Oki Semiconductor starts shipping samples of ML610340 Series low

Oki Semiconductor starts shipping samples of ML610340 Series low
Oki Semiconductor starts shipping samples of ML610340 Series low-power
microprocessor family with built-in audio playback function
TOKYO, March 26, 2009 – Oki Semiconductor has
developed six products in the ML610340 Series
low-power microprocessor family with a built-in audio
playback function, ideal for playback of short audio clips
such as those used in alarms and voice guidance
These products combine high-quality voice synthesis
refined over 25 years together with a microprocessor
optimized for low power operation (0.5 A at standby).
They also feature a built-in high-output speaker amplifier producing 1.0 W at 5 V. Shipping of ML610340
Series samples starts today, with full-production versions scheduled to ship from October 2009.
Oki Semiconductor intends to expand its range of low-power microprocessors featuring built-in audio
playback function and to develop and market attractive products suited to our customers’ diverse needs.
Recent years have seen increasing demand for environmentally friendly products, with products with
ever-lower power consumption being developed in a wide range of markets. There is a particularly high
demand for low-power-consumption devices in home-use devices and toys capable of extended
battery-powered operation and in the security products market, for alarm units and the like. Oki
Semiconductor has developed the ML610340 Series of low-power microprocessors featuring built-in audio
playback function, which offer high audio quality with low power consumption, by combining its extensive
technical experience in microprocessors, audio functions, and speaker amplifiers together with
HQ-ADPCM*1 to produce high-quality, high-compression audio data on a single chip.
Low-power-consumption microprocessor
The ML610340 Series uses the U8 microprocessor, incorporating Oki Semiconductor proprietary
technology, to achieve low power consumption of 0.5 A at standby.
HQ-ADPCM low-pass filter for high-quality, high-compression audio
The ML610340 Series incorporates Oki Semiconductor’s proprietary HQ-ADPCM audio compression
technology to produce high-quality, high-compression audio data. This new technology allows 20% higher
data compression than previous ADPCM, enabling high-quality audio with a smaller memory size than
previous products. The inclusion of a low-pass filter further enhances the clarity of the sound.
1.0 W high-output AB-class speaker amplifier
The ML610340 Series incorporates an AB-class speaker amplifier capable of high volume with high quality
audio. The products incorporate a 1.0 W high-output speaker amplifier, making the products ideal for alarm
units or toys requiring high-volume audio output.
High-efficiency RISC CPU*2
The ML610340 Series incorporates Oki Semiconductor’s nX-U8/100 CPU, utilizing a RISC architecture.
3-stage pipeline processing*3 ensures that virtually all instructions are executed in a single cycle. High
performance is provided by bit operation instructions and multiplication calculations capable of high-speed
memory access.
On-chip debugging
The ML610340 Series can be connected to the uEASE on-chip debugging emulator for software debugging
in the system operation state as well as flash memory erasure and writing when circuit board mounted,
helping to reduce customers’ product development lead times
Sales Plan
Product name
Sample shipment:
March 2009
Volume shipment:
October 2009
Shipment of software development tool (on-chip debugging emulator: uEASE)、LCD Tool:
March 2009
Summary of the ML610340 series
8bit RISC CPU nX-U8/100 Core
96 KB (Mask/Flash)
128 KB (Mask/Flash)
512 Byte
1K Byte
Operation Frequency
32 kHz (Internal
32 kHz (built in RC oscillation), 4.096MHz (Crystal
frequency division),
4.096MHz (Crystal
Operation Voltage
Power Management
0.5μA (STOP mode)
20μA (32kHz、CPU operation 10%)、
10mA (4.096MHz、during voice play back , no output load)
Voice Synthesis method
4bit ADPCM2, 8bit
HQ-ADPCM, 4bit ADPCM2, 8bit non-linear PCM,
non-linear PCM, 8bit
8bit PCM, 16bit PCM
PCM, 16bit PCM
8bit timer、Watch dog timer、Time base counter
Other functions
A/D converter、UART、
A/D converter、UART
Oki Semiconductor’s proprietary audio compression and decompression algorithm. This uses
variable compression and can compress audio data to 1/5 or less the size of the PCM file format.
HQ-ADPCM is Ky’s high-quality, high-compression audio technology. “Ky’s” is a registered
trademark of Kyushu Institute of Technology.
RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) processor with reduced instruction set for faster
processing. However, Oki Semiconductor’s nX-U8/100 features a comprehensive set of bit operation
instructions and multiplication calculations (58 instructions).
Pipeline processing
Parallel processing of instructions, with separate independent operation by each individual
instruction execution unit (fetch, decode, execute).
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