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Thank you for choosing a product from the Beaba range, which
is intended exclusively for heating and keeping warm babies’
bottles and pots of baby food”.
Control indicator light
C Thermostat button
Cord storage
Tongs for small jars
F Cigarette lighter adapter
• Read the instructions for use carefully before using your
appliance for the first time: any use which does not conform
to these instructions will absolve Beaba from any liability.
• Do not leave the appliance within reach of children without supervision.
The use of this appliance by young children or by disabled persons
must always be supervised.
• Check that the voltage rating of your appliance does in fact match that
of your household electrical wiring system and that your electricity meter
can support at least 6 amps.
Wiring instructions for U.K and Ireland only :
Important : For your convenience this appliance is supplied complete with a plug
incorporating a 3 amp fuse. In the event of replacing a fuse in the plug supplied, a 3 amp fuse
approved by ASTA to BS1362 must be used. If the socket outlets are not of the 13A BS 1363
type, and therefore do not accept the plug connected to this appliance, cut off the plugif
moulded type or remove the plug if connected by screw terminals.
When the plug is a moulded type and this is cut off from the appliance, the connected wires
are a shock hazard. Do not under any circumstances connect a cut off plug into the
electrical socket outlet. The cut off plug must be disposed of in a safe manner that prevents
any form of connection. If the fuse cover is detachable, never use the plug with the cover
omitted. Replacement covers can be obtained from your service agent.
Fit the appropriate plug according to the instructions in paragraph "Fitting a plug". With alternative
plugs a 5 amp fuse must be fitted either in the plug or adaptor or at the main fuse box.
The wires in the mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code:
But the colours may not correspond with the coloured markings identifying the terminals in
your plug, proceed as follows: The wire which is coloured BLUE must be connected to the
terminal which is marked with the letter ‘N’ or coloured black. The wire which is coloured
BROWN must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter ‘L’ or coloured red.
This appliance is manufactured to conform to the Low Voltage Electrical Equipment (Safety)
Regulations 1989 and is designed to comply with BS 3456. It complies with the requirements of
the EEC Directive (89/336/EEC).
• Any connection error will render the guarantee null and void.
• Your appliance is intended solely for domestic use and within the home or
inside a vehicle (with the cigarette lighter adapter (F)).
• Unplug your appliance once you have finished using it and when you are
cleaning it.
• Do not use your appliance if it is not working correctly or if it has been
damaged. If this happens you should contact an approved Beaba service
centre (Beaba service centre +33 (0)4 74 73 15 63).
• Any intervention other than cleaning and normal maintenance by the
customer must be carried out by an approved Beaba service centre.
• Do not place the appliance, the power cable or the plug under running water
or in any other liquid.
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• Do not allow the power cable to hang down within reach of children.
• Always keep it well away from children.
• The power cable must never be close to the hot parts of your appliance,
a heat source or resting on sharp edges.
• If the power cable or the plug are damaged, do not use the appliance.
To avoid any risk, these must be replaced by an approved Beaba service
centre (Beaba service centre +33 (0)4 74 73 15 63).
• For your own safety, use only Beaba accessories and spare parts which are
suitable for your appliance.
• Install your appliance on a stable, flat work surface, temperature-resistant and
well away from any source of heat and any risk of water splashes.
• Never turn on the appliance without first putting water into the tank (A).
• For reasons of hygiene, only use the appliance for heating or keeping
warm baby food.
Baby food heats up at rates which vary, depending on its consistency:
milk according to the richness of its mixture, and pots of food depending
on how substantial they are.
You will soon find out for yourself at what temperature to set the pot
warmer to prepare a hot meal for your child.
Refer to the times recommend by the manufacturers of the baby foods,
but in all cases, always check, by dropping a little milk or baby food onto
the back of your hand, that the milk or food is not too hot, so that you
avoid the risk of burning your baby’s mouth.
• Place the bottle in the tank (A) and then fill it with water up to 1 cm from
the top.
• Using the thermostat button (C), select a setting between 1 and 5, without
exceeding the setting “ ”.
• The control indicator light (B) will come on.
• After 5 - 10 minutes, the control light (B) will go out: the bottle is now ready.
• Shake the bottle and always check, by dropping some milk onto the
back of your hand, that the milk is not too hot.
• For small quantities, never use setting 5 on the thermostat button (C).
➜ Important: always remove the lid of the pot of baby food before placing it in
the tank.
• Place the tongs (E) around the pot and put it into the tank (A).
• Fill the tank with water.
• Using the thermostat button (C), select a setting between 5 and 8.
• The control indicator light (B) will come on.
• Remember to stir the contents of the pot from time to time so that there is
an even distribution of heat during preparation.
• After 15 - 20 minutes, the control light (B) will go out: the pot is now ready.
• After stirring the contents, always check by tasting that the food
is not too hot, so that you avoid the risk of burning your baby.
• For small quantities, never use settings 7 and 8 on the thermostat
button (C). If you find that the milk or food are too hot.
• Leave the bottle or pot to stand for a short period of time to cool.
Check again for temperature before attempting to feed your baby.
• Do not leave bottle or baby food pot to heat for more than one hour.
You can also keep a bottle or pot of food warm when you have just heated it up.
• Replace the bottle or pot in the tank (A), making sure that there is still plenty
of water
• Adjust the thermostat button (C) to a setting between 1 and 3.
• You can also use your pot warmer in the car with the cigarette-lighter adapter (F).
• Never use it while the vehicle is moving as you risk burning yourself.
• Fit the adapter (F) to the power cable and plug it into the cigarette lighter
socket in your vehicle.
The appliance will now work exactly as described above. However, in this case,
heating time is slightly longer. To heat the feeding bottles quicker, turn the button
to the “ ” position.
• Unplug the appliance and allow it to cool.
• Never immerse the appliance in water and never wash it under running water.
• Clean it with a cloth or a damp sponge. Dry with care.
• Do not use a scouring pad, alcohol or scouring powder.
• Check the connection of your appliance to the electrical socket or the
cigarette lighter.
• If your appliance still does not work, you should contact your retailer or an
approved Beaba service centre (Beaba service centre +33 (0)4 74 73 15 63).
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En dehors de la garantie légale prévue par le code civil (art. 1641 et suivants) sur les vices cachés, due en
tout état de cause, la Société BEABA garantit ce produit exclusivement dans le cadre d'un usage
domestique, contre tout défaut de fabrication ou vice de matière.
La durée de garantie est de 1 an partant de la date d'achat. Pendant cette période, le produit sera soit
réparé, soit remplacé gratuitement.
La garantie n'est valable que si le produit est accompagné de son bon de garantie portant le cachet du
vendeur ou d'un justificatif d'achat.
Elle ne couvre pas les détériorations consécutives à une utilisation du produit non conforme à son mode
d'emploi, à un choc ou à une chute.
La Société BEABA ne saurait être tenue pour responsable des dégâts matériels ou des accidents de
personne consécutifs à une installation non conforme aux dispositions légales ou réglementaires.
L'application de la garantie ne saurait donner droit à dommages et intérêts.
Nous nous réservons le droit d'apporter à nos produits toute modification technique, de forme ou de
couleur, que nous jugerions utiles.
Ce document n'a de valeur contractuelle que dans ses stipulations de garantie.
In addition to the legal guaranties stated in the french Code civil” at sections 1641 and the following
concerning concealed defects, BEABA warrants this product within the scope of a household use only
against any defects in material or fautly workmanship.
This warranty is valid for one year after the date of purchase. During this period of time, the product shall
be either repaired or replaced free of charge. This warranty is valid only if the product is provided with its
corresponding warrantly bond carrying the vendor’s stamp, or with a proof of purchase. This warranty does
not cover damage due to accident, misuse, abuse or negligence to the product.
BEABA shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages due to non compliance with legal
or general regulations.
In the case this warranty should take effect, no damages nor awards can be claimed.
We keep the right to change any technical specifications, and to modify the form and colour of our
products. This document can only be considered contractual as far as its warranty stipulations.
Neben der durch das Bürgerliche Gesetzbuch vorgesehenen gesetzlichen Garantie (Paragraph 1641 und
Folgeparagraphen) garantiert die Société BEABA bei erfülltem Tatbestand verborgener Mängel dieses
Erzeugnis bei ausschließlich haushaltsschaftlicher Nutzung gegen Herstellungs- oder Materialmängel.
Die Garantiedauer beträgt ab dem Kaufdatum ein (1) Jahr. Während dieser Garantiezeit wird das
Erzeugnis entweder repariert oder kostenlos ersetzt.
Die Garantie ist nur gültig, wenn das Erzeugnis von einem durch den Verkäufer abgestempelten
Garantieschein oder durch einen Kaufnachweis begleitet ist.
Die Garantie deckt keine Schäden, die durch eine unsachgemäße Benutzung, Stoßeinwirkungen oder
durch Herunterfallen verursachte Schäden entstanden sind.
Die Société BEABA haftet nicht für Schäden, die durch eine unsachgemäße oder nicht den gesetzlichen
Vorschriften oder Bestimmungen entsprechende Installation verursachte Material- und Personenschäden
entstanden sind.
Die Anwendung der Garantie schließt Schadensersatzforderungen bzw. Schadensfolgeforderungen aus.
Der Hersteller behält sich das Recht auf von ihm für zweckmäßig erachtete technische Änderungen, Formoder Farbänderungen vor. Mit Ausnahme der Garantiebestimmungen ist dieses Dokument vertraglich
nicht bindend.
verkoper of van een aankoopbewijs.
De waarborg geldt niet bij beschadigingen ten gevolge van verkeerd gebruik van het produkt, van
schokken of indien het toestel gevallen is.
De onderneming BEABA kan niet verantwoordelijk gesteld worden voor materiële schade of ongevallen
ten gevolge van een installatie die niet voldoet aan de wettelijke of reglementaire beschikkingen.
De waarborg geeft geen recht op schadevergoeding en interesten.
We behouden het recht om alle technische wijzigingen, wijzigingen van vorm of kleur aan onze toestellens
uit te voeren, die wij nuttig achten. Dit document heeft enkel contractuele waarde wat de
waarborgaanwijzingen betreft.
Oltre alla garanzia legale prevista dal Codice Civile (art. 1641 e seguenti) sui difetti nascosti, la società
BEABA garantisce questo prodotto esclusivamente per un uso domestico contro ogni difetto di
La durata della garanzia è di un anno a partire dalla data di acquisto. Essa comprende per questo
periodo la gratuità totale di eventuali pezzi sostituiti e della manodopera per la riparazione.
Essa è valida solo se è accompagnata dal certificato di garanzia compilato dal venditore con il timbro.
Il produttore garantisce la qualità del prodotto e il suo funzionamento, non risponde dei danni causati da
un cattivo impiego dell’apparecchio e dell’inosservanza delle norme d’uso.
La società BEABA non è responsabile di danni materiali o incidenti conseguenti ad un installazione non
conforme alle disposizioni di legge.
In nessun caso, questa garanzia puÒ dare diritto ad alcun indennizzo.
Ci riserviamo il diritto di portare ai nostri prodotti ogni modifica tecnica, di forma o di colore che ci risulti
utile. Questo documento ha un valore contrattuale solo nelle sue clausole di garanzia.
Fuera de la garantia legal prevista por el codico civil (art. 1641 y siguientes) sobre los vicios escondidos,
debido en todo estado de causa, la sociedad BEABA garantiza este producto exclusivamente en el
cuadro de un uso dómestico, contra todo defecto o vicio de materia.
El periodo de la garantia es de 1 año entero a partir de la fecha de compra. En el curso de este periodo,
el aparato sera arreglado o reemplazado gratuitamente.
La garantia solo es valida si el aparato esta acompañado de su garantia con el sello del vendedor o un
justificante de compra.
La garantia no cubre los deterios que podrian ser ocasionados por un uso no conforme a las instrucciones
de uso, o a un choque o caida.
La Sociedad BEABA nos sera responsable de los daños materiales o accidentes de personna debido a
una instalación no conforme a las disposiciones legales o reglementarias.
La aplicación de la garantia no puede dar derecho a daños y perjuicios.
Nos reservamos el derecho de aportar a nuestro producto toda modificación tecnica, de formo o color,
que juzjamos utiles. este documento no tiene valor contractual que en las estipulaciones de garantia.
Naast de wettelijke waarborg voorzien door het Burgerlijk Wetboek (art. 1641 en volgende) op verborgen
gebreken, die steeds verschuldigd is, waarborgt de onderneming BEABA dit produkt enkel in het kader van
binnenshuis gebruik tegen elke fabricatiefout of gebrek aan de materie.
De waarborg is 1 jaar geldig vanaf aankoopdatum.Tijdens deze periode wordt het produkt hetzij kosteloos
hersteld, hetzij kosteloos vervangen.
De waarborg geldt alleen indien het produkt begeleid is van zijn waarborgkaart met de stempel van de
Além de garantia legal prevista pelo Código Civil (art. 1641 e seguintes) sobre defeitos escondidos, devida
em todo o estado de causa, a Sociedade BEABA garante este produto exclusivamente para uso
doméstico, contra qualquer defeito de fabricação ou de material.
A duração da garantia é de 1 ano a partir da data de compra. Durante esta perÍodo o produto será
reparado ou substituido gratuitamente. A garantia só é válida se o produto for acompanhado pelo
Certificado de Garantia contendo o carimbo do vendedor ou um justificativo de venda. Não cobre as
deteriorações consequentes a uma utilização do produto não conforme com as instruções, choque ou
A Sociedade BEABA não se responsabilizará por estragos materials ou acidentes pessoais consequentes
a uma instalação não conforme ás disposições legais ou regulamentares.
A aplicação da garantia não dará direito a perdas e danos.
Reservamo-nos o direito de aplicar aos nossos produtos qualquer modificação técnica, de forma ou de
cor, que julgarmos útil. Este documento só tem valor contratual dentro das suas estipulações de garantia.
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