicious.
The dizzy spells stopped and I never felt better.
I know people will suggest dehydrating your food which is obviously a
great option but I’m yet to go down that track, it takes a lot of planning
and preparation.
Here is a list of everyday inexpensive, popular and suitable foods that
The principles of the Bahá'í Faith were established by Bahá'u'lláh, the Founder of the
Faith, in the latter half of the nineteenth century and promulgated by His Son and
appointed successor, 'Abdu'l-Bahá during a tireless twenty -nine year ministry. While
on an historic teaching trip in 1912 throughout the United States and Canada, 'Abdu'lBahá explained Bahá'u'lláh's Teachings to audiences of infinitely varied backgrounds.
Many of His talks included discussions of such Bahá'í principles as:
*The foundation of all the divine religions is one. All are based upon reality. Reality
does not admit plurality, yet amongst mankind there have arisen differences concerning
the manifestations of God. Some have been Zoroastrians, some are Buddhists, some
Jews, Christians, Mohammedans and so on. This has become a source of divergence
whereas the teachings of the holy souls who founded the divine religions are one in
essence and reality All these have served the world of humanity.... All have guided souls
to the attainment of perfections, but among the nations certain imitations of ancestral
forms of worship have arisen. These imitations are not the foundation and essence of
the divine religions. Inasmuch as they differ from the reality and the essential teachings
of the Manifestations of God, dissensions have arisen and prejudice has developed.
Religious prejudice thus becomes the cause of warfare and battle. If we abandon these
time-worn imitations and investigate reality all of us will be unified. No discord will
remain; antagonism will disappear. All will associate in fellowship. All will enjoy the
cordial bonds of friendship. The world of creation will then attain composure. The dark
and gloomy clouds of blind imitations and dogmatic variances will be scattered and
dispelled; the Sun of Reality will shine most gloriously.
Baháí's around the world prepare for the Bicentennial celebrations of the Birth of
Bahá'u'lláh on the 22nd of October and will include a local Devotional celebrations on
Sunday 24th of September at 3pm at the Bill Hicks Reserve Byford.
If you would like to learn more, please feel free to contact the members of the friendly
local Serpentine Jarrahdale Baháí community.
Terry 0438 366 501
[email protected]
Are you interested in finding out more about funding?
I use myself and observed many others eat on track. Eating 2 min
noodles or packet pasta doesn’t carry a lot of goodness at all but my
own priority for dinner is energy. I make up for the lack of goodness
during my other meals.
1. Dried fruit especially apricots – low GI for sustained energy,
2. Muesli – breakfast, in zip lock bag with full cream powder milk.
3. 2 Min Noodles – high in calories, inexpensive, light, protein,
4. Continental packet pasta – Carbohydrates, filling, easy to
prepare, low calories so add olive oil).
5. Peanut Butter – eat it anytime. versatile, high in calories,
protein.Dark Chocolate – calories, energy.
6. Snickers – inexpensive, protein, light in weight, calories.
7. Nuts – Protein, fibre.
8. Jerky – high protein, lasts forever.
9. Wrap Bread – long lasting, versatile.
Grants include:
Sporting Travel Grant
Youth Leadership and Training
Sundries Grant
Minor Grant
Events Grant
Major Grant
Please contact one of the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale Community
Team members to discuss more about the best grant for your group’s
requirements - 9526 1111
Millbrook Winery
sponsor of the Serpentine Jarrahdale
Community Resource Centre
Add dehydrated peas and
mushrooms both easily found
in the supermarket
Olive oil – Increase calories
and flavour
If you have any questions or ideas
please contact
[email protected]
Page 27
Whats in a Name
Jarrahdale is a descriptive name, derived from its situation in
some of Western Australia's best Jarrah forest. The place came
about as a result of the granting of timber concessions here
in 1872. The Jarrahdale Timber Coy constructed a railway for
the transport of timber from Jarrahdale through Mundijong
to Rockingham. Following a fire which destroyed the town
in 1895 the townsite was moved to west of its first location.
Jarrahdale was officially gazetted in 1913.
Hopeland is a farming area west of Serpentine that was
formerly part of the Peel Estate Group Settlement Scheme.
Group 46, formed in 1923, was named Hopeland, and the
name was approved as a suburb name in 1997.
Lions Cancer
as a joint
project with
The Lions Club
of Serpentine Jarrahdale
Saturday 30th September 2017
outside the SJ CRC offices
2 Paterson Street
If you are 18 years or older and can answer YES to three
of the following questions, you may be at risk:
A family member who has had a malignant
melanoma (mother, brother, sister or grandparents)
Five or more moles (not freckles) on your forearms
Previously had moles removed that were not cancers
Previously had skin cancer
Fair skin that always burns rather than tans
A mole or freckle which is changing size, colour or
Had blistering sunburn as a child enough to stay off
Any inflamed skin sores that do NOT heal
Please phone Sheila on 9525 5867 for an appointment
Appointments are necessary - times are from 9am to 3pm
Check takes approximately 12 minutes
Page 28
Dogs jumping on furniture
aving your dog indoors is great, especially when they are calm
and well-behaved! When dogs get excitable in the house and they
run around jumping on furniture and even bench tops it can be
pretty frustrating.
Although we have used the word ‘couch’ in the article it can be
used to suit other furniture such as the bed, tables, chairs or
possibly even the bench. Just keep in mind if it is the bench or
table make sure you never leave valued articles there that would
encourage your dog to keep trying (like food!) as some breeds
(Labradors & beagles especially) can be ruled by their stomach!
Firstly make sure your puppy or new dog knows where to go and
make sure ALL family members follow the house rules (often
dogs jump on the furniture because a family member has allowed
them or encourages them on the bed or couch and this makes
training 10 times harder).
Make sure you encourage the dog to use their bed or allocated
mat inside the house; teach them that this is where you would
like them to go & this is where they get pats, treats and attention.
You can move this bed or have more than one bed for them
depending on where the family is at the time (they like to be
around the family). Unless you have trained them where to go,
it is unfair to be harsh with them if they are finding their own
places to explore.
If you find your puppy on the bed or couch then calmly say
‘no’ and call them off as you walk toward the area you would
like them to go. Keep the attention minimal and try
not to ‘bribe’ with toys or treats. If you say no but
remain standing still while calling them off you may
be discouraging them from moving with your body
language so be sure to start moving away as you call
them off to the more appropriate area.
If a lead is needed then stay calm and use with caution
so as not to cause fear or anxiety (which can lead to
aggression). Speak to your trainer about slip leads as the
lead can be slipped over the pups head to provide extra
encouragement to lead them to the more appropriate
couch with furniture, cushions or other items (such as boxes)
over the next few weeks to minimise the frustration and try to
break the habit. I have been known to use the washing basket
and various bags & boxes (yes my own dog went through that
habit for a short while when he was sleeping indoors… And
it only ever happened after my husband decided to encourage
him onto the ‘old’ couch in the shed as he thought it was nice
they could cuddle up!) Some couches you may also be able to
flip the cushion up as well. Just make it as unappealing and
difficult as possible; especially for when you can’t keep a close
eye on him/her.
In regards to the bed; just close the bedroom door or block
access with a child gate (a fantastic tool!) If you dog likes to
sleep up high maybe consider a trampoline bed for them.
And lastly make sure your puppy or dog gets lots of exercise as
best as you can. When a dogs drive & energy is fulfilled they
are much less likely to misbehave. Most importantly remember
that mental exercise is just as important as physical exercise;
puzzle toys, finding hidden items and games can be a great way
to wear your dog out. Keep an eye out for our seminar keeping
your dog entertained which will be coming up in spring. And
next month in this magazine will talk more about keeping your
dog entertained.
Good luck!
If you need to discourage your dog from using the
couch when you’re out you may wish to crowd the
National Livestock Identification System
Do you have livestock?
An NLIS wand for counting, owning, identifying and
moving cattle is now available for use from the SJ
Community Resource Centre
For more information please
contact the Centre on
9525 5917
Got a Naughty Puppy?
Group DOG Training
& PUPPY Classes
• Trained Professional Instructors
• Start early training with your puppy
• Create a trusting relationship with your dog
Go to our website to book or for more details
CLEVER Hurry Classes will fill fast! FriednFdulny
Creatures T: 9525 1553 anDog Ages
Page 29
“Spring into Action”
Studio Equipment V Mat based Pilates
Pilates attracts everyone promising core strength, flexibility, and
lean muscle tone.
What’s The Difference Between Mat Pilates And Equipment Based
Similar benefits,
“Both forms will teach you how to use your central core
stabilizers, make performing daily activities and sports easier, and
tone your body along the way.
Working with resistance and or small props, Pilates exercises, are
designed to train the body’s “CENTRAL CORE ” — the abdomen,
lower back, hips, and buttocks.
But the question still remains: should you do Pilates on a mat or
use the equipment?
Here are the pros and the cons of each:
Done in Group Classes
More affordable
Emphasis on learning control
Best bet for beginners
Learn the foundation of Pilates Principles
Doing Pilates on a mat can work wonders even the simplest
exercises can reap great rewards if done consistently under the
supervision of and experienced and certified instructor.
Group classes are not suited to participants with acute injuries or
needing individual attention.
Good for participants in need of rehabilitation or in chronic
Studio sessions are more expensive but more individual.
One on one attention of a private studio session or very small
group is better suited to individual needs, at the beginning you
need to be watched like hawk.”
“The work is too specific to be done in a group class.
Many studios require students complete a series of private
Studio sessions before participating in semi-private sessions.
BodyPerfect Studio Sessions are run Tues Wed Thurs from 9.307pm by appointment.
Special Offer!!!
Join the SJ Business Group during the month of
September 2017 and receive a 10% discount on
Pilates Starter Packs *(new clients only)
See website for more details:
Pilates in Mundijong
Starting Soon!
Pilates Mat class starting 6.15pm Wed 13th Sept 2017
at the SJCRC.
Bookings essential
For more details contact BodyPerfect Pilates Studio
on 0487 761 963.
Studio Pilates use medieval-looking machines, called Reformers,
Trapeze Tables, Wunda Chairs and other small apparatus, and no,
they are not instruments of torture.
All of those straps, ropes and pulleys combine to provide
resistance, build strength and flexibility and help align and
support your body while doing Pilates.
Page 30
Private/semi private studio
and mat sessions
Improve posture, flexibility and
core strength
Decrease neck, shoulder and
back pain
Call 0487 761 963 to book
All sessions by appointment
Open Tues, Wed, Thurs
SJ Community Resource Centre
Suite 1/2 Paterson St. Mundijong
Barre/Mat Pilates Class
See website for more details
Calendar Class
"Ukulele Jam" is a vibrant group of like-minded people
who meet once a fortnight at the Mundijong Public
Library to practice their craft.
The ensemble includes ukuleles, a banjo and a guitar.
The group welcomes players of all ages and recently
supported the Mundijong Public Library at the SJ Live
Lighter Fair.
Create your own glossy, bound
2018 calendar using your own
Use Publisher and Picasa to
create your very own work of
Great for Christmas presents!
Suitable for all levels, including
3 Oct to
24 Oct
$50 non
2 Paterson Street,
9525 5917
[email protected]
Cost includes one calendar - each additional calendar
printed will be $16.50
is Flexible
You have the freedom of:
Choice - to choose the provider you want
Control - of who you want to deliver your services
& how your funds are spent
Independence is more than staying at home with support: independence is also the freedom to be
actively involved in how you want to spend your senior years. With the introduction of Consumer
Directed Care (CDC) and the flexibility of Home Care Packages (HCP) you as the consumer are
in control.
You can flex your package to your needs. Give us a call so we can help you!
For more information please contact Jeanette or Wendy during office hours 8.00am – 4.00pm
Dale Community Care Tel: 9399 6800
Email: [email protected] Web:
Page 31
Soils Get a Boost for Life
Seventy people gathered in July at Quarry Farm, Whitby to
learn and share their knowledge about developing their soil’s
productivity. Major General the Honourable Michael Jeffery
in his capacity of Chair of Soils for Life was the keynote
speaker with the clear message that to save our planet
we need to save our soils. Saving our soils has positive
implications for health, welfare and defence budgets and as
such needs attention from politicians along with individuals.
Garry Heady from Beyond Gardens, Dr Peter Dingle,
Piers Goodman from MZI Resources, and Any Gulliver
from C-Wise Soil Carbon Solutions discussed myths
about garden soils, the effects on human gut-health, and
the challenges faced in rehabilitating land. A common
message was that there were practical ways to improve soils
through increasing their levels of carbon. One gram of
carbon can hold 8 grams of water. Examples were given of
practices being put into place. Participants discussed
the presentations and shared their knowledge in a
roundtable format.
The Serpentine Jarrahdale Food and Farm Alliance
(SJFFA) hosted the event in response for continuing
calls from food producers including farmers and home
gardeners for more information about developing
productivity. The event attracted people from within
the shire and across the state including the wheatbelt
and southwest.
President of the SJFFA, Merri Harris said in opening
the event: “Let's begin a new story in our shire and
Page 32
region that revolves around creating a legacy about
honouring the natural order of things, and in line with
what we’ve heard from Joel Salatin earlier this year, let’s
attend to the nobility and sacredness of everyday actions
and make our story a “ministry of healing the land".”
According to SJFFA event co-ordinator, Ellen Walker,
the impact of the day and the call for our children to
be educated in the value of soil, has been felt through
teachers sharing what they have done in classrooms,
students sharing their work to Facebook pages, and
attendees seeking out assistance to measure and increase
carbon in their soils. The SJFFA will hold further
workshops and events to develop practical experience of
productive soils. More information is available via the
SJFFA and Soils for Life websites.
Page 33
Strategic Community Plan
he Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale has released its
Strategic Community Plan to guide decision making for the
Shire over the next decade.
All Western Australian local governments are required to
prepare a Strategic Community Plan for the future of their
district identifying the community’s visions, aspirations,
outcomes and priorities.
1. People – a connected, thriving, active and safe
2. Place – a protected and enhanced natural, rural and
built environment.
3. Prosperity – an innovative, commercially diverse and
prosperous economy.
Shire President, Cr Erren said this Plan could not have been
produced without the input of the local community.
4. Progressive – a resilient organisation demonstrating
unified leadership and governance.
‘We are grateful to the community for their responses and
especially those who took the time to provide input into
the various components that informed the Plan including
SJ 2050, SJ Real Choices and the Community Perceptions
Survey’ he said.
The Strategic Community Plan shares our visions and
aspirations for the future and outlines how we will, over
the next decade, work towards a brighter future for the
Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale.
‘The feedback from our community has shaped our new
vision, ‘City living offering a rural lifestyle with abundant
opportunities for a diverse community’ he said.
You can view this document on the Shire’s website or pick up a hard copy at the Shire
Administration Offices, 6 Paterson Street, Mundijong.
The Shire has set out four key objectives within this Plan
which includes
For access to a range of youth & children’s programs
support groups, recovery programs and counselling services
for all ages...
Connect with Your Local Church...
[email protected]
Phone 0413 286 774
or 0412 934 640
Page 34
Visit us any Sunday
SouthGate Church
SJ Recreation Centre
Mead Street, Byford
@ 9.30 am each Sunday
Gift Range Available
SJ Community Resource Centre
Fathers Day Solutions
at the CRC
Give the big corporations the
flick this Fathers Day - the gift
shop at the CRC has a range of
more interesting gift ideas for
your Dad. There’s sure to be
something to suit him - whether
he’s a foodie, sporty, a writer or
just plain awesome. Most of our
items are sourced from locals,
using local materials and labour,
and ensuring profits go back
into our community where they
Police Assistance/Attendance (when it
13 14 44
State Emergency
13 25 00
Poisons Information Centre
13 11 26
Water Faults
13 13 75
Electric Faults
13 13 51
Gas Emergency
13 13 52
is not an emergency)
Kids Helpline
1800 073 008
Family Helpline
1800 643 000
Beyond Blue
1300 224 636
National Security Hotline
1800 123 400
Health Direct
1800 022 222
9209 9300
Wildlife Care Helpline
9474 9055
Snake Catcher
Crisis Care
0439 941 004
13 11 14
1800 199 008
9526 1123
Page 35
Mundijong Vet Hospital
9525 5000
14 Paterson Street, Mundijong
Compare the price!
Clinic Hours
Mon - Fri 8am to 6pm
Sat 8am to 12 noon & closed Sun
Wildlife Carer
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Thank you for your participation!

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