Dual ATOMIC Squeeze Box®

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Dual ATOMIC Squeeze Box® | Manualzz



Squeeze Box


Dual-Triode Tube Circuitry

Gain Reduction to 20 dB +

Dual Mono / Stereo Operation

Low Distortion & Low Noise

Ultra Smooth Release

Two Atomic Squeeze Box’s are combined in one convenient and compact package. They may be operated independently or switched to

Stereo mode.

The Atomic Squeeze Box is a full-band, dual-triode tube-based, analog signal amplitude processor. Its unique circuitry provides a wide range of automatic level control while imparting virtually none of the sonic artifacts that are usually associated with conventional compression and limiting.

Even with steep ratios and low thresholds, the ASB remains incredibly transparent in operation. In the Stereo mode, the side chains are coupled and the setting of the longest release time adjustment sets the release time.

Our innovative new (!) design virtually tracks the program envelope for its release function with the same accuracy and agility that it tracks for the attack function. Whether your need is taming an out-of-control vocalist, bass player, or just some very, very smooth level control; the

Atomic Squeeze Box will open your eyes to a whole new horizon of smooth audio delights.

The tube-based circuitry and custom nickel-core audio transformers impart a warmth and richness to the program that reminds us of the glorious sound of the finest analog audio. The distortion is very low, typically under 0.1%, even with 20 dB of gain reduction !

Innovative Vacuum Tube Products for Analog & Digital Worlds

Specifications * Dual Atomic Squeeze Box

Gain Reduction 0 to over 20 dB of compression


Modes: Two independent mono units, or may be switched

to Stereo Mode with release time common.

Attack Adjustment Continuously Variable, from molasses to lightning

Slope Adjustment Continuously Variable, from linear to approximately 30 to 1

Release Adjustment Continuously Variable, with automatic envelope tracking

Total Harmonic Distortion < 0.1% THD, with 20 dB compression

Noise Floor: > 85 dB below 0 VU

Frequency Response ± 1.0 dB, 20 Hz to 20 kHz @ +4 dBm, -3dB 15 Hz and 90 kHz

Input Level -20 dBm to + 20 dBm

Output Level / Meter Calibration 0 VU = +4 dBm

Input Impedance Nominally 2,200 ohms, floating (transformer isolated)

Output Impedance Design to be loaded 600 ohms or greater,

floating (transformer isolated)

Panel Size 2U, (2 rack spaces)

Depth behind Front Panel 12 inches

Connectors In / Out Audio on 3-pin XLR, pin 2 hot

AC power via IEC Type III

Power Supply Housed in a separate module, 8 x 6 x 3 inches,

interconnected with a multi-pin cable / connector

Fuse 1.2 ampere, 3AG (120 VAC model)

Power Requirement 50 watts @ 117 VAC

Export Model 240 VAC (available on special order)

Tube Complement 4 x 6SL7, and 4 x 6SN7

Warranty 90 days on parts, labor and tubes. All the other parts are

warranted for 5 years, misuse and abuse excepted.

Shipping Weight 25 pounds

* Preliminary Specifications, typical performance of production units.

innerTUBE Audio p.0. box 610 Los Olivos CA

Voice: (805) 688 - 8286 Email: [email protected]

Fax: (805) 688 - 9532 Website: http://www.innertubeaudio.com


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