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Sunbeam KE9400 User's Manual
Instruction Booklet
Please read these instructions carefully and retain for future reference
Sunbeam’s Safety Precautions
Features of your Sunbeam Kettle
Using your Sunbeam Kettle
Sunbeam’s 3-Way Safety System
Care and Cleaning
Important instructions – retain for
future use.
Sunbeam’s Safety Precautions
• Boiling water will scald. Do not leave a boiling or
hot kettle near or where children may touch it.
• Do not leave the power cord near the edge of a
bench top where children may touch or pull it.
• Do not move kettle while switched on.
• Always turn the power off and unplug the cord
while the kettle is NOT in use.
• Do not operate the kettle without water.
• Do not remove the lid while the water is boiling.
• Your kettle must only be used with the power base
• Always operate the kettle on a flat,
level surface.
• Always store excess cord in the storage facility
underneath the power base.
• Always ensure the lid is securely locked in place to
ensure correct operation of the kettle.
• Always beware of steam being emitted from the
spout or lid especially during refilling.
• Do not use the kettle to heat anything other than
• Never fill above the ‘max’ indication as hot water
may be ejected.
• Do not immerse the appliance in water
or any other liquid unless recommended.
Sunbeam is very safety conscious when
designing and manufacturing consumer products, but
it is essential that the product user also exercise care
when using an electrical appliance. Listed below are
precautions which are essential for the safe use of an
electrical appliance:
• Read carefully and save all the instructions
provided with an appliance.
• Always turn the power off at the power outlet
before you insert or remove a plug. Remove
by grasping the plug - do not pull on the cord.
• Turn the power off and remove the plug when the
appliance is not in use and before cleaning.
• Do not use your appliance with an extension cord
unless this cord has been checked and tested by a
qualified technician or service person.
• Always use your appliance from a power outlet of
the voltage (A.C. only) marked on the appliance.
• This appliance is not intended for use by persons
(including children) with reduced physical, sensory
or mental capabilities, or lack of experience
and knowledge, unless they have been given
supervision or instruction concerning use of the
appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
• Children should be supervised to ensure that they
do not play with the appliance.
• The temperature of accessible surfaces may be
high when the appliance is operating.
• Never leave an appliance unattended while
in use.
• Do not use an appliance for any purpose
other than its intended use.
• Do not place an appliance on or near a hot gas
flame, electric element or on a heated oven.
• Do not place on top of any other appliance.
• Do not let the power cord of an appliance hang
over the edge of a table or bench top or touch any
hot surface.
• Do not operate any electrical appliance with a
damaged cord or after the appliance has been
damaged in any manner. If damage is suspected,
return the appliance to the nearest Sunbeam
Appointed Service Centre for examination, repair
or adjustment.
• For additional protection, Sunbeam recommend
the use of a residual current device (RCD)
with a tripping current not exceeding 30mA in
the electrical circuit supplying power to your
• Do not immerse the appliance in water or any
other liquid unless recommended.
• Appliances are not intended to be operated by
means of an external timer or separate remote
control system.
• This appliance is intended to be used in
household and similar applications such as: staff
kitchen areas in shops, offices and other working
environments; farm houses; by clients in hotels,
motels and other residential type environments;
bed and breakfast type environments.
If you have any concerns regarding the performance and use of your appliance,
please visit or contact the Sunbeam Consumer Service Line.
Ensure the above safety precautions are understood.
Features of your Sunbeam
Glass Kettle
Removable lid with mesh filter
Keeps the water clean
of any foreign matter.
Quality SCHOTT DURAN glass
The vessel is made from heat resistant
DURAN glass, manufactured by DURAN
Group, Germany.
2400 watt fast-boil
The fast boil 2400 watt element is
concealed in the base of the kettle
for longer element life. The smooth
stainless floor reduces scale build
up and allows for easy cleaning.
3-Way Safety System
1 – Automatically switches the kettle off after boiling.
2 – Cuts out for boil-dry protection.
3 – Shuts down in case of an electrical fault.
1.3 litre glass vessel
Sensor-touch button with auto cut-out
A light touch and the button will illuminate
indicating that the kettle is on and heating.
The kettle switches off automatically after
360o Cordless power base with cordwrap
The cordless power base allows you to place
the kettle in any way and also features a
storage compartment for any un-used cord
Using your Sunbeam Kettle
Before using your kettle
It is recommended that you clean your kettle
before first use by filling the kettle with
water, up to the maximum level indicator,
boil and discard.
Using your kettle
1.To fill the kettle, remove it from the power
base. Remove the lid by turning it anti
2.Fill the kettle with the desired amount of
water. Always fill the kettle between the
minimum and maximum marks.
NOTE: Do not fill the kettle over the maximum
level, as water may spill out of the spout
when boiling.
3.Replace the lid and lock it into place by
turning it clockwise. Ensure the filter is
facing the front of the kettle and in line
with the tip of the spout.
NOTE: The lid is not locked into place if the
filter is not facing the front of the kettle and
in line with the tip of the spout
4.Place the kettle on the power base.
Connect the plug into a 230/240 Volt AC
power outlet. Turn the power ON.
5.Touch the Power/Boil button. The button
lever will illuminate to indicate the kettle
is heating. The kettle will switch off
automatically once the water has boiled. 4
IMPORTANT: Ensure that the lid is firmly in
NOTE: Boiling can be interupted or cancelled
at any time simply by lifting the kettle from
the power base or pressing the button.
6.Lift the kettle from the power base and
pour the water.
NOTE: Use caution when pouring the water
from your kettle, as boiling water will scald.
7.The kettle may be stored on the power
base while not in use.
NOTE: Ensure the power is turned off at the
power outlet when the kettle is not in use.
Should you accidentally allow the kettle to
operate without water, boil-dry protection
will automatically switch it off. If this occurs,
allow the kettle to cool before filling with
cold water and re-boiling.
Cord Storage Facility
Excess cord can be stored by winding up the
desired length of cord into the storage facility
inside the power base.
Sunbeam’s 3-Way
Safety System
Safety is a major consideration in the
design of a Sunbeam kettle. This is why we
have developed our 3-Way Safety System,
which ensures that your kettle will:
1.Automatically switch off after boiling.
For convenience, safety and energy
efficiency, your Sunbeam kettle will
automatically switch off after boiling.
3.Shut-down in case of an electrical fault.
In the event of an electrical fault, the
kettle will automatically shut down to
prevent further damage. Should this occur,
take your kettle to a Sunbeam Service
Centre or Appointed Service Agent.
2.Cut-out for boil-dry protection.
If the kettle is operated without water, it
will automatically cut-out, preventing any
damage to the element.
If this occurs, allow the kettle to cool
before filling with cold water and
Care and Cleaning
Always disconnect the kettle from the
power outlet before cleaning.
IMPORTANT: Never immerse the kettle
switch area and base, cord or power base
in water, or allow moisture to come into
contact with these parts.
Removal of mineral deposits
Mineral deposits in tap water may cause
the interior of the kettle and the stainless
steel heating plate to discolour. To remove
this build-up, use Sunbeam Liquid
Descaler, a simple to use, non-toxic cleaner
available from Sunbeam Appointed Service
1.Fill the kettle with 1 cup of white vinegar
and the remainder with water and allow to
stand overnight. DO NOT BOIL.
2.Empty the solution from the kettle. Fill the
kettle with clean water, bring to boil and
then discard the water. Repeat and the
kettle will then be ready to use.
12 Month Replacement Guarantee
In the unlikely event that this appliance develops any malfunction
within 12 months of purchase (3 months commercial use) due to
faulty materials or manufacture, we will replace it for you
free of charge.
Should you experience any difficulties with
your appliance, please phone our customer
service line for advice on 1300 881 861 in
Australia, or 0800 786 232 in New Zealand.
Alternatively, you can send a written claim
to Sunbeam at the address listed below.
On receipt of your claim, Sunbeam will
seek to resolve your difficulties or, if the
appliance is defective, advise you on how
to obtain a replacement or refund.
Your Sunbeam 12 Month Replacement
Guarantee naturally does not cover misuse
or negligent handling and normal wear and
Similarly your 12 Month Replacement
Guarantee does not cover freight or any other
costs incurred in making a claim. Please
retain your receipt as proof of purchase.
The benefits given to you by this guarantee
are in addition to your other rights and
remedies under any laws which relate to the
Our goods come with guarantees that cannot
be excluded under the Australian Consumer
Law and under the New Zealand Consumer
Guarantees Act.
In Australia you are entitled to a
replacement or refund for a major failure and
for compensation for any other reasonably
foreseeable loss or damage. You are also
entitled to have the goods repaired or
replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable
quality and the failure does not amount to
a major failure.
Should your appliance require repair or
service after the guarantee period, contact
your nearest Sunbeam service centre.
For a complete list of Sunbeam’s authorised
service centres visit our website or call:
1300 881 861
Units 5 & 6, 13 Lord Street
Botany NSW 2019 Australia
New Zealand
0800 786 232
26 Vestey Drive, Mt Wellington
Auckland, New Zealand
Need help with your appliance?
Contact our customer service team or visit
our website for information and tips on
getting the most from your appliance.
In Australia
Or call 1300 881 861
In New Zealand
Or call 0800 786 232
is a registered trademark.
‘Designer Series’ is a trademark of Sunbeam Corporation.
Made in China.
Due to minor changes in design or otherwise,
the product may differ from the one shown in this leaflet.
© Copyright. Sunbeam Corporation Limited 2009.
ABN 45 000 006 771
Units 5 & 6, 13 Lord Street
Botany NSW 2019 Australia
Unit 3, Building D
26 Vestey Drive
Mt Wellington Auckland
New Zealand
Sunbeam Corporation is a division of GUD Holdings Ltd.
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