AUTOLIGHT xs comfort V2

AUTOLIGHT xs comfort V2
AUTOLIGHT xs comfort V2
HF motion detector with set-up mode for a glare-free installation (in luminaires)
Motion detector for professional use
Technical data
AUTOLIGHT XS COMFORT V2 is a particularly small 5.8
GHz HF motion detector for switching luminaires with
any kind of illuminants (for example LED) in a very energy
efficient way. It is particularly suitable for price sensitive
luminaires with lower electric loads.
Operating voltage
Switching capacity
A glare-free installation can easily be made via fasttrack-function during set up mode. This mode can be activated by a targeted interruption of the supply voltage or
by pressing any of the push buttons. The light source is
turned off during the whole set up process. In the follow­
ing test mode the setting of the detection range can be
•Particulary suitable for professional use with moderate electric loads
•Compact-sized and small casing
•Simple settings via push-buttons with LED-feedback
•Program mode for setting of individual brightness
Detection angle
Motion detection
230 V ± 10 %, 50 Hz
max. 400 VA
recommended values:
- for at least 300k switching cycles:
inrush current max. 20A / 200 µs
- for at least 100k switching cycles:
inrush current max. 60A / 200 µs
For a functional guarantee at switching
cycles >20 A we offer a compatibility
< 1.3 W
3-pole pluggable clamp terminal
(N, L, L’) for 1.5 mm² cable
HF motion detector
5.8 GHz +/- 75 MHz
< 5 mW
up to 15 m (frontal, wall mounted)
up to 10 m (diamater, ceiling mounted)
approx. 120° (depending on cover)
0.3 ... 3 m/s (1 ... 10 km/h)
20 / 30 / 50 / 75 / 100 %
Hold time
10 / 60 / 180 / 300 / 600 / 900 / 1200 s
daylight / 300 Lux / 150 Lux / twilight /
darkness / teach in
max. 2.70 m (wall mounting),
max. 4.00 m (ceiling mounting)
-20 ... +70 °C
IP 20 (mounting inside the luminaire)
66 x 50 x 28.6 mm
(L x W x H, incl. mounting lugs)
CE (additional certificates on request)
Standby power
Sensor principle
Frequency range
Radiated power
Detection range
•Integrated test mode
Mounting height
•Implemented immunity against other sensors in the same detection field
Operating temperature
IP rating
•Master/Master and Master/Slave installations
according to max. switching capacity
* This information refers to installation requirements with normal relay wear and tear.
See also MICAS data sheet “relay switching cycles”.
© MICAS AG - non-binding data sheet, subject to changes 03/2017
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