Tascam US-428 User's Manual

Tascam US-428 User's Manual
Setting up the US-428 with Steinberg Cubase VST for Windows
The US-428 is fully supported under Cubase v5.xx for Windows, including ASIO 16 and 24 bit
drivers and control surface mapping. Note: the US-428 is fully functional as both an audio and 32
channel MIDI interface in earlier versions of Cubase as well. In the previous version (v3.7x),
partial functionality of the controller surface is supported; however, to fully utilize the features of
the US-428 under Cubase VST, it is necessary to run v5.00 or later.
Before setting up the US-428 to work with Cubase, please install the US-428 v 3.0 drivers. (Refer
to the document on installing the US-428 drivers with either Win98SE/ME or Win2000.) Begin the
setup procedure below with the US-428 plugged in and powered on. If you have not already done
so, install Cubase VST.
Installing under Cubase 5.0 and later:
Open the Cubase application.
From the OPTIONS pulldown menu, choose REMOTE SETUP / SETUP.
o Under REMOTE, select US-428.
o Select US-428 CONTROL for INPUT and OUTPUT.
Under the OPTIONS / AUDIO SETUP / SYSTEM menu, locate the ASIO DEVICE
selector and choose one of the US-428’s ASIO drivers (16 or 24 bit) as the device.
Under VST INPUTS, make sure both pairs of inputs are open (green input indicators are
Note: these parameters save with the song and are not globally remembered. You will need
to save the song as DEF.ALL if you want the US-428 remote setup to load automatically.
Open the US-428’s Control Panel (Device Manager). From the pulldown menu, select
“US-428 Native”.
You should now be ready to use Cubase 5.0 with the US-428.
With Cubase 3.7 and earlier:
Open the Cubase application.
From the AUDIO pulldown menu, choose SYSTEM. In the ASIO drop-down menu, select
the US-428 16- or 24-bit ASIO drivers.
From the OPTIONS / VST REMOTE menu, select CS-10. Select the US-428 CONTROL
PORT for the in and out communication.
You should now be ready to use Cubase 3.7x.
Note that support under older versions of Cubase is limited. You will not have access to unlimited
fader channels or all EQ and Aux sends. Full control will only be available in VST 5.0 and later.
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